Subject: Book and Tommy 17 Preamble Author: Spike Meyers Date: 10/26/2021 E-Mail: ail Donate: Please consider donating to this website. Without your donations, Nifty may not be able to keep this site up and running for your reading pleasure. Whatever you can afford will be appreciated. Notice: This story is a work of fiction and contains explicit sexual material. It may also include, incest, sex between minor(s) and adult male(s), sex between minors, and sexual fetish. If you are offended by such material, do not read this work of fiction. The character(s) in this work of fiction are not based on any known person(s). Book and Tommy 17 During lunch, Book and Eric got to know each other a little better. Eric shared with Book some of his interests, and that of his husband. Book shared a little about Tommy and Brayson although he did not go into too much detail about anything. Their conversation flowed and they enjoyed themselves. Eric was favorably impressed with the food as Book knew he would be. The waitress came over and asked if they would like anything else. When they answered “No thanks”, she waved for the bus-boy to clear the table. “He’s a cute young thing,” Book thought to himself. Tall and slender, somewhere around 17ish, big dark eyes, jet black, silky looking hair, cut short, beautiful full lips. His skin looked smooth and soft to the touch. Book pictured him naked in his head. “I’ll be he tastes good” he said to himself. He couldn’t make out the kid’s basket, or his ass because of the full apron. Book was still cruising the kid when Eric asked, “So, how should we proceed with that favor we were talking about earlier?” Book smiled across the table, stood up, and grabbed the check. “I’ll go pay the tab. Just meet me at the bathroom. There is only one men’s room. Go past the kitchen and make a left. You can’t miss it.” They walked together until they reached the register. Book nodded his head towards the end of the counter and Eric continued onward. Book waited in line to pay the bill, one person in front of him. His dick started to chub up at the thought of Eric sucking him off in the men’s room. He finally paid the bill and headed down the short hallway towards the bathrooms. As he rounded the corner, he saw a few guys standing in the hallway outside the men’s room, one of whom was Eric. Book stopped midway down the hall. Eric turned around and spotted Book standing there in the hallway. Book looked at him, shook his head no, and motioned for Eric to step out of line. Eric walked up to him and said, “this is just not going to work, is it?” looking very disappointed. “I’m sorry, there are just too many people right now,” Book said apologetically. “We will just have to wait for another time. Perhaps the next time you visit.” Book said reassuringly as he placed his hand on Eric’s shoulder. “Let’s just go back to the office. I have no doubt there will be other opportunities.” They walked out of the restaurant single file. Book unlocked the car as they approached. Eric looked like he had just lost his best friend. “Are you OK, Eric? You look like something is on your mind.” Book asked breaking their silence. Book jumped in the car and waited for Eric’s response. Eric grabbed his seatbelt. “I’m fine, thanks. I just had my heart set on sucking you off. I have been thinking about it since I saw you last. However, as you have already said, there will be other opportunities; I hope.” Book started the car, then looked over at Eric. “Oh, there will be other opportunities, don’t you worry about that. I’m looking forward to feeding you.” Book said with a big smile. Book started to put the car in reverse when his phone rang. The caller ID on the screen in the dashboard read Brayson. “Excuse me, Eric, I have to take this.” He tapped a button on the LED screen and turned off the speakers and pulled his phone out. “Hey gorgeous!” Book said as he answered Brayson’s call. “I have to make this quick Book, but I wanted to say thanks for those pics. I nearly fainted when I saw them. Damn that was so hot; it made my dick twitch, and my mouth water. I loved it. I’m sorry I could not get back to you right away. I wanted to go into the bathroom stall and video me jerking off for you but I just didn’t have time today. It has been a very busy day so far.” “No worries, baby. I can wait for the real thing. What time do you get off work? Can you come over tonight? Book asked. “I want to iron out Tommy’s schedule.” “I get off at 7. I’ll be there as soon as I leave the casino floor if that works for you.” Brayson said. “That works for me, I’ll see you tonight then.” Book ended the call and put his phone back in his pocket. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * At 7:12 PM Book’s doorbell rang. He opened the door naked, and handed Brayson a cocktail. “Hey, baby, come on in.” Book said warmly as he handed Bray his cocktail. Book kissed him and closed the door behind him. Bray took a quick sip of his drink and smiled at Book. “You know, I could get used to this. A hot, naked, sexy, gorgeous, stud of a man greeting me at the door when I get home from work, and with a cocktail to boot. I’m just saying. I could definitely get used to this.” Brayson laughed. “Sounds good to me,” Book said smiling and started removing Bray’s suit jacket. He carefully placed the jacket on one of the dining room chairs. He placed Bray’s cocktail on the table, then proceeded to remove his tie, shirt, and pants. He bent over and tapped Brayson on the calve. Brayson lifted his foot, and one by one, Book removed his shoes and socks, leaving Brayson standing in the middle of the room in his briefs that fit him perfectly. Book stepped back and looked approvingly at Bray standing there in his underwear. “Jesus Christ, Bray! You are so fucking gorgeous!” Book stepped forward and wrapped his arms around Brayson and hugged him tight. “Fuck you make my blood boil.” He growled in Bray’s ear. He released his hold on Brayson, cupped his head in his hands, and kissed him passionately. Book grabbed Bray’s hand and walked him into the bedroom. They entered the bedroom and Book picked up Brayson in his arms and carried him over to the bed. He carefully placed Bray on the bed and leaned over him. “I want to make love to you Bray.” He whispered lovingly. Brayson suddenly felt a warmth all over his body; his skin started to tingle. He reached up and pulled Book down to him and kissed him with a passion he never before experienced. This passion he was feeling was somehow different. His body and mind almost felt like it was vibrating. His dick seemingly became instantly erect. “I love you, Bray. Let me show you.” Book rested his full body on top of Bray as they explored each other’s mouth. Bray felt Book’s love, passion, and desire for him. It was as if he was absorbing Book’s full essence into his being on a psychic level. Book broke their kiss and started to kiss Brayson from his mouth all the way down to his toes. Book could feel the intense heat coming off Brayson’s body. As Book continued to kiss him, he could feel Brayson’s skin tingling on his lips. Book made his way back up Brayson’s body, stopping midway to take the head of Bray’s cock in his mouth. Book felt the heat pouring out of it. It was intense. Brayson moaned loudly as Book took his entire cock down his throat, resting his nose in Bray’s pubes. Book quickly fell into a regular rhythm on Bray’s cock. Brayson was moaning and thrashing about on the bed. Book grabbed his hips to hold him in place as he worked his magic on Bray’s cock. He loved sucking Brayson’s dick as much as he enjoyed breathing. He needed to be careful, he did not want Bray to cum too quickly, so he came off Bray’s cock and took his balls in his mouth. He lovingly sucked on his sweet sack for several şişli travesti minutes before he went for Bray’s hole. He started at the taint and worked his way down. He felt Brayson thrust up from the bed when his tongue hit that sensitive pucker. Brayson gasped and took a deep breath. “Oh God! Book” he moaned in pleasure. Book licked his ass for all it was worth. When he was good and wet, Book forced his tongue thru the ring. Little by little, he felt Brayson open up until he was easily sliding his tongue in and out of Bray’s chute. He grabbed Brayson’s ass in his hands and buried his tongue in as far as it would go. He wiggled his tongue around in the silky, hot, soft, tight ass until Brayson was almost thrashing out of control on the bed. Book quickly reached over and grabbed the glide from the bottom drawer of the nightstand, and went back to work on Brayson’s ass. Brayson was in such a pleasure haze he didn’t even know that Book grabbed the lube. Book started to work his finger in Bray’s ass alongside his tongue. When he felt the timing was perfect, he scooted up on his knees, raised Bray’s legs resting them on his shoulders, quickly squeezed a gob of lube on his iron-hard cock, lined up, and pushed the head of his cock into Bray’s hole. Bray grabbed ahold of Book’s legs and held on tight when Book entered him. After waiting to feel that Bray’s hole had adjusted to his cock, Book started to slowly push forward. He would push forward, wait for a few seconds, then pull back. He repeated this a few times until his cock completely disappeared up Brayson’s ass. With his cock buried to the hilt in Bray’s ass, he leaned forward and started kissing Brayson. Brayson wrapped his hands around Book’s shoulders and kissed him passionately. “Take me Book. I’m forever yours. I will always be yours.” Brayson said lovingly. Book started to slowly maneuver his hips back and forth. He started to slowly pull back until just the knob was left in Bray’s ass and then push forward all the way until he felt Bray’s firm ass on his pubes. “Are you OK, baby?” He asked Brayson. “Oh God Book, I’m great. Your big, hard cock feels so good.” Brayson purred. Book started increasing his thrusts harder and faster. In short order, he was pounding Bray’s ass so hard the entire bed was rocking back and forth. The bed frame hitting the wall with each thrust forward. The sweat was pouring off him. Book was grunting and moaning like a wild man. He suddenly placed his arms on either side of Brayson’s shoulders to support his weight, lifted- up on his toes in a push-up position, and plowed down deep into Bray’s ass repeatedly. He could hear his balls slapping against Brayson’s ass cheeks. He started to completely pull out just to thrust back in hard and deep. Brayson was grunting like a pig. When Book tired of that position, he got on his knees, grabbed Brayson’s legs, holding them up and out to the side as he rammed his cock in and out of Bray’s ass. He fucked hard and fast until he felt the churn start in his balls. “Oh, fuck! baby. I’m gonna cum, Bray. I’m going to shoot my load deep in your ass stud.” Book yelled. He started humping even faster. The sweat was pouring off his body everywhere. The bed was soaked around them. He reached down with one hand and grabbed Bray’s cock and started to jerk it. “Come with me, Bray!” Book shouted. In just a few seconds, Book felt Bray’s ass tighten around his cock. Brayson started growling like a dog as his cock exploded sending cum through the air all over the place. Book’s chest and stomach were covered as well as his own. When Book saw and felt Bray cum, he howled as his cock shot off deep in Bray’s bowels. He did not stop thrusting until his orgasm completely left his body. He fell forward on top of Brayson, his hard cock still embedded in Brayson’s perfect ass. They laid there together in silence for several minutes. Bray could feel the cum running down each side of his body onto the bed. When their breathing started to return to a more normal rhythm, Book lifted himself off Bray, supporting his weight on his forearms, and kissed him. “I love you, Bray.” He said softly. “I love you too, Book. More than I have ever loved anyone in my life.” Brayson wrapped his arms around Book and hugged him tight. Book slowly lowered himself back onto Brayson enjoying the feeling of their bodies pressed together. Book rolled off Brayson and glanced at the clock on the nightstand. It read 10:42 PM. They had fallen asleep together for almost 90 minutes. When Book rolled off Brayson, the cum had dried between their bodies, pulling on Book’s chest hair. He looked down at Bray to see a few of his chest hairs stuck to Brayson’s smooth chest. He slid off the bed to go pee. Just a few seconds later, he heard Brayson call to him. “In the bathroom, babe” he called back. Brayson walked into the bathroom with half a hardon. Brayson walked up and stood behind Book wrapping his arms around his waist. He leaned in and kissed Book on the shoulder. “It’s getting late already,” Bray said. “I know; we slept for an hour and a half, babe.” Book said as he grabbed a piece of toilet paper and dried off the head of is dick. We have dried cum all over us; maybe we should rinse off quickly.” Bray stepped over to the shower and turned it on. Book flushed the toilet and stepped into the shower. They took turns washing each other’s body, then dried each other off. “I’m a little hungry but I don’t want too much at this hour.” Brayson stated. “I have some pears and apples in the fridge. How does that sound?” Book offered. “I love pears; sounds perfect,” Brayson answered. They walked out into the living room. Bray walked over and picked up his expired cocktail from the dining table. “Maybe a new one of these,” he said to Book holding up the glass. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * “Hey Kins; good morning.” Book said answering the phone. “Morning Kinsey” Brayson called out. “Good morning, Bray” Kinsey yelled back. “What’s up girlfriend?” Book asked. “I was wondering if you can pick Tommy up today after school. I have a 4 o’clock meeting today that I can’t brush off. Today is his first day back since they had that plumbing fiasco,” Kinsey said. “Yeah, sure. No problem. When will you be home Kins?” Book asked. “I’m going to guess around 6:30.” Kinsey answered. “Why not let Tommy stay here with me tonight. It will be close to 8 o’clock by the time you get home, settled and have dinner ready for him.” Book suggested. “Good idea” Kinsey said. “Hey Buddy, you want to stay at your dad’s house tonight?” Kinsey asked Tommy. “Yeah Mom!” Tommy said enthusiastically. “That comes as no surprise!” Kinsey said laughing. “So, that will work then. You can pick Tommy up from school and drop him off at school tomorrow morning. Thanks Book. You’re my hero. Gotta run or I’ll be late. Bye Book. Bye Bray.” Kinsey yelled and she was gone. Book hung up the phone and placed it on the kitchen counter. “What’s on your schedule today, Bray?” Book asked. “I have a 12 o’clock department lunch meeting. I won’t get out of the casino tonight until 10 PM. You and Tommy will have the whole night to yourselves.” Brayson answered. “Wow, that’s really a long day, Bray. How often do you do that?” Book asked. “Usually no more than twice a month. It’s really not that bad. It depends on the special events and tournaments going on. I do get to offset that extra time though as I please. It all evens out sooner or later. Like I told Kinsey the other night at dinner, my schedule is variable, that’s why I left Tommy’s stayover schedule for you to decide. Whatever you decide is fine with me, babe.” * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Book logged off work about 1:30 PM. He decided to rearrange the walk-in closet to make room for some of Brayson’s beylikdüzü travesti clothes. There was also plenty of room in the walk-in for an extra chest of drawers. It didn’t take very long at all to rearrange his closet since he doesn’t have tons of clothes. He has just what he needs and a few extra pieces for “just in case” reasons. After he finished in the walk-in, he decided to stop by the Thrift Store before picking Tommy up from school. He wanted to see if they had a chest of drawers that would work for Bray. He took a quick shower, got dressed, and headed out. As he was backing out of the car port, he thought to himself, “Bray is going to be so pleasantly surprised when he comes over next.” * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Book was waiting in the usual spot for Tommy at school. Tommy stepped through the doors and ran over to Book throwing his arms around him. Book dropped down on one knee and hugged him tight. “It’s so good to see you, Buddy,” Book said happily, and kissed him on the neck, just below the ear. He grabbed Tommy’s hand and stood up. “How was your first day back, Buddy?” Book asked with a smile. Tommy took a quick look around and looked up at Book. “It was great; I’ll tell you in the car dad,” Tommy said excitedly. “OK then, let’s go. I want to hear all about it.” Book said smiling. As they approached the car, Book unlocked the door, opened it for Tommy, and stepped to the side to let Tommy get in. Tommy placed his backpack on the floorboard and hopped into the car. Book closed the door, walked around, and got behind the wheel. “So, tell me, what happened today, Bud?” Book asked excitedly. I’m really curious now. Spill the beans little man.” Tommy looked at Book with a hug smile on his face. “I sucked Alejandro off today dad. He can cum dad. Not a lot, but he can shoot cum.” Tommy said with glee. “Oh my God!” Book exclaimed. “Ok Buddy, you need to tell me everything. Don’t leave anything out. OK?” Book said calmly but concern in his voice. Tommy nodded his head. “Are you mad, dad?” Tommy asked. “No, Buddy, I’m not mad. It’s just that you doing that at school is very risky.” Book answered him warmly. “Don’t worry, dad. We were very careful. We were completely alone when we did it. Nobody was around.” Tommy said trying to reassure his dad. “OK, Buddy. I believe you. But I want you to tell me everything. OK?” “No problem, dad.” Tommy said and started telling his story. “Well, I saw Alejandro today in the cafeteria. I was sitting at the very last table in the cafeteria along the back wall because I wanted to read my book while I ate lunch. That’s why I selected a table away from everyone else. I mean, some other kids were sitting at the table too, but they were down a way, not close to me. I looked up from my book and Alejandro was standing there. He asked me if I was alone and I said yes, so he sat down next to me. I put my book down on the table and we talked a little bit about we did when school was closed for repairs. Then he reached down under the table and grabbed my package. I spread my legs a little and I got hard immediately. I grabbed his dick under that table. He was hard already. We played with each other’s dick for a little while through our shorts, then he asked me if I wanted to go someplace and jerk off together. He’s so cute, dad. I really wanted to suck his dick. I told him that I’d rather suck his cock than just jerk off. I asked him if he ever had a blowjob before and he said no. We ate quickly and left the cafeteria before everyone else. We decided to go out behind the school. There are a bunch of tamarisk trees behind the school. That’s where we went. We were not on school property. We found a space between the trees where we could hide from view. It was kind of like a little tree-cave and big enough for both of us. There was nobody around. As soon as we went in, Alejandro dropped his shorts. His boner popped right up. I stepped in front of him and dropped my shorts. We rubbed our hard dicks together for a while and then I grabbed his hardon. I started to jerk him; I love how his foreskin rides up and down over the head of his dick. I dropped to my knees and took his dick in my mouth. Alejandro moaned really loud and his whole-body kind of shook. I grabbed his thighs and I could feel his legs shaking. I started to suck his cock. It was easy to take his whole cock in my mouth. I stuck my tongue under his foreskin and he just about screamed. I had to tell him to be quiet. I loved his foreskin, dad. The head of his dick under his foreskin was as smooth at glass. It didn’t take long. I was working the head of his dick and Alejandro started to moan. I knew he was going to cum soon. I started to suck a little faster. He started shaking, his dick got even harder, and he came in my mouth. Dad! Alejandro can ejaculate. It wasn’t a whole lot but he can shoot. It surprised me. He’s not that much older than me. It was so exciting. After he came, I kept his dick in my mouth. I stuck my tongue in the slit and he pulled his dick out of my mouth and stepped back. His dick was too sensitive. We pulled our pants back up and went back to the cafeteria. Nobody even noticed that we were gone. That’s the whole story dad.” Book looked over at Tommy and smiled. “That was quite the adventure you two had. Did you guys talk about what happened between the two of you on the way back to the cafeteria?” Book asked. “Yeah, a little. Alejandro said he loved it and wanted to do it again. Next time, he would suck me off. I told him that I can’t shoot yet and that we could not tell anyone about it; we have to be super, super careful. No one can know about it.” “So, you really like Alejandro then.” Book asked. “Yeah, I do. He’s so cute. I love his darker skin; he has pretty eyes and nice hair. I think he’s really cute. I love his foreskin too. He’s just really, really cute and sexy.” Tommy answered Book with a smile. “I would like to meet Alejandro. Do you think somehow that could be arranged, Buddy? It would have to be kind of a casual thing though.” Book asked. “Sure, dad. I can arrange that. I’ll figure something out.” Tommy replied. “Buddy, I think I know the answer to this question, but I have to ask anyway. Did you tell Alejandro anything about you, me, and Bray?” Tommy looked at Book with a shocked expression on his face. “God! No, dad! I will never say anything to anyone about that!” Tommy said rather shocked that Book asked. “OK, Buddy. I didn’t think so, but I had to ask. I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings, Buddy. I didn’t mean to. I just needed to hear you say it.” “Dad, don’t worry about that. I know how much trouble you and Bray can get into if anyone finds out. I’ll never say anything to anyone, dad.” Tommy told Book calmly. On the way home, Book reviewed in his head all of the information he just leaned about Tommy and Alejandro. He was now in a quandary. How much of this new information does he have to tell Kinsey? Does he have to say anything at all? He could not and would not betray Tommy’s confidence in him, but on the other hand, Kinsey is his mom. She should know that Tommy has become sexually active outside of their circle. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * On the way into the house, he decided to not obsess over having a conversation with Kinsey. Somehow, he would find the right solution. Something would come to him sooner or later. Tommy walked into the house and sat his backpack on the floor next to the front door. He immediately went into the bedroom. Book followed behind him. Tommy walked over to the bedroom chair and started removing his clothes. Book walked over and sat on the edge of the bed and watched Tommy, a smile on his face. “Hey, Bud. I need to talk to you about a couple istanbul travesti of things.” Tommy removed his underwear, placed them on the chair with the rest of his clothes, and walked over to Book sitting on the foot of the bed. “OK, dad. But first, you need to get naked.” Tommy said. “We haven’t been naked together in a long time. I want to look at your muscles dad.” Tommy reached down and started to remove Book’s T-shirt. Book smiled and lifted his arms up to let Tommy remove his shirt. “It’s only been about a week, Bud.” Book giggled. “A week is a long time, dad.” Tommy immediately objected as he tossed Book’s T-shirt to the side of the bed. “Now the shorts, dad.” Book stood up and let Tommy pull off his shorts. He tossed Book’s shorts on top of the T-shirt. He stood in front of Tommy naked and noticed Tommy still on his knees, looking up and down his body as if he never saw him naked before. After a few seconds, Tommy grabbed Book’s dick and placed the head in his mouth. Book moaned softly as Tommy started working the head of his dick with his tongue. Book sat back down on the bed. “Hey, Bud, I thought we were going to have a little chat?” Book said as he enjoyed Tommy’s mouth on his cock. Tommy released Book’s cock, “Can we talk after, dad. I really want to suck you off right now. Besides, you told me I can have it whenever I wanted.” Tommy said with a smile. “It’s been a long time, dad. I want you to cum in my mouth.” Book smiled and spread his legs to make a little more room for Tommy. “Have at it, little man.” Book said softly with a smile, his dick growing rapidly. Tommy took Book’s cock back in his mouth as Book laid back on the bed. He relished in the fact that Tommy loved his cock and cum so much. It made him feel good, and it made him horny. “Suck my cock, Tommy. Show me how much you love my cock.” Book said, his eyes closed and arms out to the side on the bed. Tommy started bobbing up and down on his cock. It didn’t take long before he felt his cock oozing precum. He loved the feeling of Tommy sticking his tongue in his piss slit to scoop out the sweet nectar. Tommy was getting very close to learning how to deepthroat him but wasn’t quite there just yet. “Work the head Buddy,” Book requested when he heard Tommy start to gag. Tommy pulled up and started tonguing and sucking Book’s cock-knob. “That’s it, Buddy. Just like that.” Book moaned. “That feels so good. You keep doing that and I’m going to give you a mouth full.” Tommy hearing Book’s words increased speed. “Grab my shaft and jerk it as you suck the head, Tommy. At first, Tommy had a little difficulty coordinating the sucking and jerking simultaneously. He quickly corrected his error and got into a good rhythm. Book could feel his orgasm approaching. “I’m getting real close, Buddy. You’re going to make me cum,” Book announced urgently. Book started to groan from deep within. He looked down at Tommy working on his dick. Tommy was so ready for his reward. He stopped jerking and worked the head of Book’s cock with his tongue as he felt the first shot fire forcefully in his mouth. He had to swallow as much as he could quickly before the second shot overflowed his mouth. Book watched as he swallowed time and time again. When he stopped shooting, he reached down and grabbed the base of his dick and started to wiggle it around in Tommy’s mouth. Tommy instinctively opened his mouth and stuck out his tongue as Book repeatedly slapped his dick against it. He rubbed his cock back and forth against Tommy’s tongue. He could see the remaining cum in the tube ooze out slowly before Tommy licked it up. Book sat up and grabbed Tommy. He laid back down on the bed and hovered Tommy’s crotch over his face before he engulfed Tommy’s entire package. Tommy ground out loud. “Fuck my mouth, Tommy!” Book said. Tommy put his hands out on the bed above Book’s head and straddled him. He slowly started to thrust in and out of Book’s mouth. Book reached up and started to caress Tommy from his shoulders down to his sweet, little bubble butt. He let Tommy set the pace. As Tommy increased speed, Book reached up and placed a pillow under his head as he continued caressing Tommy with his other hand. In just a few minutes, Tommy starting groaning and thrusted forward into Book’s mouth as far as he could. Book felt Tommy’s cock twitching in his mouth as the boy groaned through his orgasm. He collapsed on Book’s face as Book continued to suckle his softening cock. He let Tommy recover while caressing his back until his breathing started to return to normal. Tommy pulled out of Book’s mouth and laid down on the bed next to his dad. Book sat up and looked down at Tommy. “You OK, Bud?” He asked with a little giggle. “You came pretty hard there, little man.” Tommy opened his eyes and shook his head with a smile. Book leaned down and kissed him, slipping a little tongue in just for good measure. Tommy moaned and grabbed Book by the back of the head and kissed him hard. It took Book a little by surprise but he loved Tommy’s enthusiasm. Book pulled back from their kiss as Tommy rolled over onto his dad; Book on his back and Tommy lying on top of him. He started frotting against Book burying his face into Book’s neck. “I have missed you so much, dad,” Tommy said with a sad tone to his voice. Book wrapped his arms around him and squeezed tight. “That’s one of the things that I wanted to talk to you about, Buddy,” Book said softly. Tommy leaned up on his arms. “What do you mean, dad?” he asked. “When Bray and I came over for dinner last week, your mom and I had a conversation that night. I asked your mom if you could stay with me a couple of days each week on a regular basis.” Like a cat, Tommy jumped off his dad and sat next to him on the bed. “Really?” he said excitedly. “What did mom say?” He asked expectantly, squirming about on the bed waiting for an answer. Book looked up at him and smiled. “She said yes, of course,” Book answered as he started to tickle Tommy. “Oh, my gosh! Oh, my gosh!” Tommy said excitedly trying to get away from Book tickling him. “Dad, wait! Wait! Wait!” Tommy pleaded laughing. “I can really stay with you? Really? Tommy asked. “Really, Buddy. You can stay with me a couple of days every week. How about, that?” Book said with a big, happy smile on his face. Tommy threw his arms around Book excitedly. “I’m so happy, dad,” he shouted as he hugged Book. “Which days can I stay with you dad?” “I asked your mom that question. She told me that it was up to me. So, that night, she asked Brayson which days would work best for him. Bray told your mom that it was up to me too. So, now I’m thinking that Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday will work out the best for all of us. I would take you home Sunday morning. I thought that would be best because on Tuesday, it would be just you and me together. I want at least one night with just you and me; no one else. Friday and or Saturday Bray can spend some time with us so we can all be together. We can all do things together over the weekend, and that includes your mom. How does that sound to you, Bud?” “So, Tuesday is our night together; just you and me, dad?” I love that the most dad.” Tommy asked excitedly. “Correct; Tuesdays are reserved for just you and me. Depending on Bray’s work schedule, Bray would join us on Friday and maybe Saturday. It depends on his work schedule. Doesn’t that sound logical?” Book asked. “That sounds perfect to me, dad. Yes! Yes! Yes! I love it; I can be with you three days each week.” “There is one more thing Bud that I want to tell you about. I have cleared some space in the walk-in for Bray. I am going to tell him that he can bring some of his clothes over to keep here when he stays overnight. I found a nice chest of drawers at the thrift store. We need to take his truck over this weekend and pick it up. I just wanted you to know. Does that sound OK with you, Buddy?” “Yeah, dad. That’s fine with me. I know you love Bray. I love him too. No worries, dad; simple logic.” * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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