Subject: (Gay/Incest) Boisynheat-4 DONATE — Please donate to Nifty. This site is great and needs your support to continue being a resource for all of us. Donate fty/donate.html Obligatory Disclaimer and notes about the story — This story is fictional. None of these people are real and none of this happened. This story will contain sex between family members and sex between adults and minors (as well as minors with minors). (C) 2020 by robertx5sf, license granted to Nifty per its terms. Author’s Note: For those that have asked, you can find a full list of all my stories on in the author’s note at the beginning of part 3. I really enjoy getting feedback and conversating with other fans. Please send any comments or feedback to me at robertx5sf at yahoo dot com Biosynheat — 4 – “Sea of Sin” Jason was the first to wake up on Saturday morning. He wondered who was more excited about the day, Cody or him.. Cody was super excited to go spend the day at the water park, knowing that there would be a party there to welcome them to the neighborhood. Jason was increasingly looking forward to Cody and him being more openly sexual. He had found the last few days of sharing sex with his nine-year-old son to be liberating. It was releasing long buried desires. Jason slipped out of bed and went for his run. When he got back, Cody was still lying in bed, but he was awake and using his tablet. “Hey sport, you ready to have fun today?” asked Jason. “Yes Dad! I can’t wait, when can we go to the park?” replied Cody. “Well the lap pool is already open, but they don’t turn on the waterslides and it’s pool until ten, and the party doesn’t officially start until eleven. Let’s go get some breakfast. We can shower and have a good fuck before we go over there,” suggested Jason. He was already starting to get hard at the thought of his son meeting all the other boys and men of the community while he had a fresh load of daddy cum leaking out of his ass. “Yeah!” cried Cody as he jumped off the bed and hugged his dad. The pair went downstairs where Jason fixed himself a protein shake while Cody had a bowl of somewhat healthy cereal and a glass of milk. They also both took their daily pills. After breakfast they went back upstairs to the master bathroom. Jason stood naked in front of the mirror and looked himself over. Not bad for almost forty he thought to himself. Cody came up and stood next to his father and looked over his own body, imitating his father. Jason at 6’1″ was two feet taller than Cody and his lightly muscled 180 pound frame was in contrast to his son’s skinny 55 pound body. Jason reached down and tousled Cody’s black hair, darker even than his own dark brown hair. The boy took after his mother, much more than he took after Jason. “So sport, what do you think of your Dad’s body hair? Do you think I need to do some manscaping to be smoother like you or do you like the natural look?” Cody turned and closely examined his dad’s body. HIs father was a hunk. Lightly muscled without much flab. A broad chest with a light dusting of hair. Cody ran his hand down his dad’s chest and stomach, following the treasure trail to his dad’s bush. “I like it,” he responded. “How about if I just trim it a little around my cock, and maybe shave my balls. I hear it makes them more sensitive. Would that be okay?” asked Jason, getting his son’s input on the matter. Cody shrugged, “I guess that would be okay.” “I also hear a little manscaping makes a cock look bigger,” said Jason. “Ohh yeah it does, okay then, yeah,” piped up Cody with more enthusiasm that time as he remembered all the large shaved cocks he had seen recently. “You little cock slut you,” teased Jason as he reached over and picked Cody up. He carried the giggling boy into the large shower. Cody cleaned himself out and Jason cleaned his junk up, giving himself a trim and shave. When they were done with their showers and dried off, Jason carried Cody to the bed and tossed him onto it face down. He spent a good ten minutes rimming his boy’s freshly cleaned ass. Cody really enjoyed the sensations created by his father’s tongue in his ass. He arched his back and pushed his ass up to get more. When Cody’s ass had loosened up a bit from the rimming, Jason slipped one of the triple B’s into Cody’s hole. He moved up the bed and sat with his back against the headboard. He pulled Cody’s head into his lap. “Get this daddy dick ready for your little boypussy. I’m gonna give you a good fucking and deposit a load in your ass that will be dripping out all day,” said Jason. “Mmmm, yes please Daddy,” replied Cody. He grabbed his dad’s chubbed up dick with both his small hands and put the head in his mouth. He ran his hands over the now smooth shaft and balls as he licked and sucked on the head. He noticed that his dad’s cockhead was leaking a lot more precum than when he first started sucking it at the beginning of the week. The boy enjoyed the sweet taste as he gobbled it down. Jason let Cody practice his cock sucking skills for about ten minutes, which was at least double the amount of time it took for the triple B to dissolve. Once Jason saw Cody squirming, rubbing his legs together in an attempt to scratch the itch in his ass, he knew Cody’s ass was ready. He grabbed Cody and manhandled the boy so that he was on his hands and knees at the edge of the bed. Jason got up off the bed and lubed up his cock. He then stood behind his son, adjusting the height of the nine-year-old boy’s slender white ass so it was lined up with his cock. Cody’s asshole was still a tight little pink pucker despite being fucked a few times over the last couple of days. He pressed the head in and watched the pink pucker start to expand as his cock forced its way in. “Ohhhhhh yyyeeeahhh…” moaned Cody as he felt his father’s cock start to enter him. Having his father’s cock pushing inside of him had quickly become Cody’s favorite feeling. The mix of overwhelming pleasure with just a touch of pain seemed to set off every nerve ending in his ass. He couldn’t get enough of it. While he loved his father’s cock, he couldn’t help but start thinking about some of the other cocks he had seen and what they would feel like entering him. He wondered if anyone might fuck him today at the water park. Cody had gotten to see and feel Terry’s cock the other day when his Dad was distracted in the kitchen. While Terry had been showing him how to use his new phone and tablet, Cody had reached over and felt the large bulge in Terry’s tight shorts. He could feel it starting to get hard as he ran his hand over the denim. “Can I see it?” he asked the teen. “Okay, but you can’t tell anyone, cause we aren’t allowed to play with you until Saturday after your party at the water park,” said Terry as he shifted how he was sitting to give his cock some more room to expand. The fifteen-year-old looked towards the kitchen to make sure that Cody’s dad was not about to come into the room, then unbuttoned the fly of his daisy dukes to reveal the well stuffed pouch of his pink thong. Cody quickly put his hand back on Terry’s bulge and gave the hardening cock a squeeze through the silky fabric. Terry hooked a finger under the side edge of his pouch and pulled it over his semi-hard cock. Once free of its confinement, it quickly hardened to its full seven-inches. The teen was circumcised and there was already a large beed of pre-cum forming on the glans. While Terry’s cock was slightly smaller than Jason’s cock, it looked bigger on the teen’s smaller hairless body. “Do you like it?” asked Terry in a whisper. Cody nodded and stared at this new cock with lust in his eyes. He used his hands to stroke up and down the shaft, pumping more precum out the top. He ground his ass into the floor, so that the plug inside his tuzla eve gelen escort ass stimulated his butt. Terry reached down and used a finger to collect the cock drool from the glans of his cock. He brought his finger to Cody’s plump red lips and the young boy eagerly opened his mouth to let it inside. Cody let out a little moan as he sucked the sweet pre-cum from the teen’s finger. “I can’t wait to fuck you while a Daddy, yours or anyone’s is fucking me,” said Terry as his cock pulsed in reaction to the cute black haired nine-year-old sucking his finger clean. While he would have loved to have done more right then, Terry did not want to get him or Cody in any trouble, so he pulled his finger out of Cody’s mouth. He then had to stand up to get his now hard cock back inside the thong and safely tucked away in his tight shorts, “Sorry, hopefully you can play more with it on Saturday, would you like that?” Cody nodded, “Yes!” Cody was brought back to the present when his dad grabbed him by the waist and pulled his small body back as he thrust forward with his cock, forcing the rest of his hard seven and a half inch cock inside his hungry ass. Cody whimpered in response to the hard thrust. “Fuck me Daddy,” he cried out as he felt his ass relaxing around the daddy cock. Jason did just that. He made a couple hard thrusts, in and out, pushing Cody a couple inches towards the center of the bed with each thrust. He pulled his little boy back towards the edge then grabbed a pillow, “Here, hug this,” he said as he handed the pillow to Cody. Cody wrapped his arms around the pillow and lay his head and shoulders down on the pillow and bed. He felt a slight sting on his ass as his dad slapped his ass cheek, but his horny brain registered it as pleasure. “Ass up boy!” Jason commanded as he spanked Cody’s pale ass again, this one landing on the other cheek. Cody pressed his head and shoulders down more as he raised his ass. Jason gripped his son firmly by the waist and started to give the boy a hard fucking. While Cody was quickly becoming addicted to getting fucked, Jason was also loving the feeling of his cock plunging in and out of a tight boy hole. He loved the feeling and also the visual of his cock inside a small young boy; it was a huge turn on. While he looked down at Cody’s smooth sweaty back, Jason started imagining he was fucking all the different boys he had met so far this week, starting with the twins, Aiden and Ethan. As he thought about them, he pictured himself fucking Aiden while next to him David had Ethan impaled on his huge cock. He figured that either boy could easily handle a rough hard fuck from him since they were likely already used to their father’s thicker nine-inch cock. “OHHHHHHHHHHH FFFFUUUUUCCCCKKKK,” cried out Cody as his ass started to spasm around his father’s cock as the hard fucking caused a powerful anal orgasm. His whole body shook as the waves of pleasure overwhelmed him. Seeing his little boy coming from his fucking brought Jason to his own orgasm. He slammed hard into his boy’s distended ass and then held his cock all the way in as he shot his load deep inside his son’s ass. After he was done depositing a large load of cum in Cody’s ass, Jason slowly pulled his cock out. It was covered in a thin layer of cum, lube, and ass juice. He was surprised when Cody immediately spun around and grabbed his cock. The boy greedily started sucking and licking his dad’s cock clean. Jason had to push the boy away before he got hard again and wore himself out too early in the day. “Where did you learn to do that?” asked Jason as he looked down at his son’s spit and slime covered lips. “Riley said that good boys clean up their mess after a man gives him their load,” explained Cody. Jason smiled at what a horny little cock hound his nine-year-old son was becoming. “Well you are a good boy, Cody, you are the best little cock slut a dad could wish for,” said Jason. The compliment from his dad caused Cody to beam with pride. “Okay, let’s go put on our sunscreen, get our suits on, and get to the water park. No showers, let them smell the sex on us,” said Jason with a sly grin. Cody giggled and ran to get his smallest speedo, a green one that matched his eyes. Jason went to his dresser and got a pair of black and purple trunk style speedos that he had gotten a while back for doing laps in his old gym’s pool. He figured he wanted something more revealing than the board shorts he normally wore. He wanted to make sure he was showing off his cock for any of the boys that might be interested. They arrived at the water park around ten-thirty. There were already a decent number of families there. The complex consisted of a locker room and clubhouse area that was indoors and air-conditioned, a separate lap pool, a large sloped play area pool that had three water slides landing into the deep end, and a smaller kiddie pool that was connected to the larger play area pool by a small sloped section that served as a mini water slide. On the opposite side of the play area pool from the kiddy pool was a faux rock wall that had several indented cave areas with waterfall curtains that screened them from the pool. The faux rock wall formed part of the platform supporting the stairs up to the three water slides. The park was staffed by several of the teens acting as lifeguards, both male and female, from the community. The boys wore tight red speedo trunks with white crosses on each side, while the girls wore red one-piece swimsuits with white crosses on the upper back and on the stomach. Jason saw Jerome was there working. The black teen was standing at the top of the water slides making sure none of the kids were running or doing anything too reckless. Even from a distance Jason could see the boy’s endowment created an obscenely large bulge in the front of his tight swimsuit. Jason was busy with getting an idea of how the park was all laid out so he didn’t notice Aiden and Ethan run up until after Cody and them started talking over each other in greeting. He looked over and saw all three boys hugging. He approached the trio of young boys. Jason knew he wanted to fuck both of these cute shaggy haired blond boys soon, but figured there was no rush as he was sure the opportunity would present itself. “Hello Ethan and Aiden. Where is your Dad and Riley?” asked Jason. Aiden, or at least Jason thought it was Aiden since he had on the same white speedo from Sunday, said, “Dad’s in the clubhouse setting up and Riley is still in the locker room scratching his butt.” Ethan giggled at his brother’s comment. Before Jason would have just assumed that the boy was referring to Riley wasting time, but after his experiences this week with Cody, he figured that the phrase was being used in a more literal way. “Come on Cody and Aid, let’s go on the slides before the pool gets crowded,” said Ethan, who was wearing a light blue speedo. “Can I Dad?” pleaded Cody. “Sure have fun, I’ll take our stuff inside and set it down by the party area,” answered Jason. The three boys turned and headed to the stairs up to the water slides at a hurried walk that was not quite running. Jason’s cock gave a twitch when he noticed that all three boys had small damp spots on the back of their otherwise dry speedos. David, along with Will and Brian, were inside the clubhouse setting up the party area. There was a large sheet cake and what looked like catered sandwiches, plus all the usual picnic fixings. Brian was loading the stuff that needed to remain cold into the refrigerators while Will and David were hanging a welcome banner. Jason went in and set his backpack of sundries down at one of the tables and greeted his fellow dads. They all made small talk as they finished tuzla otele gelen escort the party preparations. More families filtered into the clubhouse to drop stuff off that they preferred to stay dry. The parents, mostly men but a few women as well, introduced themselves to Jason and welcomed him to the Biosynheat family. There were too many new people for Jason to keep track of so he gave up trying to memorize all their names. He figured that was what the app was for as he would be able to connect with anyone later through it and get their info. There was some amount of diversity among the population, with all races represented among the community. Riley and Terry made their appearance together. They were both wearing thong style swimsuits that barely contained their growing teen cocks. The skimpy underwear accentuated their asses considering both boys had normal speedo brief shaped tan lines, so their white ass checks were hips stood out. The teens greeted him and asked where Cody was. Jason told them that Cody was with Aiden and Ethan on the water slides. They immediately left to go join them. Jason asked Will, who was standing nearby about the boy, “I don’t think I’ve met Terry’s father yet.” Will got a sad look on his face, “Terry is one of the community’s orphans. There are a few boys that for various reasons aren’t able to be adopted or put under the guardianship of a family here, so these runaways sort of disappear into our community until they turn eighteen. With Terry, his mother is a drug addicted prostitute. David has a social worker check on her from time to time, trying to get her help, but so far even when she tries to clean, which is rarely, she always relapses. No one knows who his father is, it’s a sad case.” “Is there some way to get the boy taken away from her so that he can be fostered by a family here?” asked Jason. Will shook his head, “David had someone look into it. If social services officially got involved, they would send the boy to live with his maternal grandparents. They are some domineering christian extremists. They screwed up their daughter really bad and they would likely screw up a young gay teen even worse. So until he turns eighteen Terry will hide out here, then with the help of scholarships from the Conrad Evans Family Foundation, he will be able to go to college. So until then, he is officially a runaway and has to stay here in our safe community. He has been here since he was ten. He lives with Russ, who sort of acts as his mentor, but he spends most nights with different families, having fun. He’s a really great kid.” During the time before lunch, Jason alternated between cooling off indoors where he socialized with the adults, and wading in the large pool watching all the kids having fun. He noticed that there was a lot of wrestling and bodily contact by the boys and a few men with the boys, but the pool wasn’t a giant sea of sin with everyone fucking everywhere, which had been sort of what he was expecting. At one point he did venture into the locker room to take a piss ,and he could hear a couple fucking in one of the stalls. He only saw a pair of man sized feet below the stall walls, but he could hear the high-pitched squeals of a boy being fucked just on the other side of the metal divider from the urinal he was using. At lunch, Jason sat with Cody, the Fernley’s and Terry. David said a few words of welcome and everyone clapped. The kids then dove into the cake and some ice cream, which was brought out of the freezer. Then the boys all went back to ride the water slides. Around two in the afternoon he saw Terry leading Cody by the hand towards one of the waterfall caves at the side of the pool. Terry saw Jason watching him and used his free hand to motion for the man to follow them just before the pair disappeared with a splash through the curtain of water pouring down from the top of the wall. With the way the light was hitting the waterfall, it was impossible to see through to the inside of the cave. Jason waded over to the cave, the water was about waist deep at the entrance. The heavy waterfall gave his head and shoulders a nice massage as he pushed through it. He entered into a small cave that was dimly lit by the light that made it through the waterfall plus a small light on the ceiling. The cave was about five feet wide and five feet deep. There was a built in bench that was about two feet below the surface of the water as well as a two foot wide ledge that ran around the semi-circular cave a few inches above the water. Terry was seated on the center of the ledge with his legs spread open and Cody was standing on the ledge between his legs. Terry hooked a finger under the pouch of his yellow swim thong and freed his large cock. “Mmmm, can I suck it?” asked Cody. “Yeah, you been rubbing against it all day, you better take care of it,” said Terry as he grabbed a fistful of Cody’s wet black hair and pulled the boy’s head down to his cock. As Terry bent Cody over, he made eye contact with Jason. The teen smiled at Jason as he shoved his cock into his son’s mouth. Terry started to face fuck the nine-year-old, holding his head in place as he thrust his hips up off the ledge. Cody was alternating between gagging and moaning in pleasure as Terry tried to fuck the boy’s throat with his hard seven inch teen cock. Terry reached behind him to a small cubby hole that was in the wall and pulled out a small plastic cylinder that looked like a tube of lip balm. Without saying anything he held it out to Jason. Jason stepped up behind his bent over son and took it. He pulled off the cap and saw that inside was one of the Boy Booty Bumps. He emptied it into one hand and used the other to reseal the tube. He handed the empty tube back to Terry who returned it to the cubby. Jason then used his free hand to pull down the back of Cody’s speedos. Cody tried to pull off of Terry’s cock to see who was behind him, but the teen was now using both hands and had a firm grip on his head. Cody grabbed the base of Terry’s thick cock to better be able to control how much of it was being forced down his throat and to keep from getting choked. He tried again to see who was behind him when he felt the familiar sensation of a finger sliding one of the triple-B’s into his ass. He moaned in anticipation of the pleasure he was about to experience. Terry continued to hold the small boy’s head on his cock as he verbally teased the young boy, “What a little slut you are. You are all hot to get your ass fucked and you don’t even know who it is. Like a true slut you don’t care do you?” “Nnnnu ugghhh,” said Cody as he tried to shake his head no. Terry and Jason could just barely hear the boy over the sounds of the waterfall, but his shaking head and wiggling ass easily conveyed his answer. At this point Cody didn’t care who fucked him. He just needed a cock in him. Spending most of the day surrounded by men and boys in skimpy swimsuits, having all them hugging him, rubbing his ass and crotch when no one was looking, and seeing all the bulges of all the big daddy and teen cocks had made him hornier than he had ever been. He needed a cock in him and he no longer cared to whom it belonged. Jason was so turned on by the idea that his son was eager to take an anonymous cock, even if Jason knew that it was going to be his cock. He decided to play along and keep up the deception. He pulled his finger out of Cody’s ass, leaving the triple-B to dissolve and work its magic on the boy’s tender ass. He used both hands to strip off the boy’s tight green speedo and slip it over his feet. Cody readily cooperated by lifting one foot than the other to be completely naked. The screams and cries of the children riding the water slides could tuzla sınırsız escort just faintly be heard over the sound of the waterfall. Jason took the boy’s wet swimsuit and brought it up behind Cody’s head. Terry figured out what Jason was doing and shifted his hands around, allowing Jason to slip the swimsuit upside down onto Cody’s head. Terry took the front of the boy’s speedo and pulled it tight against the back of the boy’s head. The swimsuit was now a blindfold held firmly in place by Terry. Cody felt a strong pair of hands pulling on his hips. With Terry’s help, the person behind him positioned him so that his ass was no longer pointed out perpendicularly from the back wall but was instead angled off to the side. His back and butt were out of the water and the head of his hard little cock occasionally brushed against the surface of the water. He felt the man get up behind him on the bench. He felt exposed and vulnerable. He was blind and being held in place by two males that were both bigger and stronger than him. They were getting him positioned so that some stranger could fuck his boypussy, to use him for their pleasure with him having no say in it. His little dickie was harder than it had ever been. He had dreams about situations like this, just an endless stream of cocks using his ass for their pleasure with him having no say or control, pinned in place, just a boyhole for them to fuck. Terry reached back into the cubby and pulled out a small bottle of silicon lube. He handed the bottle to Jason. He pulled Cody’s head up off his cock and leaned down to kiss the boy. The teen needed a break as he wasn’t ready to come just yet. Terry swapped spit with Cody, while Jason lubed up himself. Terry pulled back and kept the swimsuit tight over Cody’s eyes as Jason lined his cock up with his little boy’s quivering ass. “Yeah, take that rando cock you little slut,” said Terry as Jason pushed forward and once again sunk his cock into his son’s tiny little ass. “OHHH FUCK,” gasped Cody as the unseen man’s cock speared him. Fortunately it seemed to be about the same size as his Dad’s, so his inexperienced ass wasn’t stretched any more than it had been lately. He liked the feeling of Terry holding him down as the stranger fucked him. He had always been turned on by being positioned like a doll by the photographers and now he liked being a fuck doll for strange man to use. Terry had his forearm pressed against Cody’s shoulders, pinning the boy in his lap as the hand from that arm held the swimsuit in place. He used his other arm to reach under Cody and start pinching the boy’s tiny nipples. Terry knew from experience that the triple-B’s didn’t just make your ass more sensitive, it also made having your nipples tortured incredibly pleasurable as well. His hard cock was leaking a steady stream of pre-cum all over Cody’s head, hair, and swimsuit as the boy’s head was in his lap. The extra stimulation of having his nipples pinched and pulled put Cody over the edge and he had an intense dry orgasm that radiated out from his ass. The man behind him tightened his grip on his waist as he shook from his orgasm and seemed to fuck him even harder. Cody was moaning and squirming as his ass got pounded by the stranger. When Cody’s orgasm subsided, Jason leaned down and wrapped one arm around the boy’s chest, pulling him up off Terry’s lap. He then used his other hand to grab the swimsuit over Cody’s head. He lifted the boy up and held him impaled on his cock. Then he rotated around so he could sit down on the ledge. Terry saw what he was trying to do and helped by grabbing Cody’s legs and holding him. Soon Cody was seated on his father’s cock, his back pressed against his chest. Terry got between the pair’s legs and started fondling both of them as he got a close up view of the man’s cock buried deep in the boy’s stretched hole. The boy’s ass lips were stretched tight around his father’s cock and would get pushed in and pulled out as the large cock fucked him. Jason fucked Cody in this position for a couple of minutes then pulled his cock out of Cody’s ass and presented his son’s gaping boypussy to Terry. The teen gave Jason a questioning look, making sure Jason was offering what he thought. Jason smiled and nodded, looking at the bottle of lube and at Terry’s hard teen cock. Terry smiled and picked up the lube, quickly slathering a bunch of his aching cock. “It’s my turn to fuck you now, whether you want it not, what would you’re dad think if he knew his little boy was in here getting gangbanged,” said Terry as he rammed his cock into Cody’s open boypussy. “FUCK,” exclaimed Cody as he once again experienced a cock being shoved in hard. He then let out a moan as the feelings of pleasure returned and the burning itch in his ass got scratched again. “He’d think it was hot and he’d want to fuck me too,” said Cody. His son’s response caused Jason to laugh, which gave the game away. “Daddy?” asked Cody, recognizing his father’s laugh. “Yeah baby, I’ve been here the whole time. It was so hot fucking you when you didn’t know it was me. You are right, I would find it hot. I love the thought of my little boy being a huge fucking slut that will let anyone fuck him. I’m so proud of what a cum dump you are turning into baby,” said Jason as he held his son in place while Terry fucked him hard with his thick teen cock. Jason could see that Terry wasn’t going to last long. The boy was still fifteen and despite having many years experience having sex, he was still a teenager that had been on edge all day at the pool party. Terry looked up at Jason, “Can I come in him Sir?” The thought of this hot boy filling his son’s ass with his cum excited Jason. He also liked how Terry asked his permission, not Cody’s, recognizing that the little cum dump didn’t get a say in the matter, not that the answer would have been any different. “Yes, flood his ass with your spunk, shoot it in my boy, give him your load.” Cody started to come again right as Terry reached the point of no return on his own climax. Both cried out as they came. Terry collapsed down on top of them, sandwiching Cody as seven-inch teen boy cock unloaded a large pent up load inside Cody’s ass. As soon as Terry pulled his cock out of Cody, Jason lifted the boy’s ass back up and slid his own cock back in. He could feel the teen’s hot load squishing in between his cock and Cody’s ass as it leaked out around his cock. The thought of fucking the teen’s load into Cody’s ass was a huge turn on. Jason bounced his son on his lap, fucking him hard. It didn’t take long before he added his own load into his son’s ass, the boy’s third load of the day, that Jason knew of. After a moment of recovery, Jason and Terry helped slide Cody’s swimsuit back on and covered the boy’s gaping cum leaking hole. “Thanks Sir, that was really hot,” said Terry as he leaned over and kissed Jason’s cheek. “No, thank you for initiating that, I didn’t know what to expect when I followed you two in here, but that was super fucking hot,” replied Jason. He reached out and grabbed the back of Terry’s head and pulled the boy in for a long hard french kiss. Jason broke the kiss. “We will have to play again soon and have you spend the night sometime. I think I’d like to see what fucking an older boy’s ass is like, would you like that?” asked Jason. “I’d love that, Sir. You can also do a lot of other things to my ass if you would like. While a lot of men prefer the young boys like Cody, you’ll find us older ones can take even more than the young ones. Send me a message sometime when you want to explore those limits. But for now we better get back to the party,” said Terry. “I will do that, thanks again,” said Jason as he adjusted his own speedo trunks to get his now slightly deflated cock put away. Terry adjusted the pouch of his thong to cover his own cock and the trio left the privacy of the waterfall cave to return to the party. As they rejoined the party, Jason realized that the sea of sin wasn’t the pool, it was the whole fucking community and he was sinking in, getting wetter and wetter.

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