Black and White Prologue


The usual disclaimers apply. The story contains descriptions of sex between males who are of legal age (some of them are more than 800 years old) and so that should not pose any problem. The story is a figment of my imagination and it took some effort to write. Comments, criticism and Applause are welcome. Contact me at the address in my profile.



“It shall not be condoned.”

A simple assertion stated icily by the petite lass seated on the throne of the veiled empire of Vand, would put an end to the forbidden affair. Her pet chimera screeched an ear-piercing scream. The fanciful creature knew what this tone in his mistress’ tone implied.

“Black shall pay for his treachery and White will suffer for his chicanery,” she asserted, her cobalt eyes saturating to a milky white. Black was a name she rarely used. She would call White by no other name.

The pet chimera screeched even louder, flitting about frantically knowing that death of a Perpetual was approaching. He glided along to the seven vision stone that the mistress was glaring at and peered into the sight unfolding in front of him

The guardian of the empress kaçak iddaa of Vand, Arangyunus, better known as Black, was embracing the empress’ greatest enemy, and had his lips firmly pressed against White’s lips. His 15 feet long silver grey wings were folded against his back while the shining pearl white wings of the guardian of the city of Immaculata, White, were wrapped around both their bodies encasing them as one.

The petite girl grimaced once more as she watched the vision before her. She looked to be a child about 4 with golden tresses that reached all the way to her feet. With soft pink lips and blue eyes that were steadily turning white with rage, she looked incapable of the many horrors attributed to her, but her chimera Pi, knew better.

“Mistress Woe, what do you intend to do?” Pi enquired telepathically. Speech was not a gift bestowed upon this half foot long chimera.

One word was stated by the empress Woe. “Obliterate.”

“Black? But he is your own essence!”

The little girl did not reply. Instead she closed her eyes and when she reopened them, they were black.

In the vision ahead of the two watchers, suddenly the darker lover kaçak bahis flinched breaking his kiss with the keeper of the light.

“What’s wrong?” White questioned, with a sudden fear in his eyes.

“Nothing I just felt as if…” he gazed upon the worried eyes of his lover. The Keeper of the light was more beautiful than anything that could ever be created. Ignoring the sensation a moment ago, he pressed his mouth against this magnificent angel who closed his eyes and accepted his lover.

Another throbbing pain shot across Black’s torso compelling him to break the kiss again.

“What’s wrong Black? What’s Happening?” White quickly unfurled his shining pearl wings letting Black out of his hold.

“She’s found out!” he yelled as he reeled under seemingly imaginary blows with both of his hands tightly pressing his chest at the centre. His heartbeat was getting louder and a throbbing pain was fast becoming unbearable.

His lover immediately shut his eyes and tried to figure out where the pain was being channeled through. His thoughts raced along the insides of Black’s but it was hopeless as the bond between the Mistress of Vand and Arangyunus, illegal bahis better known as Black was pre-natal. He reopened his eyes and quickly ran to the side and held his new found lover in his arms; the one who was soon to be obliterated.

“No, No, No!” he cried. “How can she do this?” but his sounds were drowned out by the thumping of Black’s heart, which was booming so loud that it felt like it was going to explode. It was soon going to. And the thumping was getting louder.

“Witenhoem!” cried the dying lover, using the name his mistress had forbidden him to use. And then in an explosion of grey fumes and ash, the Keeper of the dark, the Guardian of the mistress of Vand, the sworn enemy yet lover of the keeper of Light ceased to exist. All that remained of him was dust and ashes, covering the body of the one who held him as he was extinguished. And for the first time in centuries the pearl shining wings of the Angel, the Keeper of light, were blemished by grey soot and ash, the remains of his new found love that was to be no more.

“NO!” cried White, letting out an all pervasive shriek. And burst into sobs cradling his countenance between his palms. A strange site; one of the most powerful Perpetuals reduced to this.

Back on the throne of Vand, the little girl watched unstirred as tears of blood trailed down from the corners of her black eyes.

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