It’s dark, wooden, old. The two of them stroll up the steps, creaking beneath their feet. Moonie’s heart about to explode from her chest with excitement.

“What is this you guys have planned for me?” she asks.

“What? Don’t trust us?” Gaiden answers, then smiles.

“I trust not to trust you” she jokes.

They come to the top. Golden light shines through the outer edges of the closed door that stood before them. Gaiden opens the door and ushers Moonie inside. Waiting, smiling, ear to ear, is the third part of this trouble making threesome; Angel. Her massive cleavage standing at attention. Sitting elegantly to one side of on what looks like a large old Victorian love seat with red velvet cushion and all the works. In fact, the rest of the room’s interior shares a remarkable similarity. Old Victorian lamps hung off walls. The walls themselves lined in dark red papering. Blood red. But what stands out most in this room is the king sized bed. Again, laced in the color of carnal passion; adorned with small Victorians night stands to either side and sitting on those are more Victorian style lamps. Very Gothic. Ritualistic. Pagan. And not much else. Strange that the large love seat is sitting in the back of this chamber and right by the bed as if in audience for the grand stage. Then Moonie notices the black straps tied to each of the four corners of the bed… as well as the blindfold resting on one of the night stands.

She smiles.

“Planning to have your way with me for my birthday?” Moonie coys.

They both smile.

“I was gonna do that with you guys anyways.”

“I know, so that wasn’t our intention as your gifts” Gaiden states.

“We’re gonna have our way with each other…” Angel lets out.

A perplexed look falls on Moonie’s face. Gaiden motions his hands as to cut Angel off.

“Don’t ruin the surprise” Gaiden answers back.

Now, Moonie doesn’t know what to think.

Gaiden takes matters into his own hands. By taking Moonie into his. Standing before her, he cups her plump cheeks with each hand before removing her nerdy dark framed glasses and gazes into her eyes as if it’ll be his last. He then ties the blindfold around her head and begins to slowly and seductively undress her. Unfortunate, too, since Moonie now cannot notice Angel already begin to play with herself. Though, knowing how ‘familiar’ Moonie is with her ‘toy’, she can properly guess what Angel is doing. Moonie’s garments slide off with ease and fall to the floor like her inhibitions. She feels Gaiden’s gentle fingers and tender lips explore her already quivering nude body standing before them.

Gaiden enjoys how the dim golden light makes love to all her bare pale curves. He begins motioning her over to the bed. Lays her down. Kissing her lips while doing it. Kissing down along each of her limbs. Sucking on her fingers when he reaches her hands. Running his tongue along her toes when reaching her feet. Each limb is made love too as they are secured to the straps one by one. She already quivers uncontrollably.

Viewing his handiwork; this nude goddess laid out for him as if for a feast; Gaiden battles his urges, but just has to relish this moment. He can’t resist. Leaning in, he positions his head directly over her sex. Her heart quickens as she feels his hot breath caress her spot. But he just breathes. Taking in the sweet scent of her sex. Even in the dim lighting, he could swear he could see her moist lips drip onto the satin. Still he breaths, harder.

“Do it” she says.


“I want you now!” she demands.

More silence.

“I bahis firmaları want you in me!”

Still silence.

“Fuck me!!”

“Tear me up, please!”

“Fuck me now!!!”

She finally quiets when she feels the mattress motion. He’s moving. He’s moving in closer. She gasps. Anticipating what’s to come. Her body tenses. Then… He lightly plants a kiss ever gently on her pussy; a string of her lust connects both sets of lips just but a second, before severing as he pulls away. Her body collapses.

“Aurggh! Fuck!!” she exclaims.

Angel laughs, almost already completely free of her own garments.

Moonie writhes on the bed, left unable to even pleasure herself. Gaiden takes his spot next to Angel and tells her it’s time. Moonie could hear; with her now sensitive ears; Angel dial a few digits on her cell phone. Whispers. Then the steps outside creak, louder and louder. Someone approaches.

“They got me somebody” Moonie realizes.

Now the steps creak with thunder.

“… many?” Moonie now ponders with growing excitement.

The door opens. Sounds like an entire football team enters the already cramped room. No, like a football team and the audience that’s watching them! She can sense countless eyes of all sorts gaze upon her lush like an all you can eat buffet. She squirms. Nervous. Anticipating again of what’s to come. The bed suddenly gets heavy. …Then she is ravaged.

Immediately, a huge dick slices into her effortlessly, almost tearing her in two with the first thrust. Her mouth hangs in a permanent O singing soprano. Firm arms at her sides as his balance, she is thrusted into convulsions. Her body bounces, her breasts dance. She gets into it. She chants with the rhythm.

“Oh…! Yes…! Fuck…! Me…!”

“Oh…! Yes…! Fuck…! Me…!”

“Oh…! Yes…! Fuck…! Me…!”

“Oh…! Yes…! Fuck…! Me…!”

“Oh…! Yes…! Fuck…! Me…!”

Continuing until the words lose meaning, beginning to degrade as she is pummelled. Changing as her breath becomes short.












Then intensifying with something building from within.






She climaxes. Her first of many.

Though she has already peaked, the stranger is still going, going for his, probably twice. His rhythm quickens, strengthens, intensifies. She just goes with the flow. Feeling another build. But before she has that chance, he’s done. Stabs his long deep member into her cavern one last time, hollers like hell and slaps a massive hot load onto her belly. She could almost hear it hiss with steam. Already out of breath, she feels slightly denied of her second orgasm, but satisfied nonetheless. She would not be denied for long.

Caught off guard, another body pounces on her helpless husk. Again like the first, waste no time violating her vagina. Is she swelling already, she wonders. This one seems larger than the first. She has no problem peaking with this one. His grunting is music to her ears. Huffing and heaving. His cock working her real good. This one has stamina. She climaxes a few more times before this one is even done. Screaming at the top of his lungs, blasting his load, reaching way up to her neck. She flinches as it almost stings. Again she tries to catch her breath. To no avail. Respite is short.

One after another, powerful hands take her, fondle her, molest her, abuse her. One kaçak iddaa after another, massive cocks invade her pussy, each larger than the last. Riding her helpless for endless periods of time. She climaxes countless times. She could swear that the mattress is completely soaked straight down to the floor boards and all the way down to the floor beneath. Just as one finishes, another takes his place. Over and over. She wonders how much she could take. The thought arouses her even more. She screams louder than she’s ever done so before. All these hands, now roaming, at her throat, her breasts, her thighs, her crotch. All these cocks, spraying all their hot seed all over her being. She imagines herself looking like a giant glazed donut. And cums again from just that thought.

One has the feeling of unleashing all his jizm deep inside her, and with a deep horse voice, she informs him…

“No… o only Gaiden… c cums i inside me…”

And he complies… all over her face. Guess he took it personal being directed as such. Good thing she had that blindfold. It was messy.

Watching from the Victorian, Angel; her arm stretched; plays with Gaiden’s cock. Trying to fit the whole thing in her palm. Sliding up and down, feeling his pulse along her fingers. Her other hand on her exposed clit, right leg hung over the side. A dark stain quickly forming beneath her. Gaiden has his hand on her exquisite jugs, feeling their whole weight in his palm. Enjoying the show, Gaiden takes one of Angels nipples into his lips, then the other. His hands now venturing south. Her breathing deepens, as does Moonie’s, yet another cock hitting all her right spots. Gaiden watches. Gaiden likes, but he needs something more. Moving his hand behind Angel’s head, he forces her face to down to his crotch. She happily obliges.

One after another, they take her. Seven, eight, nine, no, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, onward. She lost count. Orgasms galore! Ten, twenty, thirty, no, more. She loses track as well. Cocks, dicks, penises, of all curves and contours. Some even blessing her womb with ornaments. Wow! That last one was at least a 12 gauge. She notices those that have done their deed to her have stuck around, now playing with all her parts. Neck, breasts, nipples, toes. All rubbing their hot cum into her flesh. She gushes just from that. Damn. Her mouth gets invaded. Two dicks on each side. Totally surrounded by cock. Amazing. They battle for position. Some still with her familiar taste on them, some without. Those she sends back down to service her before busting in her mouth. Pushing her gag reflex to their limits. Too bad she can’t see this. Gaiden and Angel better be taping this awesome shit!

Her sensitive ears can also hear the cries of another. A familiar one. Angel. Laying on the Victorian, being ravaged by Gaiden. Guess, they’re having their own enjoyment. Her bare legs high into the air, his dick deep inside, bouncing breasts at his face. After having his fill, stands, moves to her top, then titty fucks her, spraying her neck with such a force that she almost gags. He’s not done. Down, he goes eating her meaty twat, drinking of her nectar. She utters another scream.

Back on the bed, the army of men up their frenzy as well. They ask if Moonie’s straps could be removed. Gaiden is occupied. Angel orders, in orgasmic tone, that her blindfold must remain on. They agree. Tearing her from the bed, they ravage her some more, now in every position conceivable. Doggie, 69, DP, all three! Men take her by each limb and hold her in mid air while another rides her from above… and below. From in front… and from kaçak bahis behind. Dicks of all sorts being rubbed over every inch of her. Angel getting worked on by Gaiden. Lust filling the room, it’s insane. Moonie goes insane. On her hands and knees, she sways her head in musical rhythm. Her short dark hair flailing, swaying from side to side. A true orgy of a mosh pit. Being banged from behind, another beneath, double penetrated, yet another in front with large manly hands firmly pressed on her shoulders, pushing her even deeper on the strangers behind and beneath. Her head bobs for cock. Free hands reach and search for more free dicks, locates and begins stroking. One is the jeweled johnson. She makes a mental note to ride this one again soon. And true to form, Moonie keeps her blindfold on. Not that she has a choice, she lacks the strength to even lift her arms that high. But stroke on she does. Anything to please her fellow ‘man’. Cowgirls, follows 69s, which follows missionaries, which follows even more unspeakable deranged sex acts. Nothing but flesh slapping upon flesh, for hours. Her body truly is an amusement park and everyone, everyone is along for the ride.

The king sized bed is a battle field. Her body is tossed like a rag doll. Multiple thrusts. Countless heaves. Room reeking with the stentch of sex and filth. She finally collapses, they all do. Gasping, she gathers the strength to remove her blind and let the sting of light enter her sore eyes. Laying face up, first thing she sees are the burly forms of twenty-seven sweaty brutish naked men. All colors, all creeds, all shapes and sizes. She enjoys diversity.

Flopping her head over to the side, she finally sees Angel and Gaiden, having enjoyed their romp. Angel lays on her side on the Victorian, her long flowing hair flung over the side of the armrest where her head lays. Smoking a cigarette very seductively with a giddy smile. Her huge milky breasts flopped over the side of the seat. Legs out stretched. One, her left, across the back of Gaiden’s shoulders, the other over Gaiden’s lap, her bare foot being massaged by his erection. Gaiden merely sits coy and pleased. Oh, not exactly. His left hand may be on her right foot and his own throbbing cock, but his right hand is buried deep inside Angel’s wide open snatch. Right up to the watch line. Angel, unflinching, still dragging on her cig, continues smiling being Gaiden’s puppet.

And true to form, there stands a tripod at the corner of the room, by Angel, with it’s little red light flicked on. One of the men must’ve brought it with them while she was blindfolded. Good, she fully intends to watch it in its entirety, while returning the favor to both Angel and Gaiden; of course once all of her holes recover from the ER.

Like a contract fulfilled, the herd of men stumble out of the room like drunken bums. Moonie can’t help but laugh. She survived. Her pussy, mouth and ass survive. Still completely covered in cum, she struggles to right herself, but can’t. Falls right back to the sin soaked bed.

“That was fucking hot!!” Moonie exclaims.

“Fuck yeah” Angel replies.

“You guys are sick” Moonie pants “how many were they?”

“Twenty-seven for your twenty-seventh birthday” Gaiden explains “nothing special, just something cute”

“And you guys did this all for me, you guys fucking rock!”

“It wasn’t me” exclaims Gaiden.

“What?” Moonie fearfully replies.

“That was Angel’s gift” Gaiden explains.

Angel’s sinful smile grows, as does Gaiden’s.

“My gift is right there…”

Gaiden points back towards the door, and there now stands twenty-seven complete naked females of all shapes and forms, all adorned with large breasts and armed with various dildos, vibrators and strap-ons.

“oh shit…” Moonie cries.

“Happy Birthday, baby…”

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