Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 88


A note to readers: This is a long story that unfolds chapter by chapter through the eyes of two protagonists – Mark and Elsa, and as in many of my other stories involves a growing spate of horny characters. Every ten chapters or so I will provide a short summary at the start of that episode to bring new readers up to date (see start of Ch. 80). This story could appear in a number of genres (Loving Wives, Incest, Lesbian, Fetish, and more) depending on the chapter, but the overall theme is Group, so I have applied this moniker to all chapters. The story is still being written, yet I intend to post a new chapter every couple of days. Enjoy.

Chapter 88 – Making Love In The Caribbean


I sat in the right seat of my 737-700 – the co-pilot’s seat. Cindy was pilot-in-command, and Elsa was strapped into the jump seat with The Lump, as she affectionately called Philip Emerson, sleeping with her left nipple in his little mouth.

The radio came alive and I paid careful attention. “November One Mike Whiskey, you are cleared for the visual approach to runway one-zero at St. Croix. Contact tower now on one-one-eight point six. Good day.”

I replied instantly, “Cleared for the visual one-zero. Over to tower. Good day and thanks for the help.”

I pushed a couple of buttons and spoke again, “St. Croix Tower this is November One Mike Whiskey with you out of five thousand for two thousand, and the visual approach to runway one zero. We have information Kilo.”

“Good morning One Mike Whiskey. Cleared to land. No traffic to report. Winds ten knots out of zero-two-zero. Altimeter three-zero-point-two-five.”

“Three-zero-two-five, One Mike Whiskey, cleared to land.”

In the distance, still twenty miles away, we could see the runway. A few little puffy cumulus clouds dotted the sky. Despite the beautiful weather I had the ILS localizer dialed in, plus the GPS was monitoring the approach and providing instruction to the auto pilot as we let down.

Touch down and rollout in the sleek jet was textbook. We taxied to the general aviation terminal and were guided to a parking slot. Several smaller jets were already in residence.

Elsa moved and folded up the jump seat. Philip got tucked in a baby carrier. She opened the doorway and deployed the stairway, getting a blast of warm Caribbean air as the door cranked open. A fleet of vehicles and line men met us. Many hands loaded up luggage and what seemed like a dozen major parcels of things needed to care for Philip Emerson. We were at the villa a half-hour later.

Lucas and Linda had come down two days earlier. They welcomed us at the main entrance looking rested and in love. The change in my head of security from when I’d first met him was amazing. He’d become a human instead of an automaton. I chalked a lot of that up to Linda’s wonderful influence.

Despite their relationship, she gave me a knock-my-socks off kiss and whispered that she hoped I’d make love to her later. Wow! Nothing like a welcoming proposition.

Everyone deployed to various rooms and in seconds reappeared in bathing suits and monokinis. The aroma of sunscreen soon filled the air, and some splashing in the pool amid laughter made our trip seem all worthwhile.

Sheila took Celeste and Julie around and showed them the villa, including the interesting nooks, crannies, and alternate stairways up and down. The two women were over awed by the place, especially the view over the Caribbean Sea.

I heard Sheila explain, “The dress code here is VERY relaxed and nudity is encouraged, as you’ll see. I encourage you both to do the same … and as at the house and condo, you will see a lot of lovemaking taking place. You are always welcome to join in, but no pressure.”

I heard Celeste say, “You and Elsa say that, but how serious is that statement?”

Sheila’s voice took on a more serious tone, “We are very serious when we invite people we love to be with us. We love you both, but don’t want to intrude on any part of your moral code as it applies to you personally. You know our viewpoint about sex and love, but we’ve never insisted that you adopt it. That still holds, but that said, our invitation is sincere.”

Julie postulated, “So, if we wanted to, we’d just walk up to one of the guys and say, ‘Hey, wanna get it on?'”

Sheila smiled, “That works for me. If people are making love in public, that also means they are inviting others to join them. You don’t even need to ask. You just go to them and join in. Kiss them. Smooth them. Feel interesting body parts. Put their hands on your body where you want to be touched, and then follow your bliss. Oh, and don’t just limit yourselves to the men. My sisters and I are experienced lovers as well; we go both ways and can pleasure you too. You’ve probably already seen some of our girl-on-girl action back home.”

I chuckled, “Both Celeste and Julie were lightly panting by the end of Sheila’s soliloquy. I made a silent bet with myself that at least one of illegal bahis them would succumb to the pleasures of the flesh with our family over the long weekend we were there.

We also had a few guests with us, some of our usual party crew: Andy and Margo, Greg and Kim, Sean and Pam, our little French cuties who worked with Cindy – Chloe and Zoé, Kate Kenworthy or Kat Kitt – our favorite stripper at the Club, Don – a solo male since Edie had to go off to a five-day retreat over the weekend for her work, and Steve – Sheila’s old fuck buddy who looked like Fabio and had hair longer than most of the women. Our whole family was also present: Carter, Deke, Ryan, Mike, James, and me for the males; and Elsa, Cindy, Melanie, Sheila, Izzy, KC, Marcia, Stacy, and Alice on the female side.

Counting Lucas and Linda, Celeste, and Julie, we had twelve men and eighteen women. I was back to worrying about sexual balance in the family and in our group of intimate friends. Elsa told me to ignore the numbers, but I was an analytical guy most of the time at work, so I constantly thinking in those terms.

I went to the master bedroom and put on my small bathing suit, a slight gesture towards modesty since we had so many guests.

When I went out by the pool, I was greeted by a plethora of bare breasts – too many to count. My first focus ended being Kate. She was naked and had just lain down to capture the maximum number of rays from the sun. Kate’s breasts were spectacular and natural. No wonder males for hundreds of miles traveled to Club Infinity to see her act.

Ever the helpful person that I am, I picked up a tube of SPF 50 sunscreen and sauntered over to her chaise. “Kate, in this sun you’ll start burning in five minutes. I am volunteering to help coat you all over with sunscreen.”

Kate laughed, “Oh, Mark. Be my guest. I’d love to have your attention to such a worthy cause, and thank you for rescuing me from a night in an aloe bath.”

I started on her face, carefully applying the lotion to her skin and hairline. I had her lie on her stomach, saving the best until last, and then massaged in the lotion starting at her shoulders and working my way down to her feet. Kate had a truly delectable ass that I kissed and licked as an intermediary step to getting the sunscreen on.

Despite the pungent aroma of the sun lotion, I could smell Kate’s arousal when I got near her nether region. I nudged her over onto her back and she gave me an enticing smile. I coated her arms and legs, but carefully avoided her pussy area. I moved to her chest and breasts, torso, and lower and lower until I just had to coat every square millimeter of her labia and surrounding area. Kate’s breasts were especially shiny when I finished up there.

Kate moaned at every one of my hand glides up and down her body or into some intimate place, and then especially as I delicately inserted a couple of fingers into her quim. “God, Mark. You know you’ve turned me on like no one else ever has. I hope you plan to make love to me.”

“I do,” I said firmly. “I didn’t want to presume.”

“After that body rub down, you may presume all you want. I want you – now. Come and fuck me in the gazebo. This is a tad too public for me, not that that’s much better, but it’s slightly secluded.”

Kate rose and led me past most of the others into the eight-sided gazebo at the end of the pool patio. There were four chaises in there. We took the one nearest the door, and before I could think of how to start Kate had my cock down her throat as she started to show me some serious stripper blowjob maneuvers. This was one sexy woman. As she sucked and toyed with my shaft, she looked up at me with those beautiful blue-green eyes and I felt a wash of love from her.

When I felt my inner systems go on cum alert, I stopped Kate and pushed her back on the chaise. I lay down in the vee between her legs and immediately put my tongue to her cunt. I expected to taste the sunscreen, but her body fluids were so thick and pungent that all I got was her savory fluids and aromas. Kate tasted like the finest wine in the world. I was in heaven, and apparently so was she because her orgasms started almost immediately.

I had fingers in her too, and I could feel the spasms of her vagina around them whenever I did a good thing for her. Finally, she said, “Please. Now.”

I ignored Kate’s plea except to put more fingers into the mix and soon fist her cunt with my entire hand. I rubbed her G-spot until the predictable orgasm ripped through her body, and then I carefully probed until I got a reaction near her cervix. I stroked the A-spot as I tongued her clit and rubbed it with my other hand.

Kate writhed and twisted into my every move, trying to get more of her body in contact with the pleasure spots I focused on. Soon, her body started to arch as she pushed into my hand, and then she blurted out, “OH FUCK. MARK. SO GOOD. SO GOOD. SO …”

Kate collapsed and passed out right after I’d pinched here and there illegal bahis siteleri and pushed two fingers into her ass. Pleasure overload. The arch of her body fell apart.

I held Kate and kissed her. She woke up purring, and then as her senses came back she started to kiss me. She whispered, “God, I love you. I have from the moment I met you. You are such a good man.” She sighed. “Make love to me, please.”

I rose between her legs until our groins were close. I held my steely shaft for her and she reached forward and took it in her hands. She massaged my shaft up and down a dozen times, each time rubbing my glans across her wet pussy lips. Gradually, her moves had the head of my cock hanging up at the entrance to her body, but then she’d pull it away for another sweep of the region. Our eyes were locked together in love and lust.

Finally, she held the head steady and looked up at me, visually pleading with me to penetrate her. I did. I pushed into her body until she had every part of me there was to have. We then started an animated fuck with each other; both our hips moving in concert with the other to heighten the enjoyment we shared.

We changed positions so she could be on top riding me in cowgirl fashion. Watching this perfect body with the amazing breasts as I was buried to the hilt in her was too much. After only ten minutes, in this position, I blasted a load of cum deep inside her.

Kate fell into my arms in her own orgasm, her cunt milking my shaft for every drop of jizz I had to offer. Kate and I whispered loving words to one another and rained kisses onto each other’s lips and faces.

Eventually, I looked around as I cuddled Kate to my nude body. To my surprise, I saw Celeste watching us from about twenty feet away from outside the gazebo. When she realized I’d caught her voyeurism, she smiled and gave me a little wave and then turned and strolled away. I wondered how long she’d been there.

I have to admit that even with my cock still buried in Kate’s perfect pussy, the sight of Celeste half naked, her bare breasts also displays of splendor, were also exciting. Unless I missed my guess, she’d also been rubbing her slit as she’d watched us make love.


I lay there in the sun panting. I was covered in sunscreen and pussy juice and probably some cum, although most of that was still inside me. Greg lay beside me on one side of me, kissing me and telling me how important I was in his life. On my other side covered in my pussy juice was Chloe. Greg had taken on the two of us, fucking her while I sat on her face, and then fucking me while she sat on my face, except she didn’t sit, she squirmed around and then kept cumming and squirting and cumming and squirting until Greg and I were both delightfully drenched. The small girl was delightfully orgasmic.

Greg was generously endowed too, so the combination was exciting beyond belief, and I started to also cum and occasionally eject some female fluid into the union of our bodies. We were soaked. The chaise we were on was soaked, and I figured we’d have to throw the cushions into the pool to wash off our sex fluids.

I said to Greg, “Just call me The Inkwell.”

He didn’t get it. “Inkwell? What are you talking about?”

“Isn’t the old expression to not dip you pen in the company inkwell? Well, that was some pen you dipped into my inkwell … Boss.” I loved teasing Greg and Sean. I was very secure in my job. Also, most people knew I lived in a plural relationship that Stacy was part of, and they knew we socialized with the two men and their wives, so I figure that the smarter and more hip of the group were able to put two and two together. Atop all that, Stacy loved to dress slutty some days to see what reaction she’d get at work. We were used to it, but some of the more conservative members of the company often gawked at her, mostly praying for some kind of wardrobe malfunction.

Chloe said, “My boss says, ‘Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.’ I do think he’d like to fuck my little pussy though.”

Greg and I laughed. I said, “Honey, everybody wants to fuck your sweet little pussy. You taste divine.”

Greg added, “And you are divine to fuck. I’ll do the time any time you want.” He pulled Chloe across my body and kissed her at the halfway point, then kissed me.

Chloe asked eagerly, “Elsa, can I clean you up?”

In answer I spread my legs for her. Chloe had her mouth clamped onto my pussy a second later, and I could feel her tongue and the suction start too. As she did her cute little rump stuck up in the air inviting ogling and even more. Greg reached over and smoothed her ass, and then fingered her cunt from her backside. Chloe moaned and the vibratory sounds drove me right into another orgasm.

We all collapsed in a heap of happy flesh shortly thereafter. There were a lot of kisses being shared between the three of us.

About that time I glanced over at an adjacent chaise, and there was Julie lying on her canlı bahis siteleri side watching us. She only wore the bottom of her blue bikini and had a hand between her legs. I think she’d been jilling off as she watched us.

I held my arm up for her in invitation for her to come and cuddle with us. We had room for one more on the chaise. Julie suddenly looked totally indecisive. Her whole body jerked at being caught doing something autoerotic and at having been caught watching us. I smiled at her to try to let her know it was OK.

“Julie, come here. Don’t be afraid or shy or embarrassed. Everybody masturbates. Just come over.”

She slowly rose and with nervous hesitation took the dozen steps to reach where I lay in Greg’s arms and Chloe slobbered in my cunt. She stood beside us, unsure about what to do next.

“Julie, this is Greg and Chloe. They’re very nice and both are good lovers. You met them on the plane. They don’t bite … unless you ask them to.” I laughed. Julie looked worried as she sat down next to my nude body.

I sat up and gave Julie a smoldering kiss that lasted a long time. Towards the end of the kiss I slipped my tongue into her mouth. She responded by dueling with me. As we kissed her breasts brushed against my arm and I was instantly aware that her nipples had hardened into tight little nuggets of hot flesh.

As we parted, I watched Julie open her eyes again. There was lust in there. She finally took a breath. “Geeze, that was … interesting and kinda nice.”

“Why don’t you kiss Greg and Chloe?”

Julie sat and leaned across me. Chloe rose up to meet her and they enjoyed a long simmering kiss. My guess was that Julie was experimenting with the sapphic kiss as well as how she felt about the sexual content when the party on the other end was another woman. Her kiss with Greg was equally tantalizing, and I could see his cock act as a bellwether of his interest in her. The fact that her kiss with Chloe must have been laden with my juices and aromas was not mentioned.

As they stopped and she sat up again, she looked at me and said, “I’m not as pretty as you or your sisters are. Are you just taking advantage of me? Going to use me?” She looked worried.

I stroked her arm. “Oh, Julie, don’t you see your own beauty. You are so desirable. As to your second statement, I want you to take advantage of us. You know we’re used to sex with other people, we are a loving and lusty group, and you have easy access to any of us. This is the time to make your fantasies real, to push your boundaries, to break out of your shell, let your hair down, and lose your inhibitions. You decide. We’re not here to force anything on you. I shouldn’t tease or tempt you, but I do because that’s how I am; we all do it to each other.”

Julie continued to sit there in a quandary, “I don’t know what to do.”

I moved to sit up, “Then, I do. Come and let’s take a swim. The pool is a perfect temperature.”

Julie looked relieved and let me take her hand. I led her to the edge at the deep end and we both jumped into the tepid water. As we came up from under, I laughed, “This is like a bathtub. The sea is slightly cooler. Let’s try that”

We climbed out of the pool, and I picked up a couple of towels. I tossed one to Julie, but she hesitated.

Julie muttered, “Well, I guess I could at least try to be a little more of … whatever everybody else is.” She peeled off her bikini bottoms and tossed them onto a nearby chair. She had a muff of light brown pubic hair that looked wet and luscious. I resisted.

We walked down the pathway to the beach. The concrete path had been treated with something called coolcrete so that the sun’s rays didn’t heat it up that much the way it did other surfaces. The path segued into the hot sand and then into the sea.

We both ran into the Caribbean. Greg and Chloe came down the stairs behind us, and also waded into the water until they were deep enough to swim. The four of us puttered around, and looked back at the house. Off in the distance, several sailboats took advantage of the constant breezes near the island.

Julie said, “I’ve never swum naked before. This is sensational. I’m a tingle all over.”

I swam near her and said, “If you think that’s astonishing, you should try sex on the beach or by the pool with others around.”

Julie averted her eyes and finally admitted, “Elsa, I’ve never had sex before.”

Her comment brought me to a complete standstill. I looked in awe. “Wow. How’d you get to be thirty and resist?”

“I’m shy.”

“But don’t you get horny?”

“Of course, everyone does, and to answer your next question yes I jill off. I have a couple of adult toys, but … I just never felt like doing it with anybody. The men I met were all objectionable in some way.”


“Dirty. Unkempt. Obnoxious personality. They wanted to maul me. Some obviously lacked any desire to make any kind of commitment, and I wasn’t even thinking about marriage or anything like that. I just didn’t want a series of one-night stands as Melanie calls them.”

I pulled her to me. “Honey, it’s all right. There’s no rush, but look around at the men in our group. Do we appear that way to you? I hope not.”

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