Subject: Billy and Dennis 17 Can you imagine life without Nifty? Please show your support with contributions to keep the Archive online. You can find out how fty/donate.html This story is completely fictional. I’d love to hear from you if you are enjoying this story. Please send comments to ail and I will reply as soon as I can. Bill Thanks to Bob for his input. BILLY AND DENNIS Chapter 17 Karl sat back down and smiled as he thought of Billy having had – in his words – lots of sex with Dennis over the weekend. “He gets much more than I ever did, even when Susan and I were newly married,” he said to himself. Karl recalled accidentally seeing the well-endowed Dennis fuck his teenage son not that many days earlier and how Billy had loved it. He still wondered how such an enormous cock could penetrate a small teenage arsehole and give pleasure. Sadly Karl had never experienced anal sex with his wife, or anyone else for that matter. “I wonder what it would feel like for a cock to squeeze into a willing arse.” Karl wasn’t sure if he was thinking of penetrating a female or a young male at that point and he shuddered a bit. Karl found that he was feeling uncomfortable because his thoughts had caused his cock to swell up to its full 19 cm (7.5 inches) inside the tight confines of his trousers. He unzipped and pulled his cock out. As he curled his fingers around it and began the familiar jerking action, he realised that he often resorted to masturbation these days. Susan’s interest in sex had declined in recent years but he was as horny as ever. Karl closed his eyes as he wanked. He wasn’t thinking of his wife upstairs in bed or the pretty new girl in accounts. He was thinking back to the sight of his teenage son being lovingly fucked, of Dennis’s enormous cock pistoning in and out of Billy’s young arse. He thought of how his son had cum hands-free from the pleasure of being pounded forcefully by that huge cock and had then turned round and happily allowed Dennis to shoot his load over his handsome young face. Karl recalled how minutes later he had received probably the best blowjob ever in his life, from a man no less. While his wife was always a reluctant swallower, this man Dennis readily swallowed his load and then licked his cock clean. All these images and feelings were swirling around in Karl’s head as he pumped his cock furiously. And he soon shot a huge load. Feelings of guilt came over Karl as he cleaned up the sticky mess. “I shouldn’t be jealous of them having great sex,” he thought. Then he wondered, “Am I more jealous of Billy or of Dennis?” He shuddered again. “I mustn’t think about them having sex. I’ll be a supportive father and a loving husband and forget about gay sex.” *** Another long school week had passed and Billy was lying in Dennis’s arms after a late Saturday morning bout of making love. “I wish I could spend the whole weekend with you but my brother and his wife are coming for dinner and I have to be at home,” he said. “I understand,” said Dennis. “We can still get together tomorrow though.” “Yes, and I hope you will fuck me again this afternoon,” Billy responded. Dennis chuckled. “I guess that can be arranged.” Billy kissed Dennis and then cuddled up to him again. “I was thinking about that painting Steve is doing. It’s a bit unfair that I can’t have a painting of you naked.” “You think so?” Dennis smiled. “Where would you hang a nude painting? I can’t imagine your mum approving.” “Dad might like it though. He thinks you’re a stud,” said Billy. “I bet he thinks about you sometimes when he jerks off.” “I doubt it,” Dennis said. “And how do you know he still jerks off?” “He told me he does,” replied Billy. “Oh. I never talked to my father about anything like that,” said Dennis. “Anyway I don’t think it would be right to ask Steve to do another painting. At least not for a while.” Billy was playing with Dennis’s chest hair. “Okay,” he said. Then a few moments later, he laughed. “Last week, when we were in bed after he’d gone, I imagined him sketching us sucking each other’s cock. I came in your mouth just after that.” “You were turned on by the thought of him watching us make love? You’re a kinky little sod,” said Dennis. “Are you annoyed?” Billy sat up and looked Dennis in the eyes when uşak escort he added, “You can give me a bare bum spanking?” “No, I’m not annoyed. Just a little surprised because you had been somewhat reluctant to strip off for Steve earlier,” replied Dennis. “Now you tell me you were turned on thinking about him watching us have sex. Not just watching but drawing us too!” Billy smiled. “It was a naughty thought. You should spank me.” “It wasn’t naughty enough to earn a spanking,” said Dennis. “Oh, please. The thought of being spanked turns me on,” pleaded Billy. Dennis shook his head. “Please, Dennis,” Billy asked again. Dennis sighed. “If it turns you on, I will spank you later. It will be a kind of foreplay.” “Thanks, Dennis.” Billy smiled as he cuddled up to his older boyfriend. He was silent for a while before asking, “Is it naughty to think about you being twice my age?” Dennis laughed and shook his head. “What about Rick being four times my age? I have been fucked by a man four times my age.” “It sounds bad when you remind me of the age difference between you and Rick,” said Dennis. “Do you think it’s a bad thing?” “No,” replied Billy firmly. “I like older men and I really like Rick. I wouldn’t care if he was five times my age.” Dennis laughed. “You’re crazy but I love you. Now what shall I make for lunch?” “An omelette with a cum filling, please. It’s been too long since you let me eat your cum,” smiled Billy. “You’re going to get a cum facial later for saying that,” responded Dennis. Billy grinned. “I’m going to enjoy that.” *** The meal had been over for a while when Billy remembered that his mother had invited Dennis to come for Sunday lunch. “She is going to invite your aunt too so you will see her as well,” he told Dennis. “That will be nice. I’ll buy some wine and flowers later to bring with me,” Dennis responded. “Maybe you can invite Mum and Dad here for a meal one weekend and show off your cooking skills,” suggested Billy. “I’ll do that…but to return the favour and not to show off,” smiled Dennis. “Not next weekend though. I will only have Saturday with you because I need to travel to Manchester for the training course next Sunday.” “I’m going to miss you while you’re away,” Billy said with a sad look on his face. “It will be tough for me too. There will be some evening sessions so it will be difficult to chat on Skype,” said Dennis. “I guess I will just have to make do with looking at your photos and using a dildo,” Billy said. Dennis laughed. “You could always abstain from sex. I probably will.” “Not even have a wank?” Billy looked at Dennis as if he was mad. “I can’t remember when I last went a day without at least one.” “Ah, but I’m a lot older than you. Twice your age as you pointed out earlier,” said Dennis. “I can manage without sex for a few days.” Billy grinned. “And you’ll be so horny when we meet up afterwards that I will get fucked non-stop for hours. I hope!” “Maybe.” Dennis smiled at the idea. “Now I think I agreed to spank your cute little bum.” “Yesss!” Billy was happy. Dennis took off his bathrobe and became as naked as Billy. He sat on the edge of the chair and said, “Bend over my lap.” The teenager quickly got into position. “Show me you’re the boss,” he said. “Such a cute bum,” Dennis said as he caressed it. “Perhaps I should have had Steve paint you from the rear.” Then he quickly raised his hand and brought it down in the centre of Billy’s buttocks. The smack sounded loud but there wasn’t much force behind it. Billy however let out a little moan. Dennis spanked Billy’s right butt cheek then his left a few times in quick succession. Billy whimpered but his cock was now rock hard and pressing against Dennis’s hairy thigh. “It’s turning pink,” Dennis announced before hitting the bum again. Two smacks were followed by gentle rubbing. Then, to Billy’s surprise, Dennis gave two quick, hard spanks to Billy’s upper thighs just below the buttocks. “Hey, that’s not fair. You are only supposed to spank my bum,” protested Billy. “It’s my decision where to spank, not yours,” Dennis responded while thrusting his index finger into Billy’s hole. Billy gasped. The dry finger caused a little discomfort but he loved having it inside him. “Yes, sir,” he said, trying van escort not to smile. He was happy that Dennis was becoming more assertive. Dennis removed the finger and spanked Billy’s bum a few more times. “I think that’s enough,” he said. He could now feel pre-cum from Billy’s cock on his thigh. “No, two more – hard ones, please,” begged Billy. Billy groaned when Dennis delivered two hard spanks across his buttocks before pushing him to the floor. “I was very close to cumming,” Billy said as he looked up at Dennis. “I know and I didn’t want to waste your cum,” said Dennis. “One of us should always eat that sweet cream.” Billy stood up and rubbed his sore bum. “I could have licked it off your leg.” “Perhaps but I think most of it would have ended up on the carpet,” said Dennis. He took hold of Billy’s dripping cock, pulled him closer and then licked the pre-cum from the cockhead. Billy moaned when Dennis then took the stiff cock into his mouth and began sucking it. It only took a few minutes before Billy groaned and spunked off. Dennis swallowed every drop then smiled up at Billy. “Did you enjoy your punishment?” “I loved it.” Billy laughed. “Will you suck me off now?” Dennis asked. “I’d prefer to have that beautiful big cock up my arse first,” replied Billy. He opened his mouth to speak, hesitated, then closed it again. “What is it? What else do you want?” Dennis asked. “Could you maybe tie me up before you fuck me?” Billy asked. Dennis frowned. “Really?” “Yes. You don’t think that’s too kinky, do you?” Billy was slightly worried. “No. I know you get turned on by…being submissive,” replied Dennis. “I don’t think I have anything to tie you up with though.” “You could use your belt to bind my wrists together and tie them to the bedhead,” suggested Billy. “Okay. We’ll try that,” said Dennis. Billy lay on his back with his arms above his head. Dennis found a belt and used it to bind the boy’s wrists to the bedhead. It was quite secure but Billy could have wriggled free if he’d tried. “You’re at my mercy.” Dennis tried to sound menacing but Billy just thought he was sexy. “No, don’t touch me, you big monster,” Billy said. Dennis smiled and grabbed hold of Billy’s nipples. He pinched and twisted them, causing the teen to moan and squirm on the bed. “Let me go,” he said but Dennis couldn’t miss the fact that Billy’s cock was rigid once more. Dennis let go of the nipples but then bent down to suck and nibble them. Billy moaned again. Dennis bit the nipples harder and Billy squealed. “Are you going to open your legs and let me fuck you?” Dennis asked. “Never!” Billy replied. Dennis bit the left nipple and tugged at the right one. Billy howled but a bead of pre-cum burst from his piss-slit. Dennis noticed this and swapped over, biting the right nipple and pinching the left. Billy spread his legs. “So you’re ready to let me into your tight boy-pussy?” asked Dennis. “No. I was just stretching my legs,” lied Billy. Dennis grabbed hold of Billy’s cock, squeezed it and then pulled the foreskin back so far it hurt. “Leave me alone, you brute,” Billy demanded. “No, you are too cute. I need to fuck you,” said Dennis. He slapped then back-handed Billy’s cock, sending some pre-cum onto the teen’s flat belly. Billy moaned again. Dennis grabbed hold of Billy’s legs and pushed them up and outwards. “You have a very pretty boy-pussy. You need to have a man’s cock inside that pussy, stretching it and filling it up.” “Your cock is too big. It will hurt,” said Billy. “I won’t feel any pain. I will enjoy it,” retorted Dennis. Billy moaned. “I can’t get free. Do as you wish.” Billy held his legs up while Dennis quickly lubed his throbbing 24 cm (9.5 inch) cock. Dennis then placed his cockhead against the pink pucker. Billy gave a silent nod and Dennis applied pressure. Billy pushed back and then a second later let out a cry as the thick cock burst through his sphincter. Then he smiled up at Dennis, the roleplay forgotten. “That feels so good. Fuck me, Dennis. Fuck me hard.” Dennis pushed his cock all the way inside and then, a few moments later, he began to move in and out of the tight hole. “Yes,” said Billy, pushing back against each incoming thrust. “I’m all yours. Take me. Fuck me.” Dennis was almost yalova escort as turned on as Billy with the bondage game and he was soon thrusting hard and fast into the sexy fourteen-year old. Billy threw his head from side to side as he surrendered to the wonderful feelings coursing through his body. “Oh, I’m going to cum,” Billy said, looking up into Dennis’s face. Almost immediately Billy began spunking off, shooting cum onto his chest and stomach. Dennis continued to fuck Billy hard and fast. “I’m going to cum soon,” he announced after a few more minutes. “Let me have it. Shoot into my mouth or over my face,” Billy said. Dennis pulled his cock from the tight hole and moved closer to Billy’s head, his legs astride the slim body. Billy opened his mouth wide as Dennis jerked off. “I’m cumming!” Dennis cried just before he began shooting off. Some of his cum went onto the teen’s mouth but most of it splattered over his face. “Sorry. I was too turned on to aim properly,” said Dennis. Billy smiled. “No worries. I can still eat it but you will need to help me.” Dennis nodded and used his fingers to push the cum into Billy’s mouth. “Mmm, nice,” said Billy. Dennis finished feeding Billy and then bent down to lick the cum from the teen’s body. “It’s good that we both got to eat some,” he said when he had finished. “Hmm, yeah. I love your cum,” smiled Billy. “I wonder what your piss tastes like. Anything that leaves your beautiful cock probably tastes delicious.” Dennis laughed. “I can’t guarantee that. You have mentioned piss before. Do you really want to taste mine?” “Maybe one day.” Billy was too embarrassed to say more. “What I really want now is for you to kiss me.” Dennis bent down and kissed his young lover. Then he unpicked the knot in the belt binding Billy’s wrists to the bed. “Let’s shower together before I drive you home.” *** On Tuesday evening Billy had a talk with his father outside in the garden after dinner. “I miss seeing Dennis every day,” he told Karl. “I miss being held in his arms and I miss our kisses. Did you feel the same way when you were dating Mum?” “That was a long time ago but I think I did,” replied Karl. “When you are in love with someone, you want to be with them all the time.” Billy nodded. “I miss the sex too, of course.” “Of course,” smiled Karl. “In my day, you didn’t have sex with good girls before marriage. I had to make do with wanking.” “That must have been tough,” said Billy. Karl shrugged. “It’s just the way things were. It’s very different these days.” He was quiet for a few moments before going on. “What about when you chat online? Don’t you say sexy things to each other and get aroused that way?” Billy nodded but couldn’t look at his father. “Well, if you can make each other horny you will be able to get release easily when…you know…you do it afterwards.” Billy couldn’t help laughing. “What’s funny?” Karl asked. “Dad…” Billy smiled. “Don’t tell Mum but sometimes Dennis and I wank while we are talking to each other on Skype. We can see each other and when Dennis makes me really horny I just have to wank off.” “You mean…” Karl’s mouth fell open. “Yes, I do it with Dennis watching me,” said Billy. “Sometimes he shoots off in front of the camera for me too.” Karl’s eyes opened wide. “Oh! I didn’t know…I…um.” “A lot of teenagers do stuff like that, Dad. As you said, things are different these days,” smiled Billy. Karl nodded. “Okay. But it’s not nearly as good as being together.” “No, Dad. It’s not,” said Billy. “He will be away on a course next week and we probably won’t even be able to chat via Skype.” Karl put his arm around Billy’s shoulder. “I’m sure you will survive without him for a few days.” “It’s almost a whole week,” whined Billy. “He leaves on Sunday and won’t be back until Friday evening.” “You will manage,” Karl said. He kissed the top of Billy’s head. “Maybe you can do something special to surprise him when he comes back, something that will keep you busy during the week. How about learning a new song to play for him?” Billy smiled at his dad. “Yes, that’s a good idea.” He decided he’d start looking for a song tomorrow. He stood up and said, “I’m going up to my bedroom now. It’s almost time for my chat with Dennis.” “Okay. We won’t disturb you but maybe you should lock your door in case you decide to `do it’ in front of Dennis tonight.” Karl winked. Billy laughed. “Okay, Dad. Goodnight. I love you.” “Love you too, son,” Karl said as Billy hurried indoors. To be continued

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