Subject: Black Man in the Grey Morning, 6. 6. “Sounds great to me,” Javier said. “Get over here and clean me off,” he said to me.” I rolled off of my back and tried not to fall off the bed at the same time. As I sat up, I had a sudden head rush. It was made even worse by the poppers and tina. “You ok there?” Eli asked me. “Yeah, just a head rush,” I said. I stood up slowly, next to Eli, as Javier climbed to the side of the bed. “This should help,” he said, handing me the bottle of poppers. “Maybe,” he laughed. I knelt down between Javier’s legs and did a long hit from the poppers. His dick was right in front of me and it was still glistening from my ass. There was a light covering of lube, ass juice, and cum. Normally, ass-to-mouth was something I tried to avoid, but as the poppers hit me, it seemed like the most natural and right thing to do. It was my life and calling to lick Javi’s cock clean and get it hard again. Hungrily, I took the very tip into my mouth, licking up the last drop or two of cum. “Oh fuck, that’s hot,” Javier said as I worked to take the rest of the head in my mouth. It was still warm from my ass. The neutral flavor of the lube mixed with the tang of my ass and the saltiness of the jizz. He took the bottle of poppers from me and did a hit himself. “You gonna re-fill that pipe today?” he asked Eli. Eli had been zoning out, dividing his attention between the porn still playing on the TV and watching me clean off his buddy’s cock. “Yeah, I will” he said, before sitting down next to Javier. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw him clean off the pipe, and then carefully tap a few more big crystals into the stem from one of the baggies. “Good?” he asked Javier. “Looks good for now,” Javier said. “You want to do the honors? Start it off?” “Sure,” Eli said. He held the torch under the bowl, letting the chemicals melt, crackle and smoke before putting the glass stem in his mouth. I wanted to stare and watch this studly man inhale the powerful drugs. But I knew that my job here was to suck on Javi’s cock. I closed my eyes, trying to ignore the smells and the noises in the room: the warm burn from the torch, the moans from the TV, the sharp smell of the crystal smoke, Eli’s deep breaths from the pipe. Instead, I focused on the two most important ones: the sweat on Javi’s body and the wet sounds of me sucking on his cock. They were a good combination and made me want to swallow even more of Javi’s heavy shaft. “Oh, that’s so fucking good,” Eli said, exhaling a thick plume of vapor. “Your turn, Bro,” he said, handing the pipe and torch to Javi. “Thanks,” Javi said. I opened my eyes and looked up just long enough to see Eli put his arm around Javi as the Latino held the torch under the bowl. “Don’t stop,” he said to me. “You’re doing a great job there. If you can swallow the whole thing, I’ll make sure you get a few big-ass hits” “Giving him some incentives, huh?” Eli said. I turned my attention back to Javi’s cock and took the head into my mouth. I worked my way slowly down his shaft. While I worked on Javi’s flesh pipe, the Latino started to inhale on the glass pipe. He drained the bowl several times before letting the torch go out. As I struggled to suppress my gag reflex, Javi calmly turned to Eli, and shotgunned his hit to the black man. “Oh yeah,” Javi said, “That’s it.” He put the still-warm pipe back in his mouth, and inhaled more from the smoking bowl. “Almost got it all,” he said to me. His cockhead was pressed against the back of my throat. I could physically take the whole thing; I had done it before. Now, my only block was mental. I remembered how sore I had felt when Eli had first pressed his tool into my throat. It would be the same when Javi forced his hard tool back in. I hunted on the bed for the poppers, before Eli helped me out and handed them to me. “These should help you,” he said. I paused my cocksucking long enough to inhale deeply, but made sure to not let Javi’s cock fall out of my mouth. “That’s right,” Eli said. “All the way down.” “Here you go,” Javi said. He handed Eli the pipe. “Thanks,” Eli replied. He flicked the torch, and repeated the process of heating and inhaling. While he was doing his hit, the poppers hit me and the mental blocks I had created for myself disappeared in a fog of drug-induced pleasure. It would be a bit painful when Javi’s cock first entered my throat. But it would be worth it: to see the smile on Javi’s face, to feel his erect member press against my airway, and especially to get another hit from the glass pipe. I swallowed slightly, tilted my head, and let his dick enter my throat. It was surprisingly easy to swallow the rest of his shaft. The lube that was still on it greased its journey and helped to soothe my raw throat. “That’s it, man,” Javi said. “Take it all. I know how badly you want it. And that next hit of crystal.” He was completely right; kneeling down in front of him, my entire world was his crotch and the erection springing up from his mound of dark pubic hair. Between the lube, the poppers, and my slow-burning desire for another hit, it was easy for me to swallow his entire shaft. I was going to be sore and hoarse the next day, but I didn’t care. I had swallowed the entire thing and I was going to get more tina. Those ankara escort bayan were the only two things that counted. “Fuck, he made that look easy,” Eli said. “Guess he’s definitely earned a reward.” “Oh, he’s earned it for sure,” Javier said, pulling my head off of his dick. I looked up at the two naked men; a mahogany and an ebony god that I needed to worship all day, every day. The ebony god reached down and put the pipe in my mouth and then the mahogany one held the lit torch under the bowl. It was still warm from the last hit, so it didn’t take long before the white clouds were curling out from the top. “Do a good hit, Matt,” Javier said. “Not one of those little pussy hits you seem to like so much.” As told, I lost track of the number of times I drained the bowl and I filled my lungs with the thick vapors. When I could no longer inhale any more, I nodded to Eli that I was filled with the drug, but he shook his head. “You can do better than that, muscle bottom.” Javier kept the torch under the bowl. I had no choice but to keep on draining the pipe, just to keep the meth from burning. Finally, when I thought my lungs were going to burst, Javier took the pipe from me, and stuck it in his own mouth, sucking down the smoke as the pipe cooled. “Finally,” Eli said. “That’s how a real man hits the pipe. Now hold it,” he continued, nodding approvingly. I held it as long as I could, letting it enter my bloodstream. The meth quickly traveled to the two centers of my body that were driving my actions: my ass and my brain. When I thought I was just about to pass out, I let myself exhale. The cloud engulfed my head, and for a brief moment, I couldn’t see anything but the beautiful white nothing. I was lost in the possibilities, but it slowly fell away, revealing the reality of Javier’s cock, which was starting to grow hard again. “Nice,” he said. “That was a good start. Now one more hit for you.” Javi pressed his mouth against mine and exhaled his hit into me. I inhaled and took another big cloud, the second in rapid succession. “Think you can go down on me again?” Javi asked. “All the way down? Lick my balls with your tongue?” I nodded. I could do anything he wanted me to. I would do anything that he wanted me to. I leaned over his glistening cock, still wet from its last time in my mouth. I opened my mouth and the head entered easily. It was soon pressing against the back of my throat. I didn’t even need the usual hit of poppers to relax me; I just let go in. I had to make sure that the cloud didn’t escape, but quickly, Javi’s cock was doing its job of blocking my airway. “Oh fuck, that’s perfect,” Javi moaned. Eli had taken the pipe from Javi and while I was busy deep-throating the Latino, he did another hit. As Eli was taking a second hit from the pipe, Javi touched my head lightly, and nodded at me. It was his way of letting me know I could finally exhale. I pulled off his cock just enough to be able to breathe and then exhaled the thick cloud. “Fuck, that’s hot,” Javi said, before pushing me all the way back down on his dick. “If you take it all again, and you’ll get another go at the pipe.” “If you keep on giving him hits, he’s gonna be way gone,” Eli said, before he grabbed Javier and shotgunned the hit to the Latino. Javi rested his hand on the top of my head and held me in place while the two men began to kiss deeply. I relaxed and focused on Javi’s beautiful cock sliding ever further into my throat. “That’s the point, isn’t it?” Javi said. He broke off the kiss and then the two men exhaled the rest of their hits. The two men quickly turned back to each other and resumed their kissing. But, Javi kept his hand on my head and held me down on his dick. “A tweaked out bottom will do anything and everything we want. And he’s almost at the base of my cock now, aren’t you?” I did my best to nod, even with Javi’s cock limiting my range of motion. “Very true. Very true,” Eli said. I took a deep breath before the final push, smelling the mixture of sweat, lube, and cum on Javi’s pubes. Like the best poppers, the sweat filled my mind and with it, the last bit of his cock slid into my throat. “He made it,” Eli said, watching my lips wrapped around the base of the Latino’s cock. “Oh fuck yeah, he’s definitely made it. Made it to cocksucker heaven. He’s got it all in.” He rubbed the back of my head. “Good job, dicksucker. Don’t stop,” he said, keeping his hand on my head and complimenting my cocksucking prowess. “Feels fucking awesome, my cock up in your throat.” It made me feel good, knowing how much Javi enjoyed me servicing him. He deserved it; that he was a man was good enough for him to merit getting his dick sucked regularly. That he was hot and hung was more than enough for me deep-throat him. Of course, I’d swallow each one of his rich loads. “Here’s the pipe,” Eli said, handing it to Javi. “When you’re ready for him to pull off, of course.” Javi grunted an acknowledgement, but he kept his hand on my head and held me in place. My reward, the hit from the pipe, would be later, once Javi had had more time to enjoy my efforts. “Maybe chill for a bit after?” Eli asked. I wasn’t sure if he was asking Javier, me, or if it was just a rhetorical question. “Yeah, that’s cool,” Javier said. The question had etimesgut escort obviously been posed to Javi. He pulled me off his cock, leaving me kneeling by the side of the bed. “Our boy here deserves his reward first.” “Of course,” Eli said. “Better for all of us.” Javier stuck the glass pipe in my mouth and lit the torch under it. “Make it another real hit Matt. Make us proud of you, cocksucker.” “Let it melt first,” Javi said, as he ran the flame under the bowl. It took a few seconds before the pipe began to smoke, then I slowly drained the bowl a few times. Even though I had more than reached my limit, I didn’t stop and continued to suck on the pipe. “Doing good,” Javi said as he pulled the torch away. “Just let it fill you up.” I got a few more draws before the crystal cooled down and stopped smoking. I concentrated on holding the cloud in as long as I could. Javi handed the pipe and torch back to Eli. The black man lit the torch again, and melted the little bit of tina that remained in the bowl. “Looks like one more hit,” he said. “You want it?” he asked Javi. “You can have it,” Javier said. “I’m good, at least for now. But I can tell you’re feeling the need.” “Oh fuck yeah,” Eli said. I watched, enraptured, as he again pursed his lips around the stem, and began to inhale. Watching these slow rituals of getting spun, of pushing oneself to a new plane of sexuality, was just as much of a turn on as watching the porn on TV. When it was a masculine man like Eli, it was even more of a turn-on I couldn’t hold my hit any longer, and began to exhale. “To me,” Javi said, leaning over to take my hit. I exhaled directly into Javier’s mouth, letting him find out just how big of a hit I had done. “Nice,” he said, as he broke off. I turned my attention back to Eli; he was still inhaling from the pipe. He finally took the stem out of his mouth and looked at the bowl closely. He shrugged his shoulders before putting the pipe back on the bed table. “Done?” Javi asked. Eli nodded while he held the hit. The two men leaned back on the bed and slowly exhaled their hits before turning their attention back to the TV. “Here,” Javier said to me, patting the space between them. I climbed on to the bed, making myself comfortable between the two dark men. On screen, a hung black man, his dick not quite as big as Eli’s, had his unprotected cock up a young white boy’s ass. As the boy’s hole was opened up and he was made into the black man’s personal plaything, his face was a mixture of pleasure and pain. Both Eli and Javier were chilling out, stroking their cocks and enjoying the movie. It didn’t take them long before they were semi-hard again. “Hot movie,” Javier said. “Yeah, very hot,” Eli said. I poured some lube on my cock and started to play with it. But the tina had already hit me hard so my dick remained flaccid and small. “You got tina dick?” Eli asked me, noticing my soft cock. “Yeah,” I said. I spread my legs apart, which exposed my hole. I let my hand slide down. I pressed a finger against my hole; it was still wet and open so my finger slid in easily. “Playing with your hole, huh? Feels good, doesn’t it?” Javier asked. He was now fully erect. His member was a statue to masculinity. “Fuck yeah,” I moaned; already I had put in a second finger. “You got any toys?” Eli asked. “Yeah,” I said. “A few.” “Get one. I want to see you play with it.” I extricated myself from between the two men, and went to my dresser. Despite the light from the window still being grey and overcast, it was nearly noon. “Looks like it’s going to be rain today,” I said, opening the top drawer, where I stored the dildos, vibrators and beads. “Good thing we’re inside,” Eli said. “Staying dry. Staying warm.” “And hard, and naked,” Javier added. “And high,” Eli concluded. “So, Javi, bro, what are you up to these days?” Eli asked as I shuffled through the drawer. “Oh, just things here and there. Running some stuff,” Javier replied. He had that flat tone I associated with being tweaked out. I was still looking through the drawer. It was filled with the miscellaneous toys that a gay man accumulated. I wondered what I wanted to use, what toys I wanted to show these men. What toys I wanted them to use on me. “What you running these days?” “Ehh. Mostly tina. Some rock, molly. Weed. What people need. Sometimes what I can find.” “Cool. Good to have a source,” Eli said. “You hear that, muscle butt?” he asked me. “You got your new connection right here.” “And he’s always got the option of doing it in trade,” Javier said. “Price I’m sure he’ll be happy to pay,” Eli said. “You found a toy there yet?” he asked me. “You’ve been looking long enough.” I nodded, looking at the dildos, a medium-sized vibrator and then alighting on a string of anal beads. I hadn’t played with the beads in a while. I pulled them out. “How about these?” I said, turning around, holding up the beads. “Very nice,” Eli said. “Now, let’s see you get a few of them in.” I got back on the bed, bent over and on all fours between the two men. My ass was facing them with my face buried in the sheets as I huffed from the bottle of poppers. I rubbed the first bead with lube and pressed it against my hole. Right as the poppers kicked in, my ass stretched kızılay escort around the bead, engulfing and swallowing it. Then there was just the thin black cable hanging out of my ass, leading to the next round ball. “Damn. It just swallowed that ball right up,” Javier said, moving in for a closer look. He ran his finger around my hole and then caught his finger on the cord. “Fucking hungry hole he’s got.” My hole was hungry. It grabbed against the bead and dragged it ever deeper into me. “Oh, hot damn!” Javier said, watching the next bead get lifted off the bed as the cord disappeared into my ass. “Just eating that thing up.” “Still hungry for more,” Eli said. “You know what will make it even hungrier?” “What?” Javier asked, and then the two whispered between themselves. It was something I couldn’t quite catch because I was too busy doing another huff from the poppers. The second bead was pressing against my ass. It needed just a tiny bit more pressure in order to slip into my hole. I reached back to press it in, but Javier grabbed my hand. “Wait,” he said. “I’ll do it.” I expected him to immediately press in the bead, but instead, he pulled on the cord, dragging the second bead back and away from my hole. The bead already inside me slid back down, settling up against my prostate. “Here you go,” Eli said to Javi. Then Javi quickly pressed two fingers into my hole and pulled them back out. “Looks good,” Eli said. “Yeah, doesn’t it?” Javier said. He rubbed the second bead with some lube and then pressed it up against my hole again. “Ready?” he asked me. I nodded, and with just the slightest pressure from Javier, it popped into my ass. Its entry was a lot rougher than the first bead, scratching and roughing up my tender ass. I gasped before tightening my ass around the cord. “You felt that, huh?” Javi asked me. “Yeah,” I said. “What is it?” “Just a bit of tina up there now. It’ll make you ready for anything,” Javi said. “Like me,” Eli said. “It’ll get that ass good and relaxed for this.” I turned my head back, and saw that both men were again hard and fully erect. “Yeah, it’s going up there,” Eli said. He shook it gently as I stared at his cock. “You know you need it. How’d it feel to have Javi up there?” “Really good,” I said, remembering how big Javi’s cock had felt. I pressed a finger into my hole and realized how much Javi had opened me up, wondering if it was sufficient to take Eli’s python-like penis. My finger bumped against the beads already up there and pushed it deeper into my hole. I felt the shard of crystal scrape against me while it slowly melted in my ass. “How big was that shard?” “Hopefully big enough,” Javi said. “You feeling it? If not, there’s plenty more where it came from.” “Oh, Yeah,” I said. “I definitely am.” It was getting harder to concentrate. My mind was racing, from thinking about Javi’s cock in me to dreaming of a line of men pulling a train on me, then back to imagining Eli shooting his load in my hole, and then to something else even more extreme and depraved. It was the crystal taking effect and it wouldn’t be long before I would need another hard cock inside of me again. “Let me feel,” Eli said, running his finger around my hole. I pulled my two fingers out, and he pressed one of his thick fingers into me. Just that one was bigger than the two of mine. At least my ass was relaxed enough to easily stretch around his finger. “Oh nice. Hot and wet. I can feel that bead up there.” He pressed against it, pushing it and the shard further into my butt. “Did you like feeling Javi pounding your hole bareback?” “Yeah,” I said. I had to admit that it felt amazing to be barebacked by the Latino man. We now had a level of closeness that could have never been achieved with a rubber separating us. Not to mention, it was just right that he shot his load in my ass. It was now slowly soaking into my body; now, I’d always have a part of him inside me. “You ever wear a condom?” I asked Eli. “Ha,” Eli laughed. “You see this thing? Ain’t no condom big enough for my tool. Would have to use a damn garbage bag.” He shook his cock. It was nearly erect, the bend in it looking almost evil and scary. I still had no idea how he was going to fit all of it in my ass. The closest comparison would have been getting fisted; it was that big. I had never gotten more than four fingers up there. “Besides,” Eli continued, “You know how good it feels, skin on skin.” I did. Bareback was a rare pleasure for me and it was usually coupled with the joy of being spun. “Yeah, I do,” I said. “Just a bit nervous.” But, it seemed wrong to deny Eli the pleasure of entering me raw. He deserved that simple joy, after his year of deprivation while in prison. Besides, it was certainly wrong to deny him right after I had let Javier fuck me raw, not to mention breed my hole. Mostly though, I wanted Eli to know how much I respected him: his masculinity, his presence, and his needs as a man. I wanted to give him as much pleasure as possible. “Don’t be,” Eli said. He pressed his finger in deeper, forcing the beads and their meth payload further into my hole. “You’ll love it. Trust me.” “And if at first you don’t,” Javier piped in, “we’ve got plenty of poppers and some crystal to make sure that you at least want it. Maybe not enjoy it.” He laughed. It was going to happen regardless of what I wanted. “Right on,” Eli said. “How about it, stud. You ready for a big black cock up that tight muscle hole? Big, black raw cock?” “I guess I am,” I said, ready for the next challenge

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