Birds of a Feather, Chapter 11


Birds of a Feather, Chapter 11 (the new family gathers around)

The flock continues to grow along with our sexual experience and our love for each other. Maggie has taken charge like the good mother hen that she is. She and the group have made plans for Kathys and my wedding. We have just confirmed Kathy is pregnant, now everyone is waiting for me to plan something special to celebrate the occasion.

I think Kathy had an idea what I had in mind. I’m sure the others thought it would be something involving sex but not sure what I had in mind.

I started explaining, “Kathy and I had been good friends (work buddies) for several years but nothing more. Then things just rather happen and we were sexually involved. It didn’t take us long to realize it had quickly developed onto more than just sex.”

“One thing led to another and we were sexually involved with other people. We thing Kathy got pregnant the very first time we had sex but we agreed we were very interested in trying new and different things. Not only between us but also with others.”

“The one thing we agreed on was that no one else would cum in her pussy until we knew she was with child. “Well, she is and now it’s time to move on to the next step.”

I looked down at Kathy and she was still smiling up at me. I turned back to the group, “If Kathy is up to it I would like a gang bang. I would like for every man here to fuck her pussy until he cum in her. I would also like for her eat the pussy of every woman here.”

Kathy tugged at my hand to get my attention. When I looked down at her, she was still smiling but looked a little troubled.

“Honey that sounds like fun but I don’t think I can take Walter’s cock in my pussy, ass or mouth but I don’t want to leave anyone out.”

Walter laughed at Kathy’s comment, “Don’t worry your pretty little self about that. I’ll need some help but when the time comes, I’ll fill that hot little pussy with my cum and never hurt you.”

Morgan raised her hand to get my attention. I nodded to her and she asked, “Frank, would it be okay for the women to slip under Kathy and lick her pussy and the cock in her it at the time while she is eating us.”

Kathy clapped her hands and giggled, “Oh yes Frank, I would love that and I would like for you to go last but stay by my side while I FUCK AND SUCK ALL THE OTHERS!”

I had to laugh at her excitement, I knew I was marrying a woman who could be a real slut at times but I also knew she was my slut; I was helping make her that way and for some reason, thinking about that only made me love her more.

Helga suggested we all move to the master bedroom, it has the large king-size bed. She laughed a little as she reminded us that all the mattresses had waterproof covers on them and there would be no problem with any kind of spillage.

As we all headed to the bedroom, they were talking among themselves as to who would go first and so on. They asked Kathy and she told them her only request was that I go last. Any and everything else would be up to them and would all be fine with her.

When we reached the bedroom I helped Kathy up on the bed. She was on all fours across the wide bed. This would give all os us room to be on the bed at the same time.

Everyone except Brad and Amanda climbed on the bed, most of us on our knees, gathered around Kathy. I told Bard and Amanda to climb up, there was plenty of room. Brad smiled and told me they would like to stand on the side and watch for now.

Helga took a bottle of lube out of the bedside table, handed it to me and told me to use plenty of it on Kathy to be sure she was nice a slick. She reminded us it was eatable, so there was not a problem with getting it in your mouth.

Her pussy was already dripping wet as I parted her lips and covered her from her clit up through her pussy then up across her asshole. She pushed her ass in the air a little as I moved my fingers across her little rosebud. I applied a little more lube then pushed my middle finger into her little shit hole.

Kathy moaned as I moved my finger in and out of her asshole a few times then pulled it our..

Helga was applying lube to Hanks’ rigid cock and I moved out to the way as he moved into place behind Kathy. The women had decided to go in turn by age. This put Morgan up first to take her place under Kathy.

I was lying with my head just past Kathy’s thigh with a good view of her pussy. I used one hand to rub Kathy’s back to let her know I was right there with her.

I watched as Morgan as she used two fingers on one hand to open Kathy’s pussy lips. With her other hand she reached up, took Hank by his cock and guided him to Kathy’s hot, wet pussy.

As I watched Hank’s stiff cock disappear into my sweet Kathy’s pussy, Morgan licked across Kathy’s very erect clit, down across her pussy lips and the base of Hank’s cock and scrotum.

Both Kathy and Hank let out a low moan. I saw Kathy as her head dropped down and I hear a similar moan escape Morgan’s lips and I knew that hot tongue was licking and sucking on Morgan’s young pussy.

Patty moved around behind Hank, buried her face between his ass cheeks and started licking his ass as she moved in harmony with his movement in and out of Kathy’s pussy.

I could tell by Hank’s heavy breathing and the expression on his face he would’t last much longer. Morgan was now licking his scrotum, sucking first one ball and then the other into her mouth.

Hank grabbed Kathy’s hips and shoved his cock as deep as he could get in Kathy’s pussy. A very loud, AAAAAHHHHHHH, OH FUCK YES, AAAAAHHHHH, I CUUUUMMMMMIIINNNGGGG” was coming from deep in Hank’s throat. He collapsed oven on Kathy’s back, trying hard to catch his breath.

Morgan cleaned the cum and pussy juice that leaked out of Kathy’s pussy.

She then slipped from under Kathy and Amie quickly replaced her.

As soon as Amie was in place, Patty told Hank to ease out of Kathy’s pussy. As he did, Amie was licking the bottom side of his shaft.

When Hank’s cock head popped out of her pussy, a large glob of cum followed it. Amie quickly caught it with tongue and sucked it into her mouth, then swallowed.

She was intensely licking and sucking Kathy clean as Patty took Hanks deflating cock in her hand. With a very mischievous look on her face, she pointed to toward me, “Would you like to clean him up?”

I didn’t hesitate as I took Hank’s now very soft cock in my mouth and hungrily sucked and licked it clean. I was still surprised at the fact I would suck another man’s cock but the thing that surprised me the most, was how much I enjoyed it.

Patty patted me on the shoulder, “Okay Mushroom, that’s enough for now. Hank can take a break and we have other things to do.

I let Hanks cock slip out of my mouth and as I got to my knees and moved up nest to Kathy’s hip Al was moving around behind Kathy.

His cock was bobbing up and down in front of him as he moved into place. Amie was slowly licking at Kathy’s clit. She tilted her head back and look up from between Kathy’s legs, “Hello Dad, could I have a little taste before you start fucking Kathy?”

Al smiled down at his lovely daughter, smiled and nodded his head. Amie reached up and pulled her Dad’s cock down to her mouth.

She pushed a large wad of spit up to her lips and pulled her Dad’s cock head across her lips and through the saliva. Then she let the head of his cock slip gently into her mouth.

She only took about two or three inches of his cock in her mouth. I could see her using her tongue to push more saliva around the head then use her small hand to spread it up and down his shaft.

When I looked over at Al, he was watching his daughter and I could see the love and pride on his face. Amie was smileing as she pulled her Dad’s cock out of her mouth and guided it to Kathy’s slit.

I knew Kathy was buys eating Amie’s sweet pussy as Al enter her hot, dripping pussy.

I moved up by Kathy’s waist and started rubbing her back and hips with my right hand and her shoulders and neck with my left. I wanted her to know I was there with her.

I heard Amie moan and grown to a hard orgasm. As soon as she calmed down a little, she moved from underneath Kathy. I assumed they had abandoned their plan to go by age when I saw Maggie getting ready to go next.

Kathy rose up a little allowing Maggie to roll over under her to get into a 69 position with her. Maggie started right to work on licking between Al’s balls and Kathy’s clit. Al had increasing his speed and I could tell it wouldn’t be long before he shot his load into my Kathy‘s hot pussy.

Morgan leaned in next to Maggie and whispered something in her ear. Maggie managed an “uh-huh“, Morgan then moved around to Kathy and whispered something to her. Kathy replied, “Off course Honey, if it is okay with Maggie.”

Morgan grabbed the bottle of lube, hand it to me, held up her hand and ask it I would grease her up to her wrist. She was smiling like a kid with a new toy,

I poured a large amount of the liquid in the palm of my right hand. I covered her hand, between her finger and just up past her wrist. She then took the bottle, poured some into her hand and applied it very liberally over Maggie’s ass.

“Top of bottom?” Morgan asks. “Do my ass baby; Kathy is doing a fine job on my pussy.” Morgan lay down on the floor behind Maggie. Ankara escort She worked her way up under Maggie’s leg and I heard Maggie let a sound much like a scream but I could see the big smile on her face and knew it was the sound of pleasure.

Helga and Patty moved up behind me as I watched the action. I jumper in surprise as Helga reached under me, cupped my balls in her hand and began slowly massaging them.

At the same time, Patty took my right hand and moved it down to Kathy’s ass. It was still soaked with the lube I had used on Morgan’s hand.

Patty pushed my hand over Kathy’s little rosebud. She moved it around massaging and coating it with the lube. Then she pushed my middle finger into Kathy’s anal passage. Patty whispered, “Don’t her shit hole feel good, nice, warm and slick,”

I just nodded my agreement. Still whispering, Patty said, “Here, let me join you,” I had no idea what she had in mind but I never expected her do what she did,

She pulled my finger almost all the way out of Kath’s ass, put two of her fingers up next to mine and pushed all three fingers back into Kathy’s asshole.

Kathy let out a loud moan and I thought, three fingers might be too much for her. Then she pushed her ass back against our fingers and I knew she was all right.

My finger was on the bottom side and I could feel Al’s cock as he slammed in and out of my sweet Kathy’s pussy. Patty was controlling the movement of our fingers in Kathy’s ass but I was able to push down and apply a little pressure to Al’s cock head as he pushed in and pulled out.

I could tell Kathy and Al were both getting close. Kathy had already had a couple mild orgasms and I could not only feel her asshole tighten up but her whole body tensing up.

I heard a muffled, “Harder” come from Kathy. “What did you say baby?” She lifted her face out off Maggie’s pussy just long enough to tell us, “Fuck me harder, my ass and my pussy, bang the hell out of me

Patty smiled at me, “We have to give this hot bitch what she wants don‘t we?” She took me by my wrist and pulled our fingers out of Kathy’s ass.

She leaned over and spit in Kathy’s somewhat gaping asshole. She then took two of her fingers and two of my fingers, lined them up and shoved the up Kathy’s ass. I heard Kathy quickly inhale but she pushed her ass back against our fingers.

Al was breathing heavy and he was soaking wet with sweat. I wondered if he was going to be able to fulfill Kathy’s request. Helga moved up behind Al, placed her shoulder in the middle of his back then took hold of Al’s hips, pushing back and forth and helping him fuck Kathy.

With her help, Al was fucking into Kathy so hard her knees would come off the bed. Maggie was doing a great job of keeping up with the movement. She was licking and sucking all the juices flowing out of Kathy’s pussy.

Kathy and Al both started grunting and moaning as they reached their peek. Al shoved into her and held it as I felt Kathy’s ass clam down on our fingers.

“Oh shit, she’s squirting, fuck yes Baby, feed old Maggie your hot juice.” I could hear Maggie as she slurped up the juice and she started to cum herself.

Morgan was fisting Maggie’s ass so hard and fast her whole body was jerking with each thrust. I could see the top of Kathy’s heat moving around and hear the noise as she sucked up all of Maggie’s cunt juice.

Everything stopped for a few seconds while everyone tried to regain their composure. Maggie give out a moan of pleasure as Morgan pulled her fist out of Maggie’s ass. Kathy raised up a little so Amie and Hank could helped Maggie roll out from under her and Helga moved away from Al and took Maggie’s place.

Patty and I still had our fingers buried to the hilt in Kathy’s asshole. As Al pulls out of Kathy’s pussy, I could feel Patty wiggling her finger so I started doing the same with mine. This brought a loud sigh of pleasure from Kathy and I could hear Helga sucking up Al’s cum and Kathy’s pussy juice.

Patty looked at me, “Sorry Mushroom, I have to end this and go help the girls with Walter. We pulled our fingers out of Kathy’s ass together. Patty looked at me with that wicked smile as she pulled my hand to her mouth and sucked the two fingers I had just pulled out of Kathy’s asshole.

I smiled back at her as I pulled her hand to my mouth and sucked her fingers into my mouth. “You’re a fucking pervert, you know that?” I licked up across the palm of her hand and up the two fingers, “Takes one to know one” I smiled.

She leaned over and gave me a wet, deep throat kiss them moved to the other side of Kathy to join Maggie, Amie, Morgan and Hank who were already attended to Walter’s king side cock.

Kathy and Helga were still swapping out eating each other’s pussy. As I moved around behind Kathy, I couldn’t help but notice how her ass was still gaped open form our finger fucking.

I just couldn’t pass it up; I spread her cheeks wide and pushed my tongue into her hole. I heard a loud moan from Kathy as I wiggled my tongue around in her hot asshole.

I heard Helga giggle a little, “Damn, she’s squiring again, HELL YES BABY, SHOOT IT ALL OVER MY FACE, Damn, I love this.” She started licking and sucking and I felt Kathy’s ass clamp down around my tongue as she cum again.

I started to pull my tongue out of Kathy’s ass and move on over with the rest of the group. Then I felt a pair of hands on the cheeks of my ass, pulling them as wide apart as they would go. So I just stayed where I was to see what would come next.

First, I felt the touch of a tongue against my sphincter, gentle at first, then more intense, licking around and probing my asshole.

I wasn’t sure who was providing this welcomed pleasure. I only knew it was a man by the slight beard stubble brushing the cheeks of my ass and I was sure, by the quality of his work, this wasn’t his first time.

I could hear a woman whispering but couldn’t determine who it was. I felt soft hair brushing against my legs. Then a hot, wet tongue licking from the top of my scrotum, near my ass, down to the bottom, where my balls were hanging free.

I was burning up with curiosity, wondering who was providing such wonderful pleasure but I maintain my position, tongue fucking Kathy’s asshole.

The owner of the hot tongue lick around my balls then sucked, first the right, then my left ball into their mouth. The mouth gently sucked and licked my balls until I thought they were going to make me cum without even touching my cock.

I heard another low whisper and recognized it to be Helga. I heard the two women giggling like little schoolgirls. Then the hot mouth left my balls and I could feel coolness on my scrotum as it hung free.

I heard the male and female voices whispering again and there was more movement behind me. It was all I could do not to turn and see who was behind me but the mystery of it all was somewhat exciting to me.

I felt smaller, softer hands on my ass cheeks not. They pulled my cheeks so far apart I was totally exposed for whatever they might want to do. For some reason, this excited me and really turned me on.

I hard the sound and felt the wetness as the person behind me spit in my ass. A wet finger moved around and probed at my rosebud. Then there was more spit and a single finger massaging and pushing at my sphincter until it slipped just inside. It moved up to about the first joint, then started wiggling and probing around.

This only lasted for a short time before the finger was pulled out of my ass. There was more spit and I felt the finger at my asshole again. This time it wasn’t soft and gentle but jammed to the hilt until I could feel the knuckles of the small hand pushing against my ass cheeks.

As quick as the finger had gone in, it was just as quickly jerked back out. More spit, now I could feel it running down my scrotum and dripping off my balls.

Once more, I could hear the man and woman behind me whispering something but I still couldn’t understand what they were saying but Helga must have because I heard her giggling again.

I felt two then three fingers pressing against my asshole. Then just as quick as before they were shoved knuckle deep into my ass. At the same time, a warm tongue licked around the head of my cock and I had to fight very hard to keep from Cumming.

This all caused a chain reaction. The fingers in my ass and the tongue licking my cock had caused me to push my tongue even deeper into Kathy’s ass.

I’m not sure if this caused her to cum or squirts. I just herd her let out an animal like sound and Helga was saying, “OH, OH, yes Baby, feed me more you wonderful, hot ass slut,”

The fingers continue to fuck my ass as the owner of the tongue on my cock now took my cock in their mouth. A very wet, warm mouth went about half way down my shaft, and then applied some great tongue action to the bottom of my shaft as they moved back to the head of my cock.

I thought, “Shit, they’re gonna make me cum before I get to fuck Kathy, she will be ’SO PISSED!!! The next time the mouth went down my shaft, it was all the way until I could feel my cock as it pushed into their throat and a tongue lick abound the base.

Then, just as quick as it had started, it stopped. The mouth came off my cock, the fingers out of my ass and two sets of hands taking my arms, pulling me to a kneeling position.

As I moved away from Kathy’s sweet asshole and set up, I looked to see Bard on one side and Amanda on the other side, both Ankara escort bayan with Cheshire cat grins..

Amanda spoke up, “Sorry about that Frank, we just couldn’t pass up a shot of that fine ass and big headed cock. We did stop before you come; we know that goes in Kathy’s pussy.

I smiled, “It was my pleasure, and you two work well together.” I realized it was Brad’s turn with Kathy and I was in his way. I moved back to Kathy’s side as Amanda moved around and slipped up under Kathy.

As Brad was moving into place I pure a palm full of the lube. I reached back, took Brads cock in my hand and covered his entire shaft. I pumped it back and forth a few times then guided it to Kathy’s already cum soaked pussy.

I looked over at the gathering around Walter. He was lying on his back with Morgan setting on his face feeding him her young, hot pussy.

Maggie had the head of his cock in her mouth, Patty and Amie was licking and sucking up and down his long shaft. Walter had his knees bent and his feet flat on the bed. Helga was lying on the bed between his legs, licking and sucking on his balls.

Hank was standing beside Amie slowly stroking his fully erect cock. Amie would take a break for Walter’s cock for time-to-time; turn to Hank and deep-throat his cock.

I was running my hand up and down Kathy’s back. When I rubbed across her ass cheeks, she wiggled her hips. I moved two fingers over her little rosebud and she let out a loud moan.

I pushed my middle finger into her very wet, hot asshole. I heard, ’’MMUUUUMMM” as she wiggled her ass again.

I started to add another but remembered she had four fingers in her ass before, so I decided to go with three. I pushed in until my knuckles were pushing against her ass cheeks again. I smiled as I heard, “MMMUUUHHHUUUUHHH.”

I got in rhythm with Brad, as he pulled out I pushed in and vice versa. I could see Amanda’s feet planted on the bed and her hips were pushed up to expose as much of her pussy to Kathy as she could. She was moaning as if she was in a constant orgasm.

Brad had picked up speed and was slamming into Kathy’s pussy as hard as he could. She was rotating her hips around, grinding on Brad’s cock and my fingers. I could feel her sphincter tightening around my fingers and I knew it wouldn’t be long be before the three of them would be in climax heaven…

Amanda let out a shrill animal like sound as she shoved her hips against Kathy’s hard working mouth. Brad let out a loud grunt every time he thrust into Kathy.

Kathy pushed her hips down onto Amada’s mouth as she sucked hard on her clit. I jammed my fingers as deep as I could in her asshole as Brad started shooting line after line of his hot cum deep into Kathy’s soaked pussy.


Kathy was trembling all over; I had never seen her or anyone, for that matter in such a state. I was very concerned, wondering if all this had been too much for her.

I started to pull my fingers out of her asshole but she pushed back, “No Baby, please stay in my ass just a little longer. I left my finger where they were, laid my other hand against her back, reached up, and run my fingers through her hair.

We stayed where we were for another minute then Kathy told Brad and me to pull out, slow and easy. I pulled out first and leaned back a little to see Amanda with her mouth next to Kathy’s pussy, ready to catch Brad’ cum as he pulled out.

When Brad started pulling his spent cock out of Kathy’s pussy, I could see small amounts of mixed juices dribbling out and into Amanda’s mouth. When Brad’s cock head come out a larger glob of cum flowed out and into Amanda’s waiting mouth and she swallowed twice..

Brad moved back and slowly stood up. I watched as Amanda slipped three fingers into Kathy’s pussy. When she pulled them out, I could see they were dripping wet with cum and Kathy’s juiced.

Amanda carefully mover her hand from Kathy’s pussy up to where I could reach the fingers with my mouth. I licked between each finger, then sucked all three into my mouth until I had them all cleaned.

I swirled my tongue around a few times to savor the full flavor, then swallowed. When I looked up at Brad he was standing next to me, his limp cock, still coated with their combined juiced. He inhaled quickly as I turned and sucked his cock into my mouth. Once I had sucked his cock clean, I lifter it and licked his scrotum and balls clean.

Kathy asks if she could take a little break and lay down for just a few minutes. Amanda was out from under her in a flash and the three of us literally picked Kathy up, turned her over and gently laid her gently back on the bed.

She reached out for me and I cuddle up beside her. We were only there for about five minutes and she was ready to go again.

The other women had been working on Walter the whole time. Maggie looked over at Kathy, “Honey he’s about ready if you are, he should be shooting his load most any time now.”

Amie moved over and added more lube to Kathy’s already dripping wet cunt.. Walter moved up close behind her then Helga and Maggie coated his cock well with the lube. Then Maggie aligned his enormous cock head up with Kathy’s entrance and Walter began to push slowly forward.

Maggie was on one side and Helga on the other, pulled Kathy’s ass cheeks wider apart, opened her pussy open even more. Patty moved around and slid under Kathy until they were in the prefect 69 position waiting for the action to begin.

Walter told Kathy, “Honey, I’m gonna start pushing this big old cock into your sweet little pussy. I want you to take as much as you can enjoy but don’t hurt yourself. I’ll go slowly and you tell me when to stop. These sexy ladies have been teasing this old cock until it is about ready to cum, so I’m ready when you are.”

I positioned myself to where I could keep my hand on Kathy’s back but still had a good view of the action that was about to take place.

Walter’s big cock head almost covered Kathy’s whole pussy. I thought, “No fucking way is that big cock gonna go it that tight pussy.

Walter started pushing, slow and easy. I couldn’t believe my eyes, Kathy’s lips parted and the head of Walters cock slipped just inside her vaginal passage.

Kathy let out a loud moan. Walter stopped pushing, “Do you want me to stop Honey?” Kathy took a deep breath, let it out then told Walter, “More please, just go slow and easy.”

Patty was frantically licking and sucking on Kathy’s pussy and the bottom of Walter’s shaft. Walter started slowly pushing in again, about a half inch at a time.

I was watching this enormous cock stretching my sweet Kathy’s pussy to the max and wondered if it would ever be the same again.

Walter got about four inches of his huge cock in Kathy before she told him to stop. Maggie laughed and patted Kathy on the butt, “Kathy, you’re something else, that’s the deepest he has been in a young pussy in many years.”

Walter looked up at me, “I’m not gonna last very long, the girls had me about ready to cum before I got here and her pussy feels so good.” Walter suddenly threw his head back and let out a howl.

“She’s using her muscles to jack my cock,” Walter said as he started to quiver and shake. He started moving in and out just a little, “OOOHHH SHIT, I’M CUMMING AND CUMING, AAAAHHHH, PUMP IT MAGGIE, PUMP MY CUM IN THIS TIGHT PUSSY.”

I could see cum flowing, leaking out around Walter’s cock and running down into Patty’s waiting mouth. She was swallowing as fast as she could, trying to keep up with the flow.

Maggie wrapped her hand around Walter’s cock next to Kathy’s pussy lips to ensure Walter didn’t accidentally go deeper into her pussy.

Finally, Walter slumped forward on Kathy’s back. He told her he was getting ready to pull out and he would go slow and easy.

As he started pulling back more cum flowed from Kathy’s pussy. It was pouring like a faucet, out of Kathy’s pussy and down onto Patty’s face. She wasn’t able to swallow fast enough. The cum was running out of her mouth, down her cheeks and into her hair.

She moved her hands up and started scooping up the cum and rubbing it over her face, down across her neck onto her breast. She was squalling like an excited little girl with a new toy.

Walter lay back on the bed behind Kathy, Maggie and Helga moved over and started licking juices from his cock and balls.

I heard moans and groans coming from Kathy and Patty. I looked to see Patty’s arms wrapped around Kathy’s legs, with both hands on her ass cheeks. She was pulling Kathy’s pussy hard against her mouth while humping her hips up, pushing her pussy into Kathy’s mouth.

They both let out a scream as they cum together. I could hear the sounds of hot mouths against wet pussies. The sight and sounds had me so turned on my cock was trobbing and I was leaking a constant flow of pre-cum.

Patty collapsed back on the bed and Kathy streached out on top of her. I moved up to their side as Ai and Morgan moved to the other side.

Amie asked Kathy if she would like us to help her to move over on her back. She nodded so the three of us carefully rolled her off Patty and stretched her out on her back near the foot of the bed.

She pulled me down to her, giving me a very hot, passionate kiss. When she broke the kiss, she smiled at me, “Give me a minute to catch my breath, Escort Ankara that Patty can really eat a pussy.

We both laughed and I gave her a big huge. She reached down and run her hand over my slick shaft. “I’ll be ready in just a second; I want to be able to give my man a really good fucking.”

While I was waiting, I looked around the room to see what everyone else was doing. Maggie and Helga had cuddled up next to Walter, sucking his nipples and solwly strocking his cock.

Amie and Morgan was still lick cum off Patty and they were playing with each other’s pussie and tits.

I was a little surprised when I looked up toward the head of the bed. Al was sucking Brad’s cock, Brad was sucking Hanks cock and Hank was sucking Al’s cock. The thing that surprised me the most was me wishing I had time to join them.

Kathy rolled back over and got on her hands and knees, “Come on lover, let’s get some serious fucking done.”

Amie jumped up and told us to wait just a second. I had no idea what she had in mind as she run out the bedroom.
She was back in just a second, smiling as she held up the harness and the hole-in-one toy. Kathy shouted
“Oh hell yes, just the way I want to finish this fuck party.”. Amie and Morgan come over and helped me with the harness. Morgan took my cock and gently guided in through the hole in the toy, making sure the dildo was on top. Amie reapplied lube to Kathy’s pussy and ass then turned and applied a liberal amount to my cock and the dildo.

I was moving in behind Kathy when Maggie stopped me. “I’m gonna show you a little trick that will not only feels good to Kathy but will make it better for both of you.”

Maggie moved up behind Kathy and told her she was going to put one finger in her pussy and one in her asshole. She told Kathy to keep flexing her vaginal and anal muscles until both holes were tight around her fingers.

Kathy asks her how she should do that. Maggie told her to pull her muscles in as she would if she had to piss and shit but need to hold it.

With just a few tries, Maggie was praising her, telling her she was doing great. In just a few seconds Maggie was fucking in and out of Kathy’s ass and pussy, “Ah, yes Honey, nice and tight now.”

Maggie didn’t turn to look at me, she just told me, “Okay Frank, bring that big headed cock over here and fill up this tight pussy of yours.”

Kathy moaned softly as Maggie pulled her fingers from her ass and pussy. I moved over and Maggie pulled her ass cheeks apart as I aligned my hard cock and the dildo with Kathy’s holes and pushed.

Her pussy was very slick from the lube and cum but it was still very tight. Kathy pushed back some and I watched as my cock and the dildo disappeared into her fuck holes.

I took hold of her hips and pushed in until my balls were slapping against her lips. I pulled her as close as I could and she started rotating her hips in one direction and I was rotating in the other.

Kathy laid her head down on the bed and I could hear constant moans and groans coming from her. I could feel her pussy tighten up from time to time as she reached one orgasm after another.

I could feel my balls tighting up and knew it wasn’t going to be long. I moved from a kneeling position to squating and started slamming in and out of her sopping wet pussy.

I was sweating so much it was running down into my eyes, my legs were getting weak, I was getting light -headed but I couldn’t stop

My first shot of cum was so hard it actually hurt a little but when the shot hit Kathy’s surves it pushed her over the edge. Her orgasm was so intense her whold body was trembling.

She dropped down even lower on the bed until her tits were pushing against the mattress, pushing her ass even tighter against me as my second and third shot of cum dumped deep into her pussy. I don’t think I’ve ever cum this hard or ever seen Kathy in such a state.

When I finaly stopped pumping cum into my sweet Kathy’s love hole, I dropped back to my knees. Just as my cock was about to slip out of Kathy, Patty reached in and used her fingers to hold her cunt lips together, holding everything inside.

Amie moved close up behind me, wrapping her arms around my chest and pulled me back into her, giving me a chance to catch my breath.

Amanda and Brad helped Karhy roll over and lay on her back. The two of them and Amie helped me moved to straddle Kathy in a 69 position.

I looked down to see Patty still holding Kathy’s lips together. There was so much cum/pussy juice on her, I could see that her close trimmed pubic hair was sticking to her skin. She was wet down the crack of her ass and well down on her thighs.

I could feel Kathy licking my very sensitive cock. As I lowered my head to Kathy’s pussy Patty leaned over, licked around the edge of my ear, then whispered,”I’v saved your load for you and she is real dirty, so she’s gonna need a lot of cleaning up. Just so you know, while you’re busy here and Kathy’s cleaning you up, I’m gonna be licking your asshole.

Patty removed her fingers as I covered Kathy’s pussy with my mouth. Kathy pushed down at the same time and a large glob of cun shot into my mouth. I had to swallow two or three time to get it all down.

After the first big glob, the cun slowly leaked out. I was licking and sucking up through her pussy and across her clit. Kathy would jump every time I licked across her clit.

I also jumped every time Kathy sucked my very sensitive cock head into her mouth and Patty licked across my asshole.

I knew there was no cum left I me and I knew Kathy had to be exhausted. By the time I had her all cleaned up she had let my soft cock slip out of her mouth. Patty realized we had both stopped and moved to my side to helper me roll over and move up beside Kathy.

I took Kathy in my arms and kissed her softly on the lips, then almost together, we said, “I love you.” Kathy laid her head on my chest and I closed my eyes to rest for just a few seconds.

“Uncle Frank, Uncle Frank, wake up,” I felt a pair of soft lips touching mine. I opened my eyes to see Amie smiling down at me. “Welcone back Uncle Frank. You and Aunt Kathy need to get up and get your showers,” Amie said as she kissed me again.

Kathy raised her head off my shoulder and gave me a sleepy-eyed smile. I looked around the room to see everyone had left except Amie and Morgan. Amie told us everyone else was downstairs preparing dinner.

Morgan took Kathy by the shoulder to help her set up, as Amie helped me set up. “Come with us Aunt Kathy, we have your shower ready and waiting,” Morgan said as she helped Kathy stand and walk toward the bathroom.. Amie and I followed close behind.

As we entered the bathroom, Morgan led Kathy to the toilet and helped her set down. “Oh thank you Morgan, I’m about to bust to piss.” Kathy pissed so hard it shound like a high-preasure hose hitting the toilet bowl .

Morgan put both her hands between Kathy’s legs and into the stream of piss. When she pulled them out, both hands were dripping wet from the wrist down. She licked across one side of her palm and two of her fingers. Then she held it up to Kathy’s mouth and watched as Kathy licked it clean.

At the same time, Morgan held the other hand out toward Amie and me. Amie laughed, “My baby sister is such a fucking pervert,” I smiled as we licked the hand together until all the tangy flavor was gone.

Morgan told Kathy to set there for a second. Amie walked over to the vanity, puicke up a small douch bottle and handed it to Morgan.

Morgan shook the bottle a little as she told Kathy, “As much as you’ve been fucked today you may be a little raw inside. That could cause an infection later and it will also help with the soreness.”

Kathy spread her legs a little wider, “Please be easy Morgan, that’s one sore pussy.” Morgan leaned over and kissed Kathy gently on her right nipple, “Aunt Kathy, I would never cause you pain unless it was something you would enjoy.” Kathy give me a reather puzzled look as Morgan very carefully slipped the tube up her vaginal passage and squeezed the bottle. Kathy smiled, “Damn girl, that feels good.”

As soon as Morgan was through with Kathy the three of us headed to the large shower. The mist sprayer and all three of the hand-held showers were on. It was like walking into a warm spring rain shower.

Amie told us to place our hands high on the wall and they would take care of everything else. We did as we were told, enjoying the soft flow of warm water. The girls poured a blue liquid from a small jar onto a sponge and washed us from the tips of our finger to the bottom of our feet.

They both were very gentle, especially around our private parts. Amie did kiss the head of my cock as she rinsed it and I noticed Morgan gently suck on Kathy’s tit’s a couple of time.

When we were all clean and rinsed off, the girls led us from the shower and used a large, fluffy towel to pat us dry.

“No need to dress Uncle Frank, no one else had, so naked is the dress code,” Amie said as she took Kath and I by the hand and headed toward the patio.

As we walked out of the bathroom Kathy asked, “Uncle Frank, Aunt Kathy” as she gave the girls a questioning look.

Both girls smiled as Amie said, “Well, you are family now. You’re a little too old to be our brother, so we decided you’re gonna be Uncle Frank and Aunt Kathy. I know you’ll think this is sick and perverted but it is a turn on for us to have sex with our family.”

Morgan then told us something we didn’t know, “You two are the first and only people Amie have ever had sex with outside our family group.”

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