Biker Bar 1

Big Tits

Biker Bar 1I was driving through Mississippi on my way to Texas when I stop off at the local truck stop,It took me around 20 minutes to get my Cab all free from the flatbed. The waitress in the restauranttold me where there is a good biker bar to go to, It was now around 8 pm I decided to head over there.The cab windows were fogging up now as I was driving down the road to the Club, I then found a nicespot now so I can park my cab.As I walk in through the door, I can hear and see that’s might be my lucky night. As now I look downtowards the bar I found an empty bar stools. It was about 2 mins later a rugged biker came and sat right beside me, He was started to ask me all kinds of question? Before I introduce myself to him,He told me his name was Art, This man was around 6’1 a good solid 220 with a dirty blonde hairwith a nice biker look beard. The time was around 11pm now as the place was Jam with Bikersand their chicks except Art. I can now see that Art was not enjoying himself at all with all the BikerChicks that were bothering him and me. He said hey Mike ” How about coming back to my place for aBeer?” We then left the Bar as I follow him back in my Cab to his place.Art had a very nice little house at the end türbanlı bilecik escort of a street, I then follow him in as we went down a few stepsto his Men’s Den that was very well all done up in Bikers theme. He told me that ” He has just got overa nasty 5 years relationship with some biker brood and he is happy been single again. The beers are going down real good by now as we are both getting a little loaded. I then saw Art get up as he went tothe bathroom, He came out now form taking a piss when I notice his zipper was still down as I can seehis nice red underwear with some wet spots showing through them.Hey I yell at Art ! ” Pull your fly up dude ” He smile as he grab his crotch and saids ” Blow Me Mike ” I wave him to come over here as I told him ” Sure I will Blow you Art ” He gave me a puzzle lookas he was walking over to the couch were I was sitting, I watch him open the top of his jeans buttonup as he slowly pull his jeans and underwear down to his knees. My lips went right onto his nice semicut 7 inch cock as I started to slowly suck him, He was really enjoying the blow job before he started to take his Harley Davidson t-shirt off and threw over türbanlı bilecik escort bayan onto the chair. My God came from his voice as hisnice blueish eyes are rolling back in his head, I can hear him telling me that ” I can suck better then anyof those Biker Chicks at the bar. The blow job lasted a good 15 mins as he was now jerking his tool goodand hard, I can now see and hear him that he was about to cum, He yell out very loud ! As he was now shootingall over my chest and mouth with his spray.After he shook the rest of his cum out over my chest, He then went and got me a towel to clean up his hot loadof his cum, I then ash him how enjoy the blow job ? He reply back ” The best ever Mik’e ” I then ask him if hewas a good at fucking, He smile and told me that” He has never fuck a guy ” And that I will be the first one.I then follow upstairs to his bedroom before the fuck, We undress each other as he went and got the tube of KY Jelly, I was laying there just watching him as I thought to myself that he looks so much like the WCW Pro Wrestler Arn Anderson with the same style with having hairy body ‘s and beards.I felt Art pull my Ass right up to his türbanlı escort bilecik cock, He was now pushing it into my hole as myself was moaning with greatpleasure as he was going in, I can feel him pounding my ass good and hard from every one of his long sexualstrokes that he was given me. I then felt him pull out of me as he wanted to fuck me in a different persession now.I watch him pull my knees close to his sweaty hard nibbles & chest as he began once again to enter my tight hole.My god ” I shouted after his hard cock went up my tight hole ” I can now see him really enjoying this persessionnow, He was giving it to me good and hard as I can feel his tool touch my Men G spot as it was massaging itwith great sexual climax, The fuck was now going onto 10 mins as our body were trench in all from his sweaty chest and ass, I then took my fingers and started to pinch his nibbles good and hard, ” He was nowyelling that he is close ! I heard his voice ‘ MIK’E I AM CLOSE, MIK’E I AM CLOSE, MIK’E I AM CLOSE !MY GOOOOOOOOOOD as his cock is now shooting out his huge load inside my hole. I then watch him vibrateseveral times from the climax before he pull out of me. We are laying on our backs totally exhausted from the fuck, It was about 20 mins later ast we went into the bathroomto take a shower before we dry off. I was now getting my clothes back on and smiling and watching Art put on a nicepair of BLUE JOCKEY POUCH BREIFS along with the same t-shirt that matches it. He then walk me to the door aswe kiss one more time before I climb back into my cab and drove off down the road.

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