Bob, Beth, , Katie Ch. 01


NOTE: This is the beginning of a series; it’s the first time I’ve written anything this long so I hope I can keep you entertained. Please leave feedback and remember to vote! Thanks all!


I was glad to see Beth was already signed on to AOL Instant Messenger. We’d been dating for about six weeks now and things were going well. My name is Bob Kohl, I’m your typical Joe, or um Bob in this case. I’ve never really been too smooth with the ladies. In fact I’m 24 years old and Beth is only the second girlfriend I’ve ever had. I’m not ugly; in fact in the right lighting I’m down right handsome, but my problem with women had always been a confidence issue. Beth was different though. The second I saw her I knew I had to be with this woman.

Bob4apples83: “Hey babe.” (That’s me.)

sugrnspice2085: “Hey hun :)” (That’s Beth)

Bob4apples83: “Are we still hanging out at your place tomorrow?”

sugrnspice2085: “Yeppers. oh i almost forgot. Katie is coming over too.”

Katie is Beth’s best friend. I’ve met her a handful of times when I’ve been out with Beth. They are pretty close friends from what I’ve seen. Sometimes they’d always kiss and hug each other in a friendly way. She too was a very attractive young woman fresh out of college.

Wait a minute. Beth and I planned this night to be just the two of us staying in and eating a romantic dinner and watching a movie. I was also hoping to score with Beth too. Hey, I’m a guy that’s what I think about.

Bob4apples83: “oh… okay :/”

sugrnspice2085: “now now, don’t be like that, it’s her birthday and she’ll only be there for one night. We’ll have the rest of the weekend for ourselves ;)”

Bob4apples83: “alright 🙂 I’m gonna come back here after work and grab some things. I’ll see tomorrow around 6, 6:30.”

sugrnspice2085: “Sounds perfect!!!!! I have to get some cleaning done. I’ll see you tomorrow cutey <3" Bob4apples83: “Can’t wait babe <3 Love you!" sugrnspice2085: “Love u 2! Bye” With that she signed off. I explored the internet a little bit. I always get a kick out of people hurting themselves on video networking sites. After watching the fifth video of a man getting hit in the nuts in a hilarious fashion I decided to turn the computer off and get to bed early. I was excited to see what the weekend with Beth would bring. As I’ve said we’d been dating for a month and a half, but our sex life has been moving a bit slow. Besides a few make out sessions and a very pleasurable blowjob we’d yet to take it to the next level. Beth always seemed like she was holding back with me, maybe she really liked me and wanted to see if I’d stick around. I’ve fallen in love with Beth and the slow pace doesn’t bother me that much, but who doesn’t like to participate in a good fucking? Beth and I have always been pretty open about our sex lives. She told me she had a few flings at college. She even said she was in a threesome one time! I’d always pretend not to hear her just so she’d have to repeat it. Reluctantly I told her about my short list of sexual conquests. Like most girls though she didn’t really care about who I had been with or what I did with them. She is happy that I’m now with her. ****** The next day when I got home from work I quickly shaved and put on some cologne. I decided to put on some nice clothes. I opened my closet and grabbed a black long sleeve button down shirt, a pair of tan khakis, and a tie with a pattern that matched the rest of my outfit. I took one final look in the mirror to make sure I looked as appealing as I could. I liked what I saw. My short black hair was combed nicely; my face glowed with confidence and excitement. I was ready to impress Beth and maybe make Katie a little jealous because of what a great guy I am. The only thing I needed now was flowers. Roses; a baker’s dozen to be exact, 12 for Beth and one for Katie, it was her birthday after all. I knocked on Beth’s apartment door, flowers in hand and a smile on my face. Katie greeted me as she opened the door. “For you birthday girl.” I said as I handed her a rose. “Aww, thanks Bob.” Katie replied with a truly appreciative tone in her voice. She then wrapped her arms around me and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek. Damn, Katie looked good tonight. Katie is a hot little asian girl that is just drop dead gorgeous. She has blonde hair that falls just below her shoulders. It was obviously dyed, her eyebrows were black. She stood just 5′-3″, but she is proportioned well. Tonight she was wearing high heels which gave her another five inches to her height. Her legs were covered in what I assumed to be black nylons. Her legs are well defined; strong calves that connected to lickable thighs. Katie is wearing a nice looking sleeveless dress that buttoned down from the collar to her naval. The skirt part of the dress dropped half way down her thighs and appeared to have no buttons on it, I guess she pulled this part up to her waist then buttoned up the rest of the way. A pair of B cup breasts filled out her sexy figure. erotik film izle I’d be lying if I said I never jerked off thinking about Katie. I wasn’t in love with her, but fuck she is one sexy woman.

“I thought you’d like a little present.” I said as she released her hug.

Katie put her rose up to her nose and smelled its fragrance. “Smooth, Robert.” She said with a smile.

“Quit flirting with Katie.” I heard Beth say in a joking way as I entered the apartment and Katie closed the door behind me.

Beth came out of the kitchen and wrapped her arms around my neck and squeezed me tight. Wow, Beth was looking hot too, more then usual that is. Beth is a fiery red head with the cutest face I’d ever seen on a woman. She has long red hair mixed with blonde highlights that fell all the way down to her ass, which she has fixed up in a ponytail. Beth’s face had a pair of big blue eyes, rounded cheeks and some luscious lips. She is just a few inches shorter then me, but tonight she too is wearing high heels and is now actually even with my height.

Beth was dressed just as sexy as Katie was, with a skirt that stopped eight inches above her knees. She wore a white blouse that wrapped tightly around her body. I could see through the fabric just enough to notice Beth was wearing a sexy little bra that barely kept her large B cupped breasts from popping out and saying hello. Her perfume smelled sweet and made me want to run my hands all over her curvy body.

“Flowers!” She said with excitement before giving me a long kiss.

“It was tough trying to find something as beautiful as you girl.” I said, finally letting go of our hug.

“Food is now ready. Are you hungry Bob?” Beth asked me.

“Yeah, I’m pretty starved.” I said as my stomach growled.

“I hope you save some room for dessert.” Katie said. Beth giggled at the comment. Must be an inside joke.

Dinner went by fairly quickly. By the time I had arrived Beth and Katie had already set the dining table and prepared the food. It was Katie’s birthday so we had her favorite meal; stuffed shells with corn on the cob and of course a birthday cake for dessert. Beth and Katie kept giving each other weird looks, winking and giggling at each other. Whenever I’d ask what was funny they would deny even laughing. I was so paranoid about it I kept checking myself to see if something was off. My fly wasn’t down. I didn’t spill any food on my tie. I even checked my reflection in my drink to see if something funny was on my face. Still; nothing, what were these two up too?

After we all cleaned up the dishes and put everything away we decided to sit down on the couch and watch a movie. One of the things I loved about Beth was our common love of movies. It was one of our favorite things to do. Her favorite movie of all time is The Blues Brothers where as mine is Ghostbusters. When we weren’t out having drinks at one of the local bars we were either at the movie theater or at her place watching a movie. Katie was the birthday girl, so we decided to let her pick the movie. She browsed Katie’s DVD collection for a few minutes and finally picked a movie.

“What do you think of this?” She said as she held up a copy of the movie Resident Evil.

“Sounds good.” My mouth said yes, but my mind screamed NO! I really hated that movie. I found it insulting to the video game it was based off of and the movie just wasn’t that good.

Katie put the DVD in and hit play when the main menu finally came on the screen. Beth was sitting and leaning against the right arm of her couch. I took my place next to her.

“Is this seat taken madam?” I said as I wrapped my arm around her shoulders.

“You can sit next to me anytime hun.” Beth replied. Then she leaned in and gave me a kiss as she put her left hand on my thigh and gave it a playful squeeze.

“I like scary movies.” Katie said. She took a seat on the couch to the left of me and sat rather close to me. “It gets my blood pumping.” Katie grabbed my left hand and put it down on her thigh just above her knee and held it there as she hugged my arm and didn’t let go.

I looked at Katie, then back at Beth. She showed no signs of caring that Katie was flirting with me. We snuggled up together and watched the movie. Most of the lights were turned off except for a lamp that stood in the corner of the room. Having these two hot ladies so close to me was starting to make me a little horny and I could feel my own blood pumping to my cock and making it semi rigid.

As the movie played on, Beth and Katie both leaned into me and put their heads on my chest. My right arm still clung around Beth while Katie finally released my left arm. I was about to put it around Beth and give her a hug, but Katie grabbed it and threw it around her shoulders and finally placing my hand on her stomach. I looked down at Katie and she just smiled back at me. I looked over at Beth and she was looking up at me with a smile too. I shrugged and sat back, not knowing what to do.

Beth suddenly took my hand and placed it on her boobs and massaged film izle it into her chest. Her tits feel incredible, so soft, and so warm; I can even feel her nipple harden as my hand gently stimulated her breast.

It took me a minute before I realized that Katie was hanging on the other side of me. Beth was never shy about public displays of affection, but she never had me grope her in front of anyone else. I decided to play it cool, this could turn into something wild; maybe Beth wanted to put on a show in front of Katie. This must have been what they were giggling about during supper.

I was about to bring my left arm over to feel up Beth when Katie grabbed it and suddenly put it on her tits and mashed her nipples into me hand. Now my head was starting to spin. Was Beth okay with this? She seemed too in the moment to notice Katie rubbing her bust all over my hand.

Beth let go of my hand, but I got the hint and continued to grope her tits. Beth put her hand on my right thigh and caressed my leg, slowly moving her hand up and down my thigh, teasingly stopping shy of my dick. I was starting to get more then a little excited from the foreplay. What guy wouldn’t while groping two hot young women?

Now Katie put her hand on my left thigh and rubbed it the same way Beth did. Beth and Katie stared at each other with a devilish smile. I couldn’t contain my excitement any more. My cock was straining to leave my pants. Beth and Katie had me so turned on right now. I spread my legs to help relieve the pressure. Beth swung her long curvy leg over my right leg and held it there. Her skirt hiked up several inches as she did so. Katie did the same with my left leg. I was right about her legs being wrapped in nylons; her dress crawled up the length of her leg revealing the sexy lingerie. My legs were now pinned; Beth and Katie had their legs intertwined with mine.

“You look a little tense Bob.” Beth said in a soft voice.

“I think we need to help him out Beth.” Katie replied with a sexy tone to her voice.

Beth and Katie leaned into each other until their lips met. Beth kissed Katie as passionately as she had always done to me. Their heads swung back and forth as they fought for dominance. I could see their tongues gently caressing each other. This was the hottest thing I had ever seen.

“Oh, wow.” I blurted out as these two goddesses of beauty made out in front of me.

Katie reached behind Beth’s head and undid the restraints on her ponytail. Her hair fell and Katie grabbed two handfuls of her red hair and pulled Beth into her. Their eyes closed and they both let out soft moans of pleasure.

I leaned in close and kissed Beth’s neck. She responded with a moan; her tongue continued to dance with Katie’s. I suddenly felt a tug on my tie; it was Katie pulling me towards her waiting mouth. Her eyes were filled with desire; she licked her lips and kissed me hard. I quickly glanced over at Beth to see if this was okay. Beth showed no sign of discomfort; instead she pressed her tits into my arm and sucked on my earlobe. Katie and Beth put there hands on my chest and rubbed my body slowly, sensually.

“Don’t hold back baby.” Beth whispered in my ear. She could sense I was hesitant to have fun with Katie. “We’ve been planning this for awhile.”

It was really happening; the fantasy of many, many masturbation sessions was coming true. I was participating in a threesome with two of the sexiest women I know. Now Beth released all of my inhibitions telling me not to hold back. Now I can really enjoy this experience without fear of Beth being mad at me.

I was suddenly jolted from my thoughts when Beth slid her hand down my chest and onto the bulge in my pants.

“I wanted our first time to be memorable hun.” Beth whispered in my ear before kissing my neck and playfully biting my earlobe.

Katie undid my necktie and threw it to the floor. She plunged her tongue into my mouth and swirled it around my own. She began to unbutton my shirt as Beth worked on my pants. I grabbed Katie’s tits and massaged them slowly, she pulled away from our kiss and moaned, she arched her back and pushed her chest towards my face. I quickly unbuttoned her dress and continued working my hands on her breasts; which were now only covered by a sexy blue bra that showed off plenty of cleavage.

Beth unfastened my belt and pulled my pants off of my legs. She rubbed her hands on the big bulge in my boxer briefs.

“He looks like he needs to be taken out.” Beth said, motioning toward my cock.

She quickly took off my underwear, my hard cock sprung upward and slapped against my stomach. Having my dick free from the constraints of my pants felt great. I can’t remember a time my rod has been this hard.

“Ugh, yeah.” I gasped

Katie looked down at my hard shaft. “Oh fuck, look at that thing.” Her eyes bulged, and my cock twitched in response.

I’m not the biggest guy in the world, not even close. At the peek of my arousal I’m probably seven inches in length. Beth always told me my dick was pretty thick. I can’t really seks filmi izle say how thick, but it must be pretty good for Katie to get excited over the sight of it.

Beth wrapped her hands around my tool and pumped it slowly. “This thing feels so good Katie.” Beth said. “We’re gonna have fun devouring your cock Bob.” She gave me a wink and slowly licked the tip of my cock.

I shuddered as her tongue touched me. Katie slid off of me and stood in front of me; she turned around and faced the TV. She slowly pulled her dress off of her shoulders and peeled it off of her body. When she pulled it down to her waist she bent over keeping her legs rigid, she pulled the dress down over her nice round ass. Blue hipster panties came into view followed by Katie’s sexy nylon wrapped thighs.

I took off my button down shirt and my tank top undershirt. Beth stroked my shaft at a slow pace. She glided her hands up and down my bare chest, scratching me playfully with her long nails. Katie dropped down to her knees next to Beth. My legs spread wide so they both have room to please me. Katie kissed Beth and pulled her blouse off, followed by her bra. Beth unhooked Katie’s bra as well, letting go of my throbbing cock. I took in the view of 2 pairs of breasts exposed, staring back at me.

“Go ahead birthday girl.” Beth said to Katie, as she grabbed my cock and pointed it towards Katie’s mouth.

“It looks so fucking good.” Katie replied.

Katie turned away from Beth and grabbed my tool. She slowly brought her head down and attached her lips to the head of my cock. She slowly swallowed me. Seeing this blonde asian hottie suck on my shaft is almost enough to make me blow my load. Then Beth joined in, taking one of my balls into her mouth while Katie sucked me off. The room filled with sounds of slurps and moans as Beth and Katie worked their mouths on my sex organ.

“Wow…so fucking good.” I gasped. I could hardly breath, the sensation was so intense.

Katie grabbed the base of my dick with her forefinger and thumb. Then she pointed it straight up and slowly ran her tongue from the base of my shaft to the top of the head. Beth joined her. They sandwiched my cock between their faces and tasted the length of my shaft with their warm wet tongues. My cock was drenched with Beth and Katie’s saliva. This was a sloppy blowjob, but fuck, it feels unbelievable!

“You like that?” Beth asked. Then she sucked on the head of my fuckstick.

“Yeah, Beth that feels so good.” I responded.

Katie continued to lick my shaft while Beth sucked on the head of my cock. Katie licked me a few more times then grabbed my sex pole and pumped it.

“You look so hot sucking on that dick.” Katie said to Beth. She responded with a moan. “Yeah, suck it Beth. I want to taste Bob’s cum in your mouth.”

Katie gripped me tight and pumped me hard, twisting her hand as she worked over my cock. Beth followed Katie’s hand with her mouth, sucking me as hard as she could. I wasn’t going to last much longer. I’m not use to having two women pleasing me at the same time.

“Ugh, yeah, I’m not gonna last much longer.” I said, my breathing heavy and my balls swelling.

Katie took her hand off of me and replaced it with her mouth. Beth swirled her tongue around my cock head while Katie licked my shaft and balls. I was at the breaking point.

“Yeah. Fuck! I’m cumming!” I roared. My hips instinctively started bucking. My fist clenched and every muscle in my body tightened. My seed exploded out of my hard cock.

“Fuck, that’s hot!” Katie said, pulling away from my dick and once again pumping it with her hand.

String after string of hot cum shot into Beth’s mouth, she was able to contain my first two squirts, but her mouth was filling faster then she could swallow. She pulled her mouth away from my cock. A shot of sperm sprayed across Beth’s face before Katie shoved my cock down her throat swallowing my final shot of cum.

“Ugh, uuuugggghhh.” I moaned. My orgasm was explosive. If Beth didn’t have her mouth over my hole I’m sure I would’ve shot my baby batter on her ceiling.

Katie removed my cock from her mouth. She turned to Beth and kissed her passionately. They swapped my semen around there mouths. My liquid leaked out of the sides of their lips as they swallowed my load.

“Ready for another round Bob?” Beth asked me. Katie licked up the sperm that still rested across her face.

With a smile on my face I said. “I’m not about to let you ladies go unsatisfied.”

I stood up and helped Beth and Katie to there feet. I put my arms around each of them and held them close. My cock had deflated some, but I was still semi hard. I turned to Beth and kissed her hard. I could taste my cum still on her lips, it was my own stuff so I didn’t care. I pulled away from her and turned to Katie and kissed her as well. We left the living room and the movie behind and quickly went to Beth’s bedroom.

Beth lay down on the bed and removed her skirt and panties. Her freshly shaved pussy looked beautiful. The pink lips of her sex begged to be licked. Katie stood next to me and removed her panties and high heels, her nylons stayed clung to her sexy legs. I noticed she had a small bush of black hair above her clit. I knew she dyed the hair on her blonde head.

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