Boardwalk Exibition

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Daisy screamed as she tipped over the edge of her orgasm and collapsed on Eric, sticky and sated. He took a long lick of chocolate from her cheek and massaged her neck gently with one hand as he made an effort not to doze off. They’d had great fun experimenting with chocolate body paint over the past days. It was perfect for bed. Messy enough to satisfy them both, yet it came in small enough doses not to drip off of their mess-proof sheets and onto the carpet.

After a minute of steadying their breathing, Daisy broke the silence. Her smile was devious. A hunter poised to pounce on her prey.

“I think we should go to Blackpool.”

Eric returned her smile. Whatever she had planned would be fantastic; of that he was certain.


The day was hot, and the milkshake Daisy had bought him was blessedly cool against Eric’s palm. She had gotten him a ridiculously sized cup of vanilla, and herself a more modestly sized chocolate. She sipped it casually, occasionally letting out low hums of enjoyment.

As they walked down the boardwalk, a sickly pit of excitement grew in Eric’s stomach. She wouldn’t. He was in his best jeans and a new shirt. And she’d just gotten her hair done. Not to mention the fact that there were people in every direction. He flexed his toes in his trainers and was suddenly ultra-aware of how very clean he was. White socks, trainers without a scuff, pressed shirt, expensive jeans… It was almost like he was begging Daisy’s inner exhibitionist to come out and play.

The more crowded the boardwalk became, the brighter Daisy’s smile became. Certainly she wasn’t planning anything in this crowd. Just when Eric thought that maybe, just maybe he’d wrongly assumed Daisy’s plans, she stopped.

Standing in the middle of the walkway, Eric watched the ignorant passers-by and tightened the grip on his drink. Daisy caught his eye and then pulled him down for a kiss. He could almost taste the anticipation on her lips. She nipped and sucked in a way that promised filthy things.

After a few seconds, Daisy pulled away from the kiss and pecked her way up his jaw towards his ear. Then she whispered to him in a low, seductive tone.

“I want you to take that milkshake, and I want you to pour it over your head. Slowly. Right. Here. I want people to see you. I want them to stare at you. I want to press you up against the railing behind you and rub myself off on your thigh until I cum.” Eric gasped and tried in vain to hold back the flush that blossomed over his face. Daisy continued, clearly pleased with the effect she was having on him.

“I can’t do that, though. Might get arrested. So I guess I’ll have to settle for walking all the way back to the hotel with a vanilla-flavoured Eric.”

Eric struggled to stay upright, başakşehir escort his knees turning to jelly with arousal. Daisy subtly pressed a palm over his trousers and his cock twitched achingly. She gave him a quick squeeze and simultaneously sucked his earlobe into her mouth. If he wasn’t careful, he was going to lose his load right here in front of an audience. Not that it would be much worse than what he was about to do.

“Eric,” Daisy whispered.

“Hm?” he hummed, trying to fight through his aroused haze.

“I’m going to step back and I’m going to watch you, okay? I’m going to watch you mess yourself completely, and then I’m going to take your hand and we’ll walk back to the hotel. Put on a good show.”

Eric swallowed heavily and nodded. The heat from Daisy’s body vanished, leaving his own feeling quite bereft. But she wouldn’t be far off. Just out of his line of sight. Watching.

He looked down at the drink in his hand. An absurd size, the cup had to be taller than his head and wide as his bicep. A few thin rivers of the liquid had trailed down the cup already due to his excited squeezing, but none had reached his hand. He was still as miraculously clean as before.

Holding the cup in his right hand, he slowly pulled out the straw with his left. Inch by inch, the plastic tube revealed the consistency of the mixture inside. With caution, Eric licked the coating off the straw. It was sweet and cold, and he could help himself thinking what it was going to feel like when it covered him. He swirled the hint of milkshake around in his mouth, and swallowed like he was trying to savour every precious drop of the liquid.

Letting go of the straw, he noticed one of two people who gave him a stern look for blatantly littering. Well, weren’t they going to be surprised.

Gingerly, he took the plastic lid off the drink and let it fall beside the straw on the ground. He could feel his heart speeding up and his face flushing again. He tried to control his breathing, sure that everyone around him was bound to notice his panting. He stared at the light mixture. The semi-frozen mush reflected the sunlight and gleamed enticingly in the container. Eric noticed his hand starting to shake and knew he had to do it before he lost his nerve.

Looking around, he saw that people were starting to look at the strange man who was peering at his milkshake like a lover. He imagined Daisy in some dark corner with her hand down her jeans, fingers poised to stroke herself in time with his exhibition.

Slowly, he raised the cup. Up, up, towards his lips. He paused there. Realised that once he lifted it higher, there was no going back. He felt like he was standing naked with a flashing neon sign behind him reading Kinky Pervert. Of course, he could stop. kadıköy escort Just stop right there, sip his drink, and deal with Daisy’s disappointment, but save his dignity.

Was he that sort of a man? He paused, and saw people starting to slow down to give him curious stares. It fed a fire in his belly and made his arm feel all the lighter.

No. He was going to do this.

He lifted the cup past his lips and up above his head.

Now people were staring.

Eric thought his heart might leap from his chest, if his lungs didn’t burst first. He remembered Daisy’s instructions.

I want you to take that milkshake, and I want you to pour it over your head. Slowly.

He tipped the cup.

The first drop of milkshake hit his head and he gasped. It was cold. He could feel it pressing down his hair and starting to trail down his scalp towards his neck.

He tipped further and the stream began. He couldn’t contain a small cry as the cold liquid flattened his hair and started to trail down his face. Down his forehead, around his eyes, tickling down his nose and dripping off down to the ground. Behind his ears and down the back of his neck, squirming down under his collar and between his shoulder blades.

People were stopping in their path now, watching to see what the crazy man was doing. Pointing.

He tipped it further and the stream increased. It was over his eyes and in his mouth and he could taste the cold sweet liquid racing over his lips and his tongue. It was soaking into his shirt and trailing down his back and chest, racing towards his belt on both sides. He gasped for breath and tried to hold his buckling knees steady.

There was a small crowd forming, quickly gaining murmuring onlookers who were all puzzled and intrigued.

Eric’s world was nothing but the sweet, cool prison he’d erected around himself. He tipped the cup higher and higher, pouring faster and faster and losing all care of ruining his clothes or his dignity. Vanilla milkshake was streaming down the fingers of his left hand and seeping into the legs of his jeans. With a singular thought in his head, he pulled his belt just slightly away from his stomach and let a small collection of drink flow down and coat his cock through his trousers.

His jaw fell slack and he moaned loudly in uncontainable arousal. It was only a small sliver of his brain that remained conscious of his surroundings and kept him from finishing himself off to the crowd.

The cup’s contents seemed almost endless. He tipped it upside down and planted it in the messy pile that was quickly melting down his head. Frantically, he ran his hands — one clean, one messy — up and down his shirt. Pressing the sopping fabric against his skin and relishing in esenyurt escort bayan the feel of liquid still streaming down his every feature.

There was a pool forming around his feet. The portion of his milkshake that had already bathed his cock had now travelled down his legs, soaking his socks and trainers on its way to the pavement.

Eric could barely keep his hips still, fighting valiantly to keep them from jerking out in desperation. He pressed his legs together and groaned deeply as the thick liquid squished and slid around his balls and his legs, seeping into his trousers and making absolutely every inch of him cold and sticky.

He revelled in it.

He didn’t know what to do with his hands, clenching and rubbing desperately at his sides. He fought the urge to delve into his pants and just finish himself off in front of the onlookers.

It was then that he felt a warm hand brush his own cold, sticky one. Fingers slid across his palm and slotted between his own, and the grip tightened with a squelch. He didn’t dare open his eyes, but that didn’t matter as his wife leaned in close to his ear and whispered.

“Gorgeous. Such a good show, my good boy.” Eric shuddered at the praise. It would be impossible for him to get any harder, he thought. “I’m going to take you apart and lick you until you scream.” Eric felt like he was choking on the force of his arousal, his heart in his throat and the chilled liquid still running in rivulets down his body. It was too much. Daisy pressed herself to him in a kiss. Her gorgeous blue sundress was instantly ruined as she plastered her body against his.

There was one more surprise he hadn’t anticipated, and as Daisy crushed her body against his, she also crushed her cup between them. A new flow of cold, sweet liquid burst around his waist, and that was the last Eric could handle. He shuddered violently in her arms, and let out a gasp that she swallowed in a bruising kiss.

Eric’s orgasm hit him in waves. With each jerk of his hips, a new thought flashed in his mind and thrust him higher in ecstasy: he came as the milkshake burst between their bodies. He cried out as he opened his eyes – lashes heavy with the liquid that covered them – as he saw people watching him, knowing exactly what kind of perverted activity he was performing in front of them. His hips jerked again as he realized he had now not only ruined his pants with the milkshake, but with the bursts of his own cum. He let out a whimper as Daisy pushed her hips against his and scratched her nails down his clothed back.

He came to his senses a thoroughly ruined man.

Daisy pulled away just enough to look him in the eye. Her front was smeared with white and brown, and her face was streaked with the sticky mess from his own. Her smile was wicked, and Eric knew he’d be cumming from the mere memory of this moment for years to come.

“Let’s head back and see how much more filthy we can get.”

Eric took her hand, mindless of the countless watching eyes, and knew he’d follow her anywhere.

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