Black Men are Gods Ch. 19

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My name is Joe Strides. I’m a stocky, dark-skinned young Black man living in the City of Champions, Massachusetts. I work at the Champion City Community Library. And I’m the laziest bastard you’ll ever meet. A fine example of the stereotypically unmotivated African-American guy. Even though being born in the United States of America grants me advantages that immigrants from foreign lands can only dream of, I refuse to make the most of myself. Rather than pursue college or other worthwhile endeavors, I waste my time by working for my town’s library. Maybe ambition is simply not in my DNA. I’m just lazy. Yeah. I guess that’s it. Whatever.

If there’s one thing I don’t like it’s other Black people who are actually trying to get ahead. Like some Black writers in my community. Not content to sell their stuff online and in some bookstores, they’re actually trying to get their works on the shelves. And I can’t stand this display of Black creativity and ambition. That’s why I ignore their requests for help. Watching other Black people succeed usually makes me feel bad about myself. So I get in their way every bloody chance I get. While I dislike ambitious Blacks I know, I simply love White folks. Whenever one of them asks me to do something at the library, I say yes and do it happily. Why? Simply because I’m naturally agreeable to whatever requests they make of me. I’m just a happy-go-lucky African-American guy who loves to make White people happy.

And I’m not the only modern-day person of color with such a disposition. Take my Cape Verdean co-worker Mary Velasquez for example. This tall, light-skinned, pretty-faced and big-bottomed woman from Cape Verde is a chip off the old block. Whenever light-skinned Black people ( especially those from Cape Verde) and White people come to the library, they get priority service over dark-skinned people. That’s the way my ankara bayan escortlar co-worker Mary Velasquez operates. To be honest, I don’t have a problem with that. Like me, Mary Velasquez secretly gets off on being bossed around by White people. Especially White women. Like our supervisor Lydia Shenandoah, a red-haired White woman in her early fifties. She’s bossy as hell and deeply racist. She hides it well, though. Mary and I are really fond of her authoritarian ways.

I am so fond of bossy White women that I just had to get one for myself. So I acquired a nerdy-looking, blonde-haired White chick as my girlfriend. Barbara is her name. Like so many White chicks in the City of Champions, Barbara is a Mall Rat. When you first meet her, you think she’s nice and sweet. A short and skinny blonde chick with blue eyes and alabaster skin. I’m a naturally submissive African-American male who loves dominant White women. I let Barbara know that I was perfectly willing to be her little slave. I would let her demean me and control me. I was willing to do virtually anything she told me. This is how much of a submissive I really am. This is the only way I know how to get down. It excites me just to think about it.

I’m far from the only person of color in America who has such a fetish. Getting off on being sexually dominated by a White chick. My co-worker Mary Velasquez is having an affair with our boss Linda Shenandoah. And I’m perfectly okay with that. Let me give you a taste of what my dominant White girlfriend Barbara and I do behind closed doors when no one is around. Barbara loves to get naked and parade around the house with a long black leather belt in hand. She loves to smack my ass with it seemingly at random. I absolutely love it when she does that. Why can’t some people accept the fact that lots of Black men and Black women love being sexually ankara seksi escortlar dominated by bossy White women? It’s the coolest sexual fetish in the world. One of Black America’s best kept secrets until now.

Barbara loves to dominate me. She tells me that I’m her favorite slave. She loves playing the role of the White female slave owner living in the antebellum South while I play the role of the Black male slave who’s sexually and psychologically enthralled by the White Mistress. Barbara smacks my face hard and grabs my cock roughly. She squeezes my balls hard and I squeal in pain. Barbara loves to hear me scream. Oh, my bad. I really should call her Mistress Barbara. That is her rightful title during our sessions. I kneel before her and eagerly suck her toes before offering her my complete submission. Barbara laughs and says that I’m a good little slave. Then she whips out her strap-on dildo and orders me to suck it. Not only do I suck on her strap-on dildo immediately but I do it happily. Like a good little slave, pleasing my dominant mistress is what makes me happy.

After I polished Mistress Barbara’s dildo with my tongue, she decided to let me have it. She put me on all fours and ordered me to spread my ass cheeks wide open. Like a good slave, I did as I was told. Mistress Barbara came up behind me and pressed the dildo against my puckered asshole. With a swift thrust, she went inside. I squealed as Mistress Barbara’s dildo entered my asshole. Man, it hurt but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t absolutely love it. Mistress Barbara slammed her strap-on dildo deep into this Black man’s asshole. I screamed as she fucked the hell out of my ass. Now that’s what I’m talking about. This is interracial female domination at its best. A blonde-haired white chick fucking a big Black man in the ass with a strap-on dildo. Yeah. Mistress Barbara berated bayan ankara escort me while sodomizing me. She called me a little slut, a punk and a bitch. And you know what? It turned me on even more! I came while getting fucked in the ass by my dominant alabaster mistress. It was hot. Afterwards, I thanked my mistress by kneeling before her and cleaning her dildo with my tongue. Am I the perfect submissive or what?

When I went to the City of Champions Library the next day, my co-worker Mary Velasquez had a similar story to share with me. Our boss Linda Shenandoah dominated the hell out of her. Mary told me how she donned a black and white maid’s uniform and paraded around Linda’s house while many of Linda’s middle-aged white female friends watched. A lot of these middle-aged white women got off on watching a submissive Cape Verdean woman strutting her stuff at the beck and call of a white woman. Linda Shenandoah proceeded to dominate Mary Velasquez in front of her friends. She bent Mary over her desk, and spanked her. Then she ordered Mary to undress and kneel before her. As her friends watched, Linda urinated all over Mary’s face and ordered her to drink it. And for the final act, she donned her strap-on dildo and fucked the sexily submissive Cape Verdean woman with it. Mary told me Linda fucked her in every hole with her gigantic strap-on dildo. Mouth, pussy and asshole. Wow. Mary had a big smile on her face as she told me the story. She was a lucky woman. Like me, she found a sexy bossy white woman to dominate her. We’re both happy with our situations.

I’m a happily submissive Black man who loves BDSM, and the dominant white women who make it a wonderful experience. And I’m not alone in this fetish. My good friend and co-worker Mary Velasquez is a submissive Cape Verdean woman who loves to submit to dominant older white women. And we all get down and dirty in the City of Champions, Massachusetts. We all have our pleasures, folks. I know my fetish might seem weird to you but it’s what makes me happy. Can you please understand? I hope you can. If not, then give it a try. Be careful, though. Submission is addictive.

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