Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 80


A note to readers: This is a long story that unfolds chapter by chapter through the eyes of two protagonists – Mark and Elsa, and as in many of my other stories involves a growing spate of horny characters. Every ten chapters or so I will provide a short summary at the start of that episode to bring new readers up to date (see below). This story could appear in a number of genres (Loving Wives, Incest, Lesbian, Fetish, and more) depending on the chapter, but the overall theme is Group, so I have applied this moniker to all chapters. The story is still being written, yet I intend to post a new chapter every couple of days. Enjoy.

Synopsis of Story to This Point (chapter starts further down this page). Elsa Conner and billionaire Mark Worthington meet at a party, only he hides his true worth and identity from her in fear this nice girl might be another gold digger trying to get into his wealth. They date, but when the truth is discovered Elsa breaks up with him in anger over his lack of trust in her. In love, he grovels his way back into her good graces only she sets a condition of reestablishing the relationship as the equal involvement of her sister Cindy. The trio falls deeper in love. There are some awkward moments where Elsa and Cindy work out how they’ll date their new boyfriend and whether to be exclusive. To test their relationship, they meet and enjoy a sexual evening with Tom on a weekend vacation. Later, Mark’s cute new secretary Melanie gets added to the relationship. After holding off to assert their independence, Elsa and Cindy move in with Mark; Melanie soon joins them in living in Mark’s posh condo. They all learn more about the ever-present bodyguards and security guards around Mark managed by stoic Lucas.

Mark’s long time aide Sheila eventually joins the sisterhood. He established an office dress code for Melanie and Sheila – no undies. Several parties are held that devolve into happy sexual events among friends. There’s a kidnap attempt on Mark that gets foiled. Mark meets Brita, a Danish woman he strongly resonates with. The four girls pick-up Ryan, Deke, Mike, and James at a club, and establish group-to-group fuck buddy relationships with them. Ryan introduces ‘The Experience’ – an intense A-spot orgasm – to the women; Mark learns and applies the technique on Brita and later to others. Cindy and Elsa get deeper into martial arts and handgun training motivated by the kidnap attempt on Mark. They get a chance to use their martial arts in a club one evening when dealing with some drunken men.

Mark arrives home from a trip to find a full-scale orgy underway that Elsa, Cindy, Melanie, and Sheila have orchestrated with the men they picked up at a club. One of the men Deke is their firearms instructor. Mark happily joins in the party. The girls hold a swing party and one of the guests brings KC – a talented artist, who Mark and the girls fall in love with, and who loves the group and its sexy lifestyle. Tom joins in, especially now that he has agreed to work for Worthington Industries. A vacation to a Mexican villa is planne; Brita, KC, and others join in the fun and sex at the villa. KC and Brita receive love rings like the others have. Elsa and Cindy seduce Lucas – Mark’s bodyguard. Marcia, the other key bodyguard, prepared to seduce Mark. The girls keep up their instruction in urban survival and weapons training.

Returning from Mexico, the rest of the circle of friends join the Mile High Club in Mark’s large custom 737 aircraft. Back at work, Elsa and co-worker Sean are sent to Las Vegas to iron out problems getting a condominium project approved by the city. While there Elsa does a fabulous strip tease. She also counsels Sean about breaking out of his life’s unsatisfactory rut, and bringing his wife Pam along on the new journey. Pam comes to Vegas and the fun starts as she gets in the spirit of change. Sean and Pam eventually come and enjoy one of the sex parties Mark, Elsa, and the others conduct. At work, Mark has Melanie present some improvement ideas to one of his businesses with great success. Mark and KC take a romantic trip to Europe. Eventually, Sean and Elsa’s boss at the architectural company learns of their new sexual relationship; Greg asks that he and his wife Kim be included.

A pipe bomb is discovered attached to Mark’s limousine, but turns out to be a hoax. Several other incidents happen including a drone watching at a sex party and a gross package of a dead rat and five mice delivered at a restaurant. Mark and the girls are being stalked and threatened. Cindy and Elsa continue to take martial arts and weapons training, expanding to include defensive driving and awareness about bombs.

Mark and the sisters form a sexual relationship with Greg and Sean, architects where she works, and their wives Kim and Pam. The women are given The Experience by Mark and predictably fall in love with him. Some planning work goes into a new house outside the city and land is purchased. güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri Summer sex parties are held on the land by the river passing through. The stalker strikes again several times, his attacks falling on Mark, Elsa, KC, Melanie, and Sheila, but Elsa and Cindy eventually catch him. Mark is furious at Elsa and Cindy for putting themselves in harm’s way to catch the stalker, Myron Tanner; he punishes them. They also meet Troy and Dan in a club and have an erotic one-night stand with them. The girls also start flying lessons.

The girls decide to hold a large erotic party and end up with nearly forty attendees. Of course, open sex becomes a staple for the event. Izzy, another worker in Mark’s office, becomes a steady visitor and lover. Also invited to the party are their flight instructors Wes and Scott and their girlfriends Vanessa and Anna – who turn out to be porn stars. They also invitee Troy and Dan and their wives Janet and Sandy, who subsequently learn about the one-night stand their husbands enjoyed with Elsa and Cindy. Janet becomes a freewheeling sexual being at the party, with Sandy right behind her; their husbands are shocked.

Construction starts on the new home named The Meadows in a rural area outside the city. The home has a runway and river front as major attractions. Mark offers a premium to have the house completed by the following July first. Brita announces her marriage to lover Nils, and everyone attends enjoying some open sexuality while in Denmark. Myron Tanner escapes from police custody, burns the partially completed house, shoots at Mark while he’s learning to fly, and other mischief that could be deadly.

Elsa and Cindy get their jet ratings after pushing ahead with their advanced flight training. After several more encounters with Myron Tanner, they convince Mark and Lucas (head of Worthington security) that they should become bait for catching Tanner. They are armed and skilled in urban survival martial arts. While having lunch together Tanner approaches them in disguise. The two women realize the threat just in time, but gunfire breaks out. Elsa and Cindy shoot Tanner through the chest, but he gets off a shot that nearly kills Elsa.

Elsa spends hours in surgery after having been only seconds from death due to blood loss through her shot-up femoral artery. She slowly recovers and then spends months in physical therapy. House construction on the mansion continues. Everyone meets Alice, the interior decorator, whom they tease and then embrace into the sisterhood. The deadline for house construction of July first is met, and a joyous housewarming is held with many visitors from far and near. A fallout of the house warming is a detailed article concerning Mark Worthington, his ‘wives’ and other friends, and his lifestyle, including the sexual component. Despite the revelations in the media, no one seems to care.

Another large party is held at The Meadows a few weeks later, this time with sex being the major item on the agenda. Nearly eighty people attend. Mark entertains Vanessa and Anna, girlfriends of his flight instructors, plus Felicia and Monica, their new friends, at the party. They all want to make a porn film in Europe to compare to U.S. practices, and they want to dance in a strip club. Subsequently, Mark buys a rundown bar and starts renovations to turn it into a high-end restaurant, dance club, and strip club – the Club Infinity. In the design phase, he meets Stacy and the two hit it off despite her Goth-like tendencies. While the club is being renovated Mark prepared to surprise his friends Anna, Vanessa, Monica, and Felicia with the trip to Denmark where Brita is helping locate the right people to make an adult film there.

Mark testifies before congress about innovation in business in America. Stacy, Elsa, and Alice travel to look at adult clubs; Elsa flies them in the Cessna 210 that Mark bought for Cindy and her. Mark sells off some private real estate, and ends up buying a large private villa on St. Croix; the family vacations there frequently. Elsa and Cindy have become jet rated, so they can fly the Cessna Citation and later the 737-700. Lucas and Marcia get it on, and then Mark and Marcia. Elsa and Cindy conspire to get two couples they meet in a St. Croix lounge to do a swap with each other.

As the Club Infinity prepares to open, Mark meets the hot sexy stripper Kate, who he gives some money to for her teenage daughter Tori’s orthodontics. Mark and the sisters hold a family Thanksgiving with many parents and sibs; lots of questions are fielded from the elders. KC’s sister expresses interest in joining the family. Club Infinity is a huge success after it opens, and it affords the sisters and friends an opportunity to give sexy performances publicly. Elsa helps Pam and Kim integrate the lifestyle into their lives.

Mark surprises Vanessa, Anna, Felicia, and Monica with a trip to Copenhagen to do some European porn; güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri Sheila, Brita, and he also engage in the filming. Lucas and Linda Boyd, Elsa’s nurse after she was shot, become a serious couple, but continue to join in the group activities. The sisters hold more weekend sex parties at The Meadows.

Chapter 80 – New Sister Wives and Housemates


My dear friend and lover, Brita Jean Thorsen, was one of the most influential women in Europe, and except for the Queen of England and one or two others maybe one of the richest. She was the chief executive officer of one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. She was a multi-billionaire. She was beautiful. She was a slut.

Brita had loved the day and a half she’d spent in front of the cameras with Rolfe and Juul filming her slutty behavior. Eight men had fucked her, sometimes two at a time, and once three at a time, and one time to make her airtight, to our surprise and her pleasure, four at a time – ass, two in her cunt, and one in her mouth. She loved the raunchiness of the activities; she loved sex. I relished being one of the consorts that was involved in the sex with her. I also happened to love her.

Brita had been disguised, as I was. Karyn had a large box full of wigs of different sizes, and knew her makeup business well enough so that even without the wig, even a close friend wouldn’t have believed she was the business mogul. Jean Jax, Brita’s stage name when she’d made a porn movie years earlier, had come to life again on the porn circuit after an absence of nearly twenty years. Were anyone to think it might be Brita, she could dismiss the accusation and say that lots of Scandinavian women looked like her.

Proof of her anonymity came to the fore the following weekend at The Meadows. We still hadn’t gone through all of the DVDs that Rolfe and Juul had given to us as preliminary cuts from the six days of filming in Denmark. Brita, or rather Jean Jax, had been on the last two.

We were playing another orgy scene on disc five of the six that the Porn Squad had brought back from Denmark with them after our week of filming. On the video, I happened to be fucking Brita as she sucked on the long prong belonging to one of the crewmembers who also doubled as an occasional actor and mandatory hard cock in the group scenes.

As we watched, Melanie had asked, “Who’s the woman you’re fucking?” I’d already explained about Karyn and they’d seen her in two of the other videos.

KC expressed her curiosity with the same question.

I looked around the media room at the other nude bodies and said, “Any guesses?”

Elsa smirked at me. She had figured it out, but not based on looks only on conjecture and knowledge of the bigger picture that included Brita setting up the photo project for everyone. Cindy had too. Sheila was mute and grinned back at me. Izzy looked puzzled.

I said, “Elsa, your guess?”

“That’s Brita, or Jean Jax,” she stated with authority. “She is one hot fuck. I wish she’d come back and play with us some more.”

Izzy piped up, “And bring Nils with her. I love him. He’s so European and that turns me on. He makes love nice too.”

Melanie sat back after having been examining the TV screen. She asked, “That’s sure a good disguise for her. Did Nils participate?”

I shook my head. Sheila explained, “No. He only showed up for about an hour to watch Brita do her foursome fuck. Apparently, she’d told him her plans to push her limits. She was really stretched out in her nether region to have three cocks down there simultaneously. She told me she loved being a Super-Slut again and planned to do more videos until she was too old and withered to be attractive to anybody.” She pointed at the screen, “Oh, look, Mark has moved to fuck Vanessa, and the other man is doing Brita … or rather she’s doing him.”

As we watched the DVD, Melanie pulled off the remainder of her clothes, and squatted over Deke’s hard cock that she’d been playing with up to that point. The shaft pointed at the ceiling until she slithered her tight little body down his shaft and it disappeared into her juicy cunt. She moaned rather happily as he completed his penetration. She was reverse cowgirl so they could both keep watching the DVD. The scene had shifted and a big muscular Dane was pounding Sheila; she looked ecstatic and had two back-to-back orgasms as his shaft pistoned in and out of her beautiful body.

Melanie sighed, “I will never ever get tired of the wonderful feeling of a great cock moving into my pussy. Thank you Deke for giving me so much pleasure.”

Deke moved his hands up and cupped Mel’s gorgeous breasts, lightly pinching her erect nipples atop her seemingly swollen breasts between several of his fingers to heighten her arousal. Mel lay back against his chest, but her lower body kept squirming and writhing on his cock. Deke kept fondling her güvenilir bahis şirketleri breasts.

Next to Mel and Deke, Stacy was impaled on Carter’s shaft as he started to pump into her in the missionary position. The way they were laying, they could both see the TV screen.

On the TV video, Brita was joyfully riding one of the Danish porn stars at a near gallop, rising and dropping back on his prodigious cock and taking advantage of every millimeter of his pleasure. Cast as a super-MILF, Brita and the man were in a state of rapture as they worked towards their simultaneous orgasms.

Brita started panting in an increasingly loud voice synchronized to her whole body oscillations, “Ja, Ja, Ja, Ja, Yessssss. Ja, Ja, Ja, Ja. Yesssss.” The chant went on for two minutes as cock and cunt pounded together in unbridled passion.

Finally, Brita almost screamed out, “Jaaaaaaaaa!” Her companion held her hips and yanked her body down on his one last time as he flexed up into her, driving his cock deep and jettisoning his load deep within. The looks on their faces proved their mutual bliss. The two bodies froze in position for almost a minute before she fell into his arms, and the two rained kisses down on one another. As they did the camera moved to pick up the surge of cum already leaking from her pussy as his shaft slid to only an inch away coated in the same fluids.

My cock was nicely surrounded by Elsa’s warm love nest, as she sank into my lap. She was pulling off her top as we fucked, and then urging me to lose the last of my clothes. God, she was a hot wife; all of the women were. I was so blessed with love and sex.

* * * * *

Because of the week away, I got up exceptionally early on Monday morning. The house was quiet, and I thought I was the only one up until I moved from the stairway to the kitchen area, and saw Elsa sitting out on the patio wrapped in a blanket and nursing a cup of coffee. She looked beautiful, especially in the morning light. I guessed that she was still naked beneath the blanket. She was obviously pensive as she looked out across the meadow. I wondered how long she’d been there and what, if anything, was going through her pretty head.

I poured myself a cup of coffee and went out to join her. I didn’t say anything to her, but acknowledged her presence as she did mine with a large smile that her loved one had joined her. She patted the seat beside her so we’d be close.

We sat silent for about five minutes and I guessed that she was working up to saying something or asking something. Elsa said, “Mark, do you think I’ll be a good mother?”

I nodded because I had, but only in the most abstract of terms, “God, yes. Why would you ever raise that question? Of course, you’ll be a fabulous mom.”

“Well, I know it’s late to think about it, but I couldn’t sleep thinking of the awesome responsibility I’ll have raising baby to be a child, a child to be a teen, and a teen to be a responsible adult. I don’t know how so many people do it. I’m scared that I’ll be inadequate in some way.”

I hugged Elsa to me, “Oh, Elsa. You will do so well you will look back with great pride at our daughter or son and beam with pride about the fine job you did. I will too. There’s a school of thought that says that the kids grown up in spite of everything their parents do for them or to them.”

I leaned down and kissed her but she looked uncertain.

I waxed on, “Besides, you have a large population of other females who you love, trust, and live with that can’t wait to help you be a great mother. You will have such great help that you won’t know what to do. Besides your sisters, there are also all the guys. I know for certain because we’ve talked that all of them want to be a daddy to Worthington Junior. I also think we should get a nanny eventually, and expect visits from all the grandparents and lots of advice on child rearing.” I reached over and stroked Elsa’s incipient baby bulge. I scolded, “Now, stop being anxious. We’ll face all hurdles together. OK?”

“Oh, I know. I just get worried.”

I gave Elsa a large hug.


After our hug, I said, “There’s another issue that’s now kind of related that I’ve been thinking about for a few weeks.”

Mark nodded and could tell I was serious, so he adopted his critical listening demeanor so he didn’t miss anything I said or implied.

I spoke, “I started thinking about Izzy and Alice, and more recently Stacy. They’re in our bed as often as they can be. They love you, me, and the others. They’re my sisters and your wives just the way the rest of us are with you, but, well, they’re kind of thinking of themselves as second-class citizens relative to the rest of us. They need full sister and wife status with you – with us. I talked to the others and they agree, but each said it depended on what you felt – whether you loved them. If you agree you need to acknowledge that and give them rings like the rest of us have. They are so in love with you it hurts when you step out of the room.”

Mark looked surprised, but then nodded. He said, “I think I might add Marcia to that list too, and I agree. I guess I’m going to have ten wives instead of nine lives. How I will keep up with all of you I don’t know.”

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