Bill Sexy Straight Grandson


Bill Sexy Straight GrandsonBill’s Sexy Straight GrandsonMike always took time to visit his grandpa at the retirement community. Heowed that to the guy who had been a father to him after his own dad leftwhen he was a toddler. Bill had been a tough with Mike, but strong handhad made Mike the successful young man that he is.At six foot two, two hundred and twenty pounds his beefy muscular body andgorgeous black haired face he was irresistible to women. Owning a smallconstruction company, made him a great catch. However, at age twentyeight, Mike was not ready to settle down. His mean rugged look easily toldthe women he’d pick up that they were to just be his fuck toy for the nightand not to even ask him anything beyond that. He liked variety and hadwomen and girls of any age. He was a hard worker and fucked hard everynight of the week unless he felt tired.Mike would drop by to see his uncle after working out at the gym for acouple of ours. He always showed up in his sweaty tank top, basketballshorts and sneakers. With his short buzzed hair and his thick gotee, hejust reeked of raw sexuality. His cock swinging against the thin materialof his shorts always drew other’s stares to his crotch and he would alwayswink or wickedly smile back at the person he’d caught, whether male orfemale, to embarrass them.Tonight, his grandfather had gone to bed early and he Mike decided to dropby one of the rec rooms at the retirement center where the old guys wouldplay pool until late night. Although the guys were in their seventies andeighties, they still got around and tried to remain active. They alwaysadmired Mike’s body and joked about his strength and muscles. Sometimesthey would all gather around him and ask to measure his arms and chest.Mike would have to take off his shirt and while they measured and he wouldsometimes think the old farts were feeling him up a little too much. Samwould run his fingers throughout his hairy chest and stomach before closingthe measuring tape around his chest.’Your chest is so hairy I need to pull apart some hair to read themeasuring tape’ Steve, another old guy would say. Larry, measuring hisbicep would marvel in wonder as he wrapped the measuring tape on it andmade sure his fingers accidentally dipped into his sweaty hairy armpit ashe did so.David suddenly said, tuzla escort ‘damn son, looks like you need a hot chic to measurethat muscle for you’, looking down at the growing bulge in his shorts. ‘Ifhe’s hung like his grandpa, the gal better know what she’s getting into,’laughed Joe. Mike put his shirt back on got his cue stick and asked whowas next.They played for a few more hours while giving Mike a few shots of whiskeythat they could no longer drink. David kept making comments on Mikesbulging shorts while they all talked about sex and Mike’s many conquests.Mike talked about how he had fucked old ladies too.Mentioning this, Joe started to talk about how the old ladies at the centerwere great at giving gum jobs. Mike laughed , but it sounded interesting tohim. He wondered what it would feel like and his dick grew a little more.’Looks like the man could use a gum job right now’, he told the otherspointing at Mike’s crotch. ‘Sure could boys, know any willing grandma’s’,he shot back, without smiling, as he made a corner shot. ‘It’s too late toget one now Mike, but toothless Sam here could help you out I’m sure’ , hesaid as they all laughed.Mike won the game and was to play Sam next. David suddenly said ‘let’s beton this one, Mike, if you win you get fifty bucks and if you lose you payus fifty bucks’. ‘Guys, I didn’t bring any money, can I owe you’, saidMike. ‘Okay, if you lose you have to let Sam blow you’, David laughed.’He might choke on it’, Mike laughed. ‘Oh, just play the game,’ they allcheered.Mike thought they were k**ding and kept playing. Besides he hadn’t lost agame yet tonight and saw an easy fifty bucks coming. He didn’t realizethat the shots of whiskey he kept having were hurting his game. Now as hewatched Sam make the eight ball in the corner pocket he thought aboutlosing the easy money. He’d bring him his fifty tomorrow he thought.Hey Sam ‘take your dentures out, we don’t want you to sc**** Mike’s bigsausage’.Mike laughed, ‘seriously guys I have to get going, I’ll bring you the fiftytomorrow.”What fifty, you said you’d let Sam blow you’, David fired back in aserious tone.’Bill is sure to be disappointed to know his grandson didn’t honor a bet’,he said.’I’m not gay guys, I thought you were k**ding before,’ said Mike.’What, you think we’re gay, it is just a bet, maltepe escort what we really want is to getback at Sam for punching your grandfather earlier, that is why he went tobed early, ‘said Steve.’Yeah, I’m not gay’, said Sam, ‘but I feel bad for what I did, I shouldn’ttake advantage of that frail old guy like that’. ‘Sucking your dick willhumiliate him like he humiliated you grandpa’ said David. ‘I could justpunch your head in Sam,’ said Mike.’No Mike, that will get you in trouble and they will call the police here,just make him suck you and humiliate him, that will be worse for himanyway’, David said.’Ok, lock all the doors, I don’t want this to leave this room’, said Mike.The guys had set this all up. They had a comfortable chair to one side ofthe room facing a closet. To the right side of the chair there were moreclosets. The old farts had set up a video camera in each closet to filmMike getting blown. Mike’s cock was not fully hard but had grown to teninches at the thought of getting blown.’Mike sit here so you’ll be comfortable’, said David.’Yeah, and take of your shorts and sneakers and shirt’, said Steve.All eyes were glued to him as he took off his shorts and let his longsweaty cock dangle out. The mean looking hairy muscle man was now sittingnaked surrounded by old guys. Just relax so at least you enjoy it.’Steve give him one of your famous rub downs before Sam sucks him so thathe relaxes’, said Joe. Steve started to massage Mike’s neck and shoulders.Mike’s cock was still not fully hard so he started to think of the bitcheshe had fucked lately.’You’re just tense big guy’, said Steve as he rubbed his hairy pectoralmuscles.’Why don’t you guys rub his feet’, he said to Joe and David. ‘Sam, itstime for you to get started, take your dentures out.’Mike stared in awe as the old geezer took out his teeth and put them on theedge of the pool table. He kneeled down and gentle grabbed hold of Mike’senormous erection with his wrinkle bony fingers. Mike’s breathing becameheavy as he felt the man’s hot mouth take the head of his cock in. Samsucked hard and felt the cock in his mouth finally grow to a full elevenand a half inches. He clamped his gums down and squeezed the cock as hestarted to go down on the shaft.’Yeah, feel that hot mouth on your cock, Mike, see how good kartal escort a gum jobfeels’, whispered Steve as he rubbed his fingers through the long silkyblack hair on Mike’s chest and stomach.Mike moaned as he felt the old guy steadily bobbing up and down on hisshaft.The old man had five inches in his mouth now and Mike grabbed his hair andsaid ‘if you’re going to be punished you are going to do it all the way,bitch,’ lightly slapping the man across the cheek, then pushing his mouthback down on his cock till he felt the back of the old guy’s throat.He pushed relentlessly until he went past and had the old man all the downhis shaft looking up at his eyes in disbelief. He had and eleven and ahalf-inch fat cock down his throat. Steve told Mike to let go of Sam’shead and let David take care of forcing it down. Mike let go and put hisarms behind his head, and was just realizing that he was sitting therenaked with a toothless old geezer sucking his dick and all these old menrubbing his body, massaging his feet. He started to tense and new he wasgoing to cum.’Fucking mouth feels so good on my dick, God, guys I’m going to cum’, hesaid.’Don’t worry big guy, just let it all out, we’ll make sure his head staysright there and swallows every drop’, said Joe.’FUUUUUUUUUUCK, YEAAAAAAAAAAAH, TAKE IT ALL,’ roared Mike as Sam choked onhis cock.Mike was sweating profusely and couldn’t believe what he just did. Hefinally got up as the men patted him on the back congratulating him andthanking him for helping them out.’See how good it is to get your dick sucked without teeth, there are plentyof other toothless guys to suck you around here if you ever get horny’,said David.’That was just for the bet you guys, I fuck chicks,’ said Mike.’But you gotta admit it was good’, responded David.’Well, uhm, yeah I have to say it was really good’, said Mike.’Well I think you should punish Sam every time you feel like it, he shouldknow not to mess with your Grandpa’ said David. ‘I think that was enough,guys, anyway I’ll drop by tomorrow night after the gym to see Gramps,’ saidMike.Mike left, still thinking about the homosexual act he had just participatedin. He was not into guys at all, but that mouth felt so good, and the waythe rubbed him all over as he was getting sucked. Nothing had ever felt sodelicious.The old geezers had their tape. Now they could blackmail Mike to let themsuck his dick or get him to fuck them whenever they wanted. They had amuscular mean hairy straight guy that they were going to have fuck them.To be continued……

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