Bo knows Judy


As I laid there in her bed watching her head bob up and down on my dick, I thought about how lucky I have been to have a sister like Judy. Our pact to make sure we had enough sex and learned to be good lovers, was working out great for me. Judy has a very high sex drive and is always ready for sex of almost any kind. Just watching her work was like seeing a very good porn flick and in this case I was one of the stars.
I was running my finger up and down her hairless pussy, every once in a while letting it slide into the slick fold of her pussy. I wanted very badly to eat it like an ice cream cone, but she had already instructed me that she would let me know when I would be allowed to give her the best head she had ever received. So I decided to see just how far she would let me go with my finger. I let it slip past her pussy and right to her beautiful asshole. I rubbed her tight rosebud and worked it over pretty good. I could hear the moan escape her lips when I stuck my finger in her ass. I slowed down and worked it in slowly, as far as I knew I was exploring virgin territory. My sister didn’t know that I have a big love for assholes. Jennifer, my ex-girlfriend knew how much I liked hers and never said no to me when I wanted to lick her ass. Even after we parted ways we still managed to have a couple brief encounters where I pleasured her, but that’s another story.
After finger fucking her sweet ass for several minutes, I was on the verge of cumming. Judy was deep throating my dick and sucking me like a wild woman. She would swallow my cock and then stick out her tongue and lick my balls. This makes my head spin and causes me to spew cum everywhere. It certainly worked as I let it fly. The first couple squirts went deep into her mouth. She started swallowing but couldn’t keep up and had to pull it out of her mouth. This let the next couple squirts to cover her face and hair. The last three spurts went all over her fabulous tits.
Son of a bitch, she said, you damned near drowned me. I can’t believe you can cum that much. And it tastes like candy, I love it. I stuck my dick back in front of her and she proceeded to lick it clean. She never could resist cleaning the cum from my dick and balls and I never complained at all. I watched her take long slow licks up the shaft and suck in all the cum she could, then drop back down to my balls and start over. When she had a mouth full, she would look at me, stick out her tongue and then swallow it all. She sucked both of my nuts and let them pop out of her mouth with a loud pop. God, she was good.
I licked the cum from her tits and sucked on her large nipples. They are about the size of your index finger and about an inch and a half long and will get as hard as steel. I think they would poke all the way through her shirt sometimes.
I left the tits and moved south toward heaven, stopping at her navel to lick and play with her navel jewelry that I love so much. I tongue fucked her navel until I heard another moan. Her next response was to tell me to “suck my cunt till I pass out”. Well how can you turn down a request like that? Sliding down her gorgeous legs I wound up staring right at the object of my affection.
I licked the inside of her thighs as I ran my hands up and down the best legs a brother could want to have wrapped around him as he screwed his sister. I was purposely avoiding her pussy, just licking and sucking on her legs and inner thighs. This teasing had the proper effect on Judy as she grabbed my head and directed me to her slit. I figured I would get started and gave her a big lick from bottom to top. She shuddered and moaned and I knew I was just getting started. I took my fingers and gently opened the folds of her vagina. I licked all around the outside and stuck my tongue into her as far as it would go. I was surprised by the amount of juice running out of her and the sweet taste it had. I licked up all that I could and reached up with my thumb and pushed on the hood Ankara bayan escort over her clit. This got another moan and told me I was doing right. You have to be a pussy lover to know that a woman’s clit is the way to her heart. If you use it and treat it right, she will do anything for you. Judy also has one of the biggest and most sensitive clits I have ever had the pleasure to lick. She will usually stop me from working it over long before I would want to quit.
I took her clit between my teeth and nibbled on it, another moan. I licked on the clit and started to finger fuck her. First with one finger, then two fingers, then three. Working my hand back and forth and nibbling on her clit caused a gush of cum to run out of her pussy and starting to make a large wet spot on the blanket. I continued to work my fingers in and out until Judy grabbed my arm and pulled my hand to her mouth where she licked the goo off my fingers, another loud moan. I looked at her and she smiled, so I thought “What the hell” and I lifted her legs exposing her cute ass. I leaned up and let my tongue run around her rosebud. I licked her ass and sucked on it for all I was worth. I licked back and forth and tried to stick my tongue in her ass, another moan. I couldn’t get my tongue into her tight ass. I started massaging it with my finger while licking around the outside edge. I stuck my finger in and pushed it all the way inside. I kept licking while working my finger in and out.
I felt something under the bed covers and reached around until I came out with Judy’s big black dildo. She smiled at me and I took it and licked it to get it wet and slippery. She went wild and begged me to stick it in her pussy. I watched it disappear in her and I started working it in and out and she laid her head back and moaned again. I now went to work on her ass with my tongue. I could tell she was relaxing and getting more used to it. I could get my tongue started in her ass and I kept working on it and loving every minute of it. She grabbed the dildo and started ramming it in and out and the juices were almost streaming out. I was afraid she would drown me, but I kept working. All of a sudden she started shaking and her legs went stiff and she screamed, ”I’m cumming”. I kept at it until she went limp.
I looked around and I climbed up and laid next to her. Her hair was soaking wet and she looked like she was used up. I said ”Well, how was that?” “Damn, that was great. I have never had that kind of orgasm before. I really liked you eating my ass. But the thing that sent me over the edge was you sticking that big black dildo in your mouth. I fucking near passed out when I saw that! Shit, that was hot, I would like to see you suck a cock. What do you think?” Oh my, I have started something I am not sure I want to continue. “I just did it to lube it up, not because I wanted to suck it. I don’t know if I could bring myself to suck a dick or not.” Judy looked at me and smiled “It’s not that hard, I could teach you.” You should have seen the evil smile on her face, it scared me.
I kissed her to change the subject and I felt her tongue explore mine. She always liked to lick her cum off my face. “I taste pretty good, too. No wonder you like it so much. Maybe you’ll have to teach me how to eat pussy and I’ll teach you how to suck dick. It would be a blast.” Wow, I’ve created a monster!
We laid there for a few minutes and Judy looked at me and said “You know that I want to screw Bo don’t you?” Bo was the quarterback at school and was a good looking man and in great physical shape as you would guess. He was about six foot six and 225 pounds, a very handsome black man. He and I had become pretty good friends when we had worked together the summer before. We had partied with several of the classes finest babes and we still joked about the good times we had. I knew what would be next.
“You think Bo would be interested in me?” Judy asked. “If not, I’m sure I could get you any guy in school. Escort bayan Ankara I’d just have to show him a short video of what just happened here.” “Do you really want to do Bo?” I asked.
“I think so, I dream about having a big black dick to suck, lick and screw. Bo always seems so nice when he comes around with you and I know he has a big dick.” I asked her how she knew of his dick size? “Well either he has a big dick or he stuffs his pants full of something, because I have checked it out and there is a big bulge there!” Judy said and her eyes opened wide.
She was right, Bo has a big dick. About ten inches long, not real thick, but long and black. I have seen him stick it to some of the best snatch in school. He knew what it was for. Judy would like it.
I’ll bring Bo over this Friday, and we’ll hang out and see what happens. I’ll get him here and the rest will be up to you.
“Thanks, you’re the best brother a girl could ever have. You can bet I’ll make it up to you.” Judy said as she hugged me and rubbed her sweaty tits in my face. I figure she’s the best sister I could want. Wait till Friday.
Friday evening Bo and I arrived at my house about 5:30. We decided to swim a little as it was pretty hot. We had just got into the pool when Judy showed up. You could see the lust in her eyes as I asked Bo if he remembered her. “Wow, “he said “I couldn’t forget about a babe this hot” he said as he grabbed her and gave her a big hug and kissed her on the cheek. I bet Judy came in her pants!
She went to change into her suit and we went back into the pool. I told Bo that Judy had the hots for him and he had better watch her. He looked at me and asked “Do you think she would do me?” I laughed and said “Hell yea, right out in the front yard on Saturday afternoon!” He asked me if it would be OK and I said,”sure.” Now it starts.
Judy showed up a minute later in a red bikini that made my mouth drop open. It was small enough to hide almost nothing. She might as well have been naked. All it did was give these two guys hard ons. Holy shit she looked good. She went right for Bo and started to rub up against him. I don’t think he really knew what to do. Should he try to screw his friends sister right in front of him? He didn’t have a chance to think very long as Judy grabbed him and placed him in a lip lock. She reached for the big black snake in his swim trunks and he looked at me with a surprised look on his face. “Go for it” I said.
Bo did. In about three seconds Judy had his trunks off and was on her knees looking at the big black cock she held in her hand. “It’s even better than I thought” she whispered. She opened her mouth and gave it a long lick. Then she went at it like a popsicle, licking it from one end to the other and twisting it to get to the other side, all the while looking at it shining in the sunlight. It was long and she could almost swallow the whole thing, she sucked and licked on the black monster until she could swallow the whole thing. Suddenly I saw her tongue dart out and lick his balls while his cock was all the way down her throat. I looked at Bo and his mouth was hanging open and he looked like he was in shock. Suddenly he grabbed her head and he started shooting cum. It went everywhere, all over her face and hair. Judy was swallowing all she could and the rest ran down on her tits. I smiled, I’ve been there, it’s a good place to be.
Judy looked over at me and her eyes sparkled like it was Christmas. She had just received her biggest gift and was looking for more. Bo was standing there looking at Judy wondering what would happen next. He said ”That’s the greatest blowjob I ever had. You are the best I’ve ever had, where did you learn that?” Judy leaned up and started to clean the cum off Bo’s dick and balls, “Art taught me.” Bo looked at me with a look I had not seen before, I wasn’t sure if he liked what he heard. I didn’t say anything, but Judy spoke up “I wanted to learn to be the best and if I had practiced on Bayan escort Ankara every guy in school, I’d be the biggest slut on campus. This way you experienced the result of my training. Was it worth it?” Bo looked at her and a big smile burst on his face “Does this mean I can get in on the training too?” My sister looked at him and said “Anytime”.
It was starting to cool off outside and was getting dark, so we decided to move inside. We picked up our clothes and headed inside. Mom was gone on a business weekend trip for work so the house was all ours. We made it as far as the couch in the living room when Judy layed on the edge of the couch with her pretty pussy resting on the arm of the couch. Bo couldn’t resist it and immediately dove in head first.
He wasted no time and went right for her clit, licking and sucking it. It began to swell up almost like getting a hard on. Judy began to moan again and I knew the only way to quiet her was to stuff her mouth full of cock. I walked to the couch where she was spread out on her back with Bo glued to her pussy and gave her a long deep French kiss. Her tongue searched in my mouth and I sucked her tongue like a cock. I pulled my dick up and she opened her mouth and swallowed my entire length in one easy stroke.
God, it felt great to fuck her throat like this. In a couple minutes I was ready to unleash a load of cum. Bo’s face looked like a glazed donut with Judy’s cum all over him. I wondered if we would be able to get the cum stains off Mom’s couch. I laughed to myself thinking about Mom having a heart attack if she saw what was happening in her house.
Bo moved up and slipped his cock into Judy with a long slow stroke. I could tell she liked it as I was receiving the attention to my dick. She was sucking and licking like a possessed woman. Then she started working on my balls, first licking them and then sucking on them. One at a time she worshipped my sperm makers, it had never felt so good. I tried to hold on, but once she had me ready, Judy new how to get my jizz. Swallowing my cock and then licking my balls at the same time and I was done. Cum started shooting in her mouth and I pulled out and sprayed her all over. Jizz dribbled of her face and down her neck and across both tits. Bo actually stopped fucking her just to watch the show. “Holy shit” he said “That’s a fucking cum shot, better than in the movies!” I just smiled at my sister and kissed her lips. She then proceeded to lap up all the cum she could find and licked me clean as usual. I was wasted.
I knew she was ready to explode and so was Bo. I moved down under Judy and began to lick her beautiful asshole while Bo hammered her pussy. We were giving her one hell of a workout. I was sticking my tongue in her ass when Bo made a long stroke and his dick came out of her pussy and hit me on the cheek. I looked up and all I saw was this big black dick right in front of my face. I was so geeked up that I grabbed it and licked Judy’s pussy cream off of it and stuck it back in her pussy. Bo must have liked it because in about four strokes it happened again and he just looked at me. I grabbed his dick and sucked it like Judy would have. I almost choked trying to swallow it so I just stuck it back in her pussy.
Bo hammered Judy like a wild man and he started cumming in her so much that it was running out of her and dripping on my face. I licked up what was there and Bo pulled out and sprayed about three more blasts of cum all over Judy and me. Judy had went to shaking and shuddering and had a violent orgasm. We collapsed in a heap on the couch. Nobody said anything for a few minutes, a lot of things we never planned on had happened.
Judy broke the ice by thanking both of us for the “greatest sex I have ever had and it may never be topped. Boy, it was fantastic.”
Bo said ”you two made a long time fantasy of mine come true by Judy fucking me and being involved in a three way. Thank you both.”
I spoke up and said “Me too, I always wanted a three way, and I think I always wanted to see what sucking dick was like. I’m glad it happened”
We headed upstairs to the shower to clean up. I wondered what would happen next?

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