Birthday Party for Ann


John wanted to celebrate his wife Ann’s birthday a little different than they ever had. A month before her birthday, he starting making plans for her to have a birthday party that she’d never forget. He knew he wanted to have the party the weekend before her actual birthday, so he made several phone calls and made the arrangements. John knew his wife was very bisexual because they’d previously had sex with another couple, so he had to make sure there was a bi-female at her party.

John made sure his buddy Richard had a key to the house, and asked everyone to be there by 10:15 PM. Everyone was instructed to park down the street at the school, there were always vehicles parked there, so he knew Ann wouldn’t be suspicious of anything.

John took Ann out for a candlelight dinner at a very romantic restaurant. After dinner, they sat and talked and had a few drinks. It was a little before 10 PM, and Ann excused herself to go to the ladies room, John used this opportunity to call Richard to make sure everything was going as planned. When Ann returned to the table, there was a drink waiting for her, she said that she would like to head home after this drink, as she was very horny.

On the way home, Ann started getting very frisky, and talking about some fantasies. As she talked, he knew he had planned the perfect surprise for her. When they arrived home, John was a little concerned, because he only saw one car parked down the street at the school, but decided not to worry about it because Richard had told him everything was under control.

When they got to the porch, John took Ann in his arms and kissed her very passionately, unfastened her bra, and unbuttoned her blouse, the porch was dark, and Ann didn’t care. John knew he needed to get his wife inside before things went any further on the porch. They went straight to the bedroom and got un-dressed; Ann sat down on the bed right in front of John’s already erect cock, took it in her mouth and sucked on his cock while he fondled her breasts. After a few minutes she said that she’d like to be ankara moldovyalı escortlar tied up. John already had plans to tie her up and blindfold her, so when she mentioned that, it was perfect. She laid down on the bed, and John pulled the straps from under the bed, tied her up and blindfolded her, which she wasn’t expecting, but didn’t protest. He left the room saying he’d be back in a minute, because he needed to get some water. As he went into the kitchen to get the water, he knew it was going to be a perfect night, when he saw everyone he’d invited. He turned on the water, so Ann wouldn’t get suspicious or hear them talking. After he filled the glass with water, he left the kitchen, and turned on the stereo.

As John entered the bedroom, and put the glass on the nightstand, Ann said she wanted to suck his cock, so he straddled her face. After a couple minutes, he pulled away and went down between her legs and starting eating her pussy, she was moaning very loudly and John knew it wouldn’t be long before the others would be joining them, a few more licks and he stopped, she protested until he stuck his cock in her pussy and she screamed with pleasure. After several thrusts, he pulled out and straddled her face, as she earnestly sucked his cock; Richard entered the room and began eating her pussy. She didn’t even stop what she was doing, she didn’t care who was eating her she was just enjoying what was happening. After a few minutes John adjusted his body as if to get into the 69 position, suddenly there were two tongues between her legs, and John’s cock in her mouth, both her breasts were being sucked on, and someone was putting a pillow underneath her to raise her ass off the bed. John knew that Ann was wondering who all these people were, and that she was going to stop sucking him, before she had the chance, he forced his cock deeper into her mouth. He wasn’t about to let her say anything because he knew she was enjoying what was going on.

As Ann lay on the bed, having her pussy eaten by two people, sucking John’s cock, she ankara ukraynalı escortlar was trying to figure out who was there. John let Ann suck his cock a few more times, then abruptly pulled away, before Ann could protest, there was a pussy in her face, and just as John suspected, his very bi wife was eating the pussy that Tammy had put in her face without hesitation. Ann could feel someone playing with her ass, she was in heaven, wondering how all this was happening. Before she could figure anything out, one of the two people that were eating her pussy stopped, and a cock was being thrust into her pussy, she knew it was John’s. She gave up trying to figure out who was doing what, figuring she’d find out later when the blindfold came off. Ann was moaning so loudly, John knew she was about to have the biggest of her many orgasms of the night, so he decided it was time for her legs to be untied so Richard could get underneath her and stick his cock in her ass. She winced when Richard entered her ass, but recognized the cock because his cock had been in her ass before. With John in her pussy, Richard in her ass, Tammy’s pussy in her mouth and both her breasts being sucked on as if she was breast-feeding twins Ann couldn’t stop trembling. John felt her pussy muscles tighten. He couldn’t hold back anymore. As he squirted his cum into her pussy he knew Richard was squirting his cum in her ass. Tammy was screaming so loud John knew Tammy had cum in Ann’s mouth. Ann was shaking so much she had to stop eating Tammy’s pussy. When she could speak she asked to be untied and have the blindfold removed from her eyes.

Richard and John simultaneously pulled their cocks out of Ann. The two people that had been sucking on Ann’s breasts freed her hands. John sat Ann up and Richard told her to close her eyes and he would remove the blindfold. As Richard removed the blindfold John promptly covered Ann’s eyes with his hand giving everyone time to move to the end of the bed. John removed his hand. The look on Ann’s face was one that John had never seen before as ankara minyon tipli escortlar she saw her cousin Steve and his wife Amy standing there. Ann didn’t know what to say. She crawled over to the nightstand, took a drink of water, then lay back on the bed and curled up in the fetal position. Ann had mentioned Steve and Amy while she and John were making love before, but never thought it would happen.

As everyone sat on the bed talking, Ann was still in shock that Steve and Amy were there. While everyone was talking John admitted to Ann that he had overheard Steve and Amy saying that they’d like to join them in bed at their Cousin Mike’s wedding. He pulled them aside and told them that he’d heard their conversation and would like to include them in her birthday surprise. Hearing all this was making Ann very horny again. She grabbed Steve’s cock and started sucking on it. Amy said she wanted to eat Ann’s pussy while Steve fucked her somewhat doggy style so she could also lick his cock. Ann stopped sucking Steve’s cock just long enough to tell Amy to shut up and do it. Amy laid down the bed and Steve positioned Ann above her face so Amy could eat Ann and he could fuck her. Steve barely had his cock in Ann and she was screaming with pleasure.

John loves seeing Ann being fucked by another guy just as Ann loves seeing John fuck another woman. With Ann being fucked by her cousin, John took Tammy and had her lie on her back right next to Ann and started eating her pussy. Ann started fondling her breasts. Richard stuck his cock in Tammy’s mouth. Tammy was sucking so furiously that Richard came in her mouth within a few minutes. John stopped eating Tammy’s pussy and started fucking her. Ann was still being eaten by Amy and fucked by Steve. When Ann saw John fucking Tammy and heard Tammy moaning, she climaxed. When she did she was moaning so much that it sent John right over the edge and he squirted his cum inside Tammy, which caused Tammy to climax as well. Ann crawled away from everyone again.

Everyone agreed that they had a lot of fun but it was time for them to go. John convinced everyone that they should stay for the night and leave in the morning. After all there were plenty of places for everyone to sleep. Richard and Tammy would be sleeping with John and Ann in their bed. Steve and Amy went upstairs and went to bed.

The End.

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