Bigrig Ch. 11

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It was several weeks later and it seemed that all of their dangers had passed. But Tony was growing more and more restless as time went by. Bruce would pop in from time to time, just to check on everyone. Each time that he did, he and Tony just could not see eye to eye. And of all the time that Tony and Greg had spent with each other, it appeared that Jonathan was the only one that could calm him down.

“Tony…” Jonathan pressed his body against him that morning just before Greg was to go to work. He slipped his arm around the man distracting him for a moment. “Why don’t you and I go upstairs for awhile?” His gentle soft plea washed over the man, who curled an arm around him.

“Go on, Tony…” Bruce tried to calm his own wrath of the moment, as he stood at the table. “…I’ll be leaving soon anyway. I’ve gotta go pick up this load.” He grumbled impatiently.

“Bruce, I…” the man attempted to apologize for the umpteenth time.

Bruce held up a hand silencing him right away. “I understand, Tony. You’re wound up like a rubber band, friend. I’ll be so glad when this is all over, so we can get back to life as usual.” He then hugged Greg to him consoling his aching heart of the moment.

“I’m sorry, Greg.” Tony muttered, and then allowed Jonathan to lead him away.

In the bedroom, Jonathan led him to the bed. Urging him to sit, he knelt down removing the man’s shoes.

“I won’t sleep, Jonathan.” He argued gently. “I can’t.”

“You have to, Tony. Sometime, you have to go to sleep.” He continued with his labor of love until the second shoe was removed.

“What if something happens?”

“We’re fine, Tony. Nothing has happened in weeks.” Jonathan insisted.

“That’s the point, Jonathan. He’s out there, I just know it.”

“But we haven’t even seen a sign of any of them.” The youth stood looking down into his face.

“He’s there, Jonathan. Mark my word. He’s watching us. He knows where we are.”

Jonathan sighed heavily. This was affecting Tony in a very profound way. He wasn’t sleeping. He had hardly eaten anything. His temper had escalated to a point of uncontrolled fury. The dark circles under his eyes told the entire story, really.

“Lay back, Tony. Please…” Jonathan placed his hands on his shoulders urging him to lie down. “What if you take some Tylenol PM. Would that help?”

“No drugs, Jonathan. I can’t take anything.” The man bolted back up again.

“Fine, just lie down, damn it…” Jonathan groaned sternly. “I’ll go down and get you some coffee. You just rest for a minute.” He moved slowly to the door as he spoke.

“Black, Jonathan. No milk or sugar.” The man turned propping on his elbow toward him to say.

“Okay…” he studied the man long, before he moved out into the hallway. Rushing down the stairs, he went past Greg and Bruce to the kitchen.

“What now…” Greg barked at him sensing something was amiss.

“We got any Tylenol PM?” Jonathan asked opening the medicine cabinet.

“Yeah, why?” Greg pried himself from Bruce slowly, stepping into the kitchen with him.

“Help me fix Tony a cup of coffee and dissolve one in it.” He proposed.

“You shouldn’t do that, Jonathan. What if he’s allergic?” Greg fussed.

“He needs to sleep, Greg. That’s why he’s so pent up.” The youth turned to him barking.

“Everyone needs to just settle down. This is ridiculous.” Bruce chided.

“This is exactly what Uncle James wants. For all of us to be at each other’s throats.” The youth suggested. “He’s probably hopin’ we’ll all kill each other, so he won’t have to.”

Bruce chuckled. “Well, he’s doing an excellent job of it.”

“I agree…” Greg voiced seriously. “Here, Jonathan…” he gave the youth the bottle of pills. “…But don’t give him more than one. These are in capsule form, so you can just break it apart and dissolve it in the coffee.”

“Good…” Jonathan snatched it from his hand excitedly, going to the counter near the coffeepot. And quickly he had it ready, the entire contents of the capsule liquefied.

“He’ll know, Jonathan…” Greg piped, as the youth started up the stairs.

“Now, why would you say that?” the kid turned to look at him.

“You should take a cup for yourself. And don’t get ’em mixed up.” Bruce suggested.

“Yeah…” he went back to the kitchen to pour himself a cup. He mixed the half-n-half and sugar in his, considering that was how he liked it. And he would know which was whose. Quickly he went up the stairs feeling he had been gone much too long.

“Here you go…” he grinned sweetly at the man, as he made his way to the bed.

“Oh, you got you some too.” Tony smiled.

“Of course…” Jonathan sat on the edge near him.

“Thanks, babe. I appreciate it.” Tony sat up taking the cup. He sipped it grimacing a bit. “It’s bitter as hell…” he fussed.

“Sorry, I guess I shoulda made a fresh pot.” The youth mumbled.

“It’s okay. It’s the thought that counts.” The man smiled taking another sip. “Oooh…” he shuddered visibly. “It bites…”

Jonathan elazığ escort bayan giggled. “You want me to make you a new pot?”

“No, kid. This is fine. It should kick my ass and wake me up some, the way it tastes.”

“I hope so…” the youth began to drink his leisurely.

“I’ll just drink it down and maybe I’ll feel better.”

“You do that, and I’ll get you a fresh cup after.” Jonathan proposed.

The man nodded putting the cup to his lips. He swallowed time and time again until it was gone. “Woooow…” he quivered shaking his head as he did.

Jonathan laughed setting his cup on the nightstand. “I’ll go get you another. And I’ll even make a fresh pot for ya.” He said, as he stood.

“I don’t deserve you, Jonathan.” The man’s eyes filled instantly. “You’re such a sweet, sweet boy.”

“I try. And yes, you do deserve me.” The youth leaned to him planting his lips to the man’s. Tony moaned softly opening to him instinctively. Embracing him, he pulled him down with him, engaging him in a full kiss.

“You come right back, Jonathan. I really want to hold you.” The man whispered.

“Okay…” the youth returned in like manner just before he pried himself from the man and rushed again, out of the room.

“Did he drink it?” Greg asked softly, as he came quickly down the stairs.

Jonathan nodded not answering for fear Tony might hear.

“Well, I’ll be…” Greg half laughed as he spoke. “I can hardly believe that.”

Jonathan poured the remainder of the old coffee into the thermal carafe and started a new pot. He washed the cup Tony had drank from and waited for the pot to make.

“I hope he sleeps.” Greg commented gently, sitting at the table with Bruce.

“Me too…” Jonathan almost whispered. “I’m really worried about him. The pressure is really gettin’ to him.”

“This is why we all have to be patient with him.” Bruce added.

“And look whose talkin’.” Greg teased.

“I know…” Bruce hung his head, knowing his explosive anger earlier didn’t help matters much. “…I just can’t stand it when someone talks to you like that, Greg. It pisses me off.” He explained.

“I’m fine, Bruce. And he really didn’t mean it. I know that. So, you didn’t have to get so chaffed.”

“He’s tired, he’s not eating…” Jonathan fussed a little now.

“What can we do, Jonathan? We can’t make him eat, or sleep.” Greg commented.

“I know… and I’m gonna take a sandwich up to him. See if I can get him to eat something.” He went to the fridge looking for something to make him for breakfast.

“He loves egg sandwiches, Jonathan.” Bruce chimed now.

“Really?” the youth stood straight, half turning to say.

“Yes… and make sure the yoke is broken and completely done, or he won’t eat it.” The man said gently but firmly.

“Okay… Mayo? Mustard?” he asked, as he began to pull the carton of eggs out of the door.

“Light Mayo, more mustard…” the man informed him.

“Okay…” Jonathan began to make the sandwich while the coffee brewed. He soon had it all prepared and was on his way back up to the room.

When he got to the room, Tony was just about to doze off and he wished he had not bothered. The man turned his head looking at him groggily.

“Baby, I feel so tired all of a sudden. Did you put somethin’ in my coffee?” he asked almost weakly.

“Tony…” Jonathan chided stopping short. A wave of tingling washed over him instantly. It settled in the pit of his stomach, as he moved cautiously to the nightstand again. “I can’t believe you would think I’d do such a thing.” He fussed gently.

And he kept from looking over at the man knowing he didn’t lie all that well. “I made you a sandwich. I want you to try to eat it.” He sat on the edge, lifting the small plate with the sandwich he had made.

Tony sat up taking it from him. He smiled gently when he saw what it was. “How did ya know?” he asked as he picked it up, then crammed a corner into his mouth.

“A little birdie told me…” Jonathan beamed, watching the man eat hungrily. “…And if I had known, I would’ve made you one earlier.” He added.

“You’re so good to me, Jonathan.” He mumbled while he chewed the portion in his mouth.

“I love you, Tony. That’s all there is to it.” The youth informed him now.

Tony stopped dead staring at him for a long moment. His mind was boggled from the drug and his statement.

“Eat, Tony…please…” the youth pleaded. “I made you some fresh coffee. It should taste much better than the last.”

“Good, cuz that was awful…” the man informed him.


Eight hours later, Jonathan moaned softly in his sleep. He felt the gentle touches down his naked chest and over his abdomen as he wakened. A finger traced the bright pink scar from his surgery. He shuddered from the feel of it giving away the fact that he was awake now.

And as he opened his eyes starting to turn toward the man, his arms were suddenly pinned over his head and a hard elazığ escort body came down atop him. Gasping, he looked up into his face. A slow grin playing on his lips. In all the time they had been home he had not so much as touched him at all, except for a kiss here or there.

“I think it’s time I make myself acquainted with you, Jonathan.” the man grinned back at him.

“I had thought you had taken a vow until this was over.” He teased.

“You thought wrong, kid.” The man then attacked his mouth, ravishing it roughly.

Instinctively, Jonathan wrapped his legs around him arching his body against him. He could feel every part of him…hard… muscular…riveted with desire.

“You drugged me, you little brat…” Tony groaned, as he finally disconnected from his mouth.

Cocking his head more, he moved down to his throat. Taking in a mouthful of flesh, he bit down, knowing what Jonathan liked. He had the advantage having quizzed him about it in the hospital.

“I had to do somethin’, Tony. You needed to sleep.” The youth stated then gasped, as the bite grew hotter.

“And what if Jim had come in here, or Maurice? What then?” he moved out over the shoulder doing the same again.

Jonathan breathed wildly becoming instantly aroused by his harsh treatment. He gasped again, as was assailed with pleasure painful.

“Don’t break the skin, Tony. Bruce will have a cow.” Jonathan groaned.

“Are you worried about that, or you just can’t stand the pressure?” Tony jested.

“Fuck you, Tony…” Jonathan growled, and then laughed.

“Ooh…” the man raised up looking into his face. “For someone in your position, you should be careful what you say.”

“I can take it, Tony. I just don’t know if you can handle Bruce if you piss him off.” The youth teased.

“I can handle Bruce. You just enjoy this, or else.” He warned.

“Or else, what?” Jonathan grinned up at him, as if to dare him in the least.

Tony chuckled. “I guess yer about to find out, ain’tchya, kid?” with that, he dove for his mouth, raping it once more.

Jonathan lifted his hips toward him, as they kissed. He felt the strong length of him fall into place. Then he slowly began to ease him into his body, not willing to wait any longer.

“You want it that bad?” Tony pulled back just enough to say.

“Yes, Tony…” Jonathan huffed into his face.

He pushed gently into the youth helping him, as he leaned down, taking his mouth once more. And quickly they were riding out a storm of unbridled passion and desire.

The sounds of their heavy breathing mingled with the slapping of their bodies as they met. Filling the room with an abstract chorus. Sweat began to drip off their bodies. Their kiss was purely untamed. In abandon they rode out their aspirations together.

Tony released his wrists, allowing the youth to surround him in his arms. He lifted him, as he came up on his knees, disconnecting their mouths. Jonathan’s hands moved to his shoulders using them as leverage. He pulled himself up allowing his body to almost drop onto him then.

“Easy, baby…” the man panted. “Don’t hurtchyerself.” He reached around him then, grasping his shoulders from behind. In this way he could control the kid a little and keep him from doing any damage to himself.

Jonathan leaned down planting his lips to Tony’s, engaging him in another long, fervent, kiss. He worked pushing himself up with his legs and arms, gliding back down easier now.

“Yeah, baby…that’s it…” Tony crooned. “Get it…get it all you want.” He spoke between breaths.

Their mouths came together again…Explosive…almost violent. A dueling of their tongues took place in a most audacious way. Their heads turned one way. Then the other. It seemed they snatched at air to fill their lungs.

Jonathan trembled as he drew near that point he knew he would not return from. And he welcomed it fully, only hoping Tony would go with him. He could feel the man inside him so very hard. But with all the worries he had on his shoulders, it just might not happen for him.

Tony could sense Jonathan’s legs were tiring. He was beginning to struggle to maintain. Tossing his arms around him, he drew him close again, dropping slowly onto his back with him. With his knees propped up in the air, he pushed up into his body. The pace escalated. Their heat built. After riding the man, as he rested against him for a time, Jonathan pushed up with his hands on his shoulders. Planting them in his chest, he impaled himself on his hardened shaft.

“C’mon on, Tony…” he panted. “Don’t make me come by myself.”

“I won’t, kid…” the man returned in a like manner. “You just keep doin’ whatchyer doin’.”

He arched high, meeting the youth’s body. His body taut with the pleasure he felt. The pressure was building at an accelerated pace, almost forcing him to explode. Surging higher, he stared up into the youth’s face watching his expressions, knowing he was so close.

“Let it go, babe…Don’t escort elazığ wait for me…” he forced out with much effort.

The youth rode him harder than ever before. He groped at air to fill his lungs. His head dropped back, as he felt the man’s hand grasp his length confounding his demise.

Tony stroked him watching the expressions on his face. He reveled in the feel of him surrounding him so completely…so tight. Watching the youth, seeming to be utterly enveloped in the sensations that he felt, his body quickly surged higher. As he did, he began to feel the youth tighten around him. He was there, and he just knew it.

With sudden surprise, he felt his body being pulled down and they rolled again. Tony came up over him pounding hard into him keeping his lower body pressed against him.

“Yes, Tony! Fuck me!” the youth shouted. The first wave washed over him. He almost screamed his release to him, in rhythm with the floods that came. His body arched hard toward the man, who was holding him down once more. In oblivion he seemed to convulse time and time again.

The man couldn’t stand it anymore, as he watched Jonathan completely inundated. He leaned closer releasing his arms, enveloping him, pulling him closer. Jonathan’s arms went around him again. His fingers and nails dug into his flesh. Tony winced, and then sighed long, as it overcame him.

A strong pulsing deep inside him let him know that Tony had achieved his goal. With it came the repetitious groans that fill the room along with Jonathan’s cries. He felt the man quiver uncontrollably. His body jerked from time to time. And quickly his groans gave way to quick snatches through clinched teeth.

Tony plopped down atop the youth, completely sated. It had been a long time, since he had experienced such an explosive round with anyone. And now, as they lie catching their breath, he knew it had been worth the wait. With all the expression he knew how to give, he planted his lips to the youth’s in an urgently thankful kiss.

After the kiss broke off, Jonathan dozed. He relished the feel of the man atop him and felt protected in his embrace. But soon, Tony moved, waking him. He watched him get up and start toward the bathroom.

“Where ya going?” Jonathan mumbled, turning onto his side.

“I’m gonna hit the shower, kid. Wanna join me?” he turned to him grinning wryly.

“Sure…” the youth rolled slowly, getting up.

They were dressed and making dinner, when Greg came home from work. He brought in the mail closing to door, while he was going through it curiously.

“Jonathan, you gotta letter.” Greg piped, bringing it to him.

The youth looked at Tony with a bit of confusion, as Greg placed it in his hand. Looking at it there was no return address on the envelope that he could see. And it was post marked in Macon. It confounded his bewilderment more.

As he turned the letter over and was about to push his finger beneath the flap, Tony barked startling him so, that he almost dropped it on the floor.

“Don’t open it!”

The youth jumped suddenly. He turned to the man seeing a wild expression on his face.

“Give it to me…” Tony reached for it then. “Nice ‘n easy…” he calmed considerably. Slowly Jonathan placed it in his hand.

“Move over there…” he waved with the free hand. Jonathan moved next to Greg watching Tony hold the letter in the flat of his hand. The fingers of the other slowly moved over it seeming to search it for something. They stopped and the man looked up at them. His face beading instantly, with sweat.

“Get out…” he almost whispered, his hands beginning to tremble. “Go…” he barked trying to control his emotions, as the two yet stood glued in their spot.

“Greg, take Jonathan, and get out of here as fast as you can go. Don’t stop… don’t turn around… just run…” he spoke slowly and gently.

Jonathan watched perspiration begin to roll off the man’s face. He had not seen him react this way, at anytime since they had met.

“Greg, please…” the man pleaded now. As he moved toward the table. “Take Jonathan and run, man…NOW!!!” he groaned the last.

“Greg…” Jonathan grasped the man’s arm next to him. “Let’s go…” he began to pull him to the door.

“But what about Tony?” the man argued then.

“I’ll be right behind you…” he slowly began to ease the letter onto the table.

“What is it, Tony?” Greg finally asked.

“Greg, just go… It’s a bomb…” he answered softly now.

With post haste, Greg grabbed Jonathan up by the waist. He rushed to the door as fast as he could go. Jerking it open he heard the glass break but didn’t stop to inspect it. He set the youth down on his feet urging him along with a hand at the back of his neck. They didn’t look back, as they ran hard, sprinting toward the park across the street.

“Run!” they began to shout to everyone they saw. “Bomb!” was added to their cries.

Screams of terror went up. People scattered here and there. Sheer panic flooded the air. As everyone rushed toward safety, Tony came bounding out the front door.

He eyed a two-year old child, squalling and stomping her feet. Rushing towards her, he grabbed her up in his arms planting her, straddled to his hip. But before he could even get to the road, the percussion of the blast was felt beneath his feet.

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