Blackmailing Twin Sis…


Blackmailing Twin Sis and Her Boyfriend

My twin sister and I weren’t the most closest of siblings! But we weren’t far apart either. A normal brother sister relationship, a side from the fact we were the same age. Right around our senior year in High School, when we both turned age 18, I began to realize my twin sis was very very hot. Around the house I noticed her wonderful round C cup breasts, catching shots of her running from her room to the bathroom in her bra and panties. She had the cutest face and shoulder length blond wavy hair. Sherry (is her name) had a great set of long slender legs and a tiny little waist that curved right into a perfect tight ass.

Thinking of my sister that way made me feel very weird, but at the same time turned on like nothing else! The sheer thought of how dirty and wrong wanting to fuck my twin sister was did it for me. But the dirtiest, most powerful fantasy, (Number one in my “Spank Bank”) Was the thought of Sherry, and her newly acquired boyfriend Tim, having hard sex in her bed down in my family’s basement. Even more so then that, the thought of me, my twin sister, and Tim all having hot hard sex together in my sisters bed in our family’s basement!

That’s right, I had some interest in what other guys had to offer me in the world of sex as well, and a weight lifter and avid sports player at age 20, my sisters boyfriend had a nice hard toned body, and the nicest ass I’ve ever seen on a man. We got along great together. Little did he know a friendship with my sisters boyfriend was not all I wanted from him.

But how did I obtain my yearning for homosexual adventures as well as Heterosexual? You could say it happened by accident, in the showers in gym class at school earlier that senior year.

Running was not my cup of tea! I could lift weights with the best of them, and I must say my body is nothing to laugh at, and I am pretty popular in the ladies eyes at school. But running, I could not do! As well as another kid that was in my gym class, Sean. We weren’t the best of friends, but when we had to do laps around the track, we were always lagging behind together, chatting and things. One day, during the mile run, we were later then usual, and we were given passes so that we had time to shower and change and not get in trouble for being late, since the period had already ended. When Sean and I got up there everyone was cleared out of the locker room already, and I was very sweaty and hot, so I peeled my clothes off quickly and jumped into the community showers.

Sean followed me in, and I calmly washed myself off, not paying much attention to Sean. He was a popular guy in school, and very popular with the ladies. As I opened my eyes from being shielded from the spray of water, I noticed that Sean was watching my soft bouncing penis, that when hard I can say is seven good inches, (I know, I measured) I also noticed Sean had a hard 6 and a half incher already and I realized the girls he hung around may just be a cover from his true self. I was freaked out at first, but then I noticed how hot Sean was, for a guy, with that water splashing off of his hard chested body. Sean wasn’t very shy and didn’t even stop staring at my cock. And I was shocked to find myself not trying escort izmit to cover my member. Then I felt my dick getting hard, and it was all Sean needed to see before he came over to me and got on his knees in the shower. He took my cock into his hot wanting mouth and sucked it for all I was worth!

With in seconds the danger of what we were doing and what would happen if we were caught set in and it only turned me on more. I exploded my cum down his throat and he swallowed it all. My gym mate then stood up and eyed my wet ass.

“Please let me fuck that sweet ass of yours Matt!” He asked innocently. I did nothing but nod my head yes and turned around. He bent me down and placed the head of his cock at my puckered virgin entrance. I winced as he pushed slowly into my tight ass. It was a hard fit but Sean managed to make it in and he was pumping his soldier in and out harder then I thought possible. The sound of his wet balls slapping off my gleaming ass filled the showers.

Before I knew what hit me I was feeling hot waves of liquid flooding my ass and I realized he was cumming all he had into my fuck hole. And I liked it!

Well, anyway, that is how I found my interest in men. My interest for women did not waver though, and my urges to place my prick between my sisters legs was still growing.

Then one night, when my parents were away on a trip for the weekend, my dream was about to come true. I devised a plan in my head the week before, and was able to get my hands on some nice camera equipment. The next phase of my plan called for me to lie to my sweet fine twin sister. I told her I was staying over my friends house, so she would have the house to herself.

Before I “Left for my friends house” I set up a nice camera at the opening of the vent above and across the room from my sisters bed. This particular camera had a remote to turn it on which I kept in my room upstairs. I then told my sister I was leaving and went onto the side of my house to wait. Before long Tim’s car pulled up, and he headed into my house. I had a great view of his ass as he walked to my front door.

I waited enough to give Sherry and Tim time to settle in before their inevitable fuck-fest. I then crept into my room from my window and got my second camera. before leaving my room I pressed the button to start the camera that was already filming through the vent in case they got hold of the tape I would be recording myself. I set out and tiptoed down the stairs to the basement. My sisters bed was just around the corner and I could hear it squeaking wildly. I instantly had a hard on as soon as I heard my sister.

“Fuck me harder big boy!! Fuck me till my cunt hurts!” she screeched, thinking they were alone in the house. I pressed record on the camera and peeked around the corner with it to get enough on film before my grand entrance. What I saw through the camera was amazing. My sister was on her back on the bed, Tim on top of her, and he was relentlessly jamming his huge fuck pole into my twin sister. Tim, at two years older was much more experienced I could see, and he was a lot more muscular and bigger then I was. At his blinding pace of fucking Sherry I could only guess that his cock was probably a huge 8 and a half inches and izmit escort about twice as thick as mine. It made my mouth water. They were both completely striped of clothing and drenched with sweat. I also got a good shot of my sisters tits that were more perfect then I thought. They were nice and round, and glowing with sweat. Her nipples were erect and I felt my pecker trying to bust out of my jean shorts and boxers.

It was time to break up the show. I leapt out of the corner and screamed a corny “Surprise your on Candid Camera!” They stopped dead in their fuck and both turned their heads and stared at me, jaws dropped. They were both speechless for a while. “Matt you fucker! Your dead as shit man!” Tim finally informed me.

“Yeah Matt, what the fuck are you doing!” Sherry chimed in. I smiled as Tim’s sexy ass naked body jumped up to charge me.

“Eh eh eh!” I said, waving the camera. “Stop right there! Because this is not the only camera! And Mom and dad will see these tapes if you don’t stop your sexy ass right there!” I stated evilly, Tim skidded to a halt and looked at me puzzled at my “Sexy Ass” Comment.

“What do you want Matt?” My sister asked, disgusted trying to cover her sweaty body on her bed.

“I’ll tell you what I want! Mom and dad will never see these tapes, if and only if, you two let me in on this action!” I said more evilly, they both looked appalled.

“That’s disgusting Matt!” Sherry exclaimed.

“Suit yourselves. I’m going up to my room to watch the tapes, so I am familiar with them before I show Mommy and daddy.”

“ALL RIGHT ALL RIGHT!” Tim finally blurted out…

Finally Sherry agreed, and my eyes gleamed with excitement as my fantasy was realized. I set the camera down and pealed my clothes off, letting my hard monster free from its cage. I ordered Tim back onto the bed and Sherry to take the covers off her nice body. What to do first? I wondered

“All right! Sherry, you sit back and play with your hot dripping cunt while Tim and me suck each other’s cocks off!” I Decided. They hesitantly obeyed, Tim and I got on the bed in a 69 position and I took his giant dick as much in my mouth as I could, taking in his musky smell. He did the same and we proceeded to engulf each others penises while my twin sister Sherry watched, and masturbated! “Talk dirty you two!” I ordered in-between a long suck of his member!

“OOOOH YEAH EAT MY PENIS!” Tim mumbled through sucking my cock! “Suck faster boys!! NOW!” My sister chimed in! I looked over to see her hand was rubbing her clit faster then the eye could follow. This fueled me to move my oral fuck on Tim faster, and him the same! I was totally surprised to see that Sherry actually looked turned on. And by the speed of Tim’s sucking he was enjoying this too! It was better then I ever expected!

“MY CUNT’S GOING TO CUM!” Sherry screamed to my utter amazement! This must have pushed Tim over as my sister convulsed on the bed because he shouted through smoking my cock, “OOOOOOH ME TOOOOO! OOOOOOOOH!”

“Oh not yet your not Tim!” I exclaimed pulling my lips with a pop from his enormous penis! He did the same and we both watched as my sisters pussy juices flooded all over her own hand.

I sprang izmit kendi evi olan escort forward, jutting my tongue out to lick the lips of my sisters wet pussy. She shuttered from her orgasm as I began eating my own twin sister out feverishly. My tongue explored the depth of her dripping cunt, I was amazed at the taste of all the juices in her pussy. As she let out a long moan, I pulled away and eyed her sexy ass sweaty body.

“Good nice and wet for my dick!” I told Sherry. She looked at me, and I thought she were going to protest, then she spread her legs open, giving me a full view deep into her. “Bring it Bro.!” She said seductively, licking her lips. I leaped up and straddled on top of my sister. My cock somehow found her hole and I entered my sisters hairy dripping stretched cunt. Her lips tightened over my wet fuck pole and I began pumping immediately.

The feeling that was sent through my entire body as I realized I was now fucking my sister as deep as she went right in her cunt was unlike anything else! I was in ecstasy as I continued bumping and grinding her hard. Each time my prick went all the way into her pussy our pubic hairs entangled. “I’m fucking your brains out sis!” I repeated over and over as my head was lost in the clouds of desire. Sherry was in another world as well as she bucked her hips. “I’m fucking the shit out of my twin brother!” She repeated. I then quickly commanded Tim to get behind Sherry and fuck her sweet ass as I continued my assault on her cunt.

He was happy to obey and with little resistance he was in her ass and Sherry was being fucked by her boyfriend on one side and her brother on the other. I heard Tim’s giant balls slapping off her ass as mine slapped off her pussy lips and soon I couldn’t go any faster or harder and I felt my balls tighten.

“FUCK I’M GONNA BLOW MY LOAD IN MY SISTERS CUNT!!” I groaned … then wave after wave of orgasm came over me and I almost passed out as my body convulsed and my prick spasmed. I felt my sperm spray deep into the crevasses of my twin sister Sherry and she began screaming as well and bucking her hips wildly as Tim continued ass ramming her from behind as hard as he could

“I’m cuming again!!” She shouted and my cock, still inside her, was flooded with sweet sticky juices.

“My huge dick is gonna blow!!” Tim yelled at a deafening tone. Then after he set his seed in her ass all was still, and we all stickily slipped away from each other in pools of our own juices. I was sweating and panting heavily and realized my dream was better then I thought. Then I felt Tim grab me and pull me up on my hands and knees.

“That’s it Matt! You’ve been naughty and your ass needs fucked for it!” He was saying crazily. I was thrilled to realize that Tim, my sisters 20 year old boyfriend wanted to ram his fuck rod right up my tight ass!! And without easing it into me he did so!! With one sharp push his entire 8 and a half inch, super thick cock was in my ass! His balls and pubic hair brushing my cheeks. I thought my ass was going to burst as my sister watched and Tim fucked my little ass as hard as he could.

We were all screaming in ecstasy as I felt a new feeling of pleasure! His huge prick reached deeper in me then anything before and when he finally shot sweet hot cum into my aching ass we all collapsed in my sisters bed and fell asleep finally. My dream had come true… I had fucked, and sucked, and been fucked by my hot ass twin sister, and her hot ass older boyfriend!!

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