Bobby’s Dreams Come True


With one forceful grunt, a large squelch erupted out of Bobby’s backside. His face was an exhausted shade of red, scrunched up as he pushed once again. The thick diaper firmly secured around his waist expanded, capturing all of the hot mess. In this moment, he felt so helpless, as if every remaining shred of adulthood was removed with this infantile act. After one final push, he examined the previously white diaper, now partially stained with a muddy brown, indicating to all what had just occurred. Its thickness forced apart his legs, making it even harder to stay clean, not as if that mattered.

Jasmine held back a smile, watching quietly in the corner as Bobby thoroughly filled his diaper. Her husband really did want to commit to their arrangement. Several weeks earlier, she had confronted Bobby about several choice items she found under their bed. Holding up multiple diapers, clearly meant for an adult’s bottom, she questioned their existence in her own home. Bobby quickly turned to tears and confessed his deep seated desires to be free of the toilet, to regain the sense of freedom başakşehir escort that came with wearing a diaper. It wasn’t something she understood easily, but the thought of her husband wearing a diaper was too tantalizing to pass up. There had to be retribution for keeping a secret, and this was just that. For the next month, Bobby was to wear diapers without exception, the toilet completely off limits. Much to her chagrin, this also meant that all business, no matter what, was to be made in his pants.

Jasmine strode over to her husband and playfully patted his saggy bottom, causing him to wince. ‘Oh baby you weren’t meant to see that. Agh I’m sorry, we can stop, I’ll stop…’ he stammered.

She was quick to cut him off, ‘You’re a natural in these honey. I can’t believe you didn’t tell me sooner. Seeing you humiliate yourself like that really gets me going.’ With that, Bobby blushed and turned a tomato like shade of red. Jasmine cupped the front of his diaper, rubbing on the rock hard cock inside. ‘It seems as if you enjoyed that too, who would have thought?’ Pulling kadıköy escort him in for a passionate kiss, she voraciously explored his lips, heat rising between her loins. Taking him by the hand, she led him back to their bedroom, Bobby waddling close behind in his soiled diaper.

Pushing him down on the bed, Jasmine strode over to their nightstand and grabbed her trusty Hitachi wand. Bobby struggled to catch his breath, this was all happening so fast, it was as if a dream was coming true. She paused in front of him and teasingly removed the skimpy red crop top covering her luscious, perky breasts. Settling beside him on their bed, she kissed him up and down, rubbing his stiffened penis through the thick padding. With a click, the Hitachi wand powered on, emitting a strong buzzing.

Jasmine touched the wand gently to his diaper, causing Bobby to moan with pleasure. It had been over a week since he had last had any release, far too long. Precum soaked into the awaiting arms of his thirsty diaper, all while the hot mess squished underneath him. Jasmine tenderly esenyurt escort bayan licked and nibbled his ear, moving the wand back and forth over his padding. Bobby thrust out his hips, trying to feel all that was possible. ‘Grinding in your dirty diaper, feverishly trying to cum. Using them for everything, even messing in front of me. Isn’t this just what you wanted? I want you to cum for me, show me what a little toy you really are.’ As Jasmine whispered these tantalizing words into his ears, moans poured out of Bobby. He gripped the sheets and relished in the waves of pleasure coursing throughout his body. Thick, hot strands of cum erupted from his penis, coating the diaper in a layer of sticky mess. Jasmine gave him a final kiss before turning off the vibrator and disappearing out of the room.

She returned shortly, carrying a fresh diaper, and a small silvery object resting on top of it. Bobby instantly recognized that as his steel chastity cage, groaning internally as he awaited what was next. ‘Since my boy has just cum, I thought this would be the perfect time to lock you up for a while. We can try out the new strapon next time and see if you can still make a sticky mess in your diaper.’ This was his life, and it wasn’t going to change anytime soon. Bobby knew this is what was right for him, and secretly, he loved every minute of it.

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