Black Neighbor Baby Sitter


Black Neighbor Baby Sitter

The baby sitter was a next door neighbors daughter who was 16 years old. They were a black family and he was a white man with two daughters of his own ages ten and eight. They really liked the girl as she liked playing with them and wasn’t afraid to tell them when they were doing something wrong. She scolded them without being mean to them like so many other girls that they had had as a baby sitter.

This girl was more a young women then a teenager. She was tall about 5’ 4”, with long straight hair, slender with a nice butt and breast that were a little more then a hand full, if he were to actually hold them in his hands. Needless to say he often did have such thoughts but never acted on them, after all this was his neighbors kid and he, at 28, was much older then she was.

She was over every Friday night, and had been for the past two years, to look after the kids as he would take the night off to have a little time away from it all , spend some time with friends and just clear his head of the weeks work. Always home by ten, she would go on home while he watched from the door of his home until she had closed the door behind her at her house. Two reasons for this one, he wanted to see that she did get home without one of the other neighbors, boys, giving her a bad time, which they did on a regular bases, and two, he liked to watch the movement of her tight butt as she walked away. He got a hard on every time he did this and would have to go into the bathroom and relieve himself. He was going to have to get himself a women soon before he decided she was old enough for his needs. Dam she was a nice looking young women..

Then one Friday night he was planning on spending a little more time out then usual and had asked her mother if it would be ok if she spent the night as he wasn’t sure when he would be home. The mother said that it would be OK and that she could take her sleeping bag with her and sleep on the couch. She did that a lot when they had company and her bedroom was needed for the guest. So that was taken care of and he set out for a night on the town. He had met a women that he hoped to score with and was hopping to spend the night, or at least most of it, at her place. Oh it was going to be a good night at long last.

Well the night did not turn out as planed. She was not near as nice as she seamed to be when he had met her the day before. How things change from one day to the next, or maybe I should say how people change. The night ended with him saying he didn’t think this was going to work out for them. They were just too different.

Once home he went into the living room to see if the neighbor girl was there and found her laying on the couch with just a blanket over her. One leg was uncovered and he could see her white panties which were a little on the skimpy side. The sight was enough to produce a hard on that would have to be taken of and soon. Walking quietly he went over and pulled the blanket over the exposed leg and then went up to his room. Once there he striped down and lay back on the bed and started dreaming about how it would be to have that girl down stairs, all the time stroking his pecker. It might not have been a good thought but he couldn’t help himself. escort bayan She was just too good looking to not think of in that way. Closing his eyes he could see her with out a stitch of cloths on and standing before him, kneeling down and start sucking him off just the way he liked it. He was so deep into thought and self satisfaction dreaming of what he would to do that he did not hear the door to his room open, or see her starring at him as he jacked off, a big smile on her face and a hand down between her legs playing with herself. She had often wondered how big he was and now she knew. He was a large eight inch’s and at least an inch and a half across. Od would she ever be able take all that into her tight pussy? She also knew that she had to have him in her, even though she had not had any
Man or boy in her before.

Before she knew what was happening she reached an orgasm that shock her whole body and almost brought her to her knees. If it hadn’t been for the door jam she would have fallen to the floor. She also let out with a rather load moan as she closed her eyes and let the feeling consume her body. This in turn brought him out of his state and needless to say was just a little shocked to see her standing there, sweat poring down her face, her hand clamped between her legs, a sight to behold to be sure and one he would never forget for the rest of his life.

“And what are you doing there?” he asked as though this happen all the time.

“Oh my god! I ‘m so sorry but I couldn’t help myself. And what do you think I’m doing here?”

“Well, I know what you are physically doing, to yourself, but the question I was asking is what are you doing standing there? I thought you were asleep on the couch at least you were when I came home.”

“Actually I wasn’t. I was just pretending to see what you would do when you saw my leg not covered.”

“Really? But you still haven’t answered my question.”

“Well, I was going to ask you if I could sleep with you tonight but, when I got here you were busy and I in turn got horny and had to do something about that. So, are you mad at me?”

“No, I’m not mad at you. Surprised to say the least. Why would you like to sleep with me? Are you scared or something? And, would you like for me to help you with what you were doing?”

“I’m done now, but it would be nice if you could bring me off again, that is if I can help you as well.”

“Yes, I would like that very much. Come over here and let’s see what we can do for one another.”

She walked over to the bed and, standing beside it removed her night shirt and panties. “Do you like what you see?”

“Very much so. And did you like what you saw?”

“Yes, and I have been looking forward to this for a long time. Every sense I caught you starring at my butt when I walk home. I lay in bed at night and bring myself off thinking about you doing it to me and wondering what your pecker looked like and how it would feel inside me.”

“Really. You knew I was watching at your butt as you went home?”

“Yes, and I liked that you did. I even told mom about it and she thought it was neat and we started talking about it and she gave me some ideas as to how I could get you to notice me more.”

“I don’t believe kocaeli escort bayan this. I have thought a lot seeing you naked but kept telling myself that you were to young for me, at least for now, and that your mom would hang me until dead if she thought I was even having such thoughts. Now you are telling me that she gave you some ideas as to how to get my attention. That’s incredible.”

“Do you mind?”

“How could I mind. No, of course I don’t mind. But you say that your mom told how to get me really interested in you. I don’t think that I have ever heard of a women actually wanting her daughter sleeping with a guy especially one with the age deferent’s as I have.

“Well, she and I have an understanding , one that most mother, daughters don’t have. She knows that I want to have sex and that being a teenager I will find a way to have it when I am ready. So she set me down one night and we had the talk. You know what the talk is don’t you?”

“Yes, I know what the talk is. So she is ok with you and I being together?”

“Not really. She said that she would rather I had a black boyfriend from school but, she understood. She also said that maybe it would be a good idea as she really likes you and trust you. She said that she felt that you would not mistreat me in any way and would more then likely take your time with me when the time came. That’s when she started telling how to please a man and we both started looking up porn sights so that I could see just what other women are doing out there to please their man. She also tolled me about dad and some of the other men she has had in her life, good as well as bad.”

“So, did you guys get all hot when you were looking at these sights?”

“Yes, very. And mom showed me how to take care of that too. You saw some of that tonight.”

She showed you?”

“Yah, she had me take off all my clothes and started touching me in such a way that I was beginning to think I was a lesbian it felt so good. But then she started fingering me an would tell me just what to do and how then had me do it while she watched. She even took off her clothes and lay down beside me and brought herself off at the same time.”

“Now that’s a sight I would like to have seen.” The thought had his pecker standing at attention again and she saw it. Without giving it a thought she bent down and took the tip into her mouth.

“Oh God that feels good. But if we are going to go through with this we had better be careful as not everyone will agree with what we are doing, with the age deferent’s that is. The sex part everyone does but usually with someone their own age not an adult with a teenager..”

“I agree. But there is something that you should before we get started with this new adventure.”

“And what is that?”

“I have never done this with anyone before. I’m a virgin.”

“Why now. Why me when there are so many guys at you school that I am sure would like to take you down the path of no return.”

“I like the way you put that, the path of no return. Well you see I find that I am in love with you and want you to be the one that takes my virginity. Not some hot in the paints high school guy. I think you are the one who will take the time kocaeli escort that will let me get used to your size, which is larger then I thought it would be by the way..”

“Yah, that may be a bit much seeing as you haven’t had sex before. It will hurt like hell at first you know that don’t you?”

“Yes, I know, but look at all the fun we can have while we are working that beautiful cock into my tight pussy.”

“Yes, I can see that. And speaking of beautiful you’re a very beautiful young women and your shaved pussy is as well. I love a shaved pussy, to feel of it in my hand as I feel the women’s body. I can’t wait until I get down there and see it up close and personal and suck the juices out of it for you.”

“Oh God that sounds so nasty. I love it. But first I want to suck you off. I have had one orgasm but you weren’t finished with what you were doing and it is only far that I repay you for how you made me feel when I saw you working out, as it were.”

“Well have you even done that before?”

“No, but I watched a lot of porn and I think I have the idea. And you can guide me if I’m not pleasing you.”

“Oh, I will guide you can bet on that.. But it won’t take long as you have been rubbing it all this time we have been talking and it is about to let loose any time now.”

She wasted no time getting down between his legs and taking his rock hard pecker into her hand lowered her head down and took the tip into her mouth and sucked gently and received a trop of pre cum for her efforts. She looked up and said, “that taste pretty good actually,” and went back down. This time she took the whole head into her mouth and started bobbing her head up and down like she had seen in the porn shows . With each downward motion she would take in a little more in until she had about five inches of the eight cock in her mouth, She really wanted to taste his seed and feel the thick cum shoot back into her mouth. Between the porn shows, and her mother telling her how to do it plus adding to the fact that he had been jerking off when she came up to the bedroom she was confidant she would bring him off and soon. She was about to feel and taste for the first time the cum of a man in her mouth. And with any luck she would taste his sperm many times in the future.

She repositioned herself so that she was better able to take him deep into her mouth and started bobbing her head faster as she could feel him growing harder and knew he was about to shoot his first ever load into her mouth. She found the act very exciting and had to move a hand down to play with herself as she sucked on him.

Moans of pleasure were coming from him as she sucked and he saying, “that’s it baby just like that. I don’t know where you learned to do this but you really know how to suck. Her it come‘s honey!” And he let loose with a large stream of warm cum into her mouth. She almost gagged there was so much of it but manage to keep it in and swallowed it all . As fast as he filled her mouth she swallowed until he was done and then gently sucked on the head to get the very last of it from him.

Looking up she found him looking back at her with a big grin on his face. “I did good huh?”

“You did good. In fact you did more then good. Come up here and let me wrap my arms around and hold you close. I want to feel those breast of yours against my chest.”

“And I want to feel you cock pressing my pussy while you do so.”

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