black bang part 3 (bisexual)


black bang part 3 (bisexual)Plus, I was still hoping for a return visit from my tall dark stranger andwith that my cock stirred at the thought of having more than a tongueinvading my virgin hole. Michelle laughed at my cock going back to fullmast and commented no wonder Joanna always had a smile on her face. Iblushed just glad that she did not know that I was thinking of that blackcock that came in my mouth earlier that day and was hoping he would comeover for more. I asked her if she wanted me to walk her home? To mydisappointment, she accepted. She only lived a couple of blocks away.So, I climbed out of bed, pulled on some underwear and jeans and grabbed mycoat. She waited for me by that door as I prepared to brave the coldweather. She noticed that it looked like we were getting the weatherJoanna was getting in Chicago. I knew it was going to be a long coldweekend then.Black Bang #3I walked Michelle out of my apartment that I shared with my girlfriend-herfriend. She commented how cold the cum was that was running down her legsfrom her pussy that I had just fucked as hard as I ever had fucked Joanna.We made small talk as we walked. I commented that she should have juststayed at my place. She thought about it, and she darted into the walkwayof the apartment building next door to take a short cut to her place, butit was where my new tall dark stranger lived.. I quietly hoped he wouldnot see us or maybe see us and come out. She thought for a moment and thenshe decided that she would just go home. I felt kind of relieved, but justthen an apartment door opened up, and there stood my tall dark stranger.He stepped out into the cold and I froze there unsure what he would say.He looked at me and then Michelle, he gave me a knowing wink and then askedus if it was cold enough for us.He fuddled with his keys as if he was going to his car, and Michelle tookto him like white on rice. I had a suspicion that she was into BBC. So,we had something in common. I kind of chuckled to myself. She tried tochat him up, but he paid her little to no attention. He then asked me iflived in the building, knowing full well I lived in the next one over. Hewas doing his best to dissuade her, but she was persistent as the day islong. I told him I lived in the apartment building next door and we werejust cutting through to fend off the wind. He told me he was new here andthat he was dying for a beer and was about to head out and get one.Michelle did the unthinkable, she told him that I had plenty up at my placeand he was welcome to join us for some.His face brightened up like he just scored a 3-pointer. I am sure he hadthoughts of me and Michelle fighting over his huge black cock. I had toadmit. I got hard at the thought of it as well. He took her up on theoffer and we rushed back to my apartment. It was still early by collegestandards, and I knew with my nap I could be up for a while. I just playedalong with whatever Michelle and he had in mind if they were even on thesame page. We got back to my apartment and I turned the TV on then went tograb us each a beer. I came back in and Michelle was doing theintroductions. His name was Will. I finally knew the name of the firstcum kaçak iddaa I ever ate, whose tongue rimmed my eager male pussy.She told him our names and that I lived there with her friend Joanna. Helaughed that idea of a Joe and Jo living together. I guess I never thoughtof it that way, but it did make some sense. They took up residence on mycouch and I sat opposite of them. I tried my best to hide my hard on, butI noticed Will was letting his grow in his sweats. Michelle’s pants had aserious wet spot where my cum was leaking from her. I was almosttransfixed on both of their crotches. I seemed locked on his then hers.At one point, Michelle caught me looking at his package. She gave me a wrylook and almost knowing smile like she knew I was thinking of his cock, andI was.They each downed their beers and I got up to get them more and when I didmy hard on came into full view of each of them. Michelle giggled and Willlaughed a little. I did my best to cover it up, but Michelle commented toWill that we had sex not too long ago and she guessed I wanted more. Willshot back, what a coincidence that I had blown him earlier in the day andhe guessed that I wanted more of him. Michelle’s mouth dropped open andfor a moment I hoped she thought it was a joke, but when Will or I did notgive some sort of signal that it was she knew it to be true. I slipped outof the room hoping to break the new tension in the room that I was afraidcould go either way for me. I grabbed a beer from the firdge and downed itas fast as I could. I stood there for a moment thinking what I could dohere, and I tried to put my fears behind me.My fears were soon put to rest when I came back to the living room andMichelle was on her knees with Will’s sizable cock in her mouth. I nearlydropped their beers. Will ordered me to strip and join Michelle on myknees. I put the beers down and stripped completely naked and slipped tomy knees and she gave me some room to suck on Will’s massive nuts while sheglided up and down his thick black rod. She pulled away, got undresseddropping her clothes in the same pile as mine. She undid her bra and letloose her massive tits. Will told her to get over there and let him suckon the big titties. I moved up to suck his cock and he pushed my head downto to lick and rim his ass. I had never done that before, but at thepoint, I was willing to learn anything.Michelle giggled as she got her tits sucked and fondled by Will and as shewatched me tongue his ass. She would not shut up, she was spewing outnervousness, She was saying shit that she always knew I was a cock suckerand she wondered what else I would be willing to do. Will pulled away andtold her to shut up or she would not be getting any cock. Will pushed herback on the couch and stood up and told us both to get to the bedroom.Michelle and I both did as he commanded. He undressed as he followed usinto my bedroom. He pushed us both on to the bed and told me to get on myback and spread my legs.I did as I was told and he pushed Michelle down between my legs and toldher to get me loose. She looked at him and he snarled at her to rim my assand push her fingers into me and spread me open. She declared that shewanted illegal bahis to be fucked and he let her know she will get what she needs in todue time. She bent over and rimmed my hole and it eagerly accepted herfingers for the second time that night. She slipped a second then a thirdfinger in me. I gasped and panted harder and harder. I looked at Will andI asked him to fuck me. Michelle shot me a look like she thought she wouldnever hear those words from me. Will told me to ask again, and I did. Hegot me to say that I wanted him to fuck my white pussy.He pushed Michelle out of the way. He tossed her some lube that I had in adrawer next to m bed that I had used when I tried to fuck Joanna in the assand when I jerked off in bed. Michelle sucked his cock and lubed his darkmember and when he was satisfied that he was lubed enough. He aimed histhick black cock at my ass. I knew it was going to hurt, and I just hopedthat he would be gentle with me. I held my legs high and wide and heguided his thick cock to my eager hole. I could not believe that I was inmy bed about to be fucked by this huge black man all while being watched bymy girlfriends friend. It hurt like hell, when he laid his lumber to me,he urged his cock a little at a time into my upturned ass.I could feel the head of his cock at my ass. He was trying to get into meand I did my best to let him in. He told me to push out a little and I didand when I relaxed he pushed into me. I could feel that thickmushroom-headed b**st at my hole. I felt the tears well up in my eyes andI could feel his body heat as he inched ever so slowly into me. Michellesat on her knees with her fingers shoved into her shaved pussy. Shefrigged her twat with excitement. I knew she craved that big dark cock thatwas going into my ass, but it was all mine. My own cock was so hard. Iwanted to jerk it, but I wanted to wait as I secretly hoped he would allowme to jerk it or let Michelle suck me off.He stopped and allowed me to catch my breath while he applied some morelube to his and my ass. Michelle was wanking herself to near orgasm. WhenI caught my breath, he returned to his efforts to driving his cock deep inme. He had about 6 inches in me, when he stopped and held still. I musthave had a look of lust on my face as he bent over to kiss me full on thelips. That sent Michelle over the top as she squealed and clenched herteeth in a pussy gushing orgasm. She squirted all over my bed, Will and I,but that did not stop him from pushing the rest of his over-sized cock inme. I laid there breathless, wanting more of his cock and knowing fullwell I was about to get it. Michelle egged him on in her panting orgasmicstate.He pulled nearly out of me leaving in the just the head of his cock andMichelle exclaimed how hot it looked with his chocolate dick pulling out ofmy white ass. He shoved his thick cock back in me and pull it nearly out torepeat and repeat. I begged him to fuck me, to fuck his white pussy andcum in me. Michelle urged him on to fuck me to make me his bitch and thento do it to her. He drilled into me banging my head against the headboardas it banged against the wall. I was glad that no one was home next door.I wrapped bahis siteleri my legs around him like Joanna had done to me so many times. Iwanted to draw him in close to me. He slammed in me deeper and deeper. Hehad his mouth on mine and his tongue deeper in my mouth. I allowed himmore and more access to me. I was his whore. I would have done anythingthat he would ask of me.He pulled out of me and I thought for a moment that he was done with me,but he smacked my ass and ordered me on my hands and knees. He pulledMichelle around the same way. He had us next to each other and he wouldfuck my ass then fuck her pussy. He switched back and forth and she leanedin to kiss me and told me should could not wait to get Joanna home now, butw were going to have to get her in on this big black cock. Will crammedhis big dick in her and she let out a squeal of pure delight. Her mouthwas catorted in all sorts of ways as she breathed heavily from being bangedaway at from behind. I wanted his dick back in my ass and I wriggled it inanticipation of his cock being run back in my ass.I did not have to wait long as he pulled from her and ran it back into me.I did what I never thought I would do. I fucked my ass into him. He juststood there on on his knees as I moved my ass back and forth on his cock.He smacked my ass and I fucked him harder and harder. Michelle sensingthat she was not going to get anymore cock for the moment moved in front ofme and pulled my head down to shaved snatch and I ate her the best I couldwhile I continued to fuck my back and forth on Will’s massive dork. Heheld me still and power fucked me for several moments. I could tell he wasgetting close to cumming as it was similar how I fucked Joanna just beforeI came a bucket load in her pussy.He took short hard strokes, I could feel his cock expand and then his cumflooded my ass breeding me like a bitch. He made me his cum dump. He camebuckets and he held his cock in me as it spasmed and unloaded hot jet ofspunk after hot jet of spunk. My own cock unloaded a stream of white lovelava all over my bed. My cock lurched and dribbled what seemed like aquart of jizz all over my bead. Will pull out of me and ordered me to “69”Michelle. So, she could lick me clean as his cum flowed out of my ass. Ilicked her fat pussy and Will pushed his cock to my face covered in cum andmy ass juices. I sucked his cock with the same vigor as I did earlier,maybe even more so.When he was nice and hard and happy with the attention that Michelle hadpaid to my ass. He moved us around the bed like pawns in own little sexgame. He had me sit at the head of the bed and he put Michelle on herknees just like I was a moment or so ago. He jammed his dick in her pussywhile he fingered her ass. She moaned in pain and pleasure while shegobbled on my penis that was smaller than Wills. Will looked at medefiantly and I must say I could not look him in the eye. He had made me abottom bitch in one day and here he was fucking my girlfriends friend in mybed. I knew full well that it would not take long for Joanna be in townbefore she would be in same place as Michelle or worse. There was still acouple of days between now and when she would be here.Michelle brought me back to the present when she pushed one of her fatfingers in my hole. She made me squirm wishing it was Will or one of hisblack friends or anyone with a big black cock.More to come,

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