Black in Me Pt. 06


I took Leo’s genuine words to enjoy myself to be comforting. I knew he meant it and I would no longer doubt him. I had a feeling Leo was going to get with someone back at the hotel and I felt good about knowing he loved me and treated this whole weekend as a day at an amusement park – fun for awhile but good to go back home.

I ventured back out into the club, hoping I would not run across the white guy that was serving up his ass to Leo and, if I did, would certainly apologize. But I didn’t have to. He was in the dark room getting fucked by Jay while sucking another guy. I stood and watch this guy service two black dicks and was envious of his talent as he never missed a beat despite getting rammed hard by Jay while being face fucked by another guy. I stood and watched the action. It was dark enough to not be noticed but light enough to make out the guy’s ethnicity, body type, etc. There was a lot of action going on but I noticed one guy standing alone across the room that looked good – dark skinned, chunky, young guy in his early 20’s. I went over and stood next to him so I could get a better look and see if he was interested in me. We stood silently for a few minutes, watching the action when we finally caught each other’s eye.

“How you doing?” he asked. He appeared somewhat thuggish by his voice and body language, addition to the several tattoos he had over his upper body.

“Good thanks, you?

“Doing alright.” He had a toothpick in his mouth and continued to work it as he gazed at the action of someone giving head just a few feet from us. He reached over and felt my nipple, pulling on it. I moaned softly in pleasure and by the fact that he was interested in me. I reached and did the same, playing with his soft nipples on his chest that was big and firm but not muscular. He took my hand and placed it on his dick which was rock hard but not real big, about 5-6 but fairly thick. I played with it for a few before he gave the orders.

“Suck it.” He took off his towel and stood straight up, hands on hips as I got on my knees and took him inside my mouth. He had just showered so his dick smelled of soap. I sucked him slowly and stopped to lick his tightly packed balls but he guided my head back onto his dick. He pulled out and took my chin in his hands, looking me straight in the eyes with his.

“You don’t want this dick?”

“Yeh I do.”

“Then act like it boy.”

That was my clue to suck him harder and faster which I immediately began to do as he aggressively stuck his hard dick back in my mouth.

“There you go” he said, beginning to thrust into my mouth. Soon after he had me by the ears and was power fucking my mouth. He slammed his groin into my mouth, tight wiry pubes pressing against my nose, balls lying on my chin and exploded inside of me. His moan was almost animalistic, his head rolling as he shot a huge load of jiz down my throat. I stayed in position until he gradually loosened the force on the back of my head when I was able back off of him. Before I had the chance he pushed my head off him, nearly causing me to fall over, and walked away. I was surprised by his behavior but not upset. I enjoyed the time when I was Leo’s submissive fuck toy and this brought back good memories.

I had to see this guy in more light so I went to the locker room to see if he was there. The locker room was empty so I walked around, unable to find him but had the taste of his cum savoring in my mouth. The glory hole room was filled with guys sucking dick. I went to the top area where the guys were standing and saw several hot bears getting their dicks sucked. One guy in particular was getting my attention – a chubby, bald black guy wearing leather chaps was pressed against the wood partition getting head. I walked into the top row, looking at all the bare asses, some pale white, some brown, some black, some skinny some big, all different sizes and colors. I got behind the chubby guy and stood for a minute behind him, admiring his round hairy ass. I reached out and felt it and in return the guy reached back and felt my dick, which was now growing. We played with each other for a few minutes when he turned around and faced me, his dick, semi hard,

about 7- 8 thick inches. He was a very handsome guy, probably late 40s, with a hairy chest that was slightly graying and a nice rounded belly that stuck out bahis siteleri from his leather harness.

“Don’t let me keep you from a good blow job.” I said.

“It wasn’t a good blow job.” he said and laughed, pointing to his dick, now softening.

“Well I’d like to see if I could do better.”

“Be my guest. Go for it.”


“Yeh, go around and I’ll put it through.”

I went to the bottom row and saw his dick hanging out of the glory hole so immediately went to work on it. This was my first time sucking dick through a glory hole and was enjoying the sight of guys lined up sucking dick. Within minutes he was fully hard – an impressive 8-9 inches which was getting my mouth and jaw tired after at least 10 minutes of sucking. “No wonder the other guy left” I thought to myself. I started to jack him to give my mouth a break but that got him lose his erection and pull out. He walked around the partitions and I got up to meet him.

“That was some damn good head man. Why’d you stop?” He said, groping my dick.

“Sorry man, jaw was getting tired.”

He laughed. “Oh yeh? And why would that be?” he joked.

“You know you got a big one man.”

“It’ll do. Follow me.” He said as he headed way from the row of glory holes to a part of the club I had not been before. We went through a plastic curtain into a room designed for bondage with slings cages, a wall area with leg and hand cuffs and other equipment. A large, bearish guy was there to screen guys who wanted to enter.

“You need leather guy.” He said to me.

The guy I was with (didn’t know his name) took off his harness and placed it on me, leaving him with just his chaps and boots. I stood there wearing the harness and towel feeling a bit out of place. My friend snatched the towel off me leaving me with just the harness.

The guy waved us through and I was able to scope out the entire scene. There was a white guy on all fours wearing a dog collar who was getting fucked by a muscular while sucking the dick of another.

Most of the equipment was being used with various acts of punishment going on, from paddling to whips to guys getting fucked in slings.

“Choose your weapon my man.” my guy said to me.

“I’ve never done anything like this before. This is amazing.” I said.

“I’ve been watching you for awhile and I know you like the Black dick so that’s why I brought you in here. We’ll start you out easy. C’mon.”

He led me to a wooden cross with leg and arm chains. “Go ahead get on it.”

I was very reluctant to join in the scene. “I don’t know man – like I said – never done anything like this before.”

“Won’t know `til you try.” He smiled an evil grin. Either you get in that thing or you got to go. Now play nice.”

“What the hell” I thought. I felt this was a good time to be adventurous and was curious about this level of BDSM.

“Let’s try it.” I said. I got up against the cross and waited for further direction.

“Turn around.” My buddy said.

I wasn’t sure by having my ass exposed if that meant I was going to get fucked and I thought I’d make it clear that I didn’t want that.

“I really can’t get fucked man.”

“Don’t flatter yourself, you got a nice white booty but let’s see what you can handle first.” He talked while fastening the chains around my legs and wrists, then removing the harness that I wore to get in. I stood completely naked, in chains, ass out, waiting to see what happened next. It was too late to go back – I just knew I was going to have to take dick.

“Hang in there buddy, it’ll be just a few minutes.” He slapped my bare ass hard as he left.

“For what?” I said as he left out but either he did not hear me or cared not to answer. I stood there for the next few minutes wondering what I had gotten myself into. My arms were getting tired and hands were getting numb. I was wiggling around to get the blood flowing when my friend came back, this time with a large, muscular black man wearing a leather skirt and hood and holding what looked like a whip.

“This is Devin, you’re going to provide him pleasure for a few. Be sure to properly thank him when he’s through.” He tightened my shackles and whispered to me “Mastiff when you’ve had enough.”

“Mastiff?” I had no idea what he was talking about.

“Safe word. Use it when you can’t take no more, but not canlı bahis siteleri too soon.”

“Oh fuck.” I said, fearing that I was going to get bloodied and marked.

He finished adjusting the straps. “I’ll be right here.”

Devin stepped up and stroked the whip across my buttocks, then ran his hand across it, grabbing each cheek then slapping them. He moved the whip to my upper back and hit it with enough force to be felt, but not painful. This went on for a few minutes, back and forth between my back and ass when I felt the sting of a hard hit on my upper back. I held on without letting on that the whipping was now painful until I received a furious strike against my ass. I screamed out in pain and was breathing hard trying to endure when Devin came up behind me, and grabbed me by the hair.

“What’s the matter boy, can’t take it?”

“That hurt like hell.” I was still writhing in pain.

“So you’re a pussy boy?” he yanked my head back further. I could see my friend standing and watching. I was hoping he would try to convince Devin into easing up.

“No, I just never had that kind of pain before.”

“Address me as sir, boy.”

“Yes sir.” The pain had begun to subside when Devin looked at my friend, who nodded his head in the affirmative.

Devin stepped back and gave another whack across my upper back, which hurt, but not as much as the one across my ass. I couldn’t take any more.

“Mastiff” I said loud enough for my buddy to hear. The whipping stopped, and he came over to release me.

“Couldn’t hang huh?” he said as he undid the chains.

“Hell no, that shit hurt like hell.”

He laughed. “Most guys don’t last don’t worry about it. But…now you got to pay the price.”

“Actually I’m ready to go.”

“Sorry man, there’s something you got to do before you leave. If you had just hung in there for a few more minutes.”

“Look, I really didn’t know what to expect. I tried man. Can I go?”

He shook his head no and before he undid the last chain he informed me of my punishment.

“You got some brothers who are going to piss on you, including myself. Since you couldn’t take the flogging you need to do this to be respected.”

“That doesn’t seem too respectful – I don’t know about this.”

“Look man, you’re going to run across these guys in the future. Do this and you will earn their respect and they will leave you alone. Back out and the word will get out – not good words.

“What the fuck had I gotten myself into?” I asked myself. My ass and back had stopped stinging but my ego was still hurt. I succumbed to his request.

“Alright, I’ll do it.”

“Good man.” He released me of my restraints and led me out of the room and into the shower room where several guys were washing themselves of the day’s activities. Behind me were 2 other Black guys that I did not recognize. To make thing worse I was going to get pissed in front of guys. I hoped nobody I talked to earlier was present to see this humiliating act.

“Kneel down.” My friend instructed me and I did as told. One of the guys following us told me to put my hands behind my back and tied them when I did. The other guy pulled his dick out of his yellow (how appropriate) jock strap and released a steady stream of piss on my chest. My friend did the same after he got out of his chaps and I felt the warm shower of two guys pissing on me. “Not bad” I thought until the guy behind me got in front of me. He was a really hot guy, medium build, all muscle and dark skinned. He was already naked and displaying a soft 8 inch dick, beautifully veined and extremely thick. As I was admiring the sight he told me to do what I feared.

“Open your mouth boy.” He said in a deeply masculine voice. There was no way I was going to let anyone piss in my mouth.

“Man, I don’t think so.” I was defiant which really set him off. This was one mean bastard.

“Motherfucker, you better open your goddamn mouth.” The other guys had backed off when they finished pissing on me. I looked at my friend and he shook his head to let me know needed to do as told.

Apparently I took too long and the muscular guy took his powerful hands, jaw and placed his dick at my lips. I continued to not cooperate and he slapped me across my head with his other hand. I felt the sting and a ringing in my ear.

He told my friend canlı bahis “You better tell this motherfucker to open his mouth.” His hand kept a powerful grip on my jaw.

“Open your mouth man. He’s not playing.”

At that point I just wanted it over. The other guys in the shower had left and it was just the 4 of us so I opened my mouth. Within seconds the muscular guy pissed in my mouth. I was surprised that his piss was clear and not yellow. But I did not swallow. I let it fill my mouth and the rest run out down my chin and throat. He finished by pissing on my face then unfastened my hands.

“Good boy.” he said, grabbing my hair and pulling my head back. Then he spit on my face. “Next time, take your whipping.” A few other guys that were in the shower laughed softly and spoke something in Spanish while looking at me.

I was again surprised by the level of humiliation I was willing to put up with. But I felt like I put myself in this position and I had to play by the rules. My buddy came over to me and helped me up.

“Let’s get you cleaned up.” He led me to the shower and turned it on for me, and lathered me up. Despite the fact that he just pissed all over me I did like this guy. He was very warm and helpful.

“How’s my back and ass looking?” I asked.

“Not bad, a little red. The whip he used won’t leave marks believe it or not.” The soap stung a bit but paled in comparison to the lashing I got. As he was washing my back he pressed up against me, his dick, which was hard was rubbing between my cheeks. He reached around and pinched my nipples while he was continuing to grind me from behind.

“Bend over.” he said to me. I did as told, wanting to get fucked but knowing I could stop it at anytime. I bend over and grabbed my ankles, still sore from the cuffs. He got behind me, spread my cheeks and licked and ate my ass while the hot water poured down on us. While that was going on a hot dark-skinned Latino guy walked into the shower. He was about 6′, 280#, brown skinned, beautiful rounded ass, and a nicely hung uncut dick.

My buddy got up from eating my ass and we stood together, him behind me, held close together. My dick was fully hard now with the feeling of this big man behind me rubbing his dick on my ass. I wanted to get fucked badly and weighed the consequences of me telling Leo I had broken our ground rules. I definitely knew I had to have safe sex if I did. I noticed the Latino guy watching us and his dick was growing.

“You like that big dicked Puerto Rican?”

“Yeh, he’s hot man.”

My friend motioned for him to come over and join us, which he did.

I was pressed down from behind to get in position to suck him so I squatted down and took his dick in my mouth and stared sucking. He put his hands on my head and guided me how he wanted it, slow and steady. While I was sucking I felt my asshole being explored by a finger.

“Get on all fours” I got in position for my buddy but couldn’t suck dick well. The Latino guy stepped back and jacked his dick.

“You gonna fuck him bro?” he asked with a heavy accent.

“Yeh” but not here.”

“Well let him take care of me first man. He was doing a good job.”

He got closer to me and I looked back at my friend to see what my next move should be.

“Go ahead man.” I got back in position to give head and gave the Latino guy a good sucking when my friend joined in, putting his dick near my lips. I went back and forth sucking the two of them when the Latino guy busted a huge load on my face when I was sucking my friend. He shot a good 6-7 strong strings of cum before he finished. My buddy stopped and fed me his cum, even putting some on his dick for to suck off.

The Latino guy was very satisfied. “Damn that was some good head man. Stick around and I’ll get that ass.”

Right now I was concentrating on sucking dick. I used every trick I had learned to pleasure him.

“Fuck, I’m coming” He slammed his dick down my throat and I could feel the pulsating action of his dick as he shot down my throat. I started gagging because of the amount of cum, which did not faze him. He kept his dick buried in my mouth until he was completely drained, then he pulled out.

“Phew!” that was intense” he said. We both were breathing heavily and I was on all fours catching my breath. On the way out my friend gave my ass a slap. “I’m getting some of that later.”

The three of us showered together in silence, one by one drying off and retreating to the various rooms that the club had to offer. I was tired, sore, but still horny. I was ready for more.

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