Black Bob Had Me

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At last I have the courage to write about my sexual experiences. All the stories are true. Only the names have been changed to protect the guilty.


I have remembered an incident that happened to me some time ago. I was in my late twenties, it happened in the town I was born in.

At this time I was courting a girl whose father was a landlord of a pub in the west end of town. At times I would help behind the bar on some Saturday nights. The pub was a ‘dive’ type of place. Christine’s father had to be very firm with the customers. The Pub had a ‘smoke room’ with them cast iron tables and tiled floor, usually for mixed customers. The other room was the ‘Bar’, usually for men only. On the whole the establishment was a dump, but I did get free beer after an evenings work.

On this particular Saturday night I was serving beer in the Bar, It was a nice summer evening. People were dressed in light clothes and some in shorts. It was about 10-15pm just 15 minutes before closing time, which the landlord was very keen on calling ‘Time’ at 10-30. As I was serving a customer my eye caught the sight of this man standing at the edge of the bar. He was waiting to be served. He was of African stock, dark skin with attractive features. I would say he was about 35 years old and wearing a smile which showed his white teeth. He stood dressed in blue Jeans and grey pull-over. I could tell he wanted me to serve him next. He requested a pint of bitter. As I pulled his pint he made small talk.

“Have you worked here long” he asked.

“No – only two weeks” I said.

I pointed out that I was courting the land lord’s daughter, Christine. So I have ended up helping behind the bar some weekends.

As we talked I looked him over, I could tell he had a firm body and nicely proportioned. I took his money and handed the change back, our eyes met. I felt that urge in my groin. I wonder if—- I said to myself. Then the landlord called “time” I went around the tables to collect empty glasses. As I walked through the passage way heading back to the bar I saw him enter the toilet. I stopped, I thought ‘shall I or shall I not’. I looked around, no one about, so I entered the toilet. He was standing at the urinals having a pee. I stood by him undid my flies and started to pee.

“Hello again – my name is Bob” he said.

“I’m Joe” was my reply.

As we peed I noticed his large dick, it must have been about 7 inches long, and the pee was coming out like a hose pipe. We made some more small talk. He finished and shucks his dick to remove the last drops. I looked down at my dick, and to my horror I was hard, I tried to hide it. I looked at him, he smiled and said

“Do you fancy it then” he said.

“I cannot tonight I’m staying here with the girl friend” I replied.

We talked a little, and he held my cock, slowly working it up and down. He pointed out that he lives just up the street, number 55. Another time would be better I disappointedly said. At that he went out of the toilet and through the front door. I stood there with this hard dick of mine, wondering if this was a joke of Bob’s. I was a little upset that didn’t hold Bob’s cock and work him hard, then I would know if he was joking or not. I went back to the bar. I stood at the end of the bar drying glasses trying to hide this hard cock.

At about 11pm the pub now empty, the girl, her parents and I sat down for a night-cap. We chatted about things in general, but my mind kept wandering to the scene in the toilet. Ooo the size of that cock, its silky smoothness, I was attracted to this man. The girl friend said I am quiet. Little did she know that my mind was working out how to ‘bump’ into him again? I had a plan – I asked the girl’s father if he needed help next week. He pointed out that his daughter, my girl will be away that weekend, but would love to have my help next Saturday night. I said that I will be here at 8pm sharp.

All week I kept thinking of Bob. I tried to imaging him naked and what his dick would look like hard, his balls, how hairy he would be. I got that horny one night at home, I stood in front of the bathroom mirror naked and wanked myself off. I shot cum onto the mirror, three wads in all. As I cleaned the spunk off the mirror I thought of Bob, I thought of how far he could shoot his spunk and how much he could shoot.

Saturday night came, and I was there at 8pm as promised. The evening was a ‘normal’ Saturday night. The Landlord threw out internet casino two customers for swearing and threatened one with a ‘ban’ if he didn’t behave better. I could not help thinking about Bob, will he come in to night. I hope I was not building myself up for nothing. I shut my mind off him and kept busy with serving the customers.

I went around the pub collecting the empties, when I re-entered the bar, he was there, my groin tightened up with anticipation. ‘Hello Joe – keeping busy’ he said. Yes – always busy here – I don’t know how this lot can drink so much in one night I said. He gave out a laugh. Plenty of practice he said. Are you going to serve me said Bob? Yes – yes of course I will. As I drew his beer I thought ‘I hope you will serve me tonight good style’. I gave him his beer, our eyes met. He had a twinkle in his eyes, I smiled back at him.

‘Time – gentlemen please’ The Landlord shouted. We stopped serving and put the towels over the pump handles to confirm that there’s no more drink tonight. It was about 11pm most of the customers had gone, I looked around the bar quickly to see if Bob was still here, yes he was just finishing his drink. I thought – ‘now is the time for action’. I went to the toilet un-zipped and started to pee. I finished peeing and just stood there hoping he will be coming in soon. I wondered if he saw me go to the toilet, I wondered if he thinks I have left the pub, my heart began to drop. Then he was there, standing by me having a pee. ‘Is this where the big ones hang out’ he laughs. It might be true for you I said. As is pee finished to only a dribble I put my left hand out and held his dick, then shaking it to remove the last of the drops.

“Are you Ok for tonight Joe” he whispered.

“It will be about an hour from now” I indicated.

“Don’t forget number 55, its on the left up the road – the door will be un-locked just push it open and come in” he said as he left the toilet.

I got back to the bar and started to put the chairs onto the tables so as to brush up the floor. It was now nearly mid-night, the clean-up done for the night. The Land lord thanked me for helping and invited me to stop the night, I politely refused saying that I have an early start tomorrow so I will go home now. He let me out of the front door wishing me a good-night. I stood there with my mind buzzing of what will soon be happening to me at number 55.

I slowly walked up the road noticing the house numbers. I walked past number 35, then 37 and 39. I will soon be there. My groin started to become active. My lips became dry with anticipation. Then I was at number 55, I stopped, paused for a few seconds, I lightly bit my lip and pushed the door. It opened a little so I pushed more and it opened more. I walked in and quietly closed the door behind me.

“Lock it Joe – and follow me up stairs” said Bob.

I followed Bob up the stairs and into his bedroom. The room was large with a king size bed. The room was in subdued light. Bob asked if I have had it before, yes I have but not that often I said. He faced me and put his arms over my shoulders saying ‘I will be careful with you. – lets get un-dressed’. I was un-dressed first and then lay on the right side of the bed. The bed was warm, I think he must have had an electric blanket on, it felt very comfortable and I felt very submissive. Bob – undressed got on to the bed and lay beside me. His body was as I thought – well proportioned and with ebony shine. As my eyes got use to the low lighting, I could see his body in more detail. He put is right arm out and under my head; I turned my body towards him and lay my right arm over his chest.

I started to rub his nipples with my fingers and thumb. I could clearly see his dick; it was lying across his thigh semi-hard. He had a full foreskin; the head was showing and glinting. I moved my hand down and held this cock. Ben asked if I liked the look of it. I said Oh yes – I do. As I slowly worked his foreskin up and down his dick I started to rub my body against his, my cock was rock hard.

“Oh that’s nice – I do like to see a white hand working my black cock – I’m going to enjoy slow fucking you and I promise you will enjoy it to” he said.

I was really turned on by that. The bed was not only wide but also very long. ‘Slide down the bed a little Joe’ he said. I slid down still on my back until my feet were level with the bottom edge with my arms stretched out. Suddenly Bob kissed my cheek. I realized canlı poker oyna he was coming to me from the top in a 69 position. He moved down a little and kissed my neck then licked my left nipple. I put my right hand onto his head and stroked his neck. He repeatedly keep saying ‘Yes – Oh Yess’. I worked on his right nipple, tweaking it with my teeth. He had little body hair but very soft skin; I licked my tongue over his chest. He positioned himself so his body was a few inches above mine as he moved again a little lower down. We licked and poked our belly buttons with our tongues as his hands held my outer thighs as my hands rubbed his back.

He moved down more, I felt his dick touch my face, I could smell his sex, and it was strong and inviting. Then I felt him lick my cock along its length, from is tip to my balls.

“God – this is lovely” I whispered.

Now I could see his cock in full glory. It was big and very hard. I licked it with gusto. He moved down more and started to lick my balls and inner thighs. I now could see his anus. It was nice and small with no ‘pucker’. I thought to myself ‘he’s never been fuck – he must be strictly butch, – how many arse’s has he fuck – how many arse’s have been well and truly satisfied’ – I wondered, as I run my tongue across his balls and to his anus, poking my tongue into him. He moved down more licking my legs and holding my feet with his hands. I could see his entire arse. I put my hands on it with my thumbs near his anus, working his hole making it wink at me. His dick was so hard that it was standing level with his stomach and his balls nice and tight to his body. What a lovely site to see.

He moves down again until our dicks were on top of each other. He rolled his body a little from side to side making our cocks rub onto each other. Seeing a black cock rolling over a white cock really thrilled me, I could see my pre-cum oozing out, some of it wiping onto his balls making them glisten. Just think I said to myself – ‘I have only spoken to this man a few times and never seen him before last week and here I was looking at all his private parts, his neat looking balls and that seam that runs down from the anus to your balls, and hoping soon to be fucked by this hunk of a man’.

Bob now moved off me, turned and knelt down between my legs putting them over his thighs in such away that our dicks were almost touching.

“Have you done this before” he smilingly said has he held our dicks together in his right hand and began to stroke us up and down. This was my first I said, as he slowly wanked our cocks. I could feel that ‘close to Cumming’ sensation, I held my breath as I looked down at this sight. I could tell that Bob was looking at me, he was trying to judge how far to go without me Cumming. He must have noticed my facial looks because Bob took the hint and let go of our cocks. Moving back he lifted my legs, bending them at the knee. With my legs closed and knees back onto my chest I felt his tongue licking my inner thighs. I could not see his head with my legs closed, but I could feel all that he was doing to me, it was great. His tongue flicked at my hole, licking up to my balls. He pushed his head so as to open my thighs. I could not resist any more, I slowly opened my legs and his head showed and his tongue started to work on my cock then lowered his head and ‘tongue fucked me’. He likened to do this on a new anus, and it helped with adjusting it for his cock to enter. I could feel his tongue moving about inside me. I almost cum there and then. He stopped and got between my legs in a kneeling position. He leaned over and got a tube of jell from the bed side draw, undid the top and started to put jell onto his cock. He worked a lot of this jell covering his entire shaft while at the same time smiling at me. Putting the jell away he got a pillow and asked me to raise my arse. He put the pillow under me; I lowered my arse onto it positioning my legs wide open as an invitation for him to fuck me. I told him that I was a little worried about having such a big cock inside me. He assured me that I will enjoy this as much as he will.

He leaned forward putting his arms ether side of my chest. His face now only a few inches from mine. He moved his body about a little, from side to side, I could feel his knob end moving about close to my anus, then I felt it land right on it, he stopped moving. Looking at me with a faint smile as he flexed his groin and started to push in, I felt his knob poker oyna end slide in. I held my arms over his back hoping that I will enjoy this as much has he will. He pushed in some more and waited. He was waiting for me to relax. I knew I was resisting him.

“It will be OK – just relax for me Joe” he whispered. After a few seconds I did. His cock slowly slid in.

He whispered “Oooo Yes Joe – you have relaxed for me”

With his dick sliding in me I griped his back with my nails, scratching him. I felt so full, but he still was not all the way in.

“Oooo – you are so hot down there – I’m nearly all in” he said.

On his last push I felt him ‘bottom out’ on me, no one has ever been that far inside me before.

“Yes – Oh – Yes. I’m all the way in” he gurgled.

This is the biggest cock I have had inside me and it was great to be so full. I could feel his balls against my arse. I could see that he was starting to sweat; little beads were running down his face and dripping onto my forehead. He slid his arms under my shoulders placing his hands under my head. He started to move in and out. The stroking pace increased. His dick sliding almost out then all the way in to the hilt .His stomach rubbed against my cock making me begin the build up to cum. This went on for less than a minute, then:-

“Oooh – I’m Cumming Joe– yes I’m Cumming. I’m going to give you a baby – a black baby” he shouted.

Has he started to shoot his spunk inside me he lifted my head up and we Frenched Kissed? I could feel wave after wave of his juices squirting inside me. At the same time I came, shooting spunk between our bellies. The pace slowed down, we broke the kiss and stopped. We lay there completely drained of energy with Bob tonguing my mouth. I felt his cock shrink and slowly slide out of me.

Bob looked at me saying ‘I told you that you would enjoy it’ He was right I did enjoy it, I have never been so full and our climax was so intense. He slid back ending up standing at the bed bottom with him holding my legs up looking at me saying ‘you have been fuck good and proper – I can see my spunk oozing out of your arse.’

Bob moved to lie at my side; he got the towel and wiped my arse and then his dick. He griped his dick and worked it up and down, some more spunk dripped out onto the bed.

“I could go again” he laughs.

“I don’t think I can – I’m well and truly drained” I said.

“Joe – can I wank on you” he said.

“Yes – I would like that” I whispered.

Bob moved himself so his left leg was in a crouching position between my legs with his knee up against my balls, his right leg down by the left side of my chest. I adjusted my pillow so could see well. He started to work his cock with his left hand. He was getting hard and some pre-cum appeared from his pee hole. After a few minutes Bob started to make grunting noises and working his cock faster. I put my left hand on his right knee, with my right hand I slid under his balls in such away that my finger was touching his anus. I slowly rubbed my finger over his hole while cupping his balls.

“Ooo – that’s nice Joe” Bob said.

His breathing increased as the wanking tempo increased.

“Yesss – I’m going to cum all over you – Joe” he grunted.

I felt his anus tighten and then expand; I knew he was about to cum. I looked at his pee hole waiting for the tell tail sign of the first shot. Suddenly he stopped wanking and without warning the first shot roped out landing on my chest.

“Ooorrrr –ooo” he gurgled.

He worked his cock again for about two seconds, and then stopped, the second rope of spunk shot out of his pee hole some of which landing on my cheek. I pushed my finger into his arse hole while he worked his cock a third time then he stopped again, and then came the last squirt which was a small one coming out and landing on my cock.

“God – that was hot” he panted.

Bob slowly worked his cock until all the spunk was released, and then he wiped me down with the towel saying its time for a shower.

We got of the bed and went for a shower. It was a small shower unit so he went first. He left the curtain open so I could talk to him. As he showered I worked his dick so as to milk the last of his spunk, it came out in strings. Then I followed in the shower after him while he worked my cock free of any spunk. We dried and dressed and said that we must do this again. I told him that he was the biggest one I have had up me. It’s surprising what you can take if its done right he said. It was now almost 1am, Bob opened the door and I slipped out into the street. I quickly walked away towards the main street and began my walk home feeling very tired but satisfied with myself.

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