BimboTech Chapter 11: Bimbo Wife Kidnapped

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Chapter Eleven: Bimbo Wife Kidnapped
By mypenname3000
Copyright 2017

Frank Jackman, CEO of BimboTech Chemicals

I groaned as I sank my cock into Donna’s wet, sultry pussy. My bimbo wife let out a moan around the senator’s cock ramming down her throat. Around us in the small exhibition room in the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, Nicole and Veronica, two of my other bimbo wives, writhed as they were fucked by the collection of congressmen and senators, some of the most powerful men from both parties.

I grinned, my dick throbbing in Donna’s pussy as I plowed her, her enhanced, bimbo cunt gripping my cock as she sucked noisily on the senator’s dick. The older man groaned, his wrinkled face twisting with pleasure.

“God almighty,” he panted. He was a senior Republican, and one who always talking about how happily married he was to his wife of forty-five years, and how blessed he was to have seven wonderful grandchildren. “What a mouth your whore has.”

“Imagine the wonders the Venus Serum can do,” I groaned. “Even to your wife. Make her young again. A complete slut for you.”

“And my secretary?” he asked, fucking Donna’s mouth, driving his dick down her throat.

“She’ll be even hotter than she is now,” I grinned. “She’ll get you off.”

“Yes,” he panted, gripping Donna’s black hair.

“Yes, yes, cum on my big boobies,” Veronica moaned, jerking two congressmen’s dicks off as she bounced on a third, her breasts slapping together. “Cum all over my big boobies. Give me all your yummy, tasty jizz. I love it. I love bathing in jizz. It’s the bestest thing in the world.”

“Fucking slut,” groaned one of the congressmen. “Goddamn, these bimbos are hot.”

“So hot!” Veronica beamed and then moaned in delight as ropy cum splattered across her tits. “Look, Frank, they’re bathing me! Isn’t that so wonderful and amazeballs?”

“Yes,” I panted, not sure where my bimbos had picked up amazeballs in their vocabulary. “You’re so sexy.”

And she was, her tits heaving as she rode the third congressman’s cock, ropy cum splattering across those lush mounds. The second congressmen groaned, dick erupting, painting more lines across her tits. Their cum dribbled down her breast to her stomach.

“I love bouquet,” Veronica moaned, her face twisting in passion as they drenched her tits, her lustrous, black hair swaying about her shoulders. “I love being covered in cum. Bouquet is the bestest.”

“Bukkake,” I corrected.

“Look at all the cum bouqueting my breasts, Frank,” she howled.

My dick throbbed in Donna’s pussy as I fucked her harder, savoring the hot sight. That was my bimbo being drenched by those congressmen. And I could hear the envy in their moans. They wanted their own bimbos. Their own harem of sluts just so eager to please them, wanting nothing more than to be their fucktoys.

The bimbo serum would make billions. I was thrilled Senator Delilah Murphy had invited me to her gala even if she clearly hated me. Maybe Alice’s plan to seduce the closeted lesbian would turn her into our ally. My balls boiled picturing my redheaded wife tonguing the beautiful, blonde senator’s pussy.

I fucked Donna faster and faster.

Veronica heaved as she squeezed the last of the cum from their dicks onto her tits. Then, to her delight, another pair of men pressed forward, pushing the two who had just cum out of the way. They were young, junior congressmen, and had been jerking their cocks on the sidelines. They were so eager they erupted almost immediately. Their cum spurted, coating Veronica’s face with lines of white jizz. She moaned, opening her mouth, so happy, such joy on her face as they hosed her. They coated her, making her look like a slut from a Bukkake video.

“Yes, yes, bouquet!” she moaned.

“Jesus,” groaned the congressmen she road. “Holy shit, her pussy!”

He came into my bimbo-wife’s cunt.

On the other side of the room, Nicole writhed between two senators, taking a cock in her ass and pussy. She had a third cock buried in her mouth, all three holes plunged. Her eyes were squeezed shut, her moans loud despite the dick ramming down her throat.

She was having as much fun as Veronica.

“Goddamn,” the older Senator moaned, flooding Donna’s mouth with his cum. “Goddamn what a whore. This serum has to be approved.”

“I know a few harridans on my committee that need this,” another congressmen groaned.

“Yes,” I panted, my balls boiling as they smacked Donna’s pussy.

“Yes, yes, make me preggers, Frank,” Donna moaned after the senator’s cock withdrew from her mouth. Her pussy writhed about my dick, her orgasm shuddering through her body. “Plant a baby in my belly. Fertilize me!”

“I am,” I groaned, burying into her. I clutched at her hips, squeezing so hard as my cum spurted into Donna’s hot, succulent pussy.

She milked me. Pleasure rushed through my brain, boiling my thoughts as I plowed into her spasming depths. My balls smacked into her clit. I trembled, moaning so loud. Every blast sent rapture firing through my body.

I loved every moment of flooding her fertile cunt. I gripped her hips, holding on tight as the pleasure burned through my body. My eyes rolled back into my head. The rapture boiled across my mind.

It was so hot. So exciting. “I’m breeding you, slut!”

“Yes!” she squealed. “My hubby’s breeding me. He’s making me preggers! Isn’t that so hot?”

“Yes,” panted a congressmen, stroking his dick. He stepped up and rammed his cock into my wife’s mouth as I spurted the final blast of cum into her cunt.

“I have to fuck her pussy,” another Senator groaned.

“You can have her ass,” I panted. “We’re trying to have a baby.”

“You are fucked up, Frank,” laughed the Senator. “And I hope you are looking for investors.”

I grinned. “I am.”

“Then let’s get rich together,” the senator laughed as I pulled out my dick from Donna’s pussy.

I handed him a bottle of lube and stood on shaky legs. I leaned against the wall, zipping up, and watched my bimbos getting fucked. They were having so much fun. And so were the men. I couldn’t wait for Alice to get back. I hoped she was having just as much fun with Senator Murphy.


Alice Jackman, Chief Research Scientist of BimboTech Chemicals

I trembled, unable to see, a smelly hood over my head, my hands bound behind my back. And not in a sexy way. I struggled not to panic. I had to keep pretending I was a bimbo, making the kidnapper think I was harmless. Maybe if I fucked him, he would relax his guard and I could escape.

But how could I do that in the trunk of his car?

I trembled. I was being kidnapped. By whom? Why?

I tried so hard not to cry. I had to be happy. A bimbo. The man had told me there was nothing to be scared of. That I would have so much fun in the trunk. That being bound would make me such a naughty bimbo and cause me to cum.

So I faked it.

He had sounded so shocked when I let out orgasmic moans as he pushed me into the trunk, panting and begging for him to fuck me. He didn’t fully believe he could trick me into orgasming. Like someone had told him to do it, but he thought it was stupid.

So whomever had hired him knew about bimbos.

My heart thudded. The car drove away from the Smithsonian and my husband. Frank was showing off the bimbos to the rich and powerful of Washington DC. How long before he even realized I was missing? The panic fluttered in my heart. I squirmed, hating it. I bounced and slid in the trunk as the car drove. It was so uncomfortable.

I counted my heartbeats as we drove. I had to know where we were going. I closed my eyes focusing on the car, how it moved. It was easier than thinking about my fate. The car made a left turn and then I right. I tried to fix them in my brain, making a mental map while I counted my heartbeats.

Then we went left again and stopped. We idled and idled. I trembled. Then the car lurched forward and made a right turn a dozen heartbeats later.

Left, left, through an intersection, right.

The car hit a pothole, bouncing me. The shocks groaned as I gasped. I shivered, the car slowing, turning left this time.

Left, left, right, then… No, intersection then right, then left again.

The car drove, stopping at lights, making turns, moving farther and farther away from the Smithsonian. And with every turn, I had harder and harder time remembering the orders. Was it two left turns then right? And where was the pothole? And how would this even help anyways? It was so pointless trying to keep track.

So frustrating.

I wished right then that my intelligence serum would run out. I would give anything to be an airhead bimbo, not caring about anything, thinking that being in the trunk made me cum over and over. Then I would just writhe in ignorant bliss, happy and joyful instead of scared out of my mind.

The car slowed and made a right turn. The sounds changed. Everything echoed while the tires squealed. It reminded me of… We were in a parking garage. Fear spiked through me. We had arrived at…wherever I was being taken. The car turned and slowed to a stop. I heard the pitch of the engine’s revving change as it was put into park. And then it shut off.

The door opened.

I took a deep breath and then moaned, “Yes, yes, yes, I love cumming! It’s the best. So warm and yummy.”

The trunk opened.

“Oh, just delicious. Oh, yes!”

“Jesus, you bimbos are dumb,” the man grunted, his hands seizing me and hauling me up. “Now let’s go. I kidnapped you, and that means you’re mine. I own you now. That’s how the law works.”

“Oh, wow, you’re so super smart,” I lied. “Will you fuck me now? My Ankara escort pussykitty needs to be fed so baldy.” It was so nauseating saying these words, but I would do anything to survive and get back to my husband.

“Not for me to decide. It’s for your new owner. I’m selling you. You understand?”

“Oh, then I’ll be another man’s bimbo. Will he fuck me? I’m so hot and wet and juicy. I need to be fucked so hard. Cumming on a dick is so much yummier than cumming in the trunk.”

“Jesus,” he breathed, pushing me along.

I couldn’t see. Light bled through the hood, but not enough for me to make out any shapes. My heart hammered as I kept cooing. He kept a firm grip on my arm as he led me through the parking garage, my heels echoing. It sounded empty.

Then we stopped. He pushed a button. I heard a familiar ding then metal groaning like… Elevator doors opened. He shoved me inside, the elevator car shifting slightly. He pushed a button. Then he mashed it fast, hard.

“Come on, close,” he muttered.

The doors groaned shut. The elevator lurched upward.

I trembled as the elevator climbed higher and higher. We must be in a skyscraper for it to go up this high. Where was he taking me? Who would bring a kidnapped woman to an office building. What was going on?

The elevator slowed, stopped. The chime dinged as the doors groaned open.


Delilah Murphy, Senator of the Great State of Indiana

My clit throbbed as I worked the dildo in and out of Janet’s snatch. It was a strapless one, the bulbous end buried in my cunt and gripped by my pussy walls, giving me pleasure as I fucked her. The black-haired bimbo rocked back into my thrusts as she knelt on her hands and knees. Her curvy butt jiggled every time I buried into her.

“Damn, you are fun to fuck,” I moaned. “I am so glad Alice left you with me.”

“Yes, yes, yes,” Janet moaned. “Oh, your dildo feels so super-duper amazeballs in my pussykitty. Oh, it’s so very wonderful.”

“Yes,” I groaned, my hands gripping her asscheeks. I spread them apart. In the dim light of the Sex Exhibit, a closed off wing of the Smithsonian, I could just make out her puckered sphincter. My pussy clenched.

I loved anal sex in all its forms.

My thumbs slid into her butt-crack, swiping across her sphincter. I loved the wrinkled texture of it, that wet feel. I pressed on it and she moaned, her back arching, her hips rocking back harder into my thrusts. My thumb sank into her asshole, her velvety bowels clenching around it.

My clit throbbed as I plowed her over and over into her. This was so exciting. And I was still so shocked by what I had learned. Alice was a bimbo who was smart. It threw into doubt all my thoughts about the serum. I worked my thumb in and out of Janet’s asshole, my pleasure swelling. I could focus on the new facts later.

Right now, I had a bimbo to play with.

“Yes, yes, I love it when my dirty hole is played with, too,” moaned Janet.

“You just love being fucked in all your holes, don’t you, slut?” I groaned. “You’re just a bimbo slut. You’ll do anything.”

“You knew the secret password,” Janet moaned. “And I am a slut. Frank’s bimbo wife slut! I love being his slut. It’s sooooooo much yummy fun.”

“I bet,” I panted, reaming my thumb in and out of her asshole as I fucked her pussy. My clit throbbed more and more, massaged by the dildo’s base, my pussy clenching around the end stirring through me, building my pleasure. “You want me to fuck your ass, don’t you?”

“Oh, that would be so goody!” the bimbo moaned. “I love anal! It’s soooo dirty! Yes, yes, yes!”

The bimbo came hard, her moans echoing through the closed exhibition wing. I shivered, loving hearing the sound of a woman’s climax. So passionate. If my voters could see me now, they would be horrified realizing I was a lesbian.

And a lesbian who loved anal. Sodomy.

I ripped the dildo out of her pussy and my thumb from her asshole. I shifted my hips, dragging the tip of the sex toy up her taint and between those gorgeous butt-cheeks. I pressed it against her asshole, pushing forward, the dildo shifting in my pussy, the ridges stimulating my flesh.

“Yes,” I groaned, my back arching as her asshole swallowed the dildo. Her pussy juices lubed the way.

“Fuck me,” she moaned, wiggling her hips. “I love it up the butt. Oh, I do. I just love cumming and cumming. You’re such a wonderful woman, Senator.” She giggled. “Such a funny name.”

“It’s a title,” I groaned, drawing back the dildo, my clit throbbing, pleasure rippling through my body. “I’m a senator.”

I thrust forward, her crotch smacking into her ass with a loud slap. She moaned instead of answering, bucking into my thrusts. I drew back and thrust in again and again, my hands sliding up her body, reaching for those magnificent breasts.

I squeezed them, my fingers sinking into pillowy flesh. She moaned, her hips wiggling as I plowed her. I worked the toy over and over into her depths, savoring the dildo stirring up my pussy. My eyes rolled back into my head as the pleasure built and built.

“You’re going to cum so hard,” I moaned, fingers digging into her breasts.

“I am,” moaned the bimbo, her voice so bubbly with pleasure. “Oh, yes, yes, yes!”

I slammed into her asshole, my pussy clenching on the other end of the dildo as Janet bucked and moaned, cumming beneath me. Her body trembled as the pleasure burned through her. I shuddered, savoring the passion spilling out of her. She moaned out her bliss, cumming so hard.

I shivered, burying the toy into her asshole, giving her such pleasure as my pussy drank in the friction of its other end sliding inside of me. My back arched, my breasts bouncing before me. I squeezed her tits.

And came.

“You naughty bimbo, yes,” I moaned, my eyes rolling back into my head. “Oh, you’re just so naughty. You made me cum.”

“Goody,” she moaned, shuddering as the pleasure rippled through me. “I love making people cum. It’s the most wonderfulest thing in the world. Just the bestest thing ever.”

“Yes,” I groaned, my eyes rolling back into my head as I shuddered. “Just the best thing ever.”

I embraced my pleasure even as my asshole tingled. I needed to be fucked hard. I needed to be pounded. That would be even better. I groaned, pulling the dildo out of her asshole and then from my spasming pussy. I brought it to my lips, licking the sour musk from the end of the toy, savoring the taste of her asshole.

Janet giggled. “That was just in my butt. That’s so dirty.”

“Uh-huh,” I groaned, savoring the flavor. I sucked it into my mouth, groaning at the wicked flavor, my asshole clenching.

“I like dirty things, too,” Janet moaned, crawling behind me, her tits swaying. “I loved eating your asshole. It was so sour and yummy. Made me feel so naughty. Made my pussykitty tingle and itch. And you scratched it. Thank you.”

I moaned about the dildo in answer.

“And now you’re all antsy, Senator. You need a big cock to fuck you. Want me to get my husband? He’ll fuck your pussy.”

I ripped the dildo from my mouth. “No! I’m a lesbian.”

Janet blinked. “Why?”

“Why, what?” I asked, panting.

“Why are you a lesbyan. Cocks are so much more funner than pussies or dildos. They’re nice and all, but the most funnest and most nicest and most bestest are dicks! They cum!” Janet’s lips spread wide. “I love cum. So yummy and creamy and salty.”

“Well, I don’t,” I panted. I tossed her the dildo. “Fuck my ass with it. I need to be pounded.”

“Oh, goody,” Janet grinned, grabbing the toy and shoving the end that had been in my pussy into her own. “Oh, I love this toy. It’s my most favoritest of them all.”

I stretched out on my back, not caring that the concrete floor was cold. I lifted my legs, hugging my arms around the back of my knees, lifting my hips up so she could fuck my asshole. Janet moved forward on her knees, her huge tits jiggling, the dildo bouncing before her.

Then she grasped my hips, pressing the spit-covered dildo against my asshole. I shivered as she thrust the hard toy into me. My bowels stretched over the toy’s girth. My toes curled as the wonderful delight of having my asshole penetrated rushed through me.

Dizzy bliss rippled through my body as Janet buried the toy into me with two energetic thrusts, her tits bouncing before her. Then she hugged my legs to her, her nipples rubbing on my flesh. I let go of my legs, letting her hold them as she drew back and slammed the dildo into my bowels.

“Oh, yes,” I groaned, my breasts jiggling while my ass clenched on that wonderful toy. “Oh, yes, fuck my ass. Make me cum!”

“I will. I promise,” Janet moaned. “Cross my heart and hope to dye.”

I grunted as she slammed in harder, fucking me with such unabashed exuberance. Her face twisted with the same pleasure I felt, my clit throbbing between my thighs clenched tight. My pussy was so juicy, drinking in the burning friction radiating out of my asshole as she pounded me.

Such sweet heat. I shuddered, toes wiggling above Janet’s head. Her blue eyes twinkled in the dark hall as she looked down at me, her moans echoing with mine. My asshole burned with such bliss, pleasure rippling through my body.

“That’s it, slut. That’s how you fuck a senator’s asshole!” I moaned.

“A lesbyan senator,” she moaned, having trouble with the word lesbian. It came out slurred. “Oh, this is so goody and yummy. Am I making your asshole feel so yummy?”


“Isn’t this just the bestest toy! The most funnest!”

“Absolutely,” I groaned, humping into her, so glad Alice left this bimbo behind for my pleasure. Oh, I wanted to keep Janet. She would fit in wonderfully Ankara escort bayan with my Natasha. The two could play together when I couldn’t visit my secret playhouse, keeping each other company. “Yes, yes, yes, fuck me. Pound me. I want to cum so badly!”

“Yes, yes, cum! Cum! Bestest word! Let’s both cum!”

She fucked me harder, our flesh slapping together, echoing through the exhibit of ancient sex toys. I groaned and writhed, knowing that in the past women fucked each other just like this, turning to themselves for the sweetest of bliss.

The rapture rushed through me. Pressure built in my pussy. Every thrust inflated my growing orgasm more and more. I clenched my asshole, drinking in the friction of the reaming toy. It rammed so deep into me.

My bowels were stuffed with so much dildo. I loved it. I squeezed my breasts as I humped against her. I loved the feel of her pillowy tits pressing on my thighs as she held them. Her exuberant moans grew louder and louder.

“Fucking is the bestest thing in the world,” Janet moaned.

“It is,” I whined, coming so close to exploding. “Oh, yes. Fuck me!”

“I am!” she groaned, burying her dildo into me.

My bowels spasmed about the toy as my orgasm burned through me. I writhed on the concrete, drinking in the wonderful friction as she fucked me. Pleasure rippled up to my mind, dancing through my senses.

I loved it. Cumming was the best.

Stars danced above me. My moans echoed through the museum. My brain drank in such bliss as I shuddered and moaned. I held the woman to me, my asshole spasming about her thrusting toy. I drank in all the friction.

“Yummy!” Janet moaned, trembling as she joined me in the best thing ever.


Frank Jackman, CEO of BimboTech Chemicals

My wives were smeared in cum. Donna was on her hands and knees, taking an older senator’s cock in her ass while she lapped at Nicole’s cum-filled pussy. Donna drank the jizz pouring out of Nicole’s cunt, gulping it down with utter delight.

My cock throbbed as my gaze slid over to Veronica, her tits smeared in cum. She worked it into her flesh as she bounced on a junior congressmen’s dick. He was a Democrat who championed women rights. “Ride me, you whore,” he growled. “I’m going to dump so much cum into your slutty cunt.”

“Goody!” Veronica moaned, her fingers digging into her tits.

“Oh, yes, Donna,” moaned Nicole, her back arching, her tits bouncing, dripping with jizz. “Lick me all clean. There’s so much yummy cream in me. Oh, yes. So many nice men fed my pussykitty.”

“So many,” Donna moaned, her voice throaty as her asshole accepted the senator’s cock. He fucked her hard, ramming it in, his face contorting.

“These bimbos are amazing,” a Republican senator said, sipping a glass of scotch as he stepped up to me. “Damn, but I haven’t cum that hard in years.”

“Wife not getting it done?”

He shook his head. “My committee will make sure this goes through.”

“Even with Delilah Murphy objecting?”

The man grimaced. “It would be easier if she didn’t object. She could still raise a stink in the press.”

“My wife’s working on her,” I told him. “Alice can be very persuasive.”

“Are you saying Delilah Murphy’s a dyke?”

I just gave him a grin. “I didn’t say how my wife was persuading her.”

The man gave me a nod. “Damn, but they wore me out. Your bimbos are insatiable.”

“Part of their charm,” I nodded, staring at my wives. They all looked so happy, flashing me looks or grins as they writhed, pleasure flooding through their bodies. Philosophers claim that everything humans do is about sex.

And that was definitely true for the bimbos.

They had embraced it. They loved it. Their bodies craved hard dicks reaming their assholes and pussies, to guzzle load after load of cum, or to just lick and lap and nuzzle at another woman’s cunt. It didn’t matter to them. They were so honest about their desires.

It was refreshing.

“Excuse me, sir,” a stoic security guard said. He wore a suit and was built like a linebacker. “Senator Delilah Murphy wants to speak with you. She’s, uh, returning some more of your wayward women.”

Alice had worked her magic.

I turned and followed the security guard out, leaving the congressmen and the senators to their gangbang. The security guard led me back into the main gallery where the party was going on. The security kept any noisy people out while the powerful indulged. Senator Murphy waited, her blonde hair falling about the shoulders of her black dress, her face a touched flush. She had Becca and Janet with her, Becca’s lips crusted with jizz.

“Honey!” Becca squealed, throwing herself at me. “I helped out this nice security guard so much. He was so backed up with cum, Frank. Would you believe his girlfriend won’t have sex with him?”

“Yeah,” I said. “Luckily, you were around, huh?”

Becca nodded her head, blonde curls swaying about her shoulders.

Then Janet hugged me, the aroma of hot cunt perfuming her body. “The senator knew the secret password. So I played with her.”

“She did, huh?” I asked, glancing at the senator. What password? The woman licked her lips, shifting. She had a good poker face.

“Okay, head on inside. There’s more men that are in need of your care.”

“Really?” Janet asked. “Are they in pain?”

“So much pain.”

“Yay!” Becca grinned. Then she and Janet, holding hands, darted past the security guards to join the others.

“They’re…eager,” the senator said, glancing at them going inside.

“They like sex,” I shrugged. “I’m sure you learned that.”

“I hope you can be…discreet.”

“Of course.” I looked around, wondering where my wife was.

“Your wife told me that you’d want to talk when I was done playing with Janet.”

“Indeed,” I nodded. “And where is my wife?”

The senator blinked. “She left me with Janet and said she was coming to find you. When I finished, I ran into Becca fucking the poor guard to death, so I collected her.”

“Weird.” I reached my hand into my pocket. Alice had the intelligence serum on her, so she shouldn’t have gotten distracted by her horny body. I thought she would be eager to join in on the orgy happening inside.

It was always so…exhilarating watching her with other men. It made me jealous and horny all at the same time.

“So…your wife made an interesting case,” the senator said. “But I’m not sure you’re the person to control the serum.”

Alice told the senator about the serum? Well, she must have had her reasons.

“Because of what it does to women?” I asked, pulling out my phone. “Let me just give my wife a call. She must be here somewhere. She’ll be glad to put your mind at ease. We don’t want to abuse it. We want only women who voluntarily accept it.”

“Like Natasha?” There was bite to her voice.

“You know about Natasha?” I grit my teeth. So she knew something about the bimbo serum from before. “That asshole husband of hers told you?” I swiped my cell phone screen. I knew I couldn’t trust that redneck jackass.

“Yes. You left her with him.”

“She was an accident.” I punched in my passcode. “Alice isn’t her normal intelligence all the time. She likes being a regular bimbo, too. And, well, she and Janet thought they had to go out shopping for a party. I was asleep and they headed to the grocery store on their ow . And things got out of hand. Natasha worked there and Alice…” I shook my head as I opened my phone’s address book and found my wife’s number. “She shouldn’t have had the serum on her. She thought she was helping Natasha out by making her into a bimbo. It was a mess.”

Senator Murphy’s eyes were still hard on me as I hit the call button and the phone rang.


Magnolia Savage, President Femme Allure, Inc.

I shuddered as I stepped out of my office and found Alice sitting on the couch in my reception area wearing a hood over her mask. Just where Dick Miller, my chief of security, had left her. She was lush bimbo wearing a green party dress that clung to her curves. I shivered, my pussy growing wet.

“Alice,” I purred.

The bimbo looked in my directions. “I can’t see you. Are you a ghost?”

I rolled my eyes. “No, no, I’m a witch. And I’ve cast a magic spell on you, taking away your sight.”

“Oh, no, that’s so wicked.” She trembled, her large breasts jiggling. God, bimbos were so dumb.

“And further, my spell has caused you to forget what my face looks like. You won’t remember or be able to describe me to anyone once I’m out of your sight.”

“Woooooow. I don’t remember what you look like at all.”

I grabbed her hood and ripped it off, exposing her flushed face, her makeup a little mused, her red hair tousled, but she was still so perfect. The bimbo serum had done such an amazing job on her. Ever since I saw the footage of her being transformed that my spy at BT Chemicals sent me, I had burned to use her for my pleasure.

I touched her face. “I’m putting a spell on you to make you so horny, too.”

Alice shuddered, moaning with a wanton purr, her body shivering, tits jiggling. She squirmed. Her pussy must be on fire. She licked her lips. “Oh, my pussykitty needs to be petted and touched and licked so badly, Ms. Witch.”

“I bet,” I purred, stepping back and leaning on my executive assistant’s desk. She was in my office with Annalee. I glanced through my office’s open door, my executive assistant rubbing her pussy on Annalee’s hungry mouth.

Melissa was such a loyal executive assistant. I wanted to make her my bimbo slave, too. But I needed someone to answer the phones and manage my schedule.

“The only way you get to touch Escort Ankara your pussy and get any pleasure if you make me cum. Hard.” I spread my legs, my black party dress sliding up my thighs. My pussy dripped. I had taken off my panties before coming out here. “Over and over. I want you to degrade yourself for me.”

“Degrade?” Alice shivered. “That doesn’t sound warm and yummy and fun.”

“It will be for me,” I moaned. “You’re my whore now. I own you. You’re my pussy-licking, ass-tonguing slave. Understand?”

“Yes, Ms. Witch.”

“Mistress. You have to call me mistress. I’ve enchanted you.”

“Yes, Mistress,” she moaned, rising, her big tits jiggling.

God, bimbos were so dumb.

She pulled off her dress, the hem dragging up those gorgeous thighs. This bimbo was wasted on Frank. I wanted to keep her. Somehow, I would have to find away to make her mine. Trick her into divorcing her husband and being my slave forever.

That red hair. Gorgeous. Just like Melissa, but better.

“Yes, yes, yes,” moaned from my office, my secretary cumming as I watched Alice expose her beautiful, hairless pussy, her skin so smooth, so perfect.

I had a great body. I sacrificed by eating right and exercising to maintain it. It was such a chore. It was a shame the bimbo serum made women into airheads. A shame and a blessing because it let me take advantage of the dumb beauty before me.

The black dress rolled up her belly and then to those large breasts. My mouth salivated as her lush tits bounced out, nipples fat and pink. I wanted to bite them. To hear her whimper in pain as I savaged them with my teeth. My pussy was on fire as she shook her red hair out of her dress, dropping the thin cloth on the ground. I licked my lips, my gaze drinking in her beauty.

Then she fell to her knees, crawling like a bitch to me, degrading herself for my pleasure. “That’s it, you nasty slut,” I groaned. “You’re such a filthy thing for fucking a man.”

“I am?” she asked, her voice trembling.

“Only dirty, filthy women fuck men. And you don’t want to be dirty, do you?”

“No.” Her voice trembled, her green eyes so wide. “I want to be a sexy, curvy, yummy bimbo!”

“Then you can’t ever fuck a man,” I told her. “Only women. You need to be a lesbo dyke.”

“But what about Frank? I love him. He’s the bestest man in the world. He’s so nice and super smart. He’s a sciency person. He made me like this.”

“And then soiled you with his cum.” I shivered, my pussy so juicy. “But I’ll cleanse you with my pussy juices. Drink them, and you’ll be clean.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Alice moaned. “I want to be clean and yummy.”

The bimbo reached me, her silky hands sliding down my thighs. I groaned, my pussy clenching as she leaned in. Her lips kissed at my inner thigh, so warm and soft, sending trembles through my body as she worked higher and higher. Her green eyes looked up at me, glossy with her desire. Her bimbo body was on fire.

She needed my juices to cool her off.

I groaned as she grew closer and closer. My pussy clenched as I trembled in anticipation of this sweet delight. And then her lips reached my crotch, kissing across my shaved vulva, her lips burning hotter and hotter.

“Yes,” I panted as she nuzzled at my pussy, kissing at my protruding labia. I stared down at my enemy’s wife. She would be my whore tonight.


Her tongue parted my folds, sliding through them to make me shudder. My back arched. I leaned back on my desk, planting my hands behind me. My breasts jiggled beneath my party dress as she licked and nuzzled.

Pleasure rippled through me as the whore pleasured me. She put that tongue to its intended purpose. I shuddered, leaning back, drinking in all the delight she had to offer. Her tongue danced through my folds. I shivered, moaning, my body trembling in pure delight as she lapped and licked and nuzzled.

“Oh, yes,” I moaned, grinding on her face. “Oh, that’s it, you naughty slut. Lick through my pussy. Make yourself clean.”

“Yes, Mistress,” she moaned. I loved it. I savored her submission.

“I’m going to keep you. You’ll never see that filthy husband of yours again.”

“Never?” she asked, her lips trembling, such fear in her eyes. “But…I love him.”

“You don’t,” I moaned. “You love me. I put a spell on you. Do you feel it?”

She shuddered, blinking back the growing tears. A smile crossed her lips. “I do, Mistress. I love you so much.”

“Prove it. Make me cum on those lips. Make me scream.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

She buried her face back into my pussy, licking so hard. I moaned, shuddering and grinding against her passion. Bimbos were so stupid. I loved it. She would believe anything, just like Annalee did. I groaned as her tongue dived through my folds.

Then she brushed my clit. I shivered, my nub throbbing. Her tongue swirled around it. She was so skilled. She knew what she was doing. Her lips sucked on it while her fingers caressed the folds of my pussy, teasing me.

Pleasure shivered through me. I moaned, arching my back as her fingers slipped into my pussy. Not one or two digits, but three. Three wonderful fingers spreading my pussy open. My flesh clenched on her invading digits, the rapture flooding through me.

“Oh, yes,” I groaned. “That’s it, you naughty whore. You’re my bimbo-slave now. My pussy-licking whore. You will love me and will do anything I say!”

“Yes, Mistress,” she panted, plunging her fingers faster and faster into my pussy, churning me up. Every time she called me Mistress made me shudder more.

“Oh, you have her trained well already, Ms. Savage,” my secretary said, lounging against my office’s door now, naked and lovely. She had Annalee kneeling before her and licking her toes. The bimbo’s ass was pointed right at me, shaking back and forth, her pussy dripping with excitement.

“They’re so easy to train,” I panted, squirming. “Maybe I’ll give you one.”

Melissa’s grin spread. “Maybe.”

The pleasure swelled through me. Melissa’s eyes on me were so hot. I shuddered, my right hand grabbing Alice’s red hair, leaning my weight on my left. I held her to my clit, her fingers plunging over and over. The pleasure building and building.

“Oh, yes, you slut,” I hissed. “Oh, you’re going to make me cum so hard. I’m going to clean you of all the filth men left on you.”

“Yes, make me clean, Mistress!”

My pussy exploded.

I squirmed on the desk, grinding on her hungry mouth and plunging fingers. My pussy convulsed about her digits. Her mouth sucked so hard on my clit. Pleasure shuddered through me. I trembled as the bliss burned so hot through my body. It was outstanding. It was wonderful. Amazing. I never wanted it to end.

I screamed out my bliss, my body trembling harder. The heat burned through my body. My flesh convulsed about her fingers as they kept pumping in and out of me. I shuddered, my eyes rolling back into my head.

“You nasty slut, yes! Drink it all down!”

She licked and lapped. My juices coated her face. Her green eyes stared up at me with such love and worship. I shivered, groaning, my back arching as I ground on her face. This was so amazing. I loved it.

“Whore! Cunt! You’re mine! My slave!”

My body heaved a final time as my orgasm died. I shivered, savoring the last ripples through my body as she tongued my clit and fingered my snatch. I took a deep breath, my body buzzing with rapture.

I needed more.

“Now you have to eat my ass out, slave,” I hissed. “Jam your tongue into my dirty hole and clean me.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Alice moaned. “That sounds so yummy.”

“Bimbos,” giggled Melissa.

I agreed as I turned around, bending over the desk, pushing Alice’s clutch purse to the side. It was left there by my chief of security after he dropped off the bimbo. I wiggled my ass at the kneeling bimbo. I groaned as she pulled apart my butt-cheeks.

And tongued my asshole.

I shivered as she swirled her tongue around my sphincter, rimming me. She moaned, her fingers clenching into my butt-cheeks, one set sticky with my cream. I stared at Annalee’s wiggling ass as she licked Melissa’s toes. I savored the delicious pleasure of degrading bimbos.

“Oh, yes, you fucking whore,” I groaned as Alice’s tongue wiggled past my sphincter. “That’s it. I love it.”

A phone rang.

I shivered, not recognizing the ring tone. It wasn’t my phone or the office phone. It was close, on the desk. I looked over and saw a faint, blue light bleeding through the mesh of Alice’s purse. I snagged it, popping it open and staring inside. I spotted her phone, her husband’s name and a picture of his face dominating the screen.

I grabbed it, about to answer, when I noticed the two syringes in her purse. One was the bimbo serum, I recognized that telltale florescent green. But the other was a neon blue. Frowning, I reached in and pulled it out.

“Alice?” I asked, turning around, her phone buzzing in my right hand. “What is this?”

Alice blinked, staring at the blue syringe. “Oh, that’s the special bimbo enhasimification serum.”

“Bimbo enhance…” I blinked at her nonsense. “Bimbo enhancement serum?”

“That’s what I said, Mistress.” She giggled. “You should see an ear doctor. You’re not hearing good.”

“What does it do?” I asked.

“Oh, didn’t you know? The bimbo serum only lasts a month. And then we go back to being ugly and fat and icky.” Alice blanched. “But you take that one, and it gives you another month. It exte…exten… It makes it last longer. Isn’t my husband super smart!”

“Oh, yes, he is.” I had no idea the bimbo serum was temporary. I glanced at Annalee. She had been a bimbo almost a month. I gripped the syringe in my left hand as I swiped the screen of Alice’s phone with my right. I brought it to my ear and purred, “Hello, Frank, we have a lot to talk about.”

To be concluded…

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