Birthday Surprise


I awoke the morning of Dec 6th and hoped everything went well, It was my wife Billy’s birthday, and if all went the way I had play it out in my head she would remember this one forever.

A couple of days earlier we were playing an online card game with Jon and Mark. They were couple of guys we met online. We had chatted quite a bit and even exchanged pictures so if we ran into each other we would know. Without looking at the calendar, well without Billy looking out the calendar we invited them over to play cards on Friday night. I waited until the next day and glanced at the calendar and said we have a problem Friday is your birthday. Billy stood quietly then said that is not really a problem we normally would be home watching TV by the time Jon and Mark would be getting here anyway. We should keep our card game planned and not mention my birthday.

Friday came and when Billy got home from work I had a candle light dinner waiting and handed her a small box containing a necklace she had been eyeing at the local store. She smiled and thanked me for the present and dinner. Then said we need to get ready Jon and Mark will be here in like 2 hours, I don’t think I even have time to change out of these work clothes. I grinned and thought this was perfect. I knew she would have changed into something more comfortable to play cards with friends ankara escort bayan but she looked great in the black skirt and maroon blouse she had on. I cleaned up the dinner stuff and set out some snacks for the card game.

Mark and Jon arrived and we sat down at the card table both had came in with a soda from the store down the street so it was about an hour into the game before Billy noticed Jon had an empty cup and offered drinks. Mark asked what we had and as Billy said we have beer and a few sodas. I added I have a bottle of tequila in the car it is Billy’s birthday and I thought we could have a drink to celebrate. As Billy glared at me Mark said that sounds like a good idea.

After a few more hands and half the bottle we moved to the living room and I sat next to Billy on the couch Mark sat down next to her. Jon sat in the chair. Billy’s blouse was showing a little more than she would normally show but the alcohol was letting her open up some. I took this opportunity to get the evening going in the direction I had planned, I excused my self and went to the restroom. When I returned Jon had took my spot on the couch. Billy looked at me and smirked. She then put a hand on each Mark and Jon’s crotch grapping there cocks though their jeans and said I believe my husband is trying to get me to open my present. They both ankara bayan escort jumped but quickly realized I was watching with a smile.

Billy then began to make out with both, a she started to relax Mark unbuttoned her blouse to expose her large breasts and Jon ran his hand up her thigh. His hand had disappeared under the line of her skirt but I could tell he had just inserted a finger into her pussy from the look of ecstasy on her face. By this time she had managed to unzip their pants and was jerking both of them off. Mark stood up looked over at me as if to ask for permission then he slid his dick into Billy’s mouth. Jon must have inserted another finger because Billy’s eyes let up, she moaned loudly, and took all of mark down her throat. Mark stepped back to compose himself and Jon swung Billy around so she was now lying on the couch and pushed her skirt up around her waste. He spread her legs and eased his dick into her pussy as she began to moan Jon crouched above her head with one leg on the floor and pushed his dick down into her mouth. Watching this was more than I could take, I unzipped my pants and began to rub my dick. The louder Billy moaned the faster Jon pumped his cock in and out of her pussy and the harder I became. This all must have been too much for Mark. He started to twitch and pulled is dick out of Billy’s ankara escort bayanlar mouth shooting his load as he did, leaving it allover her face and chin.

Billy started to reach for the blanket on the back of the couch to wipe her face but before she had the chance Jon grabbed her arm and guided her to the floor on her hands and knees facing me. He then moved behind her and slid his cock into her ass. Watching my wife being fucked in the ass, while cum began to drip off her face was more than I could handle. I stood up and moved over in front of her forcing my dick into her throat. Mark and I rocked her back and forth while she trembled in ecstasy. The rhythm we had created was closer then I thought, we both pulled out at the same time and as I watched Mark shoot cum on her ass and up her back I added to what was left dripping from her face.

Billy fell to the floor exhausted, after lying there for a few minutes she excused herself to clean up. Mark and Jon got dressed and got ready to leave. I walked them to the door and said we should get together again. They both stuttered ands replied yes anytime just let us know. I was sitting n the couch watching TV when Billy returned fro the shower. She smiled and said did it go as you planned. I replied, I don’t think I could have written it much better did you enjoy. She gave me that like you have to ask look as I stood up and walk over to the plant shelf in the corner of the living room and moved one of the plants to expose the camcorder I had hid to record the evening. I ejected the tape handed it to Billy, grinned and said happy birthday. . .

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