Bill 3


Bill 3Bill and I have seen eachother quite a few times now and one of our most memorable times was after a golf competition we both played in.We had arranged to play in this event which was close to where we both lived. We were joined by another guy to make up our tee time.During the round Bill hit a great shot into a green, quite close to the pin. He turned to me and said quietly “I think that deserves a blowjob” I retorted “You’d have the hole the putt too for that!”Our playing partner never knew why Bill seemed more excited as his ball disappeared into the hole, clenched fist Ian Poulter style! LolBill thinks about sex more than me and seems to be permanently horny. A couple of holes later, while our playing partner was in a bunker, he mentioned he had seen what he thought was a disused cow shed on the drive in …and winked. I was trying to concentrate bursa escort on my game and didn’t reply.After the round, and a drink in the 19th, our man then joined his mates that had now come off the course. We supped up and headed to the car park. “I could drive you there” said Bill”You serious?” I said “how safe is it”. Bill assured me it was overgrown and out of sight. It was a beautiful hot sunny day, blue skies and I was feeling turned on too. I gave in and got into his car. It was only a 5 minute drive away. It was literally an old stone building, windows long since gone, a few timbers where the roof once was …and indeed surrounded by nettles. But it was only a few hundred yards from the the farm. “We’ll just say we’re thinking of maybe buying it” Bill said in case someone came over. He reversed in to its old entrance. We made our bursa escort bayan way wading through the undergrowth until we got inside. You could make out the old pens and troughs. This was only a few feet from the lane though, not busy by any stretch but still we could be seen. I was about to mention this to Bill but as I turned around there he was in the middle of the building with his trousers and pants already down to his knees.”Come on then, we haven’t got long …and it was a good shot!” He said smiling at me. God, I’m so easy. Over I went and squatted down in front of him…grabbing his cock and putting it my mouth. He soon stiffened up and was fully erect as I rolled his foreskin back. He was enjoying fucking my mouth. I felt a hand on top of my head and could see the other, rest on one of the internal dividing walls. He was soon shaking escort bursa and jolting as he came, spurting his cum in my mouth. He was trying to push me off (as he’s sensitive at the moment of ejaculation) but I was enjoying it too much and got sucking him, holding the back of his legs closely. As he settled I wanked his softening cock slowly getting the last drops of cum out of him. Getting to my feet I pulled his pants up for him “Come on we better get out of here before we get caught” Bill dropped me back at the golf club so I could pick up my car. I felt so horny and turned on as I drove home. So as soon as I got in I went straight to the downstairs loo, dropped my pants to my knees, raised my t-shirt up and started wanking. I could feel myself build to that lovely feeling and cupped my spare hand in front of my cock. I caught most of the splashes as I grunted to a climax …and as soon as I was done I licked my hand and fingers clean. As I took my phone out my back pocket, to put it on the side, a message came in “WOW, THAT WAS INCREDIBLE”. I couldn’t disagree

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