birthday present


birthday presentI cummed to this story few times…To this day I still can’t believe my boyfriend talked me into it. I never thought things would turn out the way they did. I guess I just want to blame someone else, when in fact, I just let things get carried away. The thing is, even though I know it’s wrong, I’m not sorry it happened. I guess I’m getting a little ahead of myself, I should start at the beginning. My younger brother Tom was turning 18 years old and I was trying to think of an appropriate gift. Between the apartment and the car, there was very little money left over for non-essentials. I asked my boyfriend if he had any ideas. He thought for a few minutes then got this real big grin on his face. “I’ve got the perfect idea,” he said. “It’s a gift I know he’d love to get and would never expect to receive.” He told me his idea. To say I was shocked put it mildly. “You want me to strip in front of my brother! How can you even suggest such a thing?” He just laughed, “Geez, when did you turn into such a prude. I didn’t suggest that you to have sex with him just tease him a little. You’ve told me how he was always trying to catch you undressed. You know it’s something that he wants. You probably wouldn’t even have to strip completely if you didn’t want. I’ll bet anything that it would be the gift that he would remember for the rest of his life, especially if you stripped completely.” I took a few minutes to calm down and think about it. It wouldn’t cost a thing and he would certainly enjoy it. I wasn’t a prude, but I wasn’t sure I could strip in front of my brother. As I warmed to the idea, I started to rationalize that it wouldn’t be i****t because we wouldn’t be having sex. In fact, it wouldn’t be much different from the time I caught him peaking into the bathroom as I was stepping out of the shower. I smiled at Mark and said, “The gift of a lifetime, good idea.” I called Tom and told him to stop by next Saturday at 8:00 for his birthday gift. I spent the week practicing in front of Mark. He gave me tips and pointers as I practiced my routine. Each evening ended with some of the best sex that we have ever had. That should have concerned me, but to be honest, I was so having so much fun that it never crossed me mind. Finally Saturday night arrived. We placed a chair in the middle of the room and made room in the closet for Mark to hide and watch. “I’m not so sure that it’s a good idea for you to be here,” I told him. “It was my idea. Besides I love watching your routine,” he replied. “I also want to be here so I can fuck your brains out as soon as Tom leaves.” We heard a knock on the door and Mark hid while I let Tom in. “Happy birthday little brother,” I said as I opened the door. He took off his shoes as he entered my apartment. I giggled thinking, that I was the one that was supposed to be stripping not him. He looked at me puzzled, by my giggling. We went to the kitchen chatting. He saw the empty beer cans on the counter and said, “Are you drunk?” “Just a bit tipsy,” I replied. I was nervous and couldn’t stop my endless chatter. I gave him a beer and asked, “Are you ready for your present?” I’m sure he had no idea what was about to happen. I looked like I was conservatively dressed. In fact I had on several layers of clothing. All he could see is that I had on a button down blouse and a skirt that buttoned up the side. “Sure,” he said. “But you really didn’t have to get me anything. I know things are tight.” I took his hand and pulled him into the living room and had him sit in the ‘birthday chair’. I turned my back to him and walked across the room to the stereo. I hesitated wondering if I could actually do this. My hands were shaking, was it excitement or fear, to this day I’m still not sure. I took a deep breath and turned on the music. I paused getting up my nerve, then started to dance and turned around. I glanced at his face and saw a look of confusion. Embarrassed I looked down at the floor and felt my face turn red. I didn’t stop, that would have been even more awkward. The dance was a sultry slow dance. I slowly moved my hips in a suggestive manner. Looking at the floor I was able to pretend that Tom wasn’t there and that I was just practicing. The alcohol I had consumed prior to his arrival also helped me to relax. I took a deep breath as my fingers moved to the top buttons on my blouse. I undid the top two buttons as I slowly swayed to the music. I looked up at Tom again, just to see his reaction. I was stunned by the look in his eyes; it was a look of pure desire. He was taking in every suggestive movement. That was all the encouragement I needed. I unbuttoned the bottom two buttons on my blouse next. His eyes were glued to my breasts in hopes that the remaining buttons would be next. I smiled and slowly undid the bottom two buttons on my skirt. Soon I had only one button left on my top and one button left on my skirt. He was getting to see a lot of skin but I really hadn’t exposed anything yet. I could still stop I told myself, but after looking at the desire in his eyes I knew that stopping really wasn’t an option. He was in my power, mesmerized by my every movement. I undid the final button on my top, but held the blouse closed with my hands. In one smooth, asyabahis yeni giriş well-practiced motion, I let the blouse fall to the floor. I smiled when I saw the look of disappointment in his face when he saw that I was wearing a bikini top. I continued to dance and slowly undid the button holding my skirt on. As the skirt fell to my feet I kicked it up at Tom. Tom admired my green bikini as I danced. I stopped dancing as the song ended, and downed the last of my beer. “Don’t stop,” he pleaded. “It was just getting good.” “Can I get you anything, perhaps another beer?” I hadn’t planned on stopping at this point, but I needed something to drink. I was more turned on than I had ever been, I don’t know why. All I knew was that I needed a drink. “Sure,” he replied. I walked into the kitchen and got us both a beer. Mine was half gone by the time I handed Tom his. The pause between songs on the CD had long since passed. “The music’s started again,” he hinted. I smiled, and started to dance again. It was probably due to the alcohol, but my dancing became even more suggestive and erotic. I danced up to him and shimmied my tits just inches from his face. I moved back a few steps and continued with my routine. I slowly slid one strap off my shoulder. A few moments later I slipped off the other shoulder strap. Tom was enthralled. I saw him fidgeting and looked down at his lap and noticed a big bulge. He saw me look and his face turned red. The bikini top was still held in place by the clasp around my back. I moved my hands down and made it look like I was going to pull down my bikini bottoms. I watched Tom as he continued to fidget even more. When I looked at his bulge I suddenly knew why. His cock was trying to rise to the occasion, but it was trapped by his shorts and was growing down his leg. He was obviously uncomfortable. I’m not sure what came over me, but I danced up to him and said, “Stand up.” He refused, so I took hold of his hands and pulled him out of the chair. In one quick movement I undid the clasp and yanked, his shorts fell around his ankles. His cock sprang to attention now that it was no longer restrained. His boxers did little to hide the bulge of his cock. I pushed him down into the chair and asked, “Is that better?” “ummm, yeah,” he stammered. “Much better actually.” I bent down in front of him, giving him a good view of my cleavage. I pulled his shorts the rest of the way off. I gave them a twirl and tossed them across the room. I continued my dance, moving one hand behind my back to the clasp on my bikini top. I undid the clasp but held it in place by putting my free arm across my breasts. His eyes were begging me to move my arm. I gave him a big smile and flung my top at him. He tried to catch it but his attention was elsewhere. He thought he was going to see my tits but he was wrong, kind of anyway. I had on one of my sheer bras. I had cut off the shoulder straps so he wouldn’t know it was there. I smiled as I saw the look on his face. I was still covered, but I knew he could see the dark skin of my areola and my hard nipples though the thin material. Another song ended and he shouted, “Don’t stop, please I beg you, don’t stop.” I continued to dance. My tits were swaying more freely, bobbing and swaying with my every movement. His eyes were glued to my nipples. My smile faltered when I looked down at his lap. I expected to see the bulge in his boxers. Instead I saw his hard cock jutting out the hole in his boxers. I almost stopped at that point, but when I saw the pre-cum glistening on the tip of his cock, I knew I had to continue. I rubbed my hands across my bra-covered breasts as they moved down to my bikini bottoms. I slipped my fingers under them as I danced. In one quick movement, I slid them down and kicked them over at Tom. They hit him in the face, but he didn’t even try to catch them. His eyes took in the sheer panties I was wearing. The material did little to hide the small triangle of hair beneath. My panties were even more sheer than my bra. I knew he could see my bush as if it wasn’t even covered. I danced a little more quickly so he wouldn’t get too good a view of my pussy lips. “Oh, my God,” I heard him utter. I continued to dance turning so he was looking at my ass. I bent over at the waist, which gave him a good view of the outline of my pussy lips. What I didn’t know, was that I was so wet that the material had become completely see-through and he could see my pussy completely. I was down to my last two pieces of clothing, but I knew I wouldn’t stop. I noticed that he had pulled his T-shirt down to cover the fact that he was stroking his cock. I danced up to him, shaking my tits inches from his face. In one quick movement I grabbed his shirt and yanked it over his head, ripping it off of him. “Hey!” he exclaimed. “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander,” I laughed. I continued to dance, enjoying his discomfort. His hand was wrapped around the shaft of his rigid cock. The red tip was glistening with pre-cum. His face was almost as red as his cock. I moved my right hand behind my back to the clasp of my sheer bra. I covered my breasts with my left arm as I unclasped the bra. My arm still covered my tits as I tossed the bra asyabahis giriş across the room with my free hand. I put a hand over each breast as I danced up to him. When I was standing right in front of the chair I dropped my arms exposing my tits to my brother. My breasts swayed and jiggled as I bent in front of him letting them dangle freely. “They’re beautiful,” he whispered. “Better than I had ever dreamed.” “Stand up,” I commanded. He stood slowly, his eyes never leaving my hard rosy nipples. His cock was still pointing at me through the hole in his boxers. I quickly put my hands in the waistband and pulled them down, then pushed him back into his chair laughing. I stared at his glistening cock and balls as he bent forward and removed his socks, he was now completely naked! I put my hands in the waistband of my sheer panties and started slowly pulling them down as I swayed to the music. My neatly trimmed bush slowly came into view. I smiled because he didn’t know where to look, his gaze shifted between my bouncing breasts and my pussy that was slowly being exposed. In one quick well-practiced motion, I slid them down and kicked them off. I continued to dance in front of him, both of us completely nude. I turned around and bent at the waist and looked at him through my spread legs. I knew this position exposed me completely. I stood and danced over to the chair. I stopped and stood straddling the chair. I could feel his hot breath on my nipples since they were just fractions of an inch away from his face. I jumped when I felt his tongue dart out and lick my nipple. It was like I an electric shock. My pussy became even wetter. I couldn’t move away. A few seconds later he sucked my whole nipple in his mouth. I moaned audibly as I backed away. I saw my breast stretch since he was still sucking on my nipple. My breast bounced wildly when my nipple came free. I looked down at my brother; this really hadn’t gone the way I expected. I planned on finishing by giving him a lap dance. Making him cum in his shorts. I didn’t dare give him a lap dance when he was naked, did I? I was too caught up in the moment to stop. I straddled the chair when I danced back to Tom. I looked into his eyes and saw the lust on his face as I lowered myself onto his knees. He reached for my tits and started fondling them as I slowly slid forward. I was very careful to make sure that I trapped his cock between us, firmly sandwiched between our bellies. I leaned back slightly allowing his hands better access to my tits. At the same time my clit rubbed across the shaft of his cock. “Oh, yes,” I moaned and started moving my hips so my clit would rub up and down his hard shaft. Toms lips found mine and we kissed deeply, our tongues entwining. My movements became faster and faster, I was about to cum. I was losing control and Tom knew it. Before I knew what was happening he moved his hands to my waist and lifted me off his lap. Suddenly I felt the tip of his cock at the entrance to my pussy and I broke the kiss. I tried to tell him, “No, stop.” But, before I could make a sound he let me drop and I felt his cock enter my wet pussy. “Uhhhh, Ohhhh, yes,” I moaned instead. “You feel fantastic,” he said. “You don’t know how long I’ve fantasized about this.” He started thrusting, his cock sinking deeper and deeper with each stroke. The feel of my brother’s cock sliding deep, pushed me over the edge. “Oh my God, ohhh my Goddddd,” I chanted as my orgasm approached. I hugged him tightly as I came hard, my body bucking wildly as the orgasm ripped through me. When I caught my breath I realized that I was sitting on my brothers lap with his cock buried deep in my pussy. I slowly started moving up and down on his cock thinking “I can’t believe that I’m actually fucking my brother!” I looked into his eyes and said, “Fuck me Tom. Fuck me hard!” He started thrusting his cock into my pussy faster and faster. He was slamming into me when he announced, “I’m going to cum. Yesssss, I’m fucking my sister and I’m going to fill her with my cum.” He wrapped his arms around me and held me tight as he thrust deep one last time. I felt his cum splashing inside me as he held me on his lap unable to move. I kissed him deeply as his body spasmed and twiched as his cock shot spurt after spurt of his sperm into me. We were both panting and I collapsed forward wrapping my arms around him. After the realization hit me I panted, “Oh, my God, what have I done? I’ve let my brother fuck me!” I tried to get slid off him, but he held me tight. His twitching cock still filling me with cum. “Not yet,” he whispered. He was a lot stronger than I am, so I just sat there with my brother’s cock wedged in my pussy, waiting for him to release me. I felt his cock start to soften and shrink. Unable to move I just sat there and as he sucked on my tits, lightly biting my nipples. Finally I felt his cock slip out of pussy. I slid off his lap and kneeled in front of him. “Did you like your present, little brother?” I asked. “God yes! It was incredible.” I looked him in the eyes saying, I enjoyed it too. I spread his legs and leaned forward. I lightly grasp his cock and licked its length with my tongue. I then sucked his soft cock into my mouth licking off the asyabahis güvenilirmi cum. His hands found my breasts and started fondling them. “Mmmm,” that feels nice I murmured as I let his cock slip from my mouth. I started slowly licking from his balls to the tip of his cock. “That feels awesome, you’re a great cocksucker.” After about 10 minutes he was hard and ready for action. I stood, took his hand and we walked back into the bedroom. I could feel his cum oozing out of my cunt and down my legs as we walked. “I want you to fuck me again. I need to feel your hard cock in me now!” I said. I pulled him onto the bed and he immediately rolled me on my back climbing between my legs. I felt the tip of his cock at the entrance to my pussy and moaned loudly when the bulbous head slid inside. Tom started fucking me with long slow strokes as I wrapped my legs around his back locking him in place. “Yes, fuck me little brother, I want more of your cum in me. I need you fill me again.” Passion and lust had taken over. “My God, you’re great, I’m going to fill you with cum again. Yes, I’m going to impregnate you!” He lowered his mouth to mine and kissed me passionately while he slowly increased his pace. He broke the kiss as his pace became frantic, I knew he was close to cumming. “Yes, cum in me, I want to have your baby!” I cried out. I was on the pill so I wasn’t worried about getting pregnant. As long as it was his birthday, I might as well go along with his fantasy. I started bucking against him and cried out “Oh, my God, I’m cumming”. My orgasm must have pushed him over the edge because he plunged deep and held himself there, filling me with squirt after squirt of his i****tuous cum. He lay on top of me for a few minutes. I knew from the last time that he wanted to savor the feeling of having his cock buried deep in his sister. I just lay under him, kissing him passionately. When I felt his cock slip out he sighed and rolled off onto his back. I rolled on my side, my breast laying on his chest and said, “I hope you enjoyed your birthday present little brother.” All he could do was grin widely. Suddenly I remembered that Mark was still in the closet. I looked over at the clock, it was 9:20. I told Tom he had to leave. He protested, but I told him that my boyfriend Mark was supposed to come over at 9:30. I laughed as he shot out of bed, and raced to the living room to get his clothes. I walked out, still naked, and watched him dress hurriedly. I walked him to the door and let him feel me up one last time as we kissed good-bye. As soon as the door closed, the closet door flew open. Mark was standing there completely naked with a raging hard-on. I ran to his arms and we kissed hotly, we ran to the bedroom and jumped onto the bed. He rolled me on my back. I expected him to stick his cock in me and start pumping, instead he put his face between my legs. His tongue went to work lapping. “Ohhh my God, that’s incredible. Don’t stop,” I begged. His tongue alternated from lapping at my pussy, flicking my clit, and plunging into my open pussy. “Yes, eat my bothers cum,” I instructed. I came twice before he finished eating the last of my brothers cum out of my pussy. He climbed between my open legs, his hard cock positioned at my sloppy entrance. He thrust forward sinking his cock to the root in one quick motion, causing us both to moan loudly. All I could do was hold on, as his cock pistoned in and out of my cunt. “You were incredible,” he grunted. “I’ve never seen something that erotic in all my life.” He was grunting and moaning, completely out of control. “Yes, fuck me, I want you to mix your cum with my brother’s,” I begged. “Ohhhh, I’m going to cum again!” A few strokes later his body stiffened and he rammed his cock deep. I felt his cum praying into me, mixing with my brother’s. He collapsed, and rolled over on his side. I could feel his cum dripping out of my wide-open pussy. “I’ve never been that excited,” he said. “I couldn’t believe my eyes when you let your brother fuck you.” I didn’t say anything; I just let him continue to ramble. It was reassuring to hear that I wasn’t the only one that was excited by the turn of events. After a few minutes of talking I told him that he had to leave. He protested but I told him that I was tired and had to come to grips with everything that happened. He dressed and I walked him to the door. I let him feel me up one last time, just like my brother, as we kissed goodnight. I walked back to the bedroom and lay down, thinking. My hand found its way to my dripping pussy, I put a finger in and brought it to my lips and licked it clean. Eventually I fell asleep, but not before reaching the following conclusion. I was an adult, my brother was an adult and I was on the pill so I couldn’t get pregnant. What was the problem? I decided there wasn’t one. We were all consenting adults. The next morning my Mom called. I was suddenly afraid that Tom let something slip. I didn’t tell him not to tell anyone, I thought it was obvious. I was relieved when she said, “Tom told us that you gave him some beers last night for his birthday. You know that he isn’t 21 and not old enough to drink. You should have at least used some common sense and had him sleep over instead of letting him drive home drunk. What were you thinking?” I almost burst out laughing. I grinned, thinking about what would happen as I said, “From now on if I ever give him something to drink, I’ll make sure he sleeps over.” I hung up and I began to plan for my brother’s next visit.

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