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Subject: Billy and Dennis 25 Can you imagine life without Nifty? Please show your support with contributions to keep the Archive online. You can find out how fty/donate.html This story is completely fictional. I’d love to hear from you if you are enjoying this story. Please send comments to ail and I will reply as soon as I can. Bill BILLY AND DENNIS Chapter 25 Rick was watching television when Dennis and Billy joined him on Sunday morning. “Good morning, Rick. What can I get you for breakfast?” asked Dennis. “Nothing for me. I’ve already had cereal, toast and tea,” replied Rick. “I got up early because I couldn’t sleep through all the noise you two were making.” Dennis laughed. “Sorry. Billy can get a bit carried away when we’re having sex.” “Yes. Sorry, Rick,” said Billy. “I forgot we weren’t alone.” “That’s okay,” smiled Rick. “Nice to see you naked again this morning.” Billy grinned. “As you requested yesterday.” He turned around and added, “Do you still like my bottom?” “You know I do,” laughed Rick. “I hope you will inject some man-cream into it later,” Billy responded. “I need to eat now,” he added as he followed Dennis to the kitchen. Rick shook his head and smiled. “Food and sex. That’s all teenage boys think about,” he said to himself. “It’s raining but…Oh, no Rick,” Dennis said when he and Billy returned to the living room after breakfast. “He’s probably gone to the toilet,” said Billy. Then he giggled and added, “Maybe he needed a wank after seeing me naked.” Dennis smiled. “I think he has more self-control. Anyway we will need to think about how we are going to entertain him today. And before you say it – I’m not talking about sex!” “No sex? Then why am I still naked?” Billy pretended to pout. “Sorry, guys.” Rick entered the room carrying his small suitcase. “I received a call a few minutes ago. There’s a burst pipe outside the restaurant and some water has got inside. I’ve got to head home now and get things sorted.” “I’m sorry to hear that, Rick. I hope there isn’t a lot of damage,” said Dennis. “Thanks. Luckily, I’m insured,” Rick said. “The chef is panicking because he can’t get hold of the head waiter. I’ll need to inform the other staff and cancel reservations made for this evening but there probably isn’t much I can do until the leak is mended.” “Okay. Have a safe journey home, and let me know how things go.” Dennis hugged Rick. Billy gave Rick a hug too before the man dashed off to his car. “What are we going to do now?” he asked Dennis. “I don’t know,” Dennis said as he sat down. “I originally thought we could take Rick for a walk and maybe have lunch in that new Thai restaurant in town. He loves Thai food. But with the rain…” “You and I could go to the Thai restaurant if you fancy it,” said Billy. “I’ve never had Thai food.” Dennis smiled. “Rick introduced me to it some years ago. He went there for a holiday and fell in love with the food…and the Thai boys! He returned with a lot of recipes and adapted some for use in his restaurants. He has since been to other Asian countries, including Vietnam, Malaysia, India and Sri Lanka.” “Wow! France is the only country I have been to outside Britain,” Billy said. “Well, you and I will have to explore the world together,” responded Dennis. “That would be nice,” smiled Billy. “Now what are we going to do until lunchtime?” He slid a hand inside Dennis’s shirt and pinched a nipple. “Behave!” Dennis grabbed hold of Billy’s wrist and pulled it down. “We can chat. Tell me about your favourite porn star.” “That’s easy. It’s an American named Andy Taylor. He’s in his twenties, he has a smooth body and a lovely smile, and he’s a hot bottom,” said Billy. “A bottom? I thought you’d tell me about a top,” responded Dennis. “Well, I like to picture myself doing what Andy is doing,” smiled Billy. “He does top in some videos and he could fuck me anytime. My favourite top is…or was until I met you…a much older man – a bear type using the name MackSF. He much hairier than you, quite chubby, with a thick cock. Not as big as yours though. He’s quite an aggressive top. I used to imagine him fucking me till my pussy was sore and then pissing over me.” Dennis gave a puzzled look. “You think that’s weird?” Billy asked. “No. I know you are turned on by being dominated but I didn’t think you’d go that far,” replied Dennis. Billy smiled. “That’s just fantasy. The only person I would allow to go that far is you. My pussy is often a bit sore after you fuck me and I love it. Would you piss over me sometime?” “Maybe,” replied Dennis. “Great! Do you have a favourite porn star?” Billy asked. “I haven’t watched much porn for a while but I used to fancy a Bel Ami model named Johan Paulik, a young guy with a big dick and lovely bum. He used to bottom in his early videos but then started topping,” said Dennis. “And I liked another Bel Ami model, a blond guy in his twenties named Dolph Lambert. He had a big dick too and was versatile. Oh yeah, one of the first porn stars I fancied was uşak escort American – an insatiable blond bottom named Kevin Williams.” “I’m glad you like blonds,” smiled Billy. “I like…no, I love you,” Dennis took hold of Billy’s now stiff cock before the pair came together for a long passionate kiss. “Fuck me, Dennis,” Billy asked when they parted. “I fucked you less than two hours ago,” said Dennis. “Let’s wait until this afternoon. We will both be really horny again then.” Billy sighed but didn’t argue. “The rain has stopped,” Dennis went on. “We should go for a walk and build up an appetite for lunch.” *** “That was a lovely lunch,” Billy said as he collapsed onto the sofa after the walk back from the town centre. “My favourite things were the green curry chicken and the sticky mango rice dessert.” “That is my all-time favourite dessert but I preferred the pad thai – the stir-fried noodle dish – to the curry,” said Dennis. “Everything we had was lovely though.” “Yes, we will have to go back there,” Billy stated. He closed his eyes and said, “I am enjoying this weekend.” “Not bored without Rick?” Dennis teased. Billy looked at Dennis. “You know that I am never bored when I’m with you.” “Do you fancy going to bed for an hour or so?” Dennis winked at Billy. “I need some more exercise.” “I love that idea,” smiled Billy. “I need a drink of water first.” He stood up and went to the kitchen. “Pour me a glass too,” Dennis said as he followed the teen. Two large glasses of water later, the pair stripped off and fell onto the bed together. Hands and lips wandered over each other’s bodies for some minutes and then they started sucking cock in a sixty-nine position. Both were approaching an orgasm when Dennis decided they should stop for a few minutes to prolong their love-making. The short break was spent kissing and then they progressed to sucking and biting each other’s nipples. Soon Dennis began fingering Billy’s hole. “Don’t tease me, Dennis. Put a finger or two deep inside my pussy,” Billy begged after a few minutes. Billy was leaking copious amounts of pre-cum and Dennis took the boy’s cock into his mouth. “I’m getting close,” Billy warned. “I love your clear juice,” Dennis said when he pulled free. “But I don’t want you to cum yet.” “I want to cum with your cock inside me,” said Billy. “Please fuck me.” Dennis flipped Billy over and bent down to shove his face between the teen’s arse cheeks. Billy moaned when Dennis’s tongue started probing his hole. “Yes, eat my pussy. Wet it for your lovely big cock,” encouraged Billy. Billy was left with his arse in the air, his rosebud twitching in anticipation while Dennis lubed his thick cock. He let out a loud groan when the cock penetrated and then immediately pushed deeper. “Oh yes, this is what I need. Fuck me hard, Dennis. Make me cum.” Dennis gave Billy’s arse a spank and then pushed deeper. “I love how your arse is always so tight,” he said. “It’s a pussy. A pussy made for your big cock,” said Billy. He howled with disappointment when Dennis withdrew his cock completely and then gasped when it was rammed back inside in a single thrust. “Hard enough for you?” Dennis asked. “Yes. Do it again,” replied Billy. Dennis pulled out and then reinserted his cock three more times before fucking Billy with fast, hard thrusts. Billy whimpered and moaned but Dennis could tell that he was loving it. “Oh no,” Billy said when Dennis pulled out again. “Turn over,” instructed Dennis. I want to see your face when I cum inside you.” Billy quickly moved onto his back and pulled his legs up and back. Dennis pushed a pillow under the teen’s buttocks and then resumed fucking him again. It wasn’t long before Billy was whimpering in a way that signalled he was about to cum. Dennis’s movements became faster. He was really pounding into Billy and battering his prostate. Suddenly Billy gasped and started spunking off. His first blast landed on his own chin. The next two landed on his chest and the rest pooled on his flat stomach. The sight of this and the feel of Billy’s arse muscles clenching his cock took Dennis over the edge. He groaned and began spunking off. Dennis was whimpering now as he fired a huge load into the teenager’s well-fucked hole. He looked into Billy’s smiling face but couldn’t speak. “That was amazing, really great,” Billy said when Dennis stopped moving. “It was a good one,” grinned Dennis before bending down to lick the cum from Billy’s face and chest. He moaned when his cock left Billy’s hole with a plopping sound and then lay down beside Billy. Billy smiled at his lover and then immediately jumped up and moved to suck and lick Dennis’s cock clean. They lay side by side holding hands and exchanging kisses for some time after the lovemaking ended. When Dennis announced that he needed to pee, Billy said that he did too and they went to the bathroom together. “I guess this is as good a time as any if you want to try being pissed on,” Dennis told Billy. “Really? You will do that for van escort me?” grinned Billy. Dennis nodded. “I want to make you happy.” “In that case I think I should kneel in the shower,” Billy said. His cock was beginning to get stiff again. Once in position he looked up at Dennis and said, “Aim at my cock and then at my chest.” Dennis stepped up to the edge of the shower and took aim. He found the situation strange and so it took him some moments to relax and let go. A few drops of very pale yellow liquid fell on the floor of the shower cubicle and it built into a steady stream as it landed on Billy’s stiff cock and hairless balls. Dennis raised his cock a little and moved it from side to side, letting the warm liquid fall across Billy’s chest. Suddenly Billy closed his eyes and thrust his face into the stream. The surprise caused Dennis to jerk a little and wet some of Billy’s hair. “I want to drink some,” said Billy. He held his mouth open and let the liquid fill his mouth before gulping it down. Then he held his mouth open for more. Dennis found himself being turned on by the level of Billy’s submission and his cock began to stiffen as he emptied his bladder. However he redirected the flow from Billy’s face to his chest. Billy opened his eyes and smiled up at Dennis as the flow tailed off. When it stopped, Billy reached out and took the semi-hard cock into his mouth and sucked. “That’s enough, Billy,” Dennis said after a few moments. He put his hand out and pulled the boy to his feet. “Did you really like that?” he asked. “Isn’t it obvious?” Billy smiled and looked down at his erection. “I loved it.” “You’re crazy,” laughed Dennis. “You definitely need a shower now.” “Yes, I’m crazy�totally mad. Madly in love with you,” said Billy. He then let out a squeal when Dennis turned on the shower and he was hit by cold water. Fortunately it didn’t take long before the water reached the normal temperature. Dennis then joined Billy in the shower and they embraced and kissed before washing each other. Billy was able to empty his bladder when his cock finally became flaccid. Billy helped Dennis prepare a light supper, remaining naked while doing so. “You love being naked, don’t you?” remarked Dennis. “I will have to take you to a nude beach somewhere this summer.” “A gay nude beach? Where all the men will be jealous of me when they see your beautiful big cock,” smiled Billy. “Except for the ones jealous of me when they see your cute bum,” retorted Dennis. They both laughed, neither sure if the other was serious about visiting a gay beach. *** “Did you have a good time?” Susan Kennedy asked when Billy returned home. “Yes, Mum. I had a lovely time…and some lovely meals, including lunch today at the new Thai restaurant,” the teenager told his mother. “Rick’s an interesting character. I was previously unaware that he has been on several trips to Asia and picked up some recipes for his restaurant while there. I’d love to visit Asia one day.” “I’m not sure I could cope with the long flight,” said Susan, “but places like Thailand and Japan look fascinating.” “You should go to that restaurant and try Thai food,” Billy said before starting to yawn. “Somebody’s tired,” Susan said. “Your dad is in his office. Go and have a word with him and then get ready for bed.” “Okay, Mum.” Billy kissed his mother’s cheek and wished her goodnight. Karl was switching off his computer when Billy entered his office. “I was just about to come downstairs and see you,” smiled Karl. “I hope you had a good time with Dennis and Rick.” “I did. A very nice time,” replied Billy. Karl winked. “I guess that means you managed to have sex with Dennis.” Billy laughed. “Yes.” He thought quickly and said, “We had some private time in bed.” Billy didn’t think his father would be happy if he knew he’d had sex with Rick as well as with Dennis. “And did Dennis give you that spanking?” Karl asked. Billy smiled and nodded. “A bare bum spanking. Just a bit of fun.” “Maybe I should give you a bare bum spanking next time you earn a punishment,” suggested Karl. “Could be a bit of fun for me.” Billy laughed. “But embarrassing for me. I will try to behave.” Karl laughed too. “When will you be seeing Dennis again?” “Probably not until next weekend,” replied Billy. “We didn’t arrange anything and he will be busy this week with exams coming up soon. Some pupils have paid for private tuition after school.” “It’s good that he can make some extra money,” said Karl. “Anyway, I’ll be around if you want company.” “Thanks, Dad. I’m off to bed now.” Billy kissed his father on the cheek and left for his bedroom. *** Billy made a detour on his way home from school to visit Tom, the elderly man who had become a friend. “I can’t stay long,” he told Tom while patting his dog, Rollo. “I just wanted to say hello and see how you are.” “That’s nice of you,” said Tom. “Rollo and I are doing fine. How about you?” “Everything is great. I’m sorry I haven’t been to see you for a while,” replied Billy. yalova escort Then he noticed two birthday cards on the mantelpiece. “Is it your birthday?” “Yes. At least it will be tomorrow. Those cards are from my younger sister and my nephew,” smiled Tom. “I’ll be 68. Really ancient, eh?” Billy shook his head. “No. You’re still very fit,” he said. “You don’t look 68.” “Kind of you to say so,” said Tom. Billy smiled. “Will you be at home this time tomorrow? I need to give you a present.” “You don’t need to give me anything but I’d be happy if you’d join me for a cup of tea and a slice of cake,” Tom said. “I’ll do that,” smiled Billy. He stood and the dog followed him to the door. “Bye, Tom. Bye, Rollo.” It was after 9pm before Billy was able to chat to Dennis through Skype. He told him about it being Tom’s birthday the following day and that he was going to visit him after school. “Will you be giving him a thrill and stripping off for him again?” Dennis asked. “I might,” said Billy. “Is that okay with you?” “Yes, of course. I know you like him a lot,” replied Dennis. “Just don’t let him fuck you.” Billy laughed. “I’d never go that far. At least, not unless you were with me.” He stuck his tongue out at Dennis. Dennis didn’t know if Billy was serious. He just smiled and said, “I want a detailed report tomorrow evening.” *** “Come in. The kettle is boiling,” Tom said as welcomed Billy into his house. Billy reached up and hugged the man as soon as the front door was closed. “Happy birthday, Tom.” “It is now,” smiled Tom. “Take a seat at the table and I’ll be back in a few minutes. Oh, by the way, Rollo is in the back garden. He wouldn’t give us peace if he saw us eating cake.” Tom almost dropped the tray when he returned to find Billy standing naked by the table. “I wasn’t expecting that,” he said, his eyes dropping to focus on the boy’s erection before placing the tray on the table. “I hope it was a nice surprise and not a nasty one,” said Billy. “It was a lovely surprise,” smiled Tom. Billy moved his chair so that he could sit close to Tom. “A Victoria Sponge. Nice! I like a cream filling.” Billy winked at Tom. Tom laughed. “I bet you do,” he said as he cut a large slice of the cake for Billy. They chatted easily as they enjoyed their tea and cake. Billy refused a second slice, telling Tom that his mother would not be pleased if he didn’t finish his dinner. “There is something else I’d like though.” “Anything. Just name it,” said Tom. “I’d like to give you a blowjob for your birthday,” smiled Billy. “Wh…What?” Tom was astounded. “You have given me a blowjob a few times,” said Billy. “Today I insist on giving you one.” “You don’t have to…” Tom was interrupted. “I know I don’t have to but I want to.” Billy stood up, moved his chair away and asked Tom to turn his chair to the side. Then he knelt between the man’s legs and started to open his trousers. Tom stood to help Billy, and it wasn’t long before the man’s trousers and briefs were around his ankles. “It takes me a bit longer to get it up these days,” Tom explained as Billy looked at his flaccid cock. “I don’t mind. I will enjoy playing with it,” Billy said as he reached out and took the warm tube in his right hand. His left hand cupped the man’s large balls. “It’s a big one,” he said, estimating it to be almost 10 cm (4 inches) soft. He started moving the cock in his hand, encouraging it to grow. Then he bent forward to kiss and then lick the cockhead. He pulled the foreskin back as he felt the cock stiffen and then took the cockhead between his lips. “Jeez. It’s been a long time since anyone has sucked my dick,” said Tom. “And I’ve never had anyone as cute as you doing it.” Billy pulled off the cock and smiled up at Tom while gently wanking it. “You have had other boys do it though, haven’t you?” “Yes. Neighbours when I was a boy myself and then young men when I was in the navy,” replied Tom. “I hope I make a good job of it,” Billy said before taking the cock back into his mouth. It didn’t take much longer until the cock was fully erect. Billy thought it was about 15 cm (6 inches) when hard and he was able to deep-throat it with little difficulty. Tom moaned from time to time and, when he put his fingers through Billy’s blond hair, it was obvious that he was approaching his climax. “I’m going to cum soon,” he warned Billy. “You don’t have to swallow.” Billy used his tongue to tease the cock more and then bobbed up and down faster to bring Tom off. “Aagh! I’m cumming!” cried Tom. It wasn’t a huge load but Billy swallowed it all and then licked his lips. “Tasty,” he said as he smiled up at Tom. “Allow me to return the favour,” Tom said. Billy stood up and presented his rock-hard cock. “You have been leaking a lot. I guess that means you enjoyed doing it.” “I did…although I think my jaw is going to be sore for a while.” Billy smiled and then massaged his jaw with his right hand. Then he gasped when Tom swallowed his cock and began sucking. It only took a few minutes until Billy flooded Tom’s mouth. Tom smacked his lips after savouring the sweet boy-cream. “That’s the best birthday present I’ve had in a long time.” “I’m glad,” smiled Billy. “Now I’d better get dressed and hurry home.” To be continued

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