Birthday Swap


*Yes, this story is true. Enjoy.

Jen and I had been together for just a few weeks. Her angry frustration and curiosity from 6 years of being married to a man who cheated on her constantly funneled into a willingness to join me in finding mischief. Her former pageant winning smile warmly turned up when she realized I had remembered her birthday.

I made a bold move and asked if she would be willing to try a full swap tonight. She was cautious but curious. I reminded her that if she felt uncomfortable at any point we could bail. One of the greatest things about Jen was her willingness to try new things and her lack of rules. Some couples have no cuming inside or no kissing rules and I understand why those couples want to avoid the ping of insecurity, hurt, and jealousy while watching their lover share an intimate moment with another person, but those pings can make the experience all the richer.

I hit up a long term friend of mine named Mike and his gorgeous wife through a swinger website. He and I worked together years ago and saw each other’s profiles on the website a month ago. Since we had last seen each other he had gotten married and into swinging with a lovely little vixen with beautiful bronze skin and curly brown hair. They jumped at the idea of supporting our celebration with a little house party at their place. With my last partner it took several swinging fails before we got it right so I hoped it would go better this time but I rolled the dice. No risk, no reward.

Jen and I showed up at their house like a couple coming for a house warming party. We paused ankara bayan escortlar outside where the darkness was beaten away by a porch light, and we squeezed our hands together in light embrace, eagerly anticipating the new journey on the concrete steps of a new path for us.

Mike and his wife hugged us warmly and my cock stirred a little when I saw that Mike’s wife already had a slight devious smile from starting drinking before we arrived. We caught up with small talk and passed the liquor around. As customary the women drank while the men sipped. Everyone loves when a bit of vodka helps wash out a woman’s inhibitions but whiskey dick serves neither sex. Cards came out and Mike suggested we play a game of kings which is similar to Mao. The goal was to use up all the cards in your hand by matching number or suite but each time you played a royal card you got to make up a new rule.

Jen was getting a little beyond tipsy and her competitiveness started to show. While the rest of us slowly but smoothly made the rules more sexual she was so focused on winning that she was missing the true victory we were all after through the game. Mike’s wife finally got impatient and made the rule that Jen had to kiss her and then seized her face in deep embrace helping Jen forget all about winning.

The ladies let their hands shot quickly to flesh and thighs and then Mike’s wife turned Jen’s head to Mike’s waiting mouth who pulled her out of the chair and pressed her against the wall as they began to kiss. Mike’s wife turned to me and it didn’t take me long for our lips to ankara seksi escortlar touch and our hands to explore. She started to unbutton my pants as I watched Jen against the wall, her head back in pleasure, legs spread wide as Mike finger fucked her through at least one squirting orgasm. I smiled as his wife’s warm mouth engulfed my cock as I watched the puddle of Jen’s squirting sex spreading on their hardwood floor.

Soon Jen’s breasts were pressed against the wall with her butt eagerly beckoning Mike’s first thrust. I turned my attention to his wife and tore off her pants and panties to get a sweet taste of her sex while she watched her husband rail out my girlfriend.

We moved into the living room and I was quickly thankful for the soft carpet as Mike’s wife lay down and I slid into her sex. Soon we were all fucking next to each other, my cock violently attacking his wife while Mike used Jen for his pleasure. His wife orgasmed a second time as she reached her arm out to run her fingers over Jen. The girls rolled on top of one another, kissing and fondling each other while we thrusted away.

Mike took a break and I followed suit. I sat back and watched the girls climb on top of each other, making out while Mike’s wife straddled Jen. The sight of their pussies one on top of the other was too erotic to go untouched and I knelt behind them, sticking my tongue in Mike’s wife first and then leaning down to lick Jen’s. I immersed myself in the subtle differences of their sweet nectars mixed with the faint taste of condom. I was very thankful that I had chosen to bayan ankara escort bring banana flavored condoms. It was a wise choice on my part, especially as my tongue hungerly dove inside their sweet sex.

I looked at Mike who was chilling on the couch to see if I needed to share, and when he continued to sit there, I took advantage of the helpless vaginas held down by the women’s embrace and slid my cock in Jen first, rocking her as my hands explored the woman above her. I watched as she stared in Jen’s eyes, enjoying the pressure and orgasmic buildup of the woman underneath her being fucked.

Soon it was her turn and my cock switched from one pussy to the other, thrusting into her while Jen lay beneath, unable to move. I made Jen roll over turned so she was face down on the rug and threw Mike’s wife on top, spreading her legs and thrusting inside. My cock slid into Mike’s hungry wife’s cunt, and I pounded away, each thrust hard and firm to shove Jen’s body into the carpet through the woman on top of her, as Mike lay back watching me dominate his wife as she came violently on my cock for the fifth or sixth time.

I pulled off and offered Mike my Jen in appreciation for his wife’s twitching orgasm, but he smiled and gave me the thumbs up to just go for it so I turned Jen around. Tearing the constraining condom from my cock I slid into Jen’s pussy and pulled Mike’s wife’s face next to clit for a closer look and then a nice taste as I rocked my hips back and forth. She replaced her tongue with her fingers, rhythmically rubbing Jen’s clit while I slowly grinded my cock into Jen, making her squirt again, soaking the carpet and encouraging my release deep inside her. We kissed. We smiled. We thanked our friends with wobbly legs and the scent of sex surrounding our disarrayed bodies and left, smiling and holding hands just like when we had come in.

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