Black Submissive Ch. 02


Black Submissive

Author’s Note:

This series is a sequel/follow-up of the Gangbang Party Series. It continues the adventure of two young black men living together, Jermaine and Rio. It is told from Rio’s point of view.

Chapter 2 — Becoming His

Sometime after breakfast, Jermaine called me into his room…

As soon as I entered, he ripped my underwear off and threw me on the bed. Not a single muscle in my body tensed in reluctance. I moaned as he embraced me, the heat that had been building inside me from the moment his voice called me over sternly to the feeling of his callous hands stretching my briefs and molesting my wanting hole. On his bed, my legs spread willingly as I begged him to fuck me again. I was so horny and filled with desire. He entered me and I screamed out, my boypussy stimulated by the welcome return of his angry, engorged phallus.


After showering, I got dressed. Jermaine was about to go to the gym. His energy and stamina after fucking me over the last few hours astounded me.

“Can you be out of the apartment around 2 30 this afternoon by the way? I’ve got the new viewing coming by. The guy who will be replacing you. About an hour should do it.”

“Um… yeah sure. Are you-“

“And I might wanna fuck him. Probably in your room.”

“Wow… Really?”

“If he’s gonna be my sub… I’d need to try him out,” he explained simply.

I thought about that and could see the logic. But at the same time I felt a pang of jealousy and despair that I’d be leaving my shared home with Jermaine soon.


Around 4 that afternoon, I returned home, thinking that Jermaine would have finished by now. But he wasn’t — in fact I could hear them fucking almost soon as I walked in. In my room too, just as he had said. I crept past quietly and entered the lounge, hoping to get by unnoticed. A while later, after they had concluded the viewing and the dirty deed, I heard them talking in the corridor.

“Thanks for coming by, sexy boy. I’ll be sure to let you know!” Jermaine could be heard, followed by the shutting of the front door as the visitor left.

A few seconds later he walked into the living room, completely naked, covered in sweat. Naturally, the effect this had on me was immense and I was practically drooling at the sight of his naked, sweaty, sexed up body.

“Shit, you’re back! I didn’t realise what time was.” He exclaimed, but made no effort to cover up.

“How did it go, with the sub-let… and the sub?”

“Nice! He’s sexy as fuck. But maybe not enough of a slut yet. Not enough for me anyways. Reckon he needs another year or so. Or some accelerated training with me,” he laughed. “Still he’s going home with my cum in his boypussy.”

“Wow. I guess he’s in for a hard time! But you know… even sluts gotta start as virgins.” I reasoned, surprisingly defending the person who was potentially going to replace me.

“Hey… seeing as it’s your last weekend here, I got you a little going away gift. It’s in your room.”

What a lovely surprise. But when I saw it, I wasn’t sure what to make it of it. It was a black G-string.

“Um… thanks for the gift Jermaine.”

“You’re welcome,” he said, while still focusing on the TV. “You making dinner soon? I’m starving?”

“Yeah sure, no problem. We are out of food I think… but I can go to the store.”

“Good. You do that.”

“What about the G-string?”

“Well I don’t want that for dinner.”

“I mean… did you want me to wear it?”

He turned to me with an annoyed expression. “Obviously. I want you to wear it. Matter of fact, you should put it on now. Stupid fuckin’ question!”


A few minutes later, I was off to the local store. The thong felt uncomfortable at first but eventually I got used to walking in it, no longer heeding the impulse to pull it out of my butt crack. The fabric felt nice against my asshole… my pussy. It even made feel excited as I walked the street towards the store, wondering if people on the streets would be interested to know about the choice of underwear underneath my jeans. It made me feel a little paranoid.

There was some nearby hooting and hollering from a gang of local youths hanging out on the street… I wondered if they were calling out to me. Probably not — I had seen them around before. But my mind entertained the idea.

I wonder if the store clerk, a middle aged black man with glasses and gangly frame knew that the person he was selling to was a thong-wearing slut. There was quite a few people in the store — I wondered if they had an inkling what I was. Did I notice a few of them looking at me?

On the way back, I deliberately walked close to the gang of locals who were sitting on one of the apartment steps, about six of them, dressed in the typical street attire of hooded, heavy jackets, baggy jeans, and timberlands. They paid me no attention though, confirming that I had been güvenilir bahis paranoid about their previous catcalling. Still the urge was strong and primal… what if I showed them my ass?

You should show them that you’re a slut, Rio. Why don’t you say ‘wassup’? talk to them… offer them some ass. You’re dying to let them know how much of a slut you are and that you’d let them fuck you right here on the street. Why don’t you drop your jeans and flash them your sexy little thong? Get them excited to grab at you, tear into your pussy.

But I didn’t do any of that, instead hurrying on back home before they could enquire why I was lingering so near them.


As instructed, I fried Jermaine some chicken steaks and some greens. A nice bottle of red wine wasn’t the only accompaniment — Jermaine asked if I’d like to join him for dinner. But when I approached, he showed me the wooden floor beneath the table.

I looked at him in confusion.

“I’ve always wanted my dick sucked by a bitch while eating a home cooked meal. And I want to see that thong. Take off the rest of your clothes.”

I should have rebuffed him but I didn’t. As he sat down to eat, I slid my jeans off, undressing on the spot in the kitchen. He stared at me intensely, his legs spread as I approached him. The intention of his expression was clear — I dropped to my knees and crawled the remaining feet until I was between his legs. I started to unbuckle his jeans.

“No objection to me calling you a bitch, huh?” as his erection popped up out of his crotch.

“Based on what you’ve done to me over the last week or so, calling me a bitch is nothing,” I reasoned. But I got a slight smack to the face for my sass.

“Less talking, more sucking. Don’t want hear you speaking until I’ve finished eating!”

So that was how he enjoyed his dinner, with me in between his legs, my mouth wrapped around his dick. By the time he was finished with his meal, he was hard as a brick, leaking precum mixed with my saliva. “What’s for dessert?” Jermaine asked… and then seemed under-enthused when I suggested ice cream. He reached over, his phallus sliding deep into my gullet and grabbed a big handful of my ass and rubbed a finger along my hole… sliding the thong aside.

“Or you can have my pussy for dessert?” I moaned, still on my knees under the table.

“I know that, bitch.” He stood up. “Why don’t you go freshen up. Come back when you’re ready. I want you wearing that thong and the butt plug.”

“Yes… thank you!”

As I crawled out from under the table, humiliated but above all excited, Jermaine gave me a playful spank.


“Come here… Get on your knees… Put that mouth to work.”

Those were the magic words. He was sitting on the couch watching some old football re-runs, music softly playing from the speakers.

Having showered and feeling fresh and clean, I felt re-energized. My arousal was at a fantastic level, purring along nicely in a way that made me aware of what my body desired, from head to toe. Despite having been fucked several times in the last 24 hours, I wanted more of him. I could feel the heat in my loins. In my pussy. Aroused enough to envisage take on another hard fucking. I walked back into the lounge with that renewed confidence and desire, the butt plug snug inside me.

“Go slow… I want it slow,” he instructed. I was on my knees, my lips wrapped around Jermaine’s manhood, salivating on him, slobbering, pleasuring him.

I happily obliged, slowing down. We had all night. I bobbed and slurped on his massive shaft, moving from the mushroom head, which I would alternatingly smooch and suckle, to the gently curved shaft, which I would slowly swallow and choke on, smothering it with my spit till it leaked down all over his balls. Saliva would build up around his thighs, so I would slurp and lap at it, before smothering my face in his crotch, sucking and licking his balls, feeling yet another load brewing inside them, then sniff them, drawing in the musky air through my nose, indulging on the rich aroma of his scent. It drove me wild. And the occasional groan or moan or word of approval was equally powerful — like a bolt of lightning straight to my pleasure core.

After a few attempts, I finally managed to deep-throat him. I angled my head to take him in completely, my cheeks bulging, before using my throat muscles to clamp down and draw him in, forcing the hard meat to slide past and into the depths of my neck. I moaned on the phallus as I held him inside me, my face pressed against his abs, stimulating him with my tongue. After a few attempts of doing this, Jermain grabbed me by the back of the head and caught me in a trap — holding me down for a long time, as I tried to breathe through my nose. The first time he did this, I nearly choked, gasping up for air as my nose and mouth threw up heavy mucus and spit.

“Damn! Look at your sloppy, messy face! Look at you looking disgustingly sexy!”

After a few moments güvenilir bahis siteleri to catch my breath, while staring at his big, beautiful, black, curved dick, sloppy and wet and tumescent, bobbling slightly in a tantalizing way, I reattached my mouth over it and felt his welcoming hand firmly hold my head again. Eventually I was able to do this without lurching.

The more I sucked, the more aroused I got. It was like it was releasing a drug into my bloodstream. The effect on Jermaine was equally palpable, as he grew more and more agitated until he was forcing me to fuck my mouth on his steel hard pipe, his hand gripping my hair. ‘Going slow’ was now out the window. My body was fire, my plugged hole was puckering wildly.

“Sit on my lap,” he said, breaking the routine after a long time of me pleasuring his magnificent pipe.

I straddled myself on him, like a stripper would a client, my thick thighs settled on either side of his as I lay my fat ass on his crotch.

“I’m your bitch, Jermaine,” I moaned passionately as our bodies rubbed.

His dick, angry and filled with blood snug between my cheeks. I couldn’t control my urges – I leaned in to kiss him – but he craned his head and gave me a hard smack on the ass. I straightened my back, and winced as Jermaine followed it up with several hard smacks. The sting brought me into check. Instead, I felt his mouth nuzzle my left nipple, his warm breath and slick tongue working the hardened teat, his stubble grazing my pecks, sending me into shivers and moans of expressive wantonness. I felt his strong hands squeeze my butt, the thong sliding sideways, as his fingers inched towards my plugged pussy. I felt him move the butt plug and then slowly, yank it out, the action making me whimper and yap loudly.

“Raise your ass,” he growled and with his hands helped me up till I felt his dick kiss the outer rim of my gaping hole. “Sit on it.” I lowered my ass on his dick, taking him in all the way in one motion, my second hole opening up to him and swallowing his pipe, just like my throat had minutes earlier. “Fuck yes! Bounce on my dick bitch.”

As I rode his dick, I moaned loudly and began to play with my dick. He angrily slapped my hand away and told me to keep my hands on butt cheeks, which I did, holding onto them as I helped raised my ass up and down. And with my mouth agape in moaning, he shoved the butt plug into it. “Fuck yourself on my dick bitch… give me that pussy.”

I bounced freely in his lap for a long time, using my athletic legs to slide my pussy vertically along his long shaft, his hands cupping my ass for support, until I got tired and would straddle him, grinding my ass in his crotch, rotating on his dick. Jermaine kept me encouraged with occasional grunts and groans, not to mention a few many slaps to my ass cheeks. But I couldn’t have been happier. Even the stinging pain sent jolts of pleasure up my spine.

“To think we could have been doing this all this time,” Jermaine sneered, looking angry, all of a sudden. He smacked my ass hard. “This pussy should have been mine a long time ago.” He grabbed me by the throat, choking me as I rode him — and gave me a hard, punishing slap to the ass. “But you been letting other dudes hit it, slutting around while paying no rent, while giving Daddy none!”

It’s yours now, Daddy. Of course I couldn’t speak with the butt plug inside my mouth, but my face expressed my desire and I moaned affirmatively and effeminately, which felt natural and unrestrained. Doing everything to let him know I was his, if he wanted me.

Fuck my pussy Daddy. I moaned as I felt Jermaine piston his manhood up into my pussy, his hands holding my ass up as he bounced upwards. Then I heard him groan louder and louder, his dick strokes becoming more and more erratic and aggressive before he suddenly gripped me with his arms around my back, holding me tight to his chest, his dick fully immersed into my ass, his breath hard and strained. I’m sorry Daddy. I should have been your bitch a long time ago.

“Fuck! Fuuuuck! Fuuuck you! Fuucking slut!” Jermaine exploded into a wild, primal rant as I rode him, his expression maddened and crazed, his hand gripping even tighter around my throat. I could feel his nutt splash against the inside of my battered guts. We both moaned in unison as he did, mine muffled by my butt-plugged mouth.

Yes Daddy! Breed me! Fill my pussy up.

After a while, Jermaine released me and told me to climb off. Reluctantly, I slid of his dick, which still felt engorged, even sticking a little as a disembarked. I felt my hole dilate and open. It made the slow, slick sound of fluids and flesh tightening up. Already, it longed to be refilled.

I dropped to my knees and he took the plug out of my mouth and told me to put it back in my pussy. It felt so pleasant to feel the object back in me and to know it would hold Jermaine’s cum inside me. I looked up and saw that Jermaine’s dick was still semi-erect and covered with the creamy iddaa siteleri slime. I had plenty of practice at this point — instantly swallowing him to the hilt instantly, savouring the musky taste of cum and assjuice, before licking his balls, thighs and stomach clean, leaving no trace of sex.

“That was nice,” he sighed, his head rested back against the couch, his muscular arms spread out on the head rest in a kingly pose.

“It sure was,” I agreed. He slapped me playfully across the face.

“Keep sucking me bitch. I might have another load for you.” Another load? I swear he’d cum a half dozen times today already.

But actually, he had two more.


After midnight, we finally went to bed, both of us exhausted. But as I lay in bed, I struggled to fall asleep.

I was still so intensely horny. It had been a while since I had last cum. In fact, not since a week ago, during the gangbang, while getting fucked by Jermaine, after nearly everyone else that night had fucked me. It had been the most intense orgasm I had ever experienced. Something felt strange about my current state of not needing to cum — a far cry from before, where I’d be jerking off at least once a day. Even now, though I was horny and my dick was constantly leaking precum, the need to cum was secondary to the need to feel something — or someone — inside my boypussy. The thought of this new condition, as if my sexuality had shifted towards one of submissiveness only, through which there was solely anal pleasure, was euphoric. Even as I lay horny and well fucked and exhausted, my pussy ached. My dick was semi-erect… probably the hardest it had been in a while. Ever since the gangbang, I found it difficult to keep it hard for long, even when jerking off. I had no intension of touching it, remembering how annoyed Jermaine had been with me when I did so earlier. I got out of bed to find the butt plug… and re-inserted it into my loose, cum-filled pussy, which welcomed it like an old friend. Then I went back to bed, though still finding it hard to sleep.

I was also filled with dread and anxiety about tomorrow. I was to move out of the flat. Forever.

Even in the dark, the boxes of my belongings were visible, reminding me of my limited time in Jermaine’s life. I was hooked on him and his dick… and tomorrow I’d have to say goodbye. Fuck! How cruel! Maybe he thought this weekend of amazing sex was a suitable farewell. But I wanted more.

I should have said something earlier.


“Please Jermaine! Don’t make me move out… please let me be your bitch!”

Sunday 11:00am.

I had spent most of the night tossing and turning, worried about my impending departure. No more living with Jermaine. My future now felt bleak as a long bus journey back home to the country, back to my parents awaited me. A quiet life, boring life. And probably sexless.

It was almost noon when I woke up. In a panic, I jumped out of bed, crying out as my muscles, sore from yesterday’s exertion ached, and my ass, stung and groaned. I had fallen asleep with the butt plug inside me! I’m sure I was about to find out how sore pulling out a dry butt plug would feel. But that would have to wait…

I rushed out of my room in my tight briefs. It had been my intention to wake up before Jermaine, maybe cook him some breakfast again… maybe offer myself to him one last time. But he wasn’t to be found, his bedroom fixed and empty and the flat tidy. Alone with my worries, I gingerly walked towards the bathroom to remove the butt plug. To my relief, the pain was minimal — thanks in large part to the copious cum that had been deposited the night before.

Hours later, still no Jermaine. I tried to distract myself by busying with packing the last of my belongings. Movers were to arrive at 2pm. And I would be on an overnight bus to Florida at 8pm. As I moved my belongings into boxes, my hands felt leaden as the anxiety built in me. It was only a few minutes of this task and I had decided to take a break.

A wave of emotions washed over me. As the afternoon wore on, I felt angry. The movers came in — I felt numb and depressed as they put all my belongings into the truck. My room was empty. This was it — I was about to leave Chicago and Jermaine forever.

“Fuck it! If he doesn’t appreciate me… I’ll leave and never come back. I’m too sexy for him to treat me like this anyways!”


It was almost 7pm when Jermaine finally returned. I met him in the corridor. I wanted to ask him where he’d been all day but thought better of it.

“You’re all packed. Good. I’ll drive you to the coach station,” he said, almost as soon as he walked into the apartment. Jermaine stood in front of him, dressed in tight dark jeans, a black tee and a bomber jacket that showed off his big, muscular frame. He looked sexier than ever, a towering presence. It made my knees weak.

The casual way in which Jermaine was willing to have me move out was overwhelming. I felt my eyes hot with tears, my body flush with heat and desire. A confusion of desperation and horniness.

I fell onto my knees, dropping my head down, crying out as the truth finally broke me. I didn’t want to move out. I wanted to be his.

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