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Bliss.Bliss.I’m Paula, 20 years old. I’m medium height and build for a girl my age, have 36b boobs and I don’t really like having a bra on. I woke this morning feeling quite horny, don’t really know why, maybe a dream I was having, but my pussy felt puffy and lubricated. I ran my fingers over my clit and it really felt sensitive and a familiar tingle as I flicked at it, I crossed my two fingers over each other and slid them down the entrance to my pussy, and more love juice came out on to my hand. I had to take my nightie off straight away, and tossed it down by the bed so now I’m naked.I massaged my boobs to get me going a little more, tweaked each nipple and they felt really hard, like bullets and goose bumps showed on the flesh, they felt really great as I kneaded and plucked at them and I needed to throw the quilt off me, I was heating up the room with my desire to get off. I soon focused on my pussy again and eagerly pushed two fingers into myself and sucked on my other hand, I began to probe inside and tease my labia as I brought myself off with an intense orgasm. I shuddered and kicked my legs as the wash of warmth was sent from the top of my head down to my shoulders and ended at my thighs, and I felt very lightheaded afterward. I slapped the hole and the sound it made increased my ecstasy. I let the orgasm die down and got out of bed, my legs were canlı bahis wobbly but I felt incredibly good.I took a shower and washed away my naughtiness, dressed myself in white lace panties, no bra and a button up, blue summer dress. As it’s a Sunday I do what I usually do and walk through the woods to my friends house at the other side. It’s a passion of mine, walking in the countryside, and I do that as often as I can. It also gets me horny on the way and usually a fifteen minute walk, can take up to an hour, that’s if I can find a good spot to stop and play with myself in. I had breakfast, texted my friend to say I was on the way and set off.It was quite hot this morning and I was beginning to sweat a little, and it wasn’t long before I was walking into the woods. It was breezy and I already started to feel turned on, I checked to see if there were anyone around and slipped my right hand into the top of my dress where my breasts were. They were really sensitive again, my nipples stiffened as I walked and played, soon I lifted the whole left boob out of my dress and I was squeezing it while I walked. I felt really naughty doing this.I got nervous when I saw a dog walker and quickly slipped my boob away again, I blushed at my carelessness, but turned down a lane flanked either side by pine trees, the smell drives me crazy and I was heading in the other bahis siteleri direction to the dog walker, this time I pushed my fingers in through the buttons on my dress and flicked at my boobs inside, and it was getting warm. My panties were feeling damp already and I’d only been walking for ten minutes. I checked behind me to see if there was anyone there, and no there wasn’t, checked ahead too and nobody either, so I opened the top two buttons on my dress and my boobs were on display, I looked down at them while I walked and saw them jiggle and bounce, my hands were all over them and more goosebumps appeared. My panties were getting so wet and uncomfortable, they need to come down, so I opened my dress entirely and yanked my panties down, and kicked them off, the dress has no pockets in so I hang them on a branch and my hands venture down my body and locate my turned on clit, I circled it with one hand and inserted a finger with my other hand, it felt amazing to be like this and the smell of pine trees driving me mad.I clutched my panties from the branch and smelled them, my scent driving my fingers up me more urgently, and a few moments later I’m coming all over my hand once more, I’m kneeling by this stage and strumming on my pussy like a banjo player, I’m sighing and moaning. Not long after I reorganized myself and continued to walk towards my bahis şirketleri friend’s house.I’d gone about half a mile when I reached a gate, this is at the end of the lane where my friend’s place is. I looked at the gate for a minute and it gave me an Idea, the latch to open it was round and straight, shaped like a dick in fact.I gripped the cold steel with my hand and jerked it for a moment, my other hand located my pussy and I teased her open once more, my mind was racing I was going to hump this handle and get myself off one more time. I climbed on the stile and straddled the gate, I re-positioned my ass over the handle, I licked my hand and lubricated my pussy, then i squatted down on the cold bar, it entered me easily and I felt myself contract around it, I slid down some more and then pushed back up again, I had two more practice thrusts and then started to get going. I opened my dress up and took it all the way off.I was getting sweaty and enjoying the metal penetrating me. I changed position by getting on the second top rung of the gate, and started to fuck myself one last time, up and down and up and down I go, that familiar sensation is happening once more. I squeezed hard on my boobs and swirled my clit as I started coming soon after, shaking and oozing juices everywhere. I slowed all of it down and climbed over the gate, slipped my dress back on and slid my panties up, they were dry again now, but I knew they’d be wet again for my journey home again. I wandered up the lane all sexed up and fulfilled, until I got to my friend’s place. Thanks for reading!The end.

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