Biology 101 Pt. 03


I woke up sore. The sex the night before and sleeping on the floor had my body aching. The screensaver on my computer was glowing in the darkness, lending the only light in the room. I moved my finger over the mouse pad to see what time it was. 5:30, good thing I woke up or I would have been late to class. When I turned on a lamp next to the sofa I saw something that made me rather upset. I had left the samples of semen out the entire night. I was sure they would be ruined.

What a waste of delicious man juice, but I didn’t want to take the chance of getting sick from them. Washing out each container I packed them back in my bag and took a shower, ate and headed to campus. It was only Tuesday. After last night it felt like it should be at least Thursday.

Tami was at her desk helping students when I arrived at my office. She grinned at me without saying anything, going back to helping the redhead girl. I unloaded all the newly empty containers and sat down at my desk to go over the lesson plan for today. I expected Tami to knock any second, when she was free, to talk about last night. Time passed and no one knocked, giving me the time I needed to prepare since I hadn’t thought about class because of how excited I was for my evening with Tami, which ended up being more than I bargained for. Mike showing up was a really nice addition. I quivered just thinking about his large penis deep inside of me again.

I fired up my computer and sat behind my desk. I put a clip of Daniel’s amazing ejaculations on in slow motion so I could study them further and figure out the velocity in which the semen was expelled. While that was running in a continuous loop I prepared my lesson for the day and every few minutes studied the clip.

An hour passed by and still no knock on the door. Something wasn’t adding up. Not only did I expect Tami but I expected at least one of the extra credit group to knock on my door with a sample. Especially Justin, after his ridiculous amount of samples over the weekend I figured he’d have a bunch more.

I got up and went to my door to see what Tami was doing. Class started in a half hour but I was ready with my lecture. I cracked the door and peered out, trying to be inconspicuous. What I saw had me very worried. Everyone from the group was standing around Tami’s desk. Even Sara was there and Mike. So was another girl I didn’t recognize standing next to Tami, almost touching her. I had the impression that this was Jessica and that my study had just been blown.

Someone mentioned my name and Tami looked up toward my door. She caught my eye and pursed her lips to signify something was wrong. Opening the door I stepped out, making everyone turn and look at me. The looks on their faces was not good, it would appear that I was in deep shit!

“Is what they are saying true, Professor?” Sara asked first with fire in her eyes.

With everyone staring at me I gave nothing away and calmly asked, “Who are ‘they’ and what has been said?”

“Jessica told Justin she watched the clips he made for this ‘ejaculation study’ of yours with Tami. Jessica doesn’t think there is any ‘study’ at all and that you’re doing this because you get off on watching your students cum. Word got around to all of us and we were asking Tami for the truth.”

My impression was correct. The woman standing next to Tami was her lover, Jessica. She must have recognized Justin’s face from a clip and realized Tami wasn’t telling her the truth about where she got the clips. I caught the eyes of Mike and Tami before answering.

“Those are pretty unsubstantiated accusations, Sara. I don’t know how Tami acquired these clips of Justin and showed them to Jessica, but I assure you the study is legitimate. I intend to publish my results next week if you don’t believe me. I most certainly do not ‘get off’ by watching my students ejaculate. My study is strictly for professional and scientific research. I will be reporting my ‘assistant’ here for breaking into my computer, it seems, and stealing my research for her own sick pleasure.”

“It’s over, Emily, just come clean,” Tami said glaring at me.

“I must confess Miss Richards I have no idea what canlı bahis şirketleri you are talking about and you will call me Professor or Dr. Burke. Now I believe we all have a class to attend.”

“Wait! This is bullshit. I don’t believe you. You’re not pinning this on me!” Tami screamed. “You don’t have anything to publish, you’re lying!”

“I assure you, I do and will. Now if you will excuse me,” I said walking away from the group.

“This isn’t over, Professor. I’m reporting you to the Dean. There is no study, you’ve got nothing and you know it!” Tami yelled after me.

I didn’t slow or turn.


A week later I published the most comprehensive study ever released on male ejaculation. After all, who better to report on the subject than an actual connoisseur like myself? I may have enjoyed my work but I wasn’t stupid enough not to have a back up plan if my intentions every got out.

Tami had no proof to the contrary and with my paper published with overwhelmingly good reception into the medical community, she had no leg to stand on. She was expelled from the university for theft and the only other person that knew the full truth was Mike. He kept his mouth shut after seeing what happened to Tami. He didn’t want to blow his full ride football scholarship on a losing battle for nothing. He also didn’t want to give up the hot blowjobs I continued to give him whenever he needed some ‘study help’ in my class.

After the confrontation outside my office I announced to the class that extra credit was no longer being offered this semester and to thank Tami when they saw her. I still gave good grades to all the participants, just not as good as they were ‘shooting’ for if you will forgive the pun.

I figured I’d let a few semesters go by before I started a follow up study on pre-ejaculate quantity. Just to let things settle down a bit.


The last day of school arrived. It was finals and all my students were busy writing with their heads toward the test. I looked over the large room, picking out my favorite five students of the semester. Steve, Rodney, Daniel, Justin and my most favorite Mike. The last was getting an A for sure with all the ‘extra help’ I was giving him on almost an every other day occurrence. I got my fill of fresh semen right from the source thanks to him. This being the last day, I realized that my supply was going to end very soon.

After the last student handed in there exam I went to my office with a stack of exams to go over. Tami’s desk was empty; I hadn’t seen or heard from her since they kicked her out of school. Putting down all the exams I turned around when I heard a knock on the door. Opening the door I was very glad to see Mike standing there with a grin.

“I figured I’d come by for one final send off before the summer starts.”

“I’m glad you did, please come in,” I said letting the large boy into the room.

His broad chest brushed my breasts as he twisted to get by me. I shut and locked the door, turning to find him standing by my desk. Our eyes met and he grinned again.

“I’m going to miss you helping me with my homework.”

“I will as well, it’s been fun and from your grade you learned a lot,” I said with a chuckle.

“Cool, well for my last lesson I thought I’d treat you to something I think you’ve been wanting for a while now.”

“Really? And what might that be?” I asked walking toward him.

“You’ll find out.”

I just smiled, pressed my breasts against his body and ran my hands over the bulge in his pants. He’s large member was growing already, making my mouth water. Pulling on his belt I undid the buckle and unzipped his fly, letting his pants fall to the ground. Next his boxers fell, leaving his quickly growing penis in the open for me to grab. Oh how I loved his long thick member, it hardened so quickly and was the perfect combination of soft and hard. Giving him a few strokes I fell to my knees to begin my standard oral delight to feed my fetish.

He let me suck, stroke and lick his member for ten minutes before I felt him preparing to ejaculate like normal. Instead of letting me finish him off he pulled canlı kaçak iddaa away. He obviously had something more in mind for our last day. I was so hot and bothered I went with it and since it was the last day of school didn’t anticipate any interruptions from other students.

Mike pulled me up by my shoulders until I was standing in front of him. He cupped my breasts gently, sending a chill through my body before unbuttoning my blouse. His hot hands on my flesh increased my pleasure as he removed my shirt, dropping it to the floor.

“Your breasts are amazing, professor,” he said kissing the milky flesh above my bra.

His hands worked the clasp in the back as he kissed lower. The lacy material fell off my erect nipples. He took my left in his hot mouth, sucked and used his tongue to swirl around the areola. I felt the blood pumping below in my clitoris, spurring on my vaginal secretions. Cupping both breasts in his hands he pushed them up to his ravishing mouth, feasting on my ample bosom. I ran my hands through his thick hair, enjoying the sensations coursing through my body.

Suddenly he picked me up, spun me around with little effort and laid me down on my desk. He proceeded to lick down my upper body to my stomach, while unclasping my skirt. I lifted my legs, helping him pull it off of me. I felt his teeth tugging at my wet panties while he fingered my hardened clitoris through the silky material. He quickly removed them and dove right in to devourer my womanhood. His entire mouth covered me sex with his tongue dipping deep inside my wet tunnel. The sensation arched my back spontaneously and I cried out in rapture, only to cut it off when I heard how loud I was. I needed to remember where I was and not get too carried away.

He licked, fingered, nibbled and sucked for what seemed like a long time. I wasn’t complaining it was just odd he continued so long. He must really enjoy giving oral sex. The sensations grew inside of me until I was screaming from within for his monster shaft to penetrate me. I finally had to grab his head and pull him up for him to get the hint I wanted his penis. He wiped his mouth, smiled down at me and moved forward with his large erection in his hand.

“Give it to me, I want your cock inside me again!”

With no hesitation he rushed into me filling me full of his large member until his hips met mine. The sensation took my breath away, not giving me enough air to even scream in delight. Before I could catch my breath he pulled out and slammed back in even harder, rocking my breasts forward in a circular motion. By instinct I reached up and held both of them as the barrage of thrusts continued from the well endowed young man between my legs. I think I was instantly climaxing from all the built up excitement his cunnilingus had caused.

Not only did he fill me full he spread me wide, taking me places, once again, I had scarcely been before. His penis was amazing and the young man knew how to use it. His athletic body was relentless in his thrust and power, never easing up on my quivering body. I don’t remember if I screamed, moaned or what I did, I just remember being in a state of rapture rarely felt and highly coveted. It went on and on as he continued his long deep thrusts into my body.

I fully expected him to climax with the effort he was putting forth but he surprised me, continuing longer than I estimated. When he pulled out I was about to jump off the desk to receive my reward with a torrent of hot delicious semen but he stopped me with a hand on my stomach.

“Not quite yet, Professor, I haven’t given you that treat I told you about.”

I looked up at him perplexed, not knowing what he could possible give me more than he had.

“Ever since you watched me give it to Tami in the ass I know you’ve wonder how it would feel if I did it to you. Am I right?”

He was saying all of this while rubbing the head of his penis around my anal opening. It felt really good and by the way his bulbous head slid around on my body I could tell it was well lubricated from my insides.

“Well, maybe a little,” I confessed.

“You’re about to find out,” he said pressing forward canlı kaçak bahis ever so slowly.

I was about to resist, worried about how big he was when I felt his head ease into my anus and stop. It was tight but not terrible. He watched my face for any sign of pain before proceeding. Pressing further, another inch of his extensive member penetrated my bowels, sending a strange sensation through my body. It was definitely different but I kind of liked it. Before he moved any further his hand began playing with my clitoris. The reaction my body experienced as he did was very surprising. The sensation was amplified with his large penis partially in my rectum. It was very stimulating, causing my muscles to involuntarily spasm on his shaft. He felt the reaction and moved forward, deeper into me.

My heart raced, my breath came in short gasps as I felt his long member continue to slide deep within my bottom. It was new, it was different, it was exciting and I was enjoying it, something I hadn’t expected, especially with how big he was. More and more of him entered until I felt his body hit mine. He had all ten inches buried in me now, something I didn’t think possible. He held himself inside for a time, letting me adjust to the sensation, while still playing with my clitoris.

Slowly he withdrew, causing a new sensation and pleasure, raising the level of bliss I was experiencing. He never stopped playing with my clitoris as he rushed back in, faster this time and back out. I still had my breasts in my hands, squeezing my nipples as I felt his long shaft bottom out inside my anal canal. The expression on his face was one of pure delight. He looked like he was really enjoying the sensation of my tight muscles and hot bowels around his thick shaft.

He was hard and on the verge of orgasm with only a few cycles of his penis inside my lower hole. I could tell by the rigidity of his shaft he was going to climax soon. It was a good thing too, I could feel my body cramping up on his huge shaft, it still felt good but I knew if he took too long it wouldn’t last.

Another minute of thrusting and he said, “I’m going to cum,” pulling his shaft free and stepping back.

Quickly I slid of my desk to my knees in front of him. Opening my mouth he lowered his head, while stroking. An enormous burst of semen shot from his slit, spraying the top of my mouth and down my throat. Luckily I wasn’t inhaling at the time and was able to manage the long blast. His body shook, causing him to discharge his next contraction over my head, with part of it landing on my forehead and hair. I quickly moved up, taking his head in my mouth so I didn’t miss any more. Several other spurts of semen entered my mouth from his contracting penis, filling me full of delicious thick hot ejaculate.

Swallowing quickly, before I was overwhelmed, I sucked his head, causing him to jerk and buck away from me. He was still stroking and the last few small spurts splattered onto my breasts before I could suck the rest out of him.

“Damn, Professor, that’s so good, so intense when you suck it.”

“Tastes so good, Mike. And so much for me this time. You must have enjoyed my ass.”

“Mmm yes I did. It was amazing.”

“Good, I’m pleased. I’ve enjoyed this semester with you, Mike. This was a nice end to a wonderful arrangement.”


“I’m also delighted you decided to keep my secret. I hope I’ve made it worth it.”

“Big time, I may be a dumb football player but I’m not a total idiot.”

“No, you’re not,” I said, chuckling.

He began to find his clothing. I sat behind my desk naked, dipping my fingers in the left over semen that had landed on my breasts. I watched him dress while licking my fingers clean.

“I should go. Thanks again for everything, Professor,” he said smiling.

“You’re welcome, Mike. Enjoy your summer break, maybe I’ll see you in the fall.”

“I hope so.”

He unlocked the door and walked out of my office. I sat back in my chair, caressing my breasts for any left over semen and wondering if I’d see him again. It really didn’t matter, next fall I’d have another class full of new students. One of the best things about college is I get a fresh supply of kids each year and they stay the same age as the last batch.

I smiled when I found one final drip of ejaculate, raised it to my lips, savored it and smiled at the thought of next fall.

The End

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