Blindfolded Surprise


She lay quietly on the bed. Naked. Eyes covered with a silken blindfold. A soft breeze through the window moving over her nakedness causing her to shiver slightly. She waited. Her lover had said he would return, as he gently placed the blindfold on her eyes after silently undressing her.

Then she felt the bed move as he sat down beside her. She held her breath for an instant in anticipation of what was to come. Then softly released it.

She felt a light touch upon her arm. Something light and soft moved up her arm from her wrist. Making circles as it moved towards her shoulder. It wasn’t a touch of fingers or hand but something more. She smiled in recognition, a feather. As the feather trailed up her arm it was followed by a trail of kisses, small nibbling kisses up her arm and then onto her neck. Moving upwards until those lips touched hers. A soft sweet kiss. It deepened, as those lips tasted hers. Nibbling. The tip of a tongue running along her lips. She sighed softly. The lips left hers and began a downward journey. A hand caressed her breast. Softly the fingers moved in circles around her nipple until one brushed over the tip of it. She moaned as the nipple hardened to the touch. Then his mouth closed over it. Drawing it inside. She felt his hand move lower down her body, gently parting her legs he slid a finger slowly into her already slick pussy, proof of the aroused state she was already in. Slowly he moved his finger in and out and then using his thumb he rubbed gently against her clit. A low moan escaped her lips and she shivered.

He continued to suck her nipple, drawing it again and again into his mouth. She felt him move her legs wider apart and then a tongue licked along the length of her pussy lips. She gasped. There was someone else there in the room. A mouth was still sucking on her nipples. First one and then the other. And now another was sucking on her clit. Another tongue licking along the lips to her pussy. Other fingers rubbing and then entering her lips, first one then two. Sliding in and out of the wetness. “What…w w who…” She stumbled over the words. Pleasure making it had ankara duşta veren escortlar to speak. Her mouth was dry. “Shhhhhhhh,” he said. A finger at her lips. “Enjoy.”

She relaxed, giving herself up to the sensations that the two mouths were bringing to her. Her pussy was now very wet. The combination of the sucking on her clit, alternated with long strokes of a tongue and the fingers moving in and out were beginning to cause her to shudder slightly. An orgasm imminent. The other mouth continued to suck and lick at her nipples. Now very hard and beginning to tingle. Suddenly she arched her body. The sensations building and now peaking. She cried out. The orgasm moving through her body in waves of pleasure. The mouths continued, sucking, licking. A finger seeking the hard bud of her clit. She arched again. Another wave of pleasure as a second orgasm hit her body. Her breathing fast. She cried out again. Hands gripping the cover on the bed as she shuddered.

Then they stopped. As if to allow her time to catch her breath. There were soon four hands caressing her body. Fingers trailing down the inside of her thighs and at the same time soft circles were being drawn on her skin around her nipples. Her breathing slowed and she lay still wondering what was to happen next. She felt someone get off the bottom of the bed and then sit down again near her shoulders. Then she felt a kiss on her lips. She could taste herself on those lips. A soft kiss that deepened. Full of passion and promise of more to come. A hand touched hers and lifted it, placing it on skin not her own. She lightly moved her hand over it, enjoying the feel of the softness beneath her fingers. The blindfold heightening the sense of touch. Then she felt it. The definite shape of a female breast. She stopped. Recognition dawning on her. The other person in the room was a woman. Her mystery 2nd lover was a woman. Realizing her uncertainty, the woman placed her hand over hers. Holding it to her breast as if to reassure that everything was okay and not to be scared. The hand was moved to the stranger’s nipple leaving the next decision ankara fetiş yapan escortlar up to the blindfolded woman.

Whether it was the passion or the anticipation of the unknown she didn’t know but she began to rub the nipple under her fingers. Rolling it between her index finger and thumb, enjoying the sigh from the other woman as the nipple hardened with her touch. The lips returned to her mouth and the kisses started softly soon becoming passion filled, tongues meeting. Lips nibbling. Hands moving over each other bodies.

She sensed he was sitting back and watching. Enjoying the sight of his woman, exploring another woman’s body. That thought turned her on. That he was watching as her hands moved over the other woman’s breasts. The hand was then back on hers. Moving it lower, until her fingers touched the other woman’s pussy lips. There was no hesitation from her. She was wanting to experience it all and eagerly moved her fingers along those lips. Where she touched was warm and moist. She slid a finger inside, then two. A sigh escaped her lover as she began to move her fingers in and out in a rhythm. Knowing what she liked made it easy to pleasure another woman. She rubbed her thumb over the clitoris, feeling the little bud harden at her touch. Then she found a nipple at her mouth. Continuing to finger her lover’s pussy she sucked the nipple into her mouth. Marveling at the difference in a woman’s nipple to a mans. So much larger and more responsive. She sucked on it, alternating between that and licking, something she liked herself. It became obvious her lover did too as she grew wetter and low moans escaped her lips.

She suddenly had an overwhelming desire to taste the other woman’s pussy. To put her tongue inside her and experience giving the other woman pleasure. ” I need to …” she started unsure of the words to use. “I need to taste you.” Quickly the other woman changed position and moving onto the bed she moved astride her head, holding onto the headboard so that her pussy was just above the blindfolded woman’s head. Tentatively she raised her head, extending her tongue until ankara iranlı escort it came into contact with the lips of her lover’s pussy. She licked and tasted. Experiencing something for the first time, she used her tongue to lick the length of those lips and then sucked on the clit. Using the same strokes and touches that she herself liked. Then she felt a tongue on her own pussy. She had almost forgotten the man was in the room. What a weird sensation, having her own pussy licked as she licked another. Strange but deeply arousing.

Reaching up, she plunged two fingers then three into her pussy all the while continuing to lick and suck, sensing the other woman was moving close to cumming. She herself was becoming increasingly aroused. Her other lover, the man, was doing the same thing to her. Plunging three fingers inside her while he sucked on her clit. She was getting close to cumming herself. She felt him move away and was disappointed until she felt him thrust his now very hard cock inside her, seeking his release as well as her own. He withdrew to the tip and then plunged in again and again. She continued to lick and suck at the pussy of her lover, fingers furiously working in and out. The two sensations of being pleasure and pleasuring were building inside her feelings and sensations she had never had. Suddenly the woman above her cried out, reaching her orgasm loudly, shuddering as the waves hit her. In that instant the man while continuing to thrust in and out of her touched her clit with his thumb and that was enough to send her spiraling to another orgasm. The pulsing spasms in her pussy clamping on his cock, triggering his own orgasm and they both cried out at the same time as the waves of pleasure surged thru them both.

Sated they all collapsed together on the bed. She in the middle, her lovers one on either side. Limbs entwined, as their bodies recovered from the intense pleasure they had experienced together. She felt her blindfold being removed; then opened her eyes slowly to allow them to adjust the light of the room. Turning first to the left she kissed her lover, the man and whispered, “Thank you.” Then she turned to the right to see for the first time the woman with who she had shared such an intense and intimate experience. She gasped. It was her best friend. She leaned forward and kissed her “I never realized,” she said. Her lover, the woman, just smiled and kissed her back.

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