Boarding with Linda Ch. 08


Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction concocted entirely within my imagination. Any resemblance to real people shouldn’t be surprising since most of my stories are based on people I know. While I hope you enjoy this story and are compelled to provide feedback, I don’t expect the subject matter will appeal to everyone who reads it. As such, I discourage venomous, nasty feedback full of violent wishes against essentially fictional characters in fictional situations. If this story does not appeal to you, there is undoubtedly one somewhere on Literotica that will, so your energy will be better spent on finding it rather than on vilifying me. Your opinions are welcome but your attacks are not.

Note: If you haven’t already, read Boarding with Linda Ch 01 – Ch 07, which are prequels to this story.


I never tried to take the place of Ashley’s dad and, despite how close we got once I started living in the same house, I always made it clear that I was her “uncle” and he’d always be her daddy. That being said, as we did get closer after I’d been living with her and her mom for a while, it wasn’t unusual for the two of us to go off and do something to give Linda some time to herself. Sometimes it was just so Linda could maintain her sanity, sometimes it was so that she could get things done and I’m sure there were times when she was sneaking around with Jim and wanted the freedom to do so in her own house. Typically, Ashley and I would go off to the playground or the library but sometimes, like on this particular occasion, we would go catch a movie if a good kiddie flick was playing.

I didn’t know what Linda had planned while we were gone, but when I got back home with a crashed-out Ashely, she told me all about it once I’d laid the pooped kid in her bed. As we sat on the couch, Linda sheepishly revealed to me that she’d been itching to tell someone what was going on between the two of us but she’d had to carefully consider who she could trust to keep our secret. She’d finally decided that Kate was not only someone she could count on but also someone who would appreciate why she needed to share. So Kate had come by and they’d sat down with some wine and Linda spilled her guts only to learn that Kate knew firsthand what she was talking about.

I was probably looking a little sheepish myself at the prospect of two of my lovers realizing that they were both familiar with my techniques. Linda continued, though, revealing that, as they compared notes, they were both finding themselves aroused. Because they’d been friends for so long, they didn’t feel any shyness about touching themselves in front of each other although they had both agreed that they wished I had been there to scratch their itches for them. As she revealed that they decided in the absence of what they really wanted, they might as well take care of each other, Linda also explained that it wasn’t the first time they’d fooled around. She gave me the short version of how, years earlier, they’d progressed from masturbating together to masturbating each other to using their tongues on each other. It had been a while since the last time, but they jumped pretty quickly back into the old rhythm.

They’d started by making out right on the very couch where we were sitting while fondling each other’s tits. I could feel my cock beginning to rise as I envisioned the scene. They were very quickly peeling each other’s clothes off before standing and stripping completely naked. They made out again while running their hands over each other’s naked flesh before Linda lay on the couch and Kate straddled her in a sixty-nine. They devoured and fingered each other’s pussies through multiple orgasms before collapsing in a sweaty heap of satisfaction. That had just been the appetizer, however, because as soon as they’d recovered, they gathered up their clothes and headed for Linda’s bedroom to play with her toys. Of course I couldn’t reveal to Linda that I was familiar with the toys she meant, having seen them through the mirror, but it certainly helped me continue to picture the scene.

As she wrapped up her tale, I know that I was completely fired up and I was pretty sure that she was again, too. When she reached over to massage my cock, I knew for sure.

“As satisfying as my afternoon was,” she explained, “I still have a craving for some real cock.”

We started to make out as she opened my shorts and extracted my cock, which she pumped in her hand as I slid my shorts and underwear down. She pulled away after illegal bahis a couple of minutes and started to stand up, releasing my cock to stand rigidly from my lap.

“I’m going to ride your cock,” she stated as she unfastened her shorts, “then I’m going to suck it.”

Her shorts hit her ankles and were soon followed by her panties, then she was straddling me on the couch and guiding my cock to her pussy. I had enough time to get a quick look at her trim, dark brown bush and immediately imagined Kate face-diving into it. As she lowered herself onto my cock, I was grateful once again for the opportunity to be her go-to guy when she was horny. Her pussy was hot and incredibly wet so we both moaned as she fully engulfed me. My hands went around to hold her bare ass and squeeze her soft cheeks as she immediately started to ride me hard and fast. We were always more careful when Ashley was home, though sometimes our hormones got the best of us, so I knew this was going to have to be a quickie. As horned-up as Linda was, I wasn’t concerned about both of us ending up satisfied in a short amount of time.

She still had her t-shirt on and my hands soon wandered up under it from her ass to the back of her bra, which I unclasped before bringing my hands around to caress her luscious titties. Gently toying with her hard nipples seemed to push her closer to orgasm based on the soft noises she was making, so I was glad that we were both getting something out of it. As much as I know we both savored long weekends spent indulging in each other’s bodies, I also knew that we both experienced more than sufficient levels of pleasure when we had to squeeze in a quickie like this. Since her tits were covered, I was watching the expression on her face, which was alternating between a wide smile and a look of intense pleasure. I couldn’t help but smile myself as I appreciated the feel of her hot, slippery pussy sliding up and down my throbbing tool.

It didn’t surprise me when she went from riding me hard and fast to suddenly dropping onto my lap as her entire body shuddered. I could feel the goosebumps on her tits as her nipples seemed to get impossibly even harder. We both sat still as her orgasm coursed through her then her body relaxed a bit and she smiled as she opened her eyes again. She gave me a quick kiss then climbed off to kneel before me on the floor. Without her tits to caress, I just put my hands behind my head as I leaned back and watched her go to work. She took my cock, slippery with her juices, and pumped it in her fist as she licked my balls. She must have recalled that we weren’t in a position to linger because she didn’t spend much time before she wrapped her lips around my cock and engulfed it.

I had to contain a moan that wanted to escape as she inhaled my tool and went to work vigorously sucking it. She had an undeniable gift of being able to suck my cock and draw out the pleasure for longer than I ever expected to last, but today was not one of those days and, fortunately, she also had a gift for being able to bring me quickly to orgasm with intense pleasure. Of course watching her as her mouth slid up and down my tool contributed a great deal to the pleasure I was experiencing. While I had come to accept that Linda and I were very compatible sexually, I still did not take it for granted and appreciated every single experience we had together.

Because of her skills, I felt my orgasm building quickly and knew that I’d be spewing into her hot mouth in a matter of minutes. This, of course, was preferable to having to cut things short because Ashley woke up. I relished the build up as well as the increased pleasure as I exploded into her mouth. She swallowed my load and continued to suck my cock until I was completely spent, but didn’t linger much longer so as not to push our luck.

“So next time Ashley has a weekend with Bob,” Linda said as she pulled her clothes back on, “we’re having Kate over, aren’t we?”

“You read my mind,” I replied.

When that much-anticipated day arrived, I waited for Kate to arrive while Linda went to drop Ashley off with her ex. Kate didn’t disappoint and had clearly noted my penchant for her body in nothing but a sundress. I took her in my arms and we made out as I ran my hands down over her ass, confirming that there were no panties to be felt through the thin material of the dress. My cock grew hard against her but she didn’t reach for it.

“We should probably wait for Linda, huh?” she asked, pulling illegal bahis siteleri her mouth from mine.

“We should definitely wait for Linda,” I replied, “so let’s just relish the anticipation.”

Fortunately, it wasn’t too much longer before Linda was walking through the door. She smiled her amazing smile as she saw us standing there, though I don’t know if it was because we hadn’t started without her or just because she was excited about what we were about to undertake. Kate and I both made out with her briefly and we all caressed each other’s bodies before we started moving toward Linda’s bedroom. The ladies determined that they’d undress me first then I could watch as they undressed each other; that sounded like a fine plan to me. They both pulled my shirt over my head and started kissing their way down my chest and over my abdomen until they were on their knees. They quickly had my shorts and underwear down and briefly lavished attention on my rigid tool with hands, lips and tongues before they both stood and indicated for me to lie on the bed.

I crawled up and lay in the middle of Linda’s bed, propped up on her pillows so I could watch what was about to happen. They started to kiss while fondling each other’s tits before Kate started peeling Linda’s shirt off. The kissing resumed once the shirt was cast aside, as did the tit fondling, through Linda’s bra and Kate’s sundress. Kate’s hands soon moved down to work on opening Linda’s shorts, which quickly ended up at her ankles as their hands then caressed each other’s asses. Kate’s hands gradually moved up from Linda’s ass to the back of her bra, which she easily unfastened before they stepped apart as Linda let her bra slide down her arms and drop to the floor. As Kate fondled Linda’s bare tits, Linda slid the shoulder straps of Kate’s sundress down her arms until her tits were exposed. With her braless tits now accessible, Linda started fondling them.

“Should we face our audience for the final reveal?” Linda murmured as she brushed her palms over Kate’s hard nipples.

“Absolutely,” Kate replied, so they both turned to face me, Linda wearing nothing but her panties and Kate with the top of her dress pulled down. My cock was throbbing as I admired two sets of succulent tits while Linda grasped the sides of her panties and Kate started sliding her sundress over her hips. As their trim, dark bushes were revealed, Linda was leaning forward, her tits swinging and hypnotizing me. Kate’s sundress was sliding down her legs, her tits bouncing as she shimmied out of it as Linda straightened up and kicked her panties away. They were immediately crawling up the bed, their swinging tits continuing to hypnotize me. As they sidled up beside my cock, they stopped and toyed with it briefly, both orally and manually, while deciding that Kate would ride it while Linda straddled my face. Linda continued moving up the bed as Kate straddled me and I tossed aside the pillows I was laying against so that I was flat on my back.

I felt Kate guiding my cock to her pussy and heard her moan as she lowered herself onto it but, though it felt outstanding, my attention was on Linda’s pussy approaching my face. I looked up briefly at her big tits swinging above, then focused on eating her pussy. I ran my tongue up her slit and tasted her juices, causing her to moan just as Kate had. My hands went right to Linda’s sweet ass as I lapped at her pussy and she humped it toward my face. This was the first time that an opportunity for a threesome had presented itself since I’d moved in with Linda, so I was relishing the feel of having a hot pussy sliding up and down my cock while simultaneously slurping up the nectar secreted by another hot pussy hovering over my face. I could hear both of them moaning, so it was apparent that they were enjoying themselves as much as I was.

Glancing up, I noticed that Linda was bracing herself on the headboard but her tits weren’t swinging freely because Kate’s hands were caressing them. Considering that Kate’s clit was unattended, I released Linda’s ass and slipped a couple of fingers up into her pussy while licking and sucking her clit. At the same time, I reached toward Kate’s pussy and sought out her clit as her pussy slid up and down my tool. As I started to lightly caress it, both of them were moaning louder and more passionately. I could feel Kate’s pussy becoming hotter and more slippery as she began riding me even harder while Linda’s pussy was feeling more engorged around my probing canlı bahis siteleri fingers. I could tell that both of them were rapidly approaching orgasms but, luckily, I was not feeling that one was impending myself.

Linda started cumming first, with a louder moan as her body started to tremble. I continued licking and sucking her clit while pumping my fingers in and out of her but, once she’d finished cumming, she moved off of my face and stuck her own face down near Kate’s pussy. She moved my fingers aside, I presumed to lick Kate’s clit, while Kate started fondling her own luscious tits. Linda’s ass was right beside me, so I was running one of my hands over it and between her legs as Kate’s moaning grew louder and longer. She finally let out a cry and began to shake as she came. Linda continued licking her clit and, once Kate had finished cumming, seemed reluctant to quit.

“Why don’t you sit up against the headboard with your legs spread for Linda,” I suggested. Linda got on all-fours with her face buried in Kate’s pussy while I moved around behind her and slipped into her hot, slippery pussy. I started out holding onto Linda’s hips as I slowly fucked her while my gaze was on Kate’s tits. Kate’s hands were on Linda’s head and she was rocking her hips towards Linda’s face. Once I had a nice rhythm going, I leaned forward to cup Linda’s swinging tits and realized that I could watch her licking and fingering Kate’s pussy. It had been one thing to hear the story of their teenage exploits and the recent afternoon they’d spent together when I’d been out with Ashley and another thing to see them undressing each other, but watching Linda working her oral magic on Kate’s pussy the way I’d done so many times was almost too much. I could feel my cock growing harder and had picked up my pace a bit which was causing Linda to let out an occasional moan.

Kate’s moaning was pretty much continuous and Linda was clearly pushing her toward an intense orgasm. I figured Linda deserved the same, so I slipped one hand from her tit, down between her legs, and caressed her clit as I continued to fuck her. She immediately paused in licking Kate’s pussy to let out a passionate moan then went right back to eating her as she pushed back against my incoming thrusts. Her pussy started to feel even hotter and wetter as I continued to fuck her and stroke her clit, so I knew that she was on her way to an orgasm. Based on the sounds that Kate was making and the look on her face, she was rapidly building up to what promised to be another intense orgasm, as well.

It was no surprise when Kate let out a wail and began to visibly tremble. Linda continued to devour her pussy as she rode out her orgasm, a smile replacing the look of intense concentration that had been on her face. When Kate let out a sigh and Linda raised her head, she only pushed back against me a couple more times before she started to shudder herself. I kept fucking her and stroking her clit as her orgasm coursed through her, only stopping when it was clear her orgasm was complete. I straightened up but didn’t slip my cock out of her because I didn’t know what the plan was at that point.

“Shall we suck his cock?” Linda asked, raising her head to look at Kate.

“Let’s shall,” Kate replied, so we all maneuvered around until I was propped up on pillows again, looking down at them as they knelt on either side of me and started taking turns engulfing my cock in their respective hot mouths. Linda was holding the base of my cock, pumping it as each of them would slide their lips up and down my shaft, while Kate caressed my balls. As if the pleasure provided by their mouths and hands wasn’t enough, the visual of the two of them naked and occasionally making out over my tool was unprecedented. If I’d thought at any other point in my life that I couldn’t feel any more aroused, I had been absolutely wrong, but I might have been correct if I’d been thinking it at that moment.

I would have been happy to have that moment last much longer but, between the visual and oral stimulation, I didn’t have a chance. I didn’t try to hold back, just relaxed and enjoyed the experience until I exploded into Kate’s mouth. She took the first couple of blasts of cum, then passed me off to Linda, who finished me off. They continued to trade back and forth until I was not only completely spent, but starting to soften as well. They moved up to lie beside me as we took a moment to catch our breath. Knowing that I’d need at least a few minutes to recover, we decided that I’d eat Kate while she ate Linda, since neither of us had done either yet.

By the time that weekend drew to a close, we’d thoroughly indulged in our first ménage a trois and I believe we all knew it wouldn’t be our last.

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