Blood Passion Ch. 06

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Nik turned around, grinning, as he saw his mother and aunt standing back-to-back against each other. They both blew him a kiss and winked, before grinding their asses against each other, hoping to turn him on wildly.

“My baby boy looks happy to see me,” Veronika purred.

“Of course, why wouldn’t he be? He is about to be blown and ridden by two magazine level hotties that’ll make sure his balls are dry for the rest of the week.”

Viktoria turned around, slowly pulling up Veronika’s skirt. So slowly, she wanted to tease the eighteen year old, exposing millimeter after millimeter of milky white skin.

“Smooth as silk, don’t you want to touch it? You’ll get your chance soon.”

Veronika grabbed some of Viktoria’s hair and gave it a playful yank, eliciting a deep growl of pleasure.

“She wants to be your bitch, baby, look how badly she needs you.”

Tracing a single, manicured and red painted nail along the chin and the jugular vein, mother teased son on an entirely different level.

“I’ll let you savor the presentation. The delicious life force hidden underneath this small layer of skin is so ready to be pierced by your teeth.”

Viktoria slid her hands along Veronika’s thighs, stopping only to slip under the skirt just enough to tantalize the senses.

“But we both know this is what you want. I won’t be jealous too much, when you’re deep inside your mother’s womb. I’ve tasted it so I cannot blame you for wanting to be inside it. I’m getting wet just thinking of you pushing her knees to her ears and slipping deep inside this moist hole,” Viktoria commented.

Nik sat on the couch, watching and enjoying the show. The more they presented themselves to him, the more experience he gained. Doubts and worries stripped away after each additional fuck and experience. His young cock stood at attention in his shorts, tented up like a pole ready to pierce the forbidden veil.

“What is your desire, baby?” Veronika asked.

“I know, sis, you do not need to ask him. He thinks the same as us, and is just as dirty.”

Viktoria winked at Nik, standing up straight. Cupping Veronika’s face in her soft hand, they locked lips, slow and sensual. The two sisters embraced each other like they did many times over the years. Tongues duelled, lips swirled, and moans electrified the air. They made sure to display themselves so Nik got the full, erotic show.

Veronika groped her sister’s tits, pushing them up to show Nik the delicious sight of what he sucked on earlier in the day. Viktoria countered by rubbing her sister’s ass, positioning their bodies in a way to show off the delightful, erotic curves that would make any man go to war to own.

“We’re yours now, baby,” Veronika moaned out. “We’re your responsibility. Treat us well.”

Breaking off the foreplay, they strutted off to the couch. Slow, supple movements, their hips swaying gently to keep his senses rock hard high. They split up, flanking him from both sides, teasing him and forcing the man to make a choice of who to focus on.

There was little doubt who he would choose, nor did it make Viktoria frown when Nik turned his attention to his supermodel mother. Standing before him, so close their perfume dotted the air, it was a special aphrodisiac Viktoria had special ordered for the occasion.

Veronika sat on Nik’s lap, rubbing her ass up against the impossibly large cock, moaning in delight as she wrapped her arms around him. Eyes locked together. She stroked his hair softly, gently, continuing to seduce the only man in her life worth caring about.

With half a body left to cover, Viktoria picked up the slack, rubbing his arms, legs, back, wherever her sister did not. Four hands, attuned to his masculine pleasure, made him feel like a king, master of the castle. For that was what he became now.

“My son, tonight you’ll make love to us until you cannot open your eyes. It’ll be a night you’ll never forget. It is all about you and your desires,” Veronika purred. “You’re the head of the family, so you deserve the spoils.”

“And all the pussy you can handle,” Viktoria whispered in his ear.

Leaning in, Veronika kissed her son gently on the lips, softly, romantically, as if they were on their honeymoon. Both her hands cupped his face, while his hands massaged along the length of her back.

“Kiss her, stud, dominate us. We’re here for your pleasure tonight after you’ve given us so much pleasure the past two nights. Make love to us, fuck us, rail us until we break the windows in the entire house from our orgasmic cries of lust. The answer no means nothing now for our bodies are only yours until we are but ashes fertilizing the earth.”

Nik broke the kiss from his mother, turned, and kissed Viktoria with lust, desire, and purpose. His tongue immediately sought out hers, tangling together in a symphony of ecstasy.

“Kiss her, my big boy. Kiss your aunt. Every word she said spoke true. We’ll be your wives, your lovers, your bitches, your mothers, whatever desire you crave şişli escort for that night. I can feel how hard you are. You cock thirsts for my pussy, baby. Do you want to fuck your mother first? Want to fuck mommy first again like when I took your virginity?”

Breaking off the kiss, his lips immediately directed their attention to Veronika’s neckline. Planting them on the perfect spot to bite into her jugular, he kissed and licked the tender erotica zone.

“Kiss and lick all you want, stud, but save the blood orgy until last. Trust me, it’ll be heaven,” Viktoria commented, resting her head on his shoulder. “I can smell your blood, and the sweet scent filling my head full of lusts and desires.”

“I can smell yours too,” he replied, breaking the kiss to look into Viktoria’s eyes. “I smell your blood. It smells differently than others. It is like an assortment of beverages lined up one by one on a table. I can drink them all but I do not like them all. I crave yours.”

His lips and tongue attacked the same spot on Viktoria’s neck, forcing her body to convulse in a mini-orgasm. Even without vampiric teeth, the tongue and lips alone were enough to give her pleasure beyond comparison.

“You can always drink from us, baby,” Veronika said, massaging his shoulders. “We’ll be like blood dolls for you to satiate your thirst, vessels to keep you alive and strong.

Nik turned his attention to Veronika’s large tits, sinking his lips onto exposed cleavage. Eager and caught in lust, he closed his eyes as he pretended her tits still produced milk, wanting a different kind of refreshing drink. Viktoria leaned in closer, blowing into his ear before whispering hot, naughty words to tease her nephew further.

“You want mommy’s milk, big boy? You want to grow even bigger by drinking down her delicious milk? Suck on them. You cannot see it but I can. Her eyes are rolling back in her head from the sensation, and what is this…” Viktoria paused for a moment. “Her cunt is dripping. I can smell it on my fingers. I want her to ride you like this, fuck, it is making me hot saying that out loud.”

Viktoria’s pussy juice soaked fingers reached down to undue Nik’s pants and pull out his hard, throbbing, dominant cock. Feeling the hot, wet pussy juice getting stroked onto his cock made Nik groan, and leak precum from the tip immediately. They both had him on edge, and he did not want to stop sucking his mother’s firm tits. Veronika ran her fingers through his hair, smiling through the intense, motherly feeling. She helped nudge him closer into her bust, making sure he knew he could suck them any time.

“Sis, your boy is so hard right now. He is going to pop any moment,” Viktoria commented.

Veronika knew right away what to do, shifting her position so she could sit on the exposed cock. Her sister helped pull down the erotic, lingerie panties so the cock could enter without resistance, smoothly sliding in deep. Tailor made, his cock fit perfectly into its sheath. All the blood gushing veins pulsated inside the soft, warm hole. It made Veronika clench on the shaft tighter, wanting to milk him of any and all cum inside her womb. She wanted to feel her belly full of his powerful seed.

Leaning into his neckline, Viktoria casually, sensually kissed and nipped the skin, not wanting to feel left out as Veronika slowly bounced up and down on the shaft. She grazed the skin with her sharp teeth, teasing him but not breaking the skin. Their blood orgy would be the grand finale when no more cum could be coaxed from his balls.

The bouncing made Nik’s cock suddenly explode inside the tight, warm home. The sperm rushed into the womb, causing Veronika to moan in ecstasy. Her fingernails gripped Nik’s hair tightly as she kept bouncing up and down, orgasming and wanting to keep it going as long as possible.

Nik groaned, his cock feeling super sensitive from cumming but his mother kept fucking him, not relenting for one second. He did not mind one bit as he felt his own mind melt from ecstasy. Viktoria pulled Nik’s lips away from the tits to kiss him deeply, swirling their tongues together. Instinctively, a hand reached between her legs, stroking a soaked pussy through the hot lingerie. Moaning at the strong touch, Viktoria nibbled on Nik’s lip, standing up.

She lifted her dress up, and slipped down her panties, showing off the glistening pussy that needed to be drunk. Her womanly jizz slid down perfect looking inner thighs. Nik wasted no time grabbing her ass to push that glistening cunt into his face. The inexperienced tongue and lips licked and suckled on her clit. Viktoria’s hands mixed with Veronika’s sifting through his hair, helping push him further into her pussy.

“Oh fuck, this feels like heaven. I’m going to be so jealous while I’m gone. I need you with me too, my stud nephew,” Viktoria moaned out.

“You know I’ll always share him when you come and visit…not that he won’t just fuck you anyways,” Veronika commented, raking her nails mecidiyeköy escort along his masculine, muscular chest.

“How about switching places then, sis, since you’ll be getting him every day after tomorrow,” Viktoria moaned, enjoying every moment Nik’s tongue licked her passionately.

“I don’t think he would mind,” Veronika accepted.

Standing up, cum leaked from her pussy all over Nik’s cock and pelvis. Like a good bitch, she bent down, ass sticking out in the air, so she could suck the delicious cum from the tip. Her tongue worked magic on the sensitive head before slurping up all the excess cum that splashed his pelvic region.

“Kinky, sis, but no need to be so clean,” Viktoria smirked.

Nik had no time to react to his aunt straddling his lap and slamming his cock into her pussy. The huge cock stayed hard despite dumping a load into his mother, and that very woman shoved her tongue into his mouth. They eagerly made out sloppily, loudly, moaning into each other’s kisses. Viktoria rode Nik like a cowgirl, bouncing up and down fast and furious, wanting a cumload of her own as soon as possible.

“Fuck…fuck…so big even after cumming a minute ago. Stay thick for me, stud. Keep filling me up.”

“Fill her full, baby,” Veronika interjected. “Splash her insides with your think goo.”

Kissing from his lips to his jugular, her fangs extended in anticipation for a scrumptious and invigorating drink. She did not ask permission to bite into the important area, letting the fangs do the talking. Puncturing deep enough for the crimson miracle to flow, she greedily drank up the life force.

Nik only felt complete and total pleasure from his mother’s neck bite. It made him grip Viktoria’s hips harder, helping her bounce up and down without fear of falling over.

“You never were the patient type, sis,” Viktoria observed.

Not wanting to miss the opportunity, she slid to her knees while straddling Nik, allowing herself to bite the other side of his neck and consume her ration of life blood. The two women were consumed by their lust and need for his cum and blood. Unlike Nik though, they were able to keep enough self-control to not drain him dry. They savoured just enough so they felt the rush of power through their veins.

Nik grabbed some of Viktoria’s hair, yanking back on it hard so her own neckline exposed itself to him. Just before he could sink his own fangs into the pale skin, Veronica intercepted his mouth with her own, feeding him a lusty, longing tongue.

“Patience, baby, patience,” she told him between passionate kisses.

Despite the interception, he kept an ironclad grip on Viktoria’s hair, keeping it held downwards so her neck bent erotically, like for a pornographic photo shoot.

“It feels so good, Nik,” she purred out, still riding him like a good bitch. “You know how to push my buttons. Fuck, pull it harder. Do not worry about hurting me, I want the pain. My cunt is clenching so much right now with you inside me.”

“Do it, baby, yank it harder. Viktoria wants to be your bitch so make her need it, want it, while she is away. Make her blow up your phone like some high school cheerleader wanting her man’s cock, and can’t stand it not inside her holes.”

Veronika encouraged her son, helping teach him, train him to keep pushing the right buttons she learned herself from a sisterly, lesbian love affair. Her hands rubbed all over his masculine chest, still developing but already attractive and powerful to the sight and touch.

“Mommy won’t let you go to bed until you jizz in her womb at least three times, baby. Mommy gets you forever, so it is only fair you make Viktoria your cumsponge. Look at her face, so angelic no one would know it hides a nasty devil inside. Fuck her and fill her full,” she whispered aggressively in his ear, making sure Viktoria did not hear.

“Oh fuck, I’m going to orgasm…harder, yank it harder.”


Viktoria moaned louder, feeling his hand caress her face with pure dominance.


“She wants to be your painbitch, so smack her face harder. You do not see her reject it, do you? Has she said no to your dominion over her body?” Veronika continued, smiling brightly.

Snuggling up to her son, she rubbed her head into his shoulder and watched him use Viktoria’s body. The aunt kept rocking her hips, riding him with all the lust-fuelled energy supplied to every muscle.

“No way my big boy will get tired fucking two hot MILFs all night. You’re going to show us why we’re the bitches, and make us pass out in your arms. Are you ever going to get soft? I know you won’t, not with us around.”

Before she could continue, Nik grabbed Veronika by the back of the neck. The quick movement caught her off-guard but did not diminish her beaming smile. Their tongues met again, twisting and dancing around each other, as their drool spilled out onto flushed, warm skin and a now sticky couch. The leather would need istanbul escort some major cleaning after they finished their intense family bonding.

For a few minutes, they stayed in this position, perfectly balanced and satisfied with each other’s actions. Without even realizing it, Nik had cum inside Viktoria, filling her pussy up with more young seed. Renewed energy invigorated sore muscles, allowing her to add more pep to sensual riding skills. Veronika moaned happily, enjoying her son’s affections. She did not need the manly cock deep in her pussy to feel his love. The talented tongue performed magnificently, making her feel eighteen and love struck all over again.

Viktoria finally broke the moment, sliding off Nik’s lap to snuggle up to him, eyes glazed over. Three fingers rubbed inside the sore cunt, mixing sperm and feminine moisture together into a divine concoction. One finger reached over to push inside Veronika’s mouth.

“Taste what your stud son created.”

Veronika moaned, sucking the juices off the nimble finger. Viktoria happily pushed the finger knuckle deep into the moaning mouth, wanting to turn Nik on with the erotic, sensual display. Despite cumming twice in quick succession, his cock remained in tower mode, not losing an inch of power.

“Both of you bend over the couch,” he told them, lifting himself up from the wet couch. “I feel like fucking you both from behind. I want those hot lips kissing each other and moaning loudly as I plow you both senseless. Both of you should have no problem showing each other sisterly affection,” he ordered.

He did not wait for his mother to assume the position, choosing to grab her hips and position that hot, MILF body himself. Nik wanted to feel the sweet embrace of Veronika’s tight pussy clamping down onto his cock again. He wanted to deflate the insatiable cock in their holes, slamming into them both like the bitches they craved to be for him. It came from their very mouths so why should he argue with their desires and wishes?


His strong, dominant hand came down onto the pale ass, adding a shade of red.


The pain made Veronika moan, eyes closed to enjoy the feeling greatly. Viktoria took the lead, kissing her sister. The kiss momentarily broke as Nik’s eager fingers yanked on some hair, forcing Veronika’s head to reposition. The sound of flesh slapping flesh filled the air, turning the sensual scene into a lust driven porno.

“Is this what you want, mommy?” he asked. “You want to be my cumdump and walk around the house with my seed dripping between your legs? Are you going to take a picture of the jizz running down your inner thighs and tease Aunt Viktoria with it? You’re a dirty bitch, so I know you’re going to do that once or twice the moment she is on the plane.”

Veronika’s mind melted in pleasure, both from the hard fucking and the dirty talking. She could only keep moaning into the hot kiss, twirling tongues together.

“You said you’ll be my anything, from mother and lover to bitch and cumdump. Tonight, I’m going to fill this hole with so much cum, you’re going to feed Aunt Viktoria with it by sitting on her face. I feel my cock twitch just thinking about that. Let her tongue slide deeply into your tight cunt and lick all the cum out. There will be more to fill you up later. I don’t think I’ll let a day go by without your cunt full of my seed.”

“Fuck, sis, he is a quick learner. Maybe we pushed him too hard. We better get used to the rough stuff if he does not switch back to the lovey-dovey, mushy romance sex,” Viktoria teased, sensually rubbing cheeks with Veronika.

“I want it rough, sis, I want him to expel all the lust he built up and take care of my eighteen years of sexual frustration. No sex or even a single kiss while I waited. Damn it that the school year started or we could fuck twenty-four seven, and not care about mornings or nights.”

“Hear that, Nik, if you did not need to go back to school, you’d be living the dream of any red-blooded male. I’m jealous, although she did tell a small lie. We spent nights in each other’s arms. I picked up the slack, so now keeping her sex drive in check is all on your broad shoulders, stud. Dreaming in one thing, reality is another, so do not disappoint us.”

Viktoria teased him with the last sentence, knowing fully he would not disappoint them. She knew it’d stoke the fires of his competitive, hyper-dominant male ego, pushing a button to keep him wanting to perform at a high level.

“Aunt Viktoria, if you’re worried I’m not going to fuck my mother every moment I could, I’ll have to make sure I focus on you tonight so you leave frustrated and needy for more and more.”

Smirking, Viktoria rubbed his masculine chest and purred. All three of their bodies were intermingled together on the couch in some fashion. When one woman did not have his cock deep in her pussy, the other made herself useful by wrapping her body around another. They kept switching and swapping positions, they gave up trying to keep track of it all.

Nik chose not to wait any longer. Pulling back on Veronika’s hair, her neckline exposed itself to him. The naked, sweaty skin teased vampiric senses. Fangs extended, sharp and ready to pierce the soft, willing flesh. Neither woman made an attempt to stop him as the sharp teeth found their home on Veronika’s neckline.

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