Subject: Book Alex and I met through my son, Tommy. Alex and Tommy are best friends and they go to school together. As a result of their friendship, Alex spends a lot of time at my home. In fact, he spends more time in my home than he does his own. Alex sleeps at his house; that’s about it. When he is not in school, or sleeping, Alex is at my house. As a result of us spending so much time together, Alex has become like a son to me. In my heart, I love him as if he were my son. Alex is a part of my family; he thinks of himself as my son. We do things as a family, and often times, that includes Kinsey, Tommy’s mother. At the risk of sounding conceited, I am more of a dad to Alex than his biological father ever was or could be. Now, I don’t want to speak for Alex, but his biological father has not been such a positive role model for him. Alex and his father don’t really have a relationship. Being a father in my opinion, is different that being a dad.” “You mentioned your son Tommy, Mr. Booker, does he reside in your home also?” she asked looking directly as Book. “He does, part-time. Tommy’s mom, Kinsey, and I share custody. I have Tommy three days per week. His mom, has him when he’s not with me. His mom is my best friend; we grew up together. She and Bray have also become good friends.” “I see,” she said. “Is Kinsey your son’s biological mother?” she asked. “Yes, she is,” Book answered. “And are you Tommy’s biological father?” “No, I’m not. That does not negate the fact that I am still his dad. I was there when he was born. I watched him come into this world Mrs. Burns,” Book said firmly. “Please Mr. Booker, I mean no offense nor am I negating anything. I know that these questions are incredibly personal, however, I must ask them,” she said turning her attention to Bray. “What is your relationship to Alex Mr. Nash?” she asked. “Alex is my step-son; I love him. He is a member of our family.” Brayson answered her confidently. “Excuse me for interrupting Mr. Nash, based on what you and Mr. Booker have said, are you and Mr. Booker in a relationship; am I understanding this correctly?” “Yes mam,” Bray said proudly. “Book is my life partner; my husband if you will. Tommy and Alex are my step-sons. We are a family. We deeply love each other. We function as a family unit in everything that we do and everywhere we go. Is that a problem?” Bray asked. “Not in the least Mr. Nash,” she responded. “Alex, is this how you feel too?” she asked softly. Do you consider Mr. Booker and Mr. Nash to be your family; and you love them?” Alex looked at her and nodded his head yes. “Alex, I need you to tell me verbally. I need to hear the words; your own words, Alex,” she said. “Yes, I love them. Book is my dad. I want to live with Dad, Bray, and Tommy; they are my family.” “Mr. Booker, do you have a relationship with Alex’s biological father? For example, are you friends by any chance?” “No mam; we are not friends. I did make an attempt quite some time ago, however, my attempt failed miserably. Alex can attest to that. After my initial attempt, I did not think another attempt was appropriate. I’m going to be honest with you Mrs. Burns, I do not like the man. I wish him no ill will, but I don’t like him. I loathe the way he treats Alex.” “Mr. Nash, do you feel as Mr. Booker does regarding Alex’s father?” she asked Bray. “I’m not sure how to answer that Mrs. Burns. I have not met the man personally. I can tell you this; I have wholeheartedly learned to trust Book’s instincts. I support his feelings on this matter.” Brayson answered. “I can also say this about it; based on my current knowledge of his relationship with Alex, or more accurately, the lack thereof, I have no desire to meet him.” “Please understand, Mrs. Burns, it is not our intent to sit here and judge the man, especially in Alex’s presence, however, because we love Alex, it is extremely difficult not to judge him,” Book added. “Dad, my legs are getting tired,” Tommy interrupted. “Come around, Alex; sit on my lap,” Book said. Alex looked at Mrs. Burns and then back at Book. “Really, dad?” he asked rolling his eyes towards the woman sitting behind the desk. “It’s either my lap, Bray’s lap, or the floor. I don’t think that Mrs. Burns would approve of you sitting on her lap. Your choice, Buddy,” Book said looking up at him. Book could see Alex’s embarrassment as he sat down on Book’s lap. Mrs. Burns smiled and said, “Don’t be embarrassed, Alex. I’m sure your dad isn’t embarrassed to have you sit on his lap.” She looked at Bray and then back to Book. “It is very clear to me that you love Alex, and he you. Thank you, gentlemen, I now have a much better understanding of your family dynamic. Alex, is it OK with you if I tell your dads what happened with your father today?” “Yes, tell them everything,” Alex answered immediately. “I tell Dad and Bray everything.” “Thank you, Alex.” She said and turned her attention to Book and Bray. “This afternoon at 1:30 PM, Alex’s father, Umberto Estrada, crashed his vehicle into a county bus. He was apparently driving his employer’s vehicle at the time; a small truck of some kind as I understand it. At the time of the accident, he was extremely intoxicated. When the police arrived and realized that Mr. Estrada was inebriated, he was mirandized and placed under arrest. Mr. Estrada sustained some cuts and bruises but nothing life-threatening. He was transported to county hospital where he was treated and released. Fortunately, no one on the bus sustained any serious injury. Upon Mr. Estrada’s release from the hospital, he was taken into custody and transported to county jail where he will most-likely remain at least until his hearing. My office was informed by the police that this was his third DUI in a two-year period. Because he has a record, meaning two previous DUI charges, and the fact the he was driving with a suspended license, and he is a single parent with a minor child, the police contacted my office. I was then dispatched to Alex’s school. In our state, a third DUI offense carries a mandatory jail sentence. Mr. Estrada will be incarcerated for a minimum of four months. If the district attorney files additional charges against him, he could be sentenced for a longer period of time. Since he hit a county bus, the public transportation authority may file charges too. In addition, he may also be subject to a civil suit if anyone on the bus elects to file charges. At the time of his arrest and his detainment, I was informed that Mr. Estrada was extremely combative and hostile. As a result of his behavior, I suspect that the D.A. will file additional charges; but that is only a guess on my part. In conclusion gentlemen, Mr. Estrada is in very serious trouble; he will do jail time. There is no doubt about it. Book looked over at Bray and then to Mrs. Burns. “So, what happens now, Mrs. Burns, regarding Alex specifically?” Book asked. Book suddenly felt Alex’s body go tense as he snuggled into Book’s torso. “Because Alex is a minor and he has no family, şişli travesti he will be placed in care; it’s the law, Mr. Booker. There is no other option,” she said with heavy breath. Alex jumped off of Book’s lap with the grace of a cat. “Dad, I want to stay with you and Bray!” he proclaimed loudly. Book jumped to his feet and embraced Alex. He quickly looked over at Bray, his eyes communicating his thoughts; we can’t let this happen. Bray shook his head at Book and got up from the chair. He took a step forward and wrapped his arms around Book and Alex. Book looked over at Mrs. Burns who was observing silently from behind her desk. “There is another option, Mrs. Burns,” Book said confidently looking directly in her eyes. “Gentlemen, am I correct in gleaning that you are interested in filing for guardianship of Alex?” “Yes mam; we most definitely are,” Book responded immediately. “Very well, then. I will start the paperwork first thing tomorrow. Here is my card, call me in the morning,” she said standing up from her desk. “This is something gentlemen that can’t wait; we must do this quickly. I must also warn you that I will need to ask you some very personal questions. Some of these questions may seem completely unnecessary or invasive; however, I assure you that they are very necessary. We will have to appear in court and it is imperative that I am prepared to answer any and all questions that the court may ask me. Under these circumstances, I am going to allow you, Mr. Booker, to take Alex home with you and Mr. Nash until we can file the necessary paperwork with the court. Understand gentlemen, this process will require an extensive background check. If there are any skeletons in your closet, I will need you to be completely transparent with me. Take your son home Mr. Booker and get some rest. We will talk tomorrow.” Alex was so relieved to hear the he was going home with Book and Brayson that he wrapped his arms around Book and squeezed so tight Book’s face started to flush. “Let’s go home, he squeaked. Alex released him and stepped to the side. Mrs. Burns escorted them through the building entering the necessary codes to exit the building. “Have a good night, gentlemen. We’ll talk soon,” she said as they stepped through the double glass doors into the night. Alex stepped between Book and Bray as they started their short walk to Bray’s truck. He reached up and held onto the waistband of their shorts as they walked. Book wrapped his arm around Alex’s shoulder and Bray placed his hand on Alex’s back. Alex was elated that he was going home with them. Bray walked up to the passenger door of the truck, inserted the key, and unlocked the door. Book opened the door and Alex got in the truck. Book jumped in and closed the door. Brayson came around to the driver’s side, unlocked the door, and slipped in behind the wheel. They sat silently in the dark for a few seconds before Bray inserted the key in the ignition. Alex placed his left hand on Bray’s right thigh, and his right hand on Book’s left thigh, “Thanks for coming to get me,” he said softly. “We love you, Alex,” Bray said. Book leaned over and kissed him. “We love you a lot,” he whispered in his ear but loud enough for Bray to hear. “Let’s go home,” Book said with a smile as he sat back in the seat. He reached down and placed his hand on Alex’s leg, giving it a gentle squeeze. “I can’t believe I’m gonna freakin’ stay over! Finally!” Alex said out loud. Book wrapped his arm around Alex and pulled him close as Bray started the engine. In the short time it took them to get home, Alex had fallen asleep in Book’s arms. Bray pulled into the front parking lot. He put the truck in park and turned off the engine. He glanced over at Book and Alex as he reached for the door handle. “Our boy has fallen asleep on us,” Bray said softly. “He’s been through a lot today; so much emotion and turmoil. He’s exhausted.” Book opened the car door and slid out from under Alex. He leaned back into the truck and picked Alex up in his arms. “He’s heavier than he looks,” Book grunted. After he extracted Alex from the truck, he placed his knee against the truck door and pushed, closing it. Bray hit a button on the driver’s side door and locked the truck. Book carried Alex into the bedroom and waited for Bray to pull the covers back on the bed. Book gently laid him on the bed fully clothed. Bray slipped his shoes off and placed them on the floor next to the sitting chair in the bedroom. “Shall we join him? I’m kind of beat,” Book whispered to Bray. “Good idea,” Bray responded. They both disrobed, letting their clothes fall to the floor and climbed into bed. They snuggled up next to Alex on either side, cocooning him, and drifted off to slumber land. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Book was the first to wake the next morning. He looked over to see that Alex had completely wrapped himself around Bray; both of them sleeping comfortably. He quietly got out of bed and went into the bathroom to pee. Surprisingly, he only had half a hardon; peeing was going to be easy this morning. After peeing, he went into the kitchen to put the coffee on. Knowing that he had to call Mrs. Burns, he sent a quick text to his office stating that he had a personal matter to attend to today and would be unavailable for the day. He slipped on a pair of shorts, returned to the kitchen, and poured his morning coffee. He stepped out onto the front patio, coffee in hand, and took a seat at the table. He knew that Kinsey would be up, so he picked up the phone and called her. “Hey, Kins; good morning,” he said when she answered the phone. “I have to tell you something, and it’s huge!” While Book was filling Kinsey in on all of the recent news, Alex woke up. It was not unusual for him to be an early riser. It was normal for him to get up early and be out of the house before his father got up. He opened his eyes and for half a second, he was disoriented. A smile suddenly appeared on his face when he realized that he was at Book’s house. In an instant, he was wide awake. He looked over and Bray sleeping peacefully on his back, his hardon laying on his belly. Alex slid out of bed quietly and went into the bathroom. He dropped his shorts to the bathroom floor and stepped up to the toilet to pee. As he stepped out of the bathroom, he pulled his shirt off and tossed it on the corner of the bed. He stepped out of the bedroom looking for Book. When he did not see him, he went to the dining room window and looked out figuring that Book was on the front patio. He just needed to see him and know where he was. He walked over to the fridge and grabbed a bottle of cold water. He removed the cap and chugged down a third of the bottle. He replaced the cap on the bottle and walked back into the bedroom. He stood at the foot of the bed and for a few seconds, he watched Brayson sleep. He could not take his eyes off of Bray’s morning wood. He crept up the bed and took Bray’s cock in his mouth. Immediately, Bray reacted and startled awake. beylikdüzü travesti Alex’s mouth was very cold from the bottled water. He woke up and looked down, his cock in Alex’s mouth. He recovered quickly and ran his fingers through Alex’s hair. Alex moaned slightly as he sucked Bray’s cock. Bray spread his legs wider to give Alex a little more room. Bray locked his hands behind his head and watched Alex bob up and down on his cock. “Oh God, Alex. That feels so good,” Bray groaned as he thrusted up slightly in the teen’s mouth. “Suck the cum out of that cock, stud! Make me cum!” Bray reached down and grabbed Alex’s head in both hands as he thrusted in and out of Alex’s mouth. Bray saw Alex’s sweet butt-cheeks flex and he humped the bed. “Alex, I want to suck your dick. Turn around, baby; feed me your sweet cock,” Bray moaned. Immediately, Alex swiveled around into a sixty-nine position, never letting Bray’s cock fall from his mouth. Bray grabbed his hips and held on while he swallowed Alex’s hard cock. Brayson pulled Alex down on his face and groaned loudly. As soon as Alex felt Bray’s mouth on his cock, he took Bray’s entire cock down into his throat. Brayson thrusted upwards as Alex worked his cock into his throat. Alex thrusted down, grinding his crotch against Bray’s face as he sucked Bray’s cock feverously. He felt his orgasm fast approaching. Bray knew he was going to cum soon. He wrapped his arms around Alex’s hips and held on tight, letting Alex control his decent. Bray felt Alex’s cock start to spasm and flex as he spurted his sweet, young boy-juice down Bray’s throat. Brayson let out a muffled moan as his cock spontaneously erupted in Alex’s mouth. He felt Alex take his cock back into his throat as he shot off. After they both stopped shooting, Alex collapsed on top of Bray. He rested his head on Bray’s hip as he held Bray’s softening cock in his mouth. Bray wrapped one arm around Alex’s hips and pulled him down harder on his face and with the other, he began caressing Alex’s back. Alex started to giggle as he felt Bray’s tongue slipping under his foreskin and around his sensitive knob. Alex started squirming and released Bray’s cock. He squirmed out of Bray’s grip, turned around to face Bray and straddled him. Bray reached up and pulled Alex down on top of him so they were now cock-to-cock. Bray kissed Alex and softly growled into his mouth. “That was so hot, Alex! You can wake me up like that as often as you want stud,” Bray said with a big smile. Bray reached down and ran his hand over Alex’s firm, little butt. “Damn, I could eat that sweet, little ass of yours all day long sexy. You are such a little stud!” Bray praised him while he gently squeezed Alex’s ass as he trusted his cock up against him. “You’re making me hard again, Bray,” Alex said as he dove into Bray’s mouth with a passionate kiss. He started grinding his cock against Bray’s as they kissed. Suddenly, Alex groaned loud in Bray’s mouth as he felt a tongue on his pucker. Book crawled up behind them and started eating Alex’s ass. He buried his face between Alex’s firm ass cheeks and ate his ass passionately and furiously. Alex was moaning loud and thrusting up and down. As he came up, he pushed his ass against Books face as Book slipped his tongue in and out of his hole. Book got up on his knees and placed his rock-hard cock between Alex’s butt cheeks and thrusted forward each time Alex pushed back against him. Book’s dick was leaking profusely. Book was so turned on his orgasm came quickly. “Fuck! I’m gonna cum!” he called out as he shot up Alex’s back, hitting Alex in the back of the head. He shot volley after volley covering Alex’s back and shoulders in man-juice. Alex thrusted down against Brayson and yelled out in Bray’s mouth as his cock went off all over Bray’s cock. Bray could feel Alex’s cock shooting off and grabbed Alex’s ass and thrusted up one last time as he shot his load between them. Book scooted back just a little, bent down and ran his tongue up Alex’s ass crack licking him clean. Once he cleaned off Alex’s ass, he ran his tongue up the center of Alex’s back before collapsing on the bed next to them. Alex remained on top of Bray, completely spent. Brayson could feel their combined load slowly dripping down the side of is body. For several minutes, they just rested silently side-by-side on the bed. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * When Book got back from dropping Alex off at school, he called Mrs. Burns. They scheduled a 1:30 meeting at her office to start the necessary paperwork. Bray walked out of the bedroom looking like a million bucks as Book hung up the phone. Book looked over at him and felt his heart skip a beat. He walked over to him and kissed him lovingly. “Babe, I know that we are dealing with a lot of life-altering stuff here. Before we move forward with everything, I need to know if we’re good; you and me, us? Is there anything that you are feeling that I need to be aware of? Do you have any reservations about any of this? Is there anything that you want to tell me?” Book asked concerned. “I just want to make sure that you are OK and not freaked-out or feeling overwhelmed.” Bray looked him directly in the eyes. “Babe, thank you for asking. I appreciate it; but I’m OK. I’m not freaked-out. As long as I have you, I’m good. I love you more than anything, Book. My place is by your side wherever that is. You and the boys are my whole world. If the court grants you or us custody of Alex, as far as I’m concerned, it solidifies our family. I kind of feel that the universe is giving us a gift. We all want this, especially Alex. I will admit that I feel bad for Alex’s father. In a way, it feels like we are taking his son away from him. I am having a little internal turmoil about that. I find myself having to remind myself repeatedly that that’s not the case.” Brayson said with a little sadness in his voice. Book nodded his head as he listened to Bray. “I get it Bray, I totally understand how it might feel like that, but as you said, you know that is not what we are doing. We did not make Alex’s father drive drunk or smash into a bus. He has to take full responsibility for his actions just as we all do. Umberto has had thirteen years to develop a relationship with his son. For whatever reason, that did not happen. The way I see it is we are rescuing Alex, for the lack of a better term, from the foster care system. Perhaps for Umberto, in the long run, this might be a good thing if he can get into a program to help himself. Perhaps one day, he can get sober at the very least and have a better relationship with Alex. At the risk of sounding like a complete asshole, Alex belongs with us. And what’s even more important, Alex wants to be with us. So, I want to do whatever we have to in order to make that happen. I think we have to at least try to make that happen. Agreed?” Book asked. “Agreed!” Bray said with a smile. “I know that you have to get to work, Bray, but I have to tell you something else. At istanbul travesti the risk of getting all blubbery, I want you to know how much I love you and how much you mean to me. I can’t imagine my life without you. I know how lucky I am to have a man like you. I have been thinking about this for a while now; I think we should get married!” Bray’s eyes just about popped out of his head. “Is that a proposal, Book?” he asked surprised. “If so, you’re going to have to do better than that. `I think we should get married’ what kind of proposal is that?” Brayson said with a giggle. Book turned immediately and walked into the office. Brayson looked at him walk away and said to himself, “What the fuck! I hope I didn’t screw that up.” Book returned quickly, one hand behind his back. He walked over to Bray, knelt down on one knee and from behind his back, he brought up a small black velvet covered box. He looked up in Bray’s eyes, “I love you Bray with everything in me. Will you marry me?” He slowly opened the small box revealing a white gold band with a single diamond mounted in the center. Brayson dropped to his knees and wrapped his arms around Book. “Yes, yes, yes, yes. A thousand times, yes. I’ll marry you, Book. Brayson released Book and grabbed him by the face and kissed him passionately. He hugged Book again and said, “God, Book, I love you so much it makes my teeth hurt.” Book grabbed Bray’s hand and stood up. “Let’s try this on for size, shall we?” Book smiled as he held Bray’s hand and slipped the ring on his finger. “What do you think, gorgeous?” Book asked. “It’s perfect, Book. Honestly, it’s perfect. It’s not garish in the least and it fits beautifully. I love it. I love you. Damn! I don’t want to go to work now. We just got engaged,” Bray said with a bit of a pout. “We should stay home and screw our brains out.” “As wonderful as that sounds, we can’t. I have a 1:30 with Mrs. Burns.” Book said. “Go to work, gorgeous; show that ring off. Start thinking about who you want to invite to our wedding. We’ll set a date soon.” Book kissed him and slipped in just a little tongue. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Book was waiting for the boys in the usual place. They came out together and rushed right over to Book. “Hey guys!” Book said as he hugged them both. “How was school today?” he asked as they started their walk to the car. Book was in the middle, Alex on one side and Tommy on the other. The boys held onto the waistline of his shorts as they made their way down the sidewalk. “Dad, Alex told me everything. I’m so happy he gets to live with us,” Tommy gleamed. Book stopped dead in his tracks and knelt down on the sidewalk and pulled the boys into him. “Guys, you have to understand that the court has to make that decision, Bray and I are going to do everything in our power with the help of Mrs. Burns to make that happen. But we still have a long road ahead of us. We can relax and celebrate when the court awards us custody. In the meantime, we are going to take each day as it comes. We are going to think positive thoughts, enjoy each other’s company, and have fun together. Agreed?” Book asked the boys with a thumbs up. He stood up and wrapped an arm around each of their shoulders. “Let’s go home,” Book said to the boys as they resumed their walk to the car. When they arrived at the car, Book pressed the remote and unlocked the car. He opened the passenger side door and held it open for the boys. Alex got in first, pushing his backpack forward on the floor as far as it would go. Tommy placed his backpack on the floor of the car and sat down on Alex’s lap. Once they were comfortable, Book closed the door. As Book slid in behind the wheel, Alex and Tommy were giggling. “What are you two giggling about?” Book asked. Tommy looked over at Book still giggling, “I can feel Alex’s dick on my butt,” he said as Alex started pushing up against Tommy, making him bounce up and down. Alex reached around Tommy and grabbed his crotch. “You’re getting hard Tito,” Alex said. He slid his hand down the front of Tommy’s pants and grabbed a hold of his growing cock. Tommy instinctively spread his legs as best he could to give Alex more room. Alex gave Tommy’s dick a gentle squeeze eliciting a soft moan from Tommy as he turned his head attempting to kiss Alex. Book took a quick look around and seeing no one close by, he let the boys continue to frolic about. Tommy looked over at his dad. Book gave him a wink and watched Tommy as he unsnapped the front of his shorts and pulled the zipper down. The fabric of his shorts fell to either side as Alex’s hand in Tommy’s briefs became visible. Without the constraints of the shorts, Alex had more room and started to jerk Tommy off. “Turn around Tito,” Alex moaned. To Book’s amazement, Tommy managed to turn himself around and face Alex, straddling him. “Raise up a little Tito,” Alex said. As Tommy raised up on his knees, Alex lowered Tommy’s briefs just enough to get a better hold of his cock. “I’m gonna make you cum, Tito,” he whispered. Book kept a constant eye out for anyone who may get too close. Tommy reached down and unbuttoned Alex’s shorts. He pulled the zipper down and opened up his shorts. Book glanced over and saw a small wet spot on Alex’s blue briefs. Tommy pulled the briefs down and grabbed Alex’s roaring hardon, feeling the slick goo seeping from his glands. Alex groaned as Tommy grabbed his cock. Tommy ran his finger over Alex’s dick head and licked his finger clean. Alex pulled Tommy closer so their dicks were touching and started to jerk their cocks together. As soon as Tommy felt Alex’s hard cock against his own, he kissed Alex hard, his tongue exploring the inside of Alex’s mouth like his life depended on it. He grabbed Alex’s face as he kissed him and started moaning urgently. Alex sped up his jerking as best he could knowing that his young lover was on the verge of cumming. Tommy started to shake and groan as his orgasm approached. He threw his head back as the wave overtook him. Alex let out a guttural moan and shot his juice all over Tommy’s cock and his own hand. They stayed in that position for at least a minute, not moving. Tommy finally brought his head forward and looked at Alex. He leaned forward and kissed Alex gently. Alex opened his eyes and looked down. “What a freakin’ mess,” he said softly. Tommy grabbed his hand, brought it up and licked it clean. He reached back down and ran his finger over Alex’s cock head. He brought his finger up and gently brushed it across Alex’s lips. Alex smiled and licked his lips. He himself reached back down and squeezed any remaining drops from his dick and licked his fingers clean. “It’s good, isn’t it Alex?” Tommy asked with a big smile. Alex did not respond, he simply reached back down and did it again. “Did you save some for me, guys?” Book asked rhetorically. “That was hot guys,” Book said as he grabbed his hardon smacking it against the steering wheel. “You guys made my dick hard.” Alex reached over the console and grabbed Book’s hardon. “Want us to suck you off, dad?” Alex asked. “We’ll make you cum,” Tommy said with a smile. “Thanks, guys. That’s a very kind offer, however, I think you two should put yourselves together and we should go home.” * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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