Blackmailed Day 02


The next day I report to his house as I was ordered to do. I notice the other motorcycle in the driveway, which I saw when this whole thing began. I knock on the door, and my neighbor opens it. “Here’s my little cock bitch. I was wondering if you were going to come over as I told you.” he says guiding me inside.

He grabs my crotch through my shorts and squeezes. I let out a little moan, and he laughs. I hear someone else in the next room. My neighbor says to me, “Come meet my friend.” He pulls me by my now hardening cock, into his TV room. I see the guy that I had seen earlier shackled and gagged in the sex room, though right now he is sitting on a couch wearing only a leather jock strap. I notice him watching a gay porno. He looks up and says, “So this is the little peeping tom. I bet he likes watching real men fuck.” I blush and look to the ground. “But don’t worry you little bitch,” he says lifting my chin and pointing my face at the TV, “I like watching other people fuck too.”

I now notice that it is in fact a video of me being fucked by my neighbor. I have a surprised expression on my face. They both laugh. My neighbor says, “Okay, now you know that we have you. Let’s see how well you can handle the both of us. Now be a good boy and get güvenilir bahis on your knees where you belong.” I do as ordered, and drop to my knees. My neighbor’s friend then grabs my head and forces my face onto his crotch, “Lick my cock threw my jock, you little whore.”

I begin to lick and suck on his jock strap, and he begins to get really hard, I can feel his cock grow bigger threw the leather. I can hear my neighbor begin taking off his clothes. “Yeah, suck that cock,” my neighbor says. I am pushing me head hard into his crotch to give his cock as much manipulation as I can, through the leather.

“Damn Bill, this kid loves you cock,” my neighbor says. Bill grabs my hair and pulls me away, and unstraps his jock strap. “Now then, come get this cock, I know you want it.” He says as he guides my head back onto his cock. I go to town on his cock, sucking it with all my energy and attention. I am really loving being used by him. It has turned me on. I am sucking his cock with all my energy and attention. Bill says to my neighbor, “Marty, what you have here is a keeper. Keep him and don’t break him. I think we are going to get a lotta fun out of him, not to mention inside him,” Bill says with a laugh.

Jeff raises my ass up to where I am now standing, güvenilir bahis siteleri but Bill keeps my mouth working on his cock, so I am now bent over sucking a cock with my ass in the air. I feel my shorts and boxers being pulled off, I step out of them, never taking my mouth off of this great cock in my mouth. Marty begins to lick and tongue-fuck my tight whole. I let out a moan onto Bill’s cock.

“Oh yeah,” Bill says, “I think he likes that.” With all of the pleasure I am experiencing I go into overdrive on Bills cock. I hear my neighbor grunting and licking my asshole loudly. I am pushing my asshole back to meet his tongue. Then Marty takes hit tongue out of my ass, I can feel how wet it is now. I feel the tip of his cock begin to push into my ass. He slowly pushes his entire length of cock up my tight, dripping wet ass. I feel him go all the way up to his balls. The feeling of two cocks, one in my mouth, and one in my ass is amazing. Marty just stays in my ass, all the way in. He doesn’t move. He lets out a moan; as he enjoys the tightness engulf his hard cock. “Marty,” Bill says, “I want you to fuck this little bitches ass. I want to hear the sound of you fucking him.”

With that Marty begin an assault on my ass, with reckless iddaa siteleri abandon. He drives that hard cock of his all the way in then all the way out. The force of this pushes my mouth and throat father onto Bill’s cock. They both are going crazy now, fucking both of my holes. It is all I can do to not fall over. I just enjoy the frenzy of these two buff guys, as they treat my holes as their own private play ground. I keep moaning. I have my hands on the hips of the guy whose cock is in my mouth, to better keep my balance. He is enjoying mucking my mouth.

I get the familiar feeling in my balls; I am about to cum from all this excitement. Marty say, “Oh yeah, I know this feeling. This little cum sack is about to cum. His ass always gets tighter when he is close.”

With that he fucks my ass even harder, and bill fucks my throat even harder. In an amazing bit of sexual theatre, Marty grabs hold of my ass cheeks as hard as he can and plunges his cock all the way into my ass jabbing my prostate, Bill goes all the way into my throat, and we all cum at once.

I can feel the inside of my ass being coated with Marty’s cum, as Bill shoots his entire load down my throat, and I cum all over the floor. We all stay in that position for a few seconds and catch our breaths. Then they both slide their now softening cock out of my holes. Marty smacks my ass a few times with his cock, while Bill wipes my mouth with his.

“Okay bitch, now run along home; we’ll call you when we want some more.”

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