Black Cuckold Couple Ch. 01

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My wife Tasani, Tasa for short, is a beautiful ebony goddess. She stands 5′ 11″ a hundred and twenty pounds, her charcoal colored skin is like suede to the touch. She has long, loose, bouncy, jet black hair. Her c-cup breasts and apple bottom butt makes her a perfect sexual animal. We just hit our 30’s and men still faun over my wife like love sick puppies.

However, our sex life has started to become monotonous. It was almost robotic to the point where it had become more of a job and less of a desire. The spark was fading in our sex life, I was jacking off more and having sex with my wife less. We needed something new and my fantasies while masturbating were becoming more and more explicit. I started imagining my wife with other men. I would cum so hard I would sometimes shoot cum on my own face and I liked it.

I started searching the web for mmf, cheating wives, cum play, and anything else that showed wives fucking other men. Finally I came across a cuckolding site but it didn’t really appealed to me. As a black man I would have to be the bull for another couple but I wanted something that my wife would be involved in with me. I checked the forums and found black men who had been or wanted to be cuckolded. This blew my mind at first, but what these men in this forum wanted their wives to do made my dick hard. I started investigate the lifestyle more.

The more I learned about the lifestyle the more black husbands I met in the forums with the same fantasy. I made friends with a loose fraternity of brothers that had been or wanted to be cuckolded by their beautiful ebony wives. There was one guy who had a white wife that had black bulls she would fuck in front of him. These men were like me and sent me videos and pictures of some of their adventures. I saw pictures of these black men guiding white cocks into their black wives pussies, watching their wives get fucked by huge white cocks, and even sucking huge white dicks hard to fuck their wives. This was something I wanted to experience with my wife and my new found cuckold friends gave me some suggestions to try.

I was not sure how my wife would react. I have always been the alpha male, 6’2″ 240, bald, dark skinned, and a 7″ very thick dick. What would my family or friends say if they knew? I first started watching homemade cuckolding videos online. They made my cock rock hard and I would cum almost instantly. How these wives worshiped the bulls dick in front of their husband’s like total sluts was so exciting. The way these slut wives humiliated the man they loved by letting these bulls use her holes any way they wanted was such a turn on. It,\ made me so horny thinking of my wife putting me in that humiliating position. The problem is that cuckolding is only seen as a white couple thing to do and is not as accepting for black couples.

I had been fantasying about my wife cuckolding me and I was starting to fuck her more often. My wife was getting a bit suspicious because of my increased sex drive. I made sure not to clear my Internet history so my wife could see what I was looking at when she wasn’t around. As we fucked I would wait for her to near climax and say things like, “Your a dick loving slut aren’t you?”

Until she screamed out, “Yes!”

Then I would push it a bit more and say, “A slut like you would love a dick sliding in and out of your mouth while I am fucking you from behind wouldn’t you?”

again until she screamed’ “Yes I would baby, I would suck another dick while you fucked me!” This would throw me over the edge and I would let loose a flood in her pussy.

A few weeks had passed, and I kept talking dirtier and kinkier to my wife while we fucked. By now I knew my wife had seen some of the sites I had been exploring on my computer. She still had not made any comments and I started to worry about what she thought of me. That night I fucked her hard and nearing climax I said, “Your a slut and would take any cock you could in that tight pussy wouldn’t you?”

Tasa yelled back, “yes I am a slut If there was another cock here I would fuck it till it came inside me!”

This caught me off guard and I knew I had to push it a bit further. As I slammed my dick harder and faster in her I said, “You would even let a huge white dick slam in and out of your tight black pussy!” She grabbed my ass harder after I said that.

She replied back, “Yes I would fuck a huge dick white boy, I would suck his dick till he came in my mouth and then ride his huge white dick hard again till he came in my pussy! Now cum in me baby like a white boy with a big ass cock!”

I lost it right then and started to cum buckets, my wife’s body was convulsing with the multiple orgasms she was having. It took about 5 minutes of heavy breathing and twitching till our bodies calmed down and I finally pulled out of my wife. I was at a loss for words and did not know what she would say. I avoided her gaze feeling embarrassed by what she said. I finally meekly looked at my wife, who was smiling and said, “Hey ankara sınırsız escortlar baby, why don’t you get between my legs and lick that white boys cum out my sore pussy.”

I was shocked and submissively said, “yes ma’am.” I knew she had seen the cuckold websites I had been looking at now.

She moved up the head board a bit and spread her beautiful black legs. I moved slowly between them on my hands and knees. I put my hands my hands on her on silky ebony thighs, holding them apart and taking a second to look at her nicely trimmed black pussy. I had came so much in her, that my cum was already oozing out her pussy lips. I had never thought about eating my own cream pie before but imagining a huge white cock had flooded my wife’s pussy started to getting me hard again.

I dove into that pussy and started licking the cum oozing out of her heavenly pussy. My wife started to get wild and bucked up against my face. I suddenly felt her hands on the back of my head, slamming her pussy into my face and trying to smear her juice and cum all around my face. She quickly pulls me up holding me above her pussy and said, “Put your finger in my cunt and pull out some of that white boy cum.”

I did as she said and ran 2 long fingers as deep as I could into her cunt and pulled out as much cum as I could. I presented it to her. She grabbed me by the wrist and said, “Now feed me that white boy cum.”

She opened her mouth and I slowly moved my fingers in her mouth till she clamped down and sucked hard as I pulled my fingers back out. My dick was throbbing again. She opened her mouth so I could see her rolling the cum around in her mouth. Then she beckoned me closer to her with a wave of her finger. I knew what she wanted and went in for a kiss. Our tonged rubbed back and forth into each others mouth sharing the cum. Tasa then pulled freed and whispered, “Now shove your dick into my pussy filled with that white boy cum and try to satisfy your slutty wife.”

We fucked again for another twenty minutes. My wife was more vocal during this session saying how much she loved white dick and how a white boy would know how to fuck her right. She continued saying that she wanted to fuck every white man I knew so they could constantly reminded me how much they could satisfy her and how I couldn’t. I came harder then the first time and fell like a heap on top of her.

Again we sat basking in the glow of the best orgasms we ever had. Both of us smiling, I rolled of my wife and said, “Your fucking amazing Tasa.”

She looked at me still smiling and said, “I didn’t know you we’re such a kinky freak…. I think I like it.” She continued, “I know what you been looking at on the internet, but I didn’t know it would make me cum so hard.”

I looked at her and said, ” You are my little slut aren’t you? I love you and I want to share your sexy body with others. It gets me so hard thinking about you cumming in front of me.”

“I love you baby and I will be anything you want. Especially if it makes me cum like that again.” Said Tasa

“Do you think this is something you would want to try? The fantasy is amazing but the real thing would be off the hook.” I said.

“I would do it for you baby and I would like to try it, but it has to be a big dick white boy, not average, something huge like 10 inches.” Said Tasa.

We continued talking through the night and fucking one more time. Tasa let me look for a white boy on several different sites. She just needed him to be 6 foot or taller, no facial hair, bug free and could prove it, toned, and packing at least 10 inches of cock.

I found a few candidates on various sites and had her pick a few. I sent an email to her favorite out of the bunch stating that we were looking for a white bull for a black couple. I described what we looked like to him but wasn’t willing to share pictures with him because we didn’t want them passed around the internet. Within a day I got a response from him and he was ready and willing. I told Tasa and she said we should meet him for dinner then take him to a black club. She wanted to see if he would be comfortable around black people and to see if he could dance because how Tasa put it, if he can’t dance he can’t fuck.

I emailed him back and set up a dinner date a week later. I was so excited that I fucked Tasa every night till the dinner. We acted out different cuckold fantasies we might want to experiment with. The day finally approached and I got dressed up in slacks, dress shirt, and coat. Tasa bought a special dress for the night. It was a tight black dress that ended just below her ass. She had on bright red lipstick and had her hair done up. She was ready to be a total slut.

We finally left the house to meet our new white friend Trevor for dinner. We were both nervous and Tasa told me she didn’t put on any underwear. I just smiled the whole trip to the restaurant. When we got there Trevor was already out front, easily recognized from his picture. He was 6’2″, ankara suriyeli escortlar lean, blond hair, blue eyes, slight tan to his skin, wearing blue jeans and a polo shirt. Tasa looked over to me and said, “Ohh he is a hottie.”

We got out and moved across the parking lot and introduced ourselves to Trevor. I said, “Hey Trevor, I am Jerome and this is my beautiful wife Tasani.”

Trevor was speechless in the presence of my wife and finally said, “You are so hot, I am sorry, I am not trying to embarrass you but you are the most beautiful women I have ever seen.”

My wife was smiling ear to ear, she definitely liked Trevor so far, so I said, “We’ll let’s go get some dinner and get to know each other.”

Trevor nodded his head in agreement without taking his eyes off my wife. Tasa walked into the restaurant walking as sexy as she could like when she was a sexy little vixen in college. Trevor followed like a lost puppy and I followed just watching them flirt back and forth. We got a booth, me and my wife on one side, Trevor on the other. Trevor was a genuine guy. Explain his past experiences what he like and didn’t like. He had cuckolded couples in the past and had other sexual encounters. He was barely 31 and sexually more experienced then me and my wife. He was a funny guy and didn’t try to act black he just acted like himself which was refreshing for me and my wife.

After dinner my wife asked Trevor to go to a club with us. He followed us to our car and we gave him the address and directions. Trevor kept starring at my wife and started grabbing himself. My wife looked toward me then back to Trevor and said, “Before we continue to the club lets make sure your packing grade A white meat, pull it out white boy I want to see it.”

I looked around the parking lot making sure no one was watching but my wife and Trevor did not seem to care. Trevor, with a child like smile, pulled his semi hard cock out. It was a 6 inch soft cock as thick as my own hanging like a soda can out of his zipper. My wife wrapped her lovely black fingers around his huge soft white cock, stroked it a bit, turned to me and gave me a kiss on the lips then said, “His cock will do… I hope he can dance, put that monster back in your pants Trevor.”

Trevor replied, “Don’t you want your husband to put my dick back in my pants and zip them up?”

A shiver ran through my body, as Tasa said, “You heard him baby, put his big cock away for him.”

I moved closer to Trevor, he stared into my eyes with a smirk on his face. I bowed my head to look at his cock, I could feel Tasa’s eyes on me. I grabbed his cock on the underside of his shaft. Electricity ran through my body as I felt Tasa’s hands on my back. His cock filled my hand and I unconsciously stroked it. I came back to my senses and carefully put it back in his pants and slowly zipped it up. Trevor turned to walk away and yelled, “See you two at the club.”

I got into the car where Tasa was already sitting in the passenger seat, skirt hiked up and fingering her sweet pussy. She looked towards me while slamming her wet fingers in and out of her cunt and said, “That was so sexy when you grabbed his dick, my pussy started leaking juice right down my leg, if the white monster cock comes home with us tonight I want you to guide that huge white cock into my tight black pussy.”

Tasa fingered herself all the way to the club, she had me clean her wetness up before we got out the car . Trevor was waiting in front of the club for us. We met up with him and all went in together. This club was a place me and Tasa would frequent about once a month. I had some friends here and wondered how they would react to Trevor. He wasn’t the only white person at the club but definitely the only white person wearing a polo. We found a table and order some drinks, now my wife sat on the opposite side of the table with Trevor. My wife had one hand on the table and the other in Trevor’s lap.

My wife usually got a lot of attention from men every time we came to the club. I looked around and saw a lot of weird looks on brothers faces. My wife and Trevor continued flirting and touching each other like a couple on their first date. I knew some of these brothers must of seen my wife rubbing Trevor’s dick under the table.

Tasa stood up, grabbed Trevor by the hand and said, “It’s time to see if this white boy can dance.”

Tasa led him to the dance floor. Needless to say Trevor could dance and he was bumping and grinding with my wife like he had been dancing with her for years. Tasa had her ass slammed up against his dick, I became so hard thinking how his huge white dick sat in between her ass cheeks as she was grinding against him. A friend of mine from the club approached me and said. “Yo man, you checking out what that white boy is doing to your girl?”

I replied back, “It ain’t no thing that’s a white friend of mine from college, every time he comes to kick it he always trying to push up on her, wishing he could have ankara türbanlı escortlar some of that good black pussy.”

My friend came back with, “Yo man just be careful, you can never trust white people.” then he walked away starring at my wife and Trevor.

Those two were humiliating me in front of my friends and my dick felt like it was going to bust through my zipper. Trevor and Tasa made their way back to our table, smiling and carrying on. Tasa came up to me, grabbed me by the hand and said, “Time for us to dance.” and led me to the dance floor. She pulled me close and whispered into my ear, “I think your friends know this white boy is going to fuck me and your going to let him.” Her statement shocked me and I knew it was time to go.

We headed back to the table, said bye to a few friends, and had Trevor follow us back to our car in the parking lot again. Once we reached the car, Tasa grabbed Trevor and pulled him to her lips and french kissed him in the parking lot where people could see. I could do nothing but sit there and stare. My dick was starting to get hard again, she eventually broke the kiss and gave him our address.

We got into the car and headed for home, Tasa was again fingering herself in the passenger seat for the world to see. Tasa moaned and groaned while fingering herself, she turned to me and said, “His hard white cock is a monster, I couldn’t fit that whole thing between my ass cheeks. I could feel it throb as my ass rubbed up and down on his huge dick.”

I started rubbing my dick through my slacks and came within seconds. Tara saw and said, “ohh your a naughty boy cumming without mommies permission. Don’t touch yourself again unless I tell you to.”

“Yes ma’am” I replied.

We got to the house and again Trevor was waiting for us outside. I parked and me all of us moved quickly to the front door. Trevor and Tasa started touching each other and french kissing while I fumbled with the keys to unlock the door. We all moved quickly into the house, I shut the door and as I turned around I saw Tasa already on her knees fumbling with Trevor’s zipper.

Trevor had stopped her and said, “Let your husband pull it out for you.”

I saw Tasa’s whole body shiver. There was my wife on her knees in front of this white boy in our living room and she said, “Jerome, come here and get on your knees next to me.”

I did as she said, then she continued, “Now pull out that huge white cock for me.”

I reached towards Trevor’s zipper and pulled it down. I put my hand through the hole, got a good grip on his dick and pulled it out. Tasa’s eyes sparkled at the sight. Tasa’s mouth move towards his dick when Trevor said. “Wait, I am not fully hard yet, maybe your husband should get me hard first.”

“You heard him Jerome, get that white boy’s dick hard for me to suck.” Tasa said in a demanding tone.

I started stroking him slowly and felt it growing in my hands, I was mesmerized by the situation. This was hotter then I could have ever imagined. I suddenly felt my wife’s hand on the back of my head. She shoved my head towards his dick and told me, “Open wide, we need to get this dick harder faster and your hand just ain’t doing it.”

I never sucked a dick before but tried to suck down as much as I could, I only got a few inches in before I started chocking. Trevor grabbed me by the back of my head and shoved it in more and started chocking me with his huge cock. He finally let go and as I fell back I saw his 10 inch cock at full mast and it looked magnificent. My wife quickly grabbed it and started to devour it. Her black lips stretched to their maximum as Trevor’s huge white cock jack hammered in and out of her mouth. I got behind my wife and grabbed he breasts from behind as I got a close up view of Trevor’s cock over my wife’s shoulder.

I rubbed my wife’s titties and kissed her on her neck as Trevor continued to use her mouth as a sloppy hole. While kissing my wife’s neck I looked up into Trevor’s eyes and he looked back into mine, smiled at me, then he unload into my wife’s mouth. I could feel her trying to swallow it as I kissed her neck. I noticed some dripping down but sides of her mouth.

Tasa pulled off Trevor’s dick and said, “Thank you for that Trevor. I’ve never had my mouth filled like that and your cum tastes a lot better then my husbands.”

She wiped some cum that was running of her chin with her finger and brought it to my mouth. I open up and sucked it off her finger as she put it in my mouth. “How does it tasted baby” Tasa said with a laugh.

It tasted similar to my own cum but it got me so horny tasting another man’s semen. My wife turned towards me and gave me a deep french kiss. She pushed more of Trevor’s cum from her mouth into mine and we played with it back and forth as we kissed. We stop kissing and I lick up the left over loose cum that ran down my wife’s jaw.

Tasa got up off her knees and said, “Lets go into the bedroom and fill my black pussy with that white dick.”

She pulled up her black dress and started rubbing her pussy in front of Trevor. Trevor said, “I am going to need a few minutes to recover.”

Tasa grabbed him by the hand and led him to the bedroom then said, “Don’t worry I will have my husband eat my pussy till you’re ready.”

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