Birthday Video


Birthday VideoMissy decides to make C a video he will never forget…The meeting had been set a couple of weeks earlier as usual we arrange to meet at our usual Cardiff hotel.This time though I have taken my full array of very sexy underwear (this is very unusual as Mister likes me never to wear panties — but this meeting has special meaning and is for a special purpose)Mick meets me in the bar — we have such a great rapport now — we just turn up and fall straight into our passionate caring relationship…We will literally do anything for each other……………….I have asked Mick specifically for his help with this small project to give C a wake up call or finally make a huge decision that needs to be made…..We finish the bottle of wine and then go up to our room — Mick is already checked in so we just have my oversize suitcase to take with us…Jokingly Mick says how long you are here for babe — as long as you want me – I say…………….As always the lift ride involves a very passionate welcoming kiss…. we hate to break as the lift arrives at our floor…..Mick opens the door for me and I feel at home already — the sensation of being totally relaxed with each other just makes this the most natural thing in the world…….I sit of the bed as Mick lifts the case on to the bed —-So Missy he says what is it you want me to do???Two things please babe –I say —First —- take pictures of me in my underwear posing for you!!!I can do that he says with a huge cheesy grin!!!!!Next you have to make love to me —- but we have to film it all!!!Can I ask why –Mick says…To give to C on his 50th B’day — it’s going to make him realise what he is going to lose if he is not very careful — he has decisions to make!!!!I strip of in front of Mick who has his camera ready for me — can I help he asks???? I say if you help we will never get this done!! We both laugh………..My first set of Lingerie is a Silk Basque – Black –Black stockings and tiny Silk G string — which cuts up into my wet pussy lips…Mick sets me in many different poses on the chair — on the bed against the brick wall — even some of me kneeling pulling the g string to the side showing my bum hole and open pussy lips ..I change several Times, Mick is so patient taking each picture as though he was a real pro!!2 hours Later we have used all of my underwear and Mick has used up his battery on the camera — Just in time!!!!Mick is ready for me as he puts the camera down and joins me on the bed —- he straddles my stomach and bends to isveçbahis yeni giriş kiss me —- my hands go behind his neck and pull him down on to me —- he has removed his shirt but still has his jeans on —- his hard cock is so visible and as he lies on me — he takes the weight on his elbows — I feel his hardness rub in to my soaking mound,,,,I honestly never thought I could get this wet by just posing for pictures — but the fact I am posing for Mick and he is manoeuvring my body into such erotic positions makes it all so much more sensual …..My nipples drag across his chest making my clit buzz with sensations…..Mick rolls off me and I automatically roll straight onto him sitting on his stomach —- his hands cup my breasts sitting in my bra — I reach round and unclip my bra — Mick takes the weight of my breasts I ease the bra off and throw it to the floor —- now he has my nipples between his thumbs and forefingers — rolling and pulling them at the same time —- my wet pussy is now soaking — leaking onto his jeansI reach behind me as he plays my nipples and breasts to perfection — I unbutton his jeans and slide my hand into reach his hot throbbing cock — I ease him out…….He wants to play my nipples longer but he wants me to get his cock properly hard and thoroughly wet!! In my mouth —-I turn round still sitting on his stomach —- I push Mick’s Jeans down his thighs — he kicks them off — my bum comes up of his stomach as I lean forward wanting to taste his gathering pre cum — as my bum comes off his stomach Mick’s fingers ease my G-string to the side —– I shudder as he runs his fingers from my bum hole all the way to my clit —— fuck I want — no — I need his fingers inside me…..I exaggerate my position by forcing my bum up toward his face as I take the tip of his cock in my mouth — mmmm –the taste is incredible — the clear pre cum is my favourite !!!!!Mick works 3 fingers deep inside my pussy — finger fucking me toward my second Orgasm — I didn’t show it — I thought Mick would say I was silly — but my first orgasm was when he held me tight and kissed me in the bar as we met after 3 months !!!!!.Suddenly I feel Mick remove his fingers — awwwww — but then I feel his finger rip off my g string !!!!! He never did like panties !!! HeheheMick slides further under me into a 69 position — his hot breath is on my pussy lips — OMG —- his tongue feels so good as it works inside me —- teasing and playing my soaking pussy —- I know isveçbahis giriş my pussy is swollen as I feel so horny …..The teasing goes on for a while but I almost bite his cock as his tongue leaves my pussy and dives deep inside my bum hole — That immediately takes me over the edge — I gush my creamy love juice onto his chin and chest !!!!My sucking becomes erratic as my pussy pulses through my orgasm — but thankfully I manage to suck Mick long enough to get the tell tale heavy breathing prior to him shooting his load in to my mouth….. as he is cumming he is biting my clit so hard I simply can’t hold back as yet again I gush onto him — Mick is licking and biting me so hard — I finally have to roll away and fall on my back — his cum is all around my mouth and I have swallowed so much already ……We lie there Top and tailed — stroking each others sex — panting and talking in gravely voices —- Mick gets up his still hard cock swinging from side to side —- he gets us a couple of drinks from the mini bar — and joins me again on the bed — As he sits he kisses me !!!We lie there drinking and chatting then I say –one more favour please babe — anything he says !!Take me in my bum !!!!Then he surprises me and says — I will for you babe but not for C !!So no video — you have to want me to take your special hole not because you want C to see you having your bum filled !!!NO video I say !!!! I get up and put the camera away ….This is too precious to me — I need Mick — and he wants me for me — Nothing more !!!!As I climb back onto the bed He pulls me down and kisses me in such away as I have never been kissed before — it is so intense and passionate !!!!!!!!!!!!! As Mick breaks the kiss he kisses down my body — my nipples and breasts — my stomach — my mound — my snatch — and raises my legs getting access to rim my tight almost virgin bum hole !!!!!I roll onto my side and then kneel for him to make his rimming so much easier for him — but mainly so he rims me deeper !!!!!!!!!!!His fingers are working my pussy so well and I burry my face into my pillow —– as he removes his fingers from my pussy he replaces his tongue with his fingers easing them into my tight bum!, 2 ,3 all the way in and all the way out — I know my muscles are relaxed and I’m opening up readying myself for his thick cock !!! God I need his cock in me right now !!!!!He removes his fingers —– he spits in to my open hole –adding a little more lube !!! Wipes his cock along my dribbling slit isveçbahis güvenilirmi —-His knob nudges against my gaping hole — but I’m not wide enough to take his thickness !!! He eases the knob in to me — stretching me tight around his knob !!!I want more as I ease back onto him —- as he passes my muscle it all becomes so much easier !!! Inch after inch glides in to me until I have his balls resting against my pussy lips !!!Mick eases back and takes his cock out !!!!!! I know he is looking into my gapping bum hole still wide open !!!This time he thrusts into me — just what I need —- then he fucks my bum as never before —- no pain at all —my cunt is leaking so much thick cream down my inner thigh and running onto the now soaking wet bed !!!!!As I reach orgasm Mick is seconds behind me and erupts once more this time deep into my Tight ass shaft —- filling me to the brim as he removes himself —- I roll onto my back and we lie there — not a word is spoken !!! We are fulfilled — totally ……………..I get up to go to the loo — I feel his cum rum from me — down my thigh — by the time I get to the loo I have a trail of cum following me !!!!I sit and there is a huge fanny fart !!!!!! Mick is pissing himself on the bed !!!!! It’s not my fault I shout — it’s all your fault —– then as I laugh — each time I laugh there is more fanny farts — I finally stop laughing —- before I pee Mick says now do something for me please Missy — anything I say —-Let’s shower and I want you to piss as I lick your clit !!!!!!!!!Get in the fuckin shower I say laughing —- little does Mick Know I have wanted to do this for years …………………………When I have finished peeing Mick has my pee all over his chin and down over his chest and dripping off his cock and balls ……I came again as I was pissing and he was licking me ….We shower and Mick makes love to me standing — leaning against the shower wall —- when we reach our mutual orgasm — we collapse to the floor of the shower —– seconds later there is a fountain of piss shooting in to the air — I grab Mick’s cock and direct it onto my tits — fuck it feels incredible — I cum again !! Fuck !!!!!!!!!! What else can we teach other –I think — we will try anything together !!!!! ( Except 1 thing — Mick still refuses to let me use my strap on him !!!!!! — Chicken !!! )We make love all night many positions many orgasms — big and small –again our meeting is everything we both need and want — unfortunately we have to go in different directions —I now also have a decision to make —- do I give C the video or not ………………………When Mick gets home he sends me the photo shoot ………… fuck I look amazing ……………….. This will not be shown either —- they are just for me and Mick

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