Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 78


A note to readers: This is a long story that unfolds chapter by chapter through the eyes of two protagonists — Mark and Elsa, and as in many of my other stories involves a growing spate of horny characters. Every ten chapters or so I will provide a short summary at the start of that episode to bring new readers up to date (see start of Ch. 70). This story could appear in a number of genres (Loving Wives, Incest, Lesbian, Fetish, and more) depending on the chapter, but the overall theme is Group, so I have applied this moniker to all chapters. The story is still being written, yet I intend to post a new chapter every couple of days. Enjoy.

Chapter 78 — The Experience On Film. Weekend Party Studs


When I took Sheila and my other friends to Denmark, I did not expect to be in a porno flick. I didn’t expect Sheila to be in one either, but now she was, and per plan, so were our six friends, although Wes and Scott had been surprised by how easily they got roped into the adult movie business. All it took was watching some of the filming, and they were hooked.

My surprise came late on Thursday morning when Rolfe and Juul, the co-directors, producers, and actors in the various adult videos they’d piece together from the hours of video they took, sat down on either side of me. I guessed what was coming. They begged me to be with one of the female stars.

I was horny. I’d watched the live sex show for two hours, as Rolfe, Juul, and another cameraman moved about taking shots of the four fucking after a supposed double date between Vanessa, Anna, and two handsome Scandinavian men. The scene turned into a swapping fuck fest for the four of them that went on for over an hour. The men had remarkable stamina and ability to control their orgasms until finally they both succumbed to the wonderful feeling of warm moist pussy begging for cum. After that had come a rather lusty ’69’ type cleanup by the two women. I had a hard-on that I could cut glass with when they finished the scene, took a break, and Rolfe and Juul asked me whether I wanted to fuck a few women in the orgy scene they were about to do after a short lunch break.

Sheila had watched the scene with me. After I’d agreed to work on the next scene, she said, “I am so wet from watching our friends and not participating that I have my juices running down my leg. I sure hope somebody fucks me real soon. I’m beyond where even jilling off would help; I need cock and lots of it.”

“So, you’re not going to mind getting into some of their videos?” I asked, having sensed her earlier reticence.

Sheila grinned at me. “Hell no. I’d do a hundred man gangbang about now and still not get enough cock.”

Rolfe turned to her from where he’d been fussing over one of the cameras. “Darling, that can be arranged, but not on such short notice. If you come back to Denmark and we plan ahead, we could maybe make adult film history with such an event.”

Sheila just held her hand up to indicate for him to stop thinking about implementing what to her had been an absurd comment. While I thought a hundred might be excessive, I did think that she’d enjoy a steady stream of men for a while and even some rough handling — one of Sheila’s occasional kinks.

Sheila got to thinking clearly enough to ask Rolfe if he had a wig or something to give me a different look during the video. He did, and the next I knew I was wearing a salt and pepper wig with a short ponytail. I liked the idea of the wig because had I stopped thinking entirely with my little dick I would have realized that Worthington Industries and stock might take a hit if their CEO got recognized as one of the world’s newest porn stars.

Rolfe and Juul explained the orgy scene to everyone in the room. Everybody consisted of Sheila and me; Wes, Scott, Vanessa, Anna, Felicia, and Monica — the crew we’d brought over to do this; the two Scandinavian men who didn’t seem to need any recovery time, two other members of the crew — the lighting and sound men; and the make-up girl — who was cute and sexy in her own right.

Rolfe spoke in both Danish and English. “We’re going to start filming on the cue, and we want you to keep going after that. We’ll pick out the best action to focus on. Juul and Markus — our other cameraman, will be moving around the set trying to stay out of each other’s camera angles. If you see us focusing in on something you’re doing just keep doing it. In that instance, you others can slow down but don’t stop; we may shift the scene back to you in an instant and you need to be busy doing something really sexual.

“A reminder not to look at the camera, but do look at each other — or even couples near you. We want to see interaction, so ladies it’s good if you suck on the cock on the guy next to you on the sofa even though someone else is fucking you. Gentlemen, it’s also good to finger a pussy or suck a tit of someone near you even though your cock is buried in someone else’s pussy. Interact. You güvenilir bahis don’t have to go over the top or be a contortionist, but be sexy. Think about what would turn you on if you were watching this film.

“When you’re getting near your cum, the code word is ‘fantastic’; it sounds about the same in Danish as in English. If it’s in the first fifteen minutes or so of filming stop fucking and back down your response curve by eating pussy or fingering or something else. After that time from when we start shooting, one of the camera crew will focus in on you and the creampie that will result. After you cum, continue to be romantic and sexual. Now, any questions?”

I shrugged. I actually had a lot of questions, including some that I asked myself but postponed answering for later. I’d watched enough porn, and even seen some that the girls had done, such as the videos of Troy, Dan, Elsa, and Cindy, that I knew what I wanted to watch, and thus what I’d try to enact in our all out fuck fest in the beautiful living room.

Karyn, the cute makeup girl, took me aside and had me strip. She powder puffed me, and then fitted the wig I’d wear on my head. She added some touch-up color to my eyebrows and temples so they’d match the wig better. As we finished she said, “I’d kind of like it if you started with me. I know we haven’t talked much, but … well, I think you’re nice. I was watching you with the other women. They all like you — a lot. That tells me you’re someone special.”

I stroked Karyn’s face, and then leaned down and kissed her on the lips in the most sensuous kiss I could muster given the chaotic rush around us. As a first kiss it probably registered on the low end of the Richter scale. As we parted, she said something in Danish and then translated, “Oh, yes, this is going to be the best afternoon in my life.”

I said to her in a hushed tone, “I agree. You will find today memorable in many pleasant ways. I relish the thought of being with you.”

I stood nearby as Karyn stripped down. She obviously was putting on a show especially to excite me — an easy task at that point. My cock pointed at the North Star. I wouldn’t have any need for a fluffer. Karyn had kept looking at my manhood, I guess sizing up whether she’d be able to take me in a comfortable way.

As everyone was forming up into couples and threesomes, and then selecting a locale for their sex, Karyn and I took a sofa near an electric fireplace with a faux fire. We started kissing, but then so were many of the other couples. I noticed Sheila had latched onto the taller and more handsome of the Scandinavian porn stars who had been in the dating scene filmed earlier that day.

Juul yelled, “OK, we are filming.” He repeated the edict in Danish, and I watched him panning around the room from the corner of my eye as I watched Felicia give one of the crew a blowjob. As I turned my attention back to Karyn, I felt my cock disappear into her mouth and down her throat. This girl could deep throat like a champion. She started to bounce on my cock, taking every inch or millimeter I had and then pulling off leaving slobbery strands of saliva and precum as she did. A camera appeared close by and captured two minutes of her slavering action on my long shaft. I played to the camera and stroked her hair as I relaxed in utmost pleasure.

Lest I cum prematurely, I pulled her off and started to finger her nice cunt as we made out. She had a little pussy hair that was reddish and matched that elsewhere. I recalled Elsa saying about various blondes where the carpet and the drapes didn’t match, but in this case they did.

I’d decided to give someone The Experience shortly after I’d decided to appear in the videos. Sheila had suggested it. Karyn would end up the lucky recipient of my fisting skills. I started to do some elaborate fingering, and the camera that had been filming her blowjob and deep throat focused in on what I was doing with my right hand. Fingers got added in a theatrical way, so that the camera could see me expanding the amount of my hand entering the small cunt in front of me. I tucked my thumb, and then my whole hand slid into the now heavily lubricated pussy. Karyn was gushing girl juice continuously as well as moaning her pleasure at what I was doing to her. She didn’t just like fisting; she loved it.

I immediately went for Karyn’s G-spot. The results were more predictable, and soon I had her squirming and crying out in Danish that I was a great lover and was making her cum over and over because I knew this spot inside her. I sucked on her nice sized tits and then kissed her. I whispered to her, this is just the beginning. Just wait and go with the flow.

I found Karyn’s A-spot with little difficulty. She was small and my fingers were long, so I didn’t need to grope around much to get a rise out of her. That spot became my focus, and obviously it became her focus as well. She started to tell anybody who would listen that I had discovered a whole türkçe bahis new way to fuck that was marvelous and she never wanted me to stop. There was no doubt that the microphone on the camera wasn’t picking up her comments; they were loud.

I kept stroking and also licking and sucking on her engorged clit. I was trying to move things along a little faster than I normally did, but Karyn didn’t know that. After only ten minutes, her body started to arch so she could push her cunt into my hand and mouth and increase the stimulation. I used my left hand to toy with her hard nipples.

When she reached her peak of the arch, I whispered to her, “Cum. Cum now. Cum!” I pinched each nipple hard, brought that hand down and slapped at her clit before again sucking on it. Two fingers went into her ass as I made my final strokes on her A-spot.

Karyn almost screamed something I didn’t understand in Danish, and then her eyes rolled up in her head and her body crashed lifeless to the sofa. I carefully and methodically extracted my hand and did my licking for the camera. I then coddled Karyn to me making sure she was well exposed to the camera that now continued to film.

Karyn blinked her eyes open and looked at me. She said in her cute Danish accent, “Oh, I love you.” She threw her arms around me and we entered a serious clutch and kissed.

As we parted, I whispered, “Do you even know my name?” I grinned at her. This was an unusual way to meet a girl.

Karyn said in a serious tone, “You are Mark, and I will never forget what you just did to me. I love you. I mean I really do.” It occurred to her about her surroundings. She said, “Oh, Mark, please fuck me. Jeg elsker dig — I love you.”

I had remained hard as a rock, so I slid into Karyn’s pussy by turning her frontal to the camera, and came into her pussy from behind her as she lifted one leg. The cameraman gave me a happy sign that I was doing a great job. Karyn kept telling me what a wonderful lover I was, and how she wanted to be with me for all time and to even be my sex slave.

Karyn and I had a relatively simple fuck after that. We changed to doggie after a few minutes, and then missionary, and then I put her on top and let her bounce herself through three more orgasms before I said in a loud voice ‘Fantastic.’

Juul brought his camera over and focused on where our genitals were slamming together. I came, and Karyn did too, announcing to the world that this was one of the ultimate pleasures in life she’d ever had.

After I’d finished ejaculating up into her body she lifted off of me slightly and gravity did the job of flushing some of my cum from her vagina in large drips and dollops just inches from the camera lens that focused on her twat and my wet cock.

Karyn watched herself drain onto my groin. I whispered to her, suck it up and then share it with me. Juul heard me and kept his camera on her. Her eyes got large, but after the effluent stopped dripping she changed position so she could lap up the dollops of white sticky cum on my lower body. She opened her mouth and showed the camera what she’d captured and then moved so she could get mouth to mouth with me. I opened my mouth and she dribbled the cum into it. We then snowballed the cum back and forth, until we both visibly swallowed and kissed. She cuddled into me and the cameras faded away to film some of the others.


I stood on tiptoe and kissed Doug Reed on his cheek. The older man blushed. I said, “Thank you for doing this rush job. You are helping a nascent romance get going in a big way.” When I’d asked for the work on the gatehouse apartments, I’d explained about Lucas and Linda’s budding romance and their moving in together. I knew Doug was a romantic at heart, so he put his all into doing the rush job.

Doug nodded as the last of his work crew cleaned up some of the sheets of plastic they’d put up to keep the dust from entering the other areas of the two apartments that over the week had become one large apartment at The Meadows that would shortly become the love nest for my friends and lovers — one of whom was responsible for the security of almost everyone I knew and loved. The crew had knocked down a couple of walls and rebuilt another into a half wall. They’d also turned a small kitchenette into a minibar.

While the work was underway, Lucas and Linda had stayed at her apartment for the week. With Mark away in Europe with Sheila, Lucas was able to work a more relaxed schedule. He only had the five of us to worry about, and we were well behaved and all week only went between the condo in the city and work. Since it was Friday, we’d all carpooled in the limousine back to The Meadows for the weekend.

Barnes appeared with a cleaning crew on his heels. He smiled at us and turned to Doug, “Ah, Mr. Reed, a pleasure as always. May we start?”

Doug greeted Barnes and grandly gestured to the newly painted open arches between what had been two apartments. Despite güvenilir bahis siteleri the dust barriers, some dust had seeped into the living spaces. The cleaning crew of six split up with three on each side of newly opened space, and in short order had the place sparkling again. Lucas was a neat man. I wondered how he’d find living with a woman who wanted to wash out her stockings and hang them over the shower rod to dry. I’d have to have a motherly talk with him about tolerance and living together with a member of the opposite sex.

I left the work crews to finish up. I left what we called the Gatehouse, and walked up the long driveway to the main house. The whole length was landscaped and I had high hopes for the baby trees we’d planted. The property looked so good. We’d been in The Meadows almost a year, and it seemed like yesterday when it was all being built. I’d missed so much of the construction process because of being shot and laid up. As I mused, I appreciated how well my leg had heeled. I still had some bad scars front and back, but I also had two more sessions with a plastic surgeon to mitigate their gross appearance. They were so much better than when I left the hospital.

We all missed Mark and Sheila. They’d been gone a week, partly on business and then I knew from some emails that Sheila and he had gotten swept up in making some porn films with the other six oversexed friends of ours that he flew over there to do some filming in a more friendly statutory atmosphere. We didn’t expect them until Sunday afternoon.

Of course, the previous weekend we’d had a house party — seven horny women and seven horny men. The event turned into a multi-day orgy, but that was no surprise. The romance between Lucas and Linda flourished at the party, and that led to my Sunday call to Doug for some high-speed renovations. He obviously liked the challenge.

Everyone who had been at the previous weekend’s party had a chance to recover during the week. We were all recharged and TGIF — Friday evening we’d start another weekend party and hope that Mark and Sheila got home in time to enjoy the tail end of it on Sunday. We finally had some warm weather so might be able to use the pool. I’d had the heater on all week, and the weather hadn’t gotten that cool overnight. I knew the river would still be too cold to swim without your teeth chattering about ten seconds into the water.

We started Friday with a slightly different combination of people than the week before. Except for Sheila, the rest of my sisters were present: Cindy, Melanie, Izzy, and KC. Just thinking about that made me realize that Izzy was the odd man out; she needed a ring and a small ceremony to present it to her with Mark and the rest of us.

Stacy had come too; she’d arranged for one of the strippers to hostess at the Club Infinity just so she could partake in our weekend. Kate would come over after her opening show. Alice would again spend the weekend with us, and I counted on Linda to be there too beaming with the idea of having just moved into the newly renovated apartment to live with Lucas.

Amber, Jon’s wife had returned and I talked to her on the phone cajoling her to come for the weekend. She was a vibrant human we all loved to be around, plus she had nympho-like tendencies like the rest of us. I also talked with Troy in Atlanta, and he decided that he and Janet would fly up Friday to be with us for the weekend, ostensibly so he could see a client in the city on Monday. Dan and Sandy were invited but needed to rearrange their schedule. Andy and Margo also RSVPed.

I also roped Greg and Kim, and Sean and Pam into our weekend pool and sex party, so that brought the total up to thirteen women.

Our five steady guys were coming: Deke, Ryan, Mike, James, and Carter. Of course, there’d be Lucas, Jon, Andy, Troy, Greg, and Sean, and maybe Dan, who were coming with their partners or wives. I put the word out to Ryan that we were a man or two short to even up the sides in our party, and he promised to put out the word and to bring a friend or two or more.

Cindy and I were laying out the picnic tables near the pool when we heard the sound of several cars in the driveway. At least one was obviously a high performance vehicle. We walked around the end of the house to see who’d arrived just in time to see Ryan emerging from the passenger’s seat in what appeared to be a high performance Mustang. The car was rumbling at idle and sounded almost as loud as our three hundred horsepower airplane.

Behind Ryan, who’d been riding shotgun, came two of the hunkiest, handsomest, physical specimens of manhood I think I’d ever seen, and I’d seen and fucked a bunch of them. I sure hoped based on physical appearance that these two were the ‘extras’ I’d asked Ryan to scare up so we had at least one male per female in our poolside mating. Two was even better.

I glanced at Cindy and we both grinned at each other. We were sharing the same lascivious and lusty thoughts about the two men. Call us shallow, but when you’re going to fuck strangers, handsome and hunky is better than barely acceptable and bulky. We walked up to the now quiet car as the driver shut his door and gave me a friendly smile.

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