Birthday kinda…

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Birthday kinda…Jack (my last long-term boyfriend) and I only had a few problems; the biggest one was that I was just a slut. An ordinary plain slut. I did try to control my urges but it didn’t always work out well. If he wasn’t around, just like an alcoholic, when there was no support, I’d occasionally fall off the wagon. This is about one of the times I fell off the ‘wagon’ and was caught by him…busted with a mouthful.One of the other problems was his family who, years down the road, would eventually break us up completely. I could see this coming, did talk to him about it on and off but, he thought he was in control and he always said not to worry, he’d handle it. If the laws had changed sooner or if we’d lived in another state, things would have been different, I would have been happy to live as his domestic partner or, taking him on his word that he did love me, marry him. I think I would have made a pretty good wife, one that needed some ‘re-adjustment’ once in a while but, overall, a pretty good one. Jack was very open about his life to me. I knew what the guy was worth after we’d been together for only 3 or 4 months. There would have never been a problem with money…ever. He wasn’t what I’d call rich but he was very well fixed in life. I was to the point (had been for years) that I could ‘pass’ in the cold hard light of day; I worked at it. Never 100% but I could hit about 80%, maybe 90 on a good day, most women busted me right away (if they took the time to look) and to those, I was seen as not just an abomination but a threat. When you do better in heels than they do, when your husband gets caught ‘looking’ yeah, you’re a threat to general womanhood. When you do better fem than they do on your man, that’s a threat honey. I also worked at being feminine in public as well as behind a bedroom door. That was part of the enjoyment with Jack; I just loved being that woman for him in both places. I always had a little ‘smart-ass’ self there but could be just as attentive and demure as the situation called for. I did enjoy being that Bobbie, for Jack I lived it. He also didn’t mind guys looking just like he didn’t mind me teasing a little bit; it turned him on a little, as long as I didn’t go too far and was going home with him but, he always knew that I was. I’d gone beyond the ‘guy-in-a-dress’ thing years before, the casual CD…the ‘weekend’ dresser. It does take work but has a nice payoff. When you catch a guy actually watching you or get your ass whistled at on the street and not just in the red-light district, you’ve done a good job. Under everything Bobbie was still a slut. When I was left unattended for too long and got horny, that slut needed attention…and cock. This did, once in a while, lead to problems with my lover. This is about one of those times that I got my little ass in trouble…I don’t remember exactly why I was left unattended by Jack but, it was for over a week this time. I think part of the problem was that we did have a very good sex life and I was just missing cock. That and living a little too close to the adult bookstore helped set me up for it.Friday night rolled around and this little slut needed some good fucking, hard fucking, I just wanted cock. To me there was no harm in just getting it then forgetting it. An hour of anonymous bursa escort fun, on my knees in front of a glory hole or backed up to one getting my cunt reamed good and long. Maybe 2 hours. I was in need of a cock fix and knew just where to get it. I did my normal preparation then made myself look good enough that there wouldn’t be any question of what I wanted. I dressed for ease of ‘access’ and maximum exposure…a little advertising then being able to get down to business in a hurry never hurt. From what I saw in the parking lot this could be a pretty good night; a pretty good crowd of cars and it was only 7 pm, good for a late spring night when the sun was still up. After a quick final check in the mirror I strutted across the parking lot and in then, took my time looking around and getting some tokens. I WAS being looked at yes, there was interest being shown. I made a little show of making sure that my stockings were tight, made sure that the seams were straight and flashed a little garter before slowly strutting back to where the booths were. Some were occupied but the ones I was most interested in weren’t; my favorite booth was open as was the one on each side. Since I was being followed I teased a little by taking my time and looking over the preview posters on the outside of the booths. I drifted back slowly, feigned reading the poster on ‘that’ booth then went inside. As I put down my purse then sat down, the other booths became occupied in a split second. This was looking pretty good. I dropped a few tokens, fluffed my short A-Line skirt a little and made sure I gave a nice long flash of stocking top, garters and panties (always white because in the dim light they showed up very well). I was wearing a cheap but nice very light and sheer white blouse that, if things went according to plan, would be cum-stained in a short time. Nasty cum-stained…more advertising. Things were starting to go right anyway; as I was selecting a video the guys in the adjoining booths were dropping tokens into their machines. I sat back and waited, hiking my skirt up a little and rubbing my thighs and crotch.Both of them peeked through the glory holes then 1 pushed his cock through. It was pretty nice, I leaned forward and stroked it a little while running my thumb across the head, he pushed it all through. In a minute the other guy did the same. I went down on my knees between them, a stiff cock in each hand then started giving each one some attention off and on. This got some nice moans that I could hear over the sound of the videos…I sucked more, they moaned more, nice. Both were pretty nice, one was bigger than the other and had a bigger head, I decided that was the one for my cunt. I had lubed myself while I was sitting on the little bench. Once both were nice and sloppy I let go and reached up under my skirt to hook my panties and pull them down clear of my ass. Then, moving into position, I eased back to the bigger one, found my cunt and pushed back steadily, the head slipped in, I moaned like hell and kept going…FUCK did it feel good! Once he was buried I pushed my ass all the way back against the wall and reached back to spread my cheeks to get all that I could. He started fucking nice and slow, just what I wanted. I bent down more, put my hands bursa escort bayan on the wall and opened wide, I was rewarded with a nice thrust and a mouthful of good hard cock. The only thing I had to do for maybe 15 minutes was grab more tokens and feed the machine, I was being well filled from both ends and loving it!For about an hour it was a constant procession of cock. I was fucked 2 times and had sucked maybe 4; my blouse was wet with cum, I had it on my neck, my face and some in my hair. A new one moved in behind me, I was poked so I moved my ass around to give him total access. I about gagged on the guy in my mouth when he hit bottom and damn did he ever hit hard! Before I could move forward a little he hit bottom again! Suddenly the door to the booth burst open and I was grabbed by the arm, yanked to my feet and spun around! Jack ordered me to get my purse! I grabbed it, staggered in my panties then shook one foot free as I was propelled out of the store…past the customers, past the displays, out the door and into the parking lot hell, I was almost being dragged across the lot to his car! I was pushed against the front fender, he took the purse away and tossed in the front seat then ordered me to go get my panties. They were laying part way across the parking lot. When I got back to the car he said (loud enough for the 5 or 6 guys that were watching), “You’re nothing but a god damned slut Bobbie!” then grabbing a handful of my hair, turned me around and pushed me over the fender, raised my skirt to bare my backside and started to spank me! It wasn’t too long but damn did it sting like hell! Once my ass was on fire he grabbed my hair again saying, “You just wait til I get you home…when I’m done you won’t be doing any fucking for about a week let alone sitting!” connected with another good slap, opened the door and propelled me into the front seat. When we were out of the parking lot I moved beside him and tried to cuddle; Jack pushed me away saying, “Get over there and put your damned panties on you little slut!” I obeyed, got back into my panties and leaned against the door; making the rest of the trip in silence and tears. I’d disappointed him, all of my cheeks were stinging and I was sitting there with my legs pulled up leaking cum…none of it his.He pulled right into the garage and came to my side to get me out – roughly – then pointed me toward the patio door and ordered, “Now…get your ass down to the game room NOW! I’ll be down to deal with you in a couple of minutes slut.” And pushed me hard! I stumbled in the heels but got moving; I had to pee pretty anyway! When I was finished I went to stand by the pool table; I’d peeked in the mirror and looked like shit. it was bad enough that my makeup was smeared and my hair was a mess but the tears hadn’t helped at all. I waited, straightened my stockings, hiked the garter belt back up and adjusted my bra. My cheeks still stung a little, from the slaps and I was trembling all over.When Jack entered the game room he walked directly to the table, put down the paddle and then turned and pinned me against it. I tried to talk but was told to ‘shut up’ and listen. It was explained that he was sick of this, would have no more of it and I was ‘about to get a pretty damned good paddling’. “Bend escort bursa over the pool table…spread your feet a little and take one step back each!” to add emphasis to this he grabbed my shoulder and turned me then shoved me down hard as hell. I went down with a squeal. I could feel my backside and thighs quivering but couldn’t stop it! My skirt was folded up my back, my panties were pulled down enough to bare my quivering bottom, he placed his hand in the small of my back, pushing down hard and I was given the first hard whack!Shit! the pain raced up my back and exploded in my brain as I just howled!Maybe 10 minutes later I was a kicking bawling howling mass of tears, my backside felt like I had been hit with a flamethrower and I was mostly laying on the pool table rolling (trying to) from side to side as he gave me the last few hard whacks across the very bottom of my cheeks! He grabbed my arm, stood me up then gave me a few more as I danced in place and howled in pain. Paddle in one hand, bawling brat in the other, he marched me to the stairs and ordered, “Get your ass to the bedroom NOW!” I didn’t have to be told twice. I limped up 2 flights crying and snotting all the way, into the bedroom and stood waiting while rubbing and clinching my VERY sore and bruised little bottom. I only thought I was a mess before! I didn’t see any tissues so I used the skirt to blow my noise and wipe some of the drool. Feeling gently between my cheeks I could feel little rows of bruises…and a few big ones! No wonder I was having trouble walking…that was tender as hell! I held the skirt up and rubbed my ass, the only thing that seemed to do was make it hurt a lot more. Jack entered the bedroom walked over to me and shoved me backwards so that I sprawled on the bed. I rolled onto my stomach but he grabbed me and rolled me back over, “Lay on that sore bottom you little slut!” I obeyed! I watched him undress…he turned off the overhead light and turned on the bedside one. He then straddled me, pulled me up on the bed, slapped me twice then went to work…my blouse was ripped open then mostly off…he pulled at the waistband of the skirt until it ripped then ripped it off too. He moved up then moved me up more so that both of us were about in the middle of the bed. He grabbed my ankles and then leaned forward as he put them over his shoulders, pushed up until I was almost bent double, found the still gaping opening of my cunt and penetrated me harder than ever before (except maybe the first time) then drove his cock in until I screamed! Once in, he just started fucking away good and hard! I gasped, I squealed, I cried more and I begged him to stop until he finally did. After shooting a nice big load deep in me he smiled and leaned down, “Is that what you wanted?” I had my arms around his neck. Pulling him closer I opened my mouth and we shared a very long kiss of red hot passion, grinding our mouths together and trying to suck each others lungs out. Once we came up for air I answered breathlessly, “Yes lover…fuck yes…damn that was good!” we shared another long wet kiss then I said, “maybe next time less paddle…I’m not gonna’ be able to sit on Monday…now please get off, I can’t breathe?”He rolled off, took my shaking hand and squeezed it hard; I took it and placed it down close to my clit saying, “that’s what you did baby.” As he ran his fingers around in the little puddle of cum on my tummy. He got out of bed…gave me a nice little kiss, “I’ll be right back slut…I forgot to bring the wine up…Happy Birthday.”

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