Subject: Bobby and Dalton (Incest) ****You know all the legal requirements about being of age in your area to read stories of a sexual nature. This is about male/male sex and incest so if this subject matter offends you, leave now. All my stories are copy- righted.**** Please donate to Nifty so they can continue to bring us good stories. Bobby and Dalton As far back as I can remember, Bobby was my best friend and playmate. His family lived 2 houses down from ours and we were always at one or the other’s house. I remember when we were very young playing with our trucks out in one of the flower beds. As we got older, we built model ships and raced them in the street gutters when it would rain. Bobby was slender with black hair and awesome blue eyes that sparkled, especially when he had something new he wanted to try out. He was the leader and I was the follower. Besides my Dad and older brother, I looked up to Bobby since he was my buddy and was older. Bobby was nearly two years older than me but when I started elementary school, he was only one grade ahead of me. It was just the way our birthdays fell during the school year. In good weather, we walked to school together, walked home together after school and usually played together until supper time. On weekends, we were inseparable. At his house, we had his tree house in the backyard to play and sleep in. When the weather was nice we would pitch a tent in our backyard for sleep-overs. It was when I was 9 and spending the night at Bobby’s that we watched a vampire movie one night. When we got to his bedroom, we brushed our teeth and got ready for bed. We were both excited from the movie and talked about it once we were under the covers. In the dark, Bobby decided we would reenact a scene. He would be the vampire and I would be the victim. He got out of bed and I heard him messing around. He was looking for something to use as a cape. I was to play asleep when he attacked me. It was quiet for a minute or two and I felt him gently pulling the sheet from covering me. Then I felt the bed shift as he got in. The next thing I knew he was on top of me, a hand over my mouth as he told me he was going to make me his. Then his mouth was at the side of my neck and his teeth gently bit me. His cape was a spare sheet that covered us and as he chewed on my neck, I felt him grinding his hips against mine. I reached down only to discover he was naked and pushing his bare, hard dick against mine. The whole thing excited me, so I slowly pushed my underwear down and kicked them off. Bobby was now grinding his bare dick against mine and we were both moaning in pleasure. Bobby moved his head, releasing his bite of my neck. “You are mine now… mate.” Then his mouth was on mine and we were kissing. It was exciting and overwhelming. Here was Bobby on top of me, grinding his body against mine and kissing me. I loved it! It felt awesome! Then he placed his hard dick between my legs, just under my balls, and made out like he was fucking me, pumping his hips up and down, pushing his dick between my legs. After our little escapade, he stayed on top of me as we discussed what had just happened and how we enjoyed it. That was also the night we explored each other’s body, especially our dicks and how they excited us. We spent the night snuggled together, sleeping in the nude. Over the next 3 years, things quickly progressed. Soon after that special night, we started playing with each other’s dick. That felt great to feel his hand all over my dick rubbing it. Then Bobby said he had seen some stuff on his computer and introduced me to sucking dick. We would spend the night in a ’69” position as we enjoyed sucking each other. We also started enjoying each other whenever we were alone. It was shortly after we started sucking that Bobby started producing sperm. I loved sucking him to orgasm, only to have him shoot his sperm in my mouth. Then on one sleep-over, we were going to take our shower before bed and Bobby introduced me to an enema. He explained what it was for and what he had seen. He wanted me to clean myself out so he could finger my butt hole while we sucked each other that night. I proceeded to clean myself out until the water was clean, then we showered. We even sucked and kissed a little while we were showering. We were both excited by the time we got into bed. Bobby took charge. He started kissing me as he took my underwear off me. My hands went down and removed his. His dick, rather cock as he had corrected me, was rock hard. gaziantep travesti And by this point in time, Bobby had started puberty and was sporting a nice thick 6 inch cock that I loved to suck. He said he wanted to try something new tonight. He had me lay flat on my stomach and spread my legs. He got between them and started running his finger around my hole. This was a totally new excitement for me. I was moaning when he leaned in and started licking and tonguing my hole. “Oh Bobby, don’t stop!” I was so excited and turned on by the feelings he was giving my body. He continued to pleasure my hole for some time before he stopped. “Do you trust me?” “Of course I do.” “I want to try something else new….I want you to enjoy it.” “Okay.” He got out of bed to get something. When he came back, he got back between my spread legs and I soon felt a slippery finger moving around my hole. Then more slippery stuff and his finger easing inside my hole. I moaned at the new, intense feeling of pleasure. “You like that?” he whispered. “Yes….it feels great!” I moaned. He continued to work his finger around and in and out, then added another finger, stretching my hole. He worked some more of the slippery stuff around and inside me while I moaned and pushed my ass back on his fingers. “I think you’re ready.” He removed his fingers, then leaned over me. I felt pressure at my hole and then it popped in. I realized he was putting his cock in me. “I want to fuck you” he said as he slowly slid more of his dick inside me. It took a few minutes for him to stretch the rest of me to accommodate his 6 inches. Then he lay on top of me as we were both breathing hard. “You ok?” “Yes.” “It feels awesome being inside you.” “Your cock feels great inside me….now what?” “I’m going to fuck you and make you mine” he said as he slowly started moving his cock inside me. To say it felt fantastic was an understatement. Bobby was on top of me, holding me down as he worked his cock in and out of my ass. I felt electric shocks coursing through my body as I moaned underneath him. After some minutes, Bobby was moaning louder and his hips were thrusting his cock faster. “Oh fuck Michael….I’m going to cum!….I’m going to shoot my sperm inside you.” He thrust harder and gripped my body. Then his body shuddered as he grunted his release and I could feel the warmth of his cum as he shot it inside me. Several hard thrusts and then he collapsed on top of me. He was breathing heavy as he gently kissed my neck. “Wow!…That was awesome!” I agreed and asked him when he would feel like doing it again. He laughed and said to give him a few minutes to catch his breath. Bobby fucked and came in me two more times before we collapsed. He rolled us onto our sides, his cock still hard and throbbing inside me. We both discussed our new discovery and how we both loved it. All the time, Bobby was slowly moving his cock inside me. We fell asleep that way and early the next morning I was awakened with Bobby fucking me again. He fucked me twice before the sun came up and we finally got out of bed. Things changed after that night…for the better. We were always slipping away to his tree house or some where else private so we could fuck. Some nights on our sleep-overs we would practically fuck all night. My ass was always full of Bobby’s sperm. We started by sucking each other but always ended up with Bobby pounding my ass with his cock. And over the months, I could tell he was maturing as his cock got larger, he shot larger loads of sperm and started growing hair around his cock. During the summer, we practically fucked nonstop, we just couldn’t get enough. When school started in the Fall, we would get home after school to one of our houses and he would fuck me for the couple hours of free time we had before any family members got home. It was the third Friday into the new school year, Bobby was pounding his first load into me after school. Just as he finished cumming in me……. “WHAT THE FUCK!” My eyes shot open and we both jumped and turned to look toward my bedroom door. There was my older brother Dalton standing there. Bobby yanked his cock out of me and scrambled for his clothes. Dalton just stood there looking at me. “Michael…don’t you even move a muscle!…Bobby, get dressed and go home!” I was frozen in fear. Bobby got dressed and Dalton escorted him to the front door without saying a word. When Dalton returned to my room, I was still laying on my gaziantep masaj salonları back with my legs spread, a little of Bobby’s sperm leaking from my ass. “How long has this been going on?” I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes as I answered “A while.” As Dalton walked over to the side of my bed eyeing me, I asked what he was doing home so early. “No football practice today…teachers conference after school.” By now I had closed my legs and put my hands over my cock. Dalton was standing next to my bed looking down at me. I wasn’t sure how to read his reaction to all of this. “So you enjoy getting fucked?” I just stared at him and didn’t answer. “Dad called me this morning….he left at noon on another business trip and won’t be back until next weekend…so I’m in charge of the house.” I was still quiet. Then Dalton started removing his clothes. At 16, he had an awesome body. My eyes got wider as he removed more of his clothes. When he was down to his bulging jock strap, I asked him what he was doing. “I’ve often wondered what fucking an ass would be like and since you enjoy getting fucked…..” He said this as he slid his jock down and out popped his thick, nine-inch cock. I started sweating bullets thinking about him shoving that inside me. “No!…You can’t!” I said as he got into my bed and grabbed my legs. He hoisted them as he moved up toward my exposed butt. “Yes, I can and I’m going to…..I’m in charge here.” “You’re too big, D!” “Nonsense….I’ll be careful” he said as he grabbed the lube and slicked up his cock. Then he moved closer and I felt the contact, then the pressure as he started pushing against me to gain entrance. I relaxed my anal muscles and breathed deep as I felt a searing pain as Dalton’s cockhead spread me open and pushed inside me. I clenched the sheets and almost screamed. I looked up at him and he had a grin on his face. “That’s it…relax and let me in.” Slowly he worked his monster inside me, stretching my rectum to accommodate his size. It took forever before I felt his hips make contact with my butt. It felt like his cock was in my stomach. I was breathing hard. Dalton said nothing, just had a shitty grin on his face. Once he was fully inside me, Dalton started a slow stroking motion and I was soon able to start using my ass muscles on his cock. When I started using them on Bobby, he had encouraged me, saying they felt awesome, so I decided to use them on Dalton. It seemed to spur Dalton in his fuck as his strokes began getting longer and harder. We were both grunting and moaning. The pain of Dalton’s size was now replaced with sheer pleasure as he pumped his cock deep inside my body. The more I relaxed and worked his cock over with my ass muscles, the faster and harder he fucked me. It was some 5 minutes into his fuck that his pace picked up. He was pounding me hard with deep thrusts. “Gonna fuckin’ breed you!” He grunted loud and slammed his cock deep inside me. I felt his warm sperm flooding my insides as powerful jets shot inside me. He continued to pound and shoot inside me, then he collapsed on top of me. His volume of sperm was unreal. After some minutes and without saying a word, Dalton pushed himself up and slowly eased his cock out of me. He got out of bed, gathered his clothes and left my room. At the door, he stopped and asked “You want to stay home and order pizza in tonight or do you want to go out and eat?” “Pizza would be fine” I meekly mumbled. I lay there in a daze. Dalton’s reaction to what just happened was very neutral. I wasn’t sure if he enjoyed fucking me or not. I knew one thing,….once I got use to his size, I thoroughly enjoyed his fucking me. I just wanted it to last longer. I got out of bed and headed to the shower. After I was all clean, I put on some gym shorts and headed to the kitchen. The pizza had just arrived and Dalton was fixing our plates with slices. “Ah, just in time” he said, an interesting smile on his face as he handed me a plate. “What do you want to drink?” “A coke’ll be fine.” He was being suspiciously nice to me. We gathered our food and headed to the den. Dalton made it a point for me to sit on the sofa with him while we ate and watched a movie. We polished off the pizza. I took his plate and mine back to the kitchen and loaded them in the dishwasher. When I returned to the den, I noticed he was eyeing me the entire time. When I got ready to sit down……. “Stop…take your shorts off.” I just gaziantep escort bayan looked at him “But I’ll be naked.” “That’s the general idea.” I wasn’t sure what he was up to but knew better than to argue. He was in charge for the next week. I stood there and pushed my gym shorts down until they fell down my legs. Dalton just stared at me, then motioned for me to turn around. Once I had my butt to him, I felt his hands grip my waist and pull me back until I was sitting in his lap. My legs were between his spread legs and he wrapped his arms around my chest. It immediately felt nice to be in his embrace. Then the unexpected! He leaned in and kissed my neck. My head twitched a bit as I enjoyed this special attention. He then moved up and nibbled my ear. “Work your ass muscles like you did earlier” he whispered. I started clinching and working my butt and rubbing up and down on his crotch. I immediately felt his cock swelling beneath my ass. “Oh yeah…so hot!” he moaned. Then he started pushing his hips up against my ass, grinding his covered cock against me. This went on for some time before he had me stand up. He then unbuttoned his jeans and kicked them off. I looked back at my naked stud brother. His huge cock was rock hard and I could see the head was wet from oozing precum. Dalton grabbed my hips and directed me back again. Then one hand pulled a butt cheek open. As I lowered myself down, I felt his slick cockhead make contact with my hole. I relaxed as I felt the head start pushing inside me. He used his hand to work it around inside me as my ass released some cum and ass juice to coat it. He worked the natural lube on his shaft and I was able to take him completely over the next couple minutes. Once he was completely buried inside me, he sighed with satisfaction. “I’m going to enjoy fucking your hot ass from now on.” “What about all the girls that are always chasing after you?” I jokingly asked. “Fuck em!” he laughed. “They don’t hold a candle to you. And on top of that, you take my entire cock without complaining. And I don’t have to wear a condom. I can fuck and cum in you and don’t have to worry about getting you pregnant. And the way you use your ass feels way better than any pussy.” Damn he made me feel good. I so wanted Dalton to be fucking me once I felt him inside me again. He took me back into his embrace, sitting in his lap, and slowly worked his cock in and out of me. Then he was gently kissing me again. “Damn Mikee, you feel so fuckin great!” I started working my ass muscles on his cock and Dalton moaned. “FUCK!…That feels so good….gonna make me cum buckets in you…..Want me to breed you with my sperm?” “Fuck yes” I moaned as he worked his magic with his cock buried inside me. “I love you bro.” His tempo started to pick up. His thrusting was hard, deliberate and deep. Within minutes, his breathing intensified as he moaned “Gonna fuckin breed your hot pussy bro……Gonna make that awesome ass mine, for me to fuck and breed all the time.” Then Dalton grunted his release as he pressed his throbbing cock deep inside me. I could feel the warm jets of cum as he unloaded. I lost count at fourteen as he continued to unload inside me. I collapsed against his body as he rolled us onto our sides on the couch. His cock was still hard and throbbing inside me as he kissed my neck. And there it stayed until the movie ended some time later. “Time for bed” he said as he eased out of me. I clinched my ass and headed to the bathroom for a quick shower. The warm water relaxed me and I soon had rivers of cum running down my legs, then down the drain. I was surprised that Dalton had shot that much in me. After my shower, I headed into bed and just collapsed. I could hear the late news on the TV and knew Dalton was watching the sports edition. I was relaxed and dozing when I felt the bed shift and Dalton land on my back, his hard cock thrusting against my ass. “What the hell Dalton?” He didn’t say anything as he pinned me down, pushed my legs apart with his and thrust his cock inside my ass. I struggled against him until he was buried inside me and began a full fledged power fucking of my ass. “Gonna rape your hot ass….Gonna fuck you all night long….put all my babies in you!” I finally figured out he was role playing a rape scene so I played along and tried to fight him off. To say it ended up being the hottest sex ever would be an understatement. I had adjusted to Dalton’s cock size and he pummeled my ass in every position you could imagine. He fucked me rough and hard and came in me four times before he collapsed and kissed me passionately for the hottest sex ever. I told him it was awesome and expected more. He shifted to spooning me with his still hard cock inside me and that was the way we fell asleep. ***I hope you enjoyed this chapter. I welcome any and all feedback.***

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