Subject: Book and Tommy 30 Preamble Author: Spike Meyers Date: 06/04/2022 E-Mail: ail Donate: Please consider donating to this website. Without your donations, Nifty may not be able to keep this site up and running for your reading pleasure. Whatever you can afford will be appreciated. Notice: This story is a work of fiction and contains explicit sexual material. It may also include, incest, sex between minor(s) and adult male(s), sex between minors, and sexual fetish. If you are offended by such material, do not read this work of fiction. The character(s) in this work of fiction are not based on any known person(s). Book you and Bray have a full plate right now. I just called to see how things went with Sam and Alex yesterday.” “It went really well, Kins. Sam asked to speak with Alex privately. I made sure it was OK with Alex and left them to it. After they finished, he called me in and reviewed the highlights of what they talked about.” “So, did you learn anything new when you spoke with Sam after he and Alex talked?” Kinsey asked. “Yeah, um, Sam told me that Alex said that he wished that Umberto would stay in jail forever. Following Umberto’s arrest, Alex has seemed to wash his hands of his parents, including his mother, apparently. Sam said that Alex considers us his family now. That of course makes me both sad and happy if that makes any sense.” Book confided. “I’m not surprised, Book. Alex feels safe, secure, loved, and wanted with you guys. This is probably the first time in his life he’s felt safe and loved. He’s bound to have adverse feelings about his parents. Considering his past, I can’t say that I blame him. I’m surprised he’s not a complete mess emotionally and angry at the whole world. Who knows, maybe his feelings will change in future, or they may not; only time will tell. He’s a good kid, Book, I’m glad you have taken him under your wing.” “Oh, Kins, before I forget, since I have Tommy part-time and Alex will be with me full-time, Sam said that he would like to speak with you briefly, but you guys can chat via phone; zoom, facetime, duo, it doesn’t matter. You don’t have to bother coming into his office. It’s just a part of his preparation; no-biggie. I’ll text you his number and you can give him a call if that’s OK with you.” “Yeah, sure, that works for me,” Kinsey said. “I’ll give him a call sometime today.” “Will you give me a jingle and give me an update after you talk with him?” Book asked. “Of course, I will; don’t be silly. I tell you everything,” Kinsey said giggling. “Thanks, Kins. I’d better go make sure the boys are up. Talk to you later, girlfriend,” Book said as he hung up the phone. He picked his coffee cup up and walked back in the house. Tommy walked out of the bedroom as he placed the carafe back in the cradle. “Good morning, sexy-man,” Book greeted him with a smile. “Morning, dad,” he said softly rubbing the sleep from his eyes. He walked over to Book and wrapped his arms around his waist. Book sat his coffee cup on the kitchen counter and hugged Tommy. “I take it Bray and your brother are still sleeping?” Book asked. “Yes, when I got out of bed Alex rolled over and wrapped himself around Bray like scotch tape; you know how he loves to cuddle,” Tommy yawned. “I do indeed. I’m surprised he still sleeping; Alex is usually the early riser. Are you hungry, little-man?” Book asked. Tommy started to giggle, “You read my mind, dad,” he said grabbing his dad’s cock. “I mean real food like: pancakes, omelets, waffles, muffins, cereal. That kind of food, not cock-juice.” “Oh,” Tommy said disappointed. “No thanks, dad; I’ll just have some OJ then.” “Go put some undies on and meet me on the patio,” Book instructed and kissed him on the head. “Go on, off you go sexy boy.” Book poured Tommy’s OJ, picked up his coffee cup and headed for the front patio. Using his elbow, he pressed down on the door handle lever and pushed the door open. He placed the two beverages on the table and sat down. Tommy came out about thirty seconds later wearing a pair of tighty-whities. He walked over to Book and sat on his lap, straddling him face-to-face. Tommy immediately reached down with both hands and slipped them under the legs of his dad’s lose-fitting cutoffs. Using alternating hands, he gently pulled down on Book’s cock as if he were milking a cow. “You are very determined this morning,” Book whispered softly. Tommy pulled his hands out of Book’s cutoffs, pulled the waistband down and tucked it under Book’s sizeable ball sack. Book’s cock popped out, already at half-mast. Tommy wrapped his hand around Book’s member and started a slow and steady jerk. Book scanned the courtyard quickly to ensure there was no one around. He pulled the front of Tommy’s underwear down and held it just below the boy’s hairless, pink scrotum. With his other hand, using thumb and forefinger, he began to jerk Tommy off. Book released Tommy’s cock for just a second, licked his fingers and resumed jerking Tommy off. The boy moaned softly as Book’s slippery fingers worked his young, hard cock. “That feels good doesn’t it, little man? You want daddy to make you cum?” Book whispered. It took mere minutes until Tommy started breathing heavy, he closed his eyes, his mouth slightly ajar. Book felt the boy’s cock suddenly get harder and his body begin to quiver. “That’s my boy, cum for me, Tommy,” Book growled softly. Tommy started grunting; as each millisecond passed, his grunting got louder, his body started to spasm so hard it appeared as if he were convulsing. Book could feel the boy’s dick pulsing as he climaxed. When the wave passed, he slumped forward against his dad, his head buried in Book’s neck. Book released Tommy’s spent cock and slowly extracted his hand from between their bodies. He wrapped his arms around Tommy and hugged him snugly, Tommy’s hand still holding onto his dad’s cock. Bray walked out onto the patio, his coffee cup in hand. “You two look adorable,” he said with a big smile as he approached the table. “Where’s our other boy?” Book asked. “He’ll be along shortly, he’s peeing,” Brayson answered. “Can you get off work today, Bray?” Book asked with a smile. “Yes; I don’t have anything special today. Why?” “I’m seriously considering keeping the boys out of school today and taking a little road trip,” Book said excitedly. “We’d have to take your truck though.” “A road trip; where?” Bray asked, his curiosity peeked. “Did I hear road trip?” Alex asked as he stepped out onto the front patio. “Yes, you did, gorgeous,” Book answered him. “I’d like to take a trip up to IKEA. Since we need to rearrange the office back into a bedroom and we have to do it quickly, we are going to need a few things. “What do you guys think?” Book asked them. Tommy sat up, suddenly fully recovered from his orgasm. “May I make a suggestion, dad?” he asked. “Absolutely,” Book said with a smile. “We should look online first to see if there is anything you like,” Tommy said logically. “I totally agree; I was planning on doing exactly that,” Book responded. “What do you guys think; are you game for a road trip today? If we find anything we like, we can throw it in the back of the truck.” * * * * * * * * * * * * * * The trip to IKEA was going to take approximately two hours depending on traffic. Bray of course was driving. Alex sat in the middle of the bench seat and Tommy had no choice but to sit on his dad’s lap on the passenger side. As they were heading west on the I-10, Book’s phone rang. He looked at the caller ID and it was Sam, his attorney. “Good morning, Sam,” Book greeted him as he answered the phone. “Good morning, Book,” he said returning the greeting. “I’m calling to let you know that I ran into Pamela Burns this morning at the court house. I was there on behalf of another client. Pam and I have known each other for several years. Of course, she is well aware that you have retained my services regarding your case. I need to apprise you of two things: First, Umberto’s hearing regarding the DUI is scheduled for Friday morning at eight o’clock. It will be held at the county court house. Secondly, I need to inform you that Pam’s office has received a letter of protest from Umberto.” “A letter of protest,” what exactly does that mean, Sam?” Book asked concerned, his heart rate increasing rapidly. “It means that Umberto does not want you and Bray to be granted custody of Alex. His letter to DCS is very discriminatory, Book, so don’t panic. His objection to the court states, and I quote, I don’t want those fags near my son, end quote. His public defender, Joe Dobson, handed it to Pam this morning in the hallway outside of the courtroom.” “So, are we fucked, Sam?” Book asked blatantly. “I know this is very upsetting, Book, but understand, this is simply a letter of objection, it is not a legal document filed with the court. şişli travesti However, having said that, the court has to take the letter into advisement since Umberto is his biological father. It does not mean, however, that the court will grant his request, but the court will acknowledge his objection.” “Sam, you said that he had his attorney hand-deliver this letter to Pam. Why would his attorney deliver it if it’s not a legal filing; I’m confused?” “As soon as Pam showed me the letter, I called Joe. I have known Joe for a few years, Book. I have already spoke with him regarding the letter. Just so you know, Joe Dobson is a public defender assigned by the court regarding Umberto’s legal matter; namely, the DUI. He is not Umberto’s representing council regarding the custody of Alex. Joe simply delivered the letter, which was hand-written by the way, because Umberto asked him to. Joe is not representing Umberto regarding Alex’s custody. I want to make that very clear to you.” Book took a big breath of relief. “Thank God!” he said out loud. “Sam, in your personal and legal opinion, do you think Umberto’s letter will weigh heavy with the court’s decision? Do you think the court will grant us custody?” Book asked, secretly only wanting to hear a positive response from Sam. “I’m sorry Book, I have learned to keep my opinions to myself; I have been wrong on more than one occasion in the past, so I hesitate to give you an answer.” “Come on Sam, I promise that I won’t hold it against you. You have my word. I need something, Sam. Please,” Book begged him. “This is against my better judgement, Book. You must accept the fact that this is simply my personal opinion based on what I know at this time. I anticipate a positive outcome.” Book closed his eyes and took a deep breath as he fell back into the seat. “Book, are you there; did I lose you?” Sam asked. “I’m here, Sam; I’m here. Thank you, Sam. Thank you.” * * * * * * * * * * * * * * “Good morning, Pam. May I have a moment of your time?” Book asked respectfully. “Good morning, Book. I’m glad you called; I was going to call you today,” she said casually. “You were; about what may I ask?” he queried, his voice a little elevated. “I was informed that Alex was not in school yesterday. Is everything alright, Book?” “Oh yes; everything is fine. I kept the boys out of school yesterday because we went to IKEA. I am converting my home office back into a bedroom for my boys. We went to pick out bedroom furniture. I want them to have their own space. They are at that age now were privacy becomes important.” “Yes, it does; I went through that with my daughters. Good for you Book; I’m glad to hear you let the boys have some input as to what they like.” “The school called you because Alex was not in school? I’m surprised because I called the school to let them know that the boys were going to be absent,” Book volunteered. “It’s standard protocol, Book. I wasn’t worried. Please don’t let it trouble you. It is not uncommon for parents who are negotiating custody of their children to pick up their child at school and take off. The school was simply following the rules,” Pam responded. “Oh, I see; that makes a lot of sense actually,” Book said in understanding. “So, what can I do for you, Book?” Pam asked. “I wanted to discuss with you the possibility of scheduling a meeting for Alex and I with Umberto. Is that something we can do?” Book asked. “Is this about the letter, Book?” Pam asked. “Yes, yes, it is. Alex is actually requesting the visitation, but I am concerned about him going to see his father on his own. What if he becomes violent towards Alex? I don’t trust him, Pam. It concerns me,” Book confessed. “I can say this, Book, my office has no objection to Alex seeing his father. You can make the arrangements yourself simply by calling the county jail and requesting an audience, or since you have retained Sam, Sam can make the arrangements on your behalf. It’s totally up to you as to how you want to go about it. Alex will be able to see his father but there will be a solid glass partition between them. They will talk via phone; physical contact is not permitted.” “Thanks, Pam. I appreciate your advice. Can you give me an update about my custody of Alex? Any news you can share with me?” Book asked her. “There is a constellation of things that I could tell you Book, but the bottom line is; my office is going to recommend to the court that you be awarded custody of Alex. But don’t get your hopes up, all my office can do is make the recommendation. It is entirely the court’s decision,” she said cautioning him. “I was going to call Sam today and let him know, but since you asked, I’m telling you now. You can call Sam yourself.” “Thank you, Pam. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You have no idea how much it pleases me to hear that. I have been a wreck inside. I nearly had an aneurism when Sam called me yesterday and told me about the letter. Do we have a court date yet?” Book asked. “My office has finalized everything, Book. The background check is complete, the financial background is done, you have no criminal charges, not so much as a parking ticket. You and Bray are squeaky-clean. Everything has come back positive. Technically, the only thing I have yet to do is the inspection of your home; considering what you just told me, I am positive that will pass with flying colors. We are just waiting to hear back from scheduling. So, I’m going to guess about two weeks, maybe a little more. But it’s just a guess.” “What about the letter, Pam? What does your gut tell you about that?” Book asked. “The letter, yes. I don’t think that the letter, in my personal opinion, and understand Book, it’s just my personal opinion, will have a negative impact on the court’s decision. It is clearly discriminatory and homophobic,” she answered. “Thank you, Pam. I don’t know how to express my appreciation of your support; it means so much to Bray and I.” “You are very welcome, Book. Alex is very lucky to have you guys. I’ll be in touch to schedule the home inspection. Call me if you need anything.” “Thanks, Pam. Bye.” Book immediately sent Bray a quick text. “Babe, I just got off of the phone with Pam. She told me that she is recommending custody be granted to us. She also said that she doesn’t think the letter will be a problem. I’m trying to keep my joy in check.” As Book was texting Bray, he received an incoming text from Kinsey. “Book, something has come up at work; I anticipate being here at least until six o’clock. Can you pick Tommy up from school? I’m going to text him too and let him know. Thanks.” (kiss emoji) “Gladly,” he texted her back, and then called Sam. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Book was waiting for the boys by the time school let out. He was wearing a red tank top that fit him perfectly, a pair of gray OP’s, and flip-flops. The boys stepped through the school doors and looked over in his direction. “Tito, look at dad’s muscles; he’s so freakin’ hot!” “Hey guys,” Book greeted them. Alex walked up to him, grabbed his bicep and squeezed gently. Book immediately reached out to them and pulled them into a group hug. “You look really, good, dad,” Alex said. “You are so freakin’ sexy!” Book gave him a big smile and a wink. “Thank you, Alex; let’s go guys, I have some good news for you,” Book said as he placed his hand on each of their shoulders and started walking towards the car. “What’s up, dad?” Tommy asked. “I had a conversation with Pam Burns this afternoon, she told me that she is going to recommend to the court that we be granted custody. I also spoke with Sam; he does not think that Umberto’s letter to the court will have a negative impact for us; neither does Pam. Let’s hope they are correct. Pam thinks that our case will be scheduled in about two weeks.” “Geez, it’s about time,” Alex said. “What takes so freakin’ long?” “It all takes time, stud. There are extensive background checks and red tape, not to mention the court docket. We just have to wait our turn,” Book responded. “Does Bray know?” Tommy asked. “Yes, baby. I texted him immediately after I go off of the phone with Pam. He knows.” As they made their way down the sidewalk, Alex slipped his hand in Book’s back pocket. Book felt him kneading his right butt-cheek. As they piled into Book’s little BMW, it took a minute for the boys to get situated. Book had to smile, Tommy was sitting on Alex’s lap, his legs hanging over Alex’s knees, slightly spread, and Alex was cupping Tommy’s crotch. “Hey guys, this car just doesn’t work for us very well does it?. Let’s go car shopping,” Book suddenly announced. “What do you guys think; maybe an SUV?” Book asked them. “I’ll can do a little research if you want dad,” Tommy offered. “Thanks Tommy, I appreciate it. You know how I loathe shopping,” beylikdüzü travesti Book said as he started the car. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Book woke early as usual. He opened his eyes to find Alex completely wrapped around him. He could feel the teen’s morning wood jabbing him in the side. His own morning hardon trapped under Alex’s leg; the head of his cock sticking out from under, and Alex’s arm laying across his chest. Alex had his head buried in Book’s neck; pinning Book to the bed. Book had to pee so he had no choice but to try and squirm out from under Alex as best he could without waking him. As he started to extract himself, Alex moaned and resisted. He tightened his grip on Book with both leg and arm and held on tight. Book had no choice but to wake the sleeping beauty. “Alex,” he whispered, “let go, baby. I need to get up; I have to pee.” When there was no response from Alex, Book reached up with his one free hand and whispered to Alex again, this time rubbing his face gently to wake him. “Alex, I need to get up, baby” he repeated. Alex stirred and opened his eyes. He released his grip and moaned lightly withdrawing his leg from Book. Book’s cock popped right up as soon as Alex released his hold. Alex moaned softly, reached down and wrapped his hand around Book’s hardon. He gave it a few strokes and then cupped Book’s balls. “I have to pee, Alex,” Book whispered. Alex let go of Book’s balls and lifted his head. Book quickly rolled over to the edge of the bed and stood up as Alex watched. Book hurried into the bathroom; thanks to Tommy and Bray, his two-resident piss-pigs, he had learned how to pee with a hardon. He stood back from the toilet, pointed his hardon at the toilet and released his stream. As he started to pee, Alex stepped up behind him and wrapped his arms around him. Alex ran one hand down Book’s torso and cupped his balls as he peed. Book could feel the boy’s hardon on his butt. Alex kissed him between the shoulder blades and released him. He came around and stood by Book’s side, stepped a little closer to the toilet, took aim, and began to pee. When Book’s stream came to an end. He stepped closer to Alex, and ran his hand over the boy’s sweet buns. Alex looked up at Book and smiled as he wrapped one arm around Book’s waist. Book kissed him and whispered, “I love my beautiful boy,” patted him on the butt and walked out of the bathroom. Book was making coffee when Alex walked out. He walked over and stood next to Book at the kitchen counter. “The coffee smells so good, dad,” he said taking a deep breath. “Can I have some?” he asked. “Don’t you mean, May I have some?” Book corrected him with a smile. “May I have some, then? Alex asked again. “That’s my boy,” Book said. He kissed him on the cheek and grabbed another mug from the cabinet. “Are you going out to the patio, dad? Alex asked as he waited impatiently for the coffee to finish brewing. “Sure am,” Book answered. “I want to see the sunrise.” Book became impatient and grabbed the coffee carafe half-way through the brewing cycle. He poured his coffee and then poured half for Alex. “Are you going to watch the sun come up with me gorgeous?” Book asked. “Yeah, dad; I’ll be right there,” Alex responded as he grabbed the cream out of the refrigerator. Book took his usual seat on the front patio. Alex walked almost immediately behind him and sat his coffee on the table. He grabbed a chair and moved it closer to Book. He sat down and rested his feet on Book’s knees. “Do I look like a foot stool to you?” Book asked jokingly. “Oh please, dad, rub my feet. It feels so good,” Alex whined knowing Book wouldn’t deny him. “You are such a princess. I’ve created a monster,” Book joked as he adjusted his chair to face Alex. He sat down and grabbed Alex’s right foot. “Not a princess, dad. I think the word you meant to use is Diva,” Alex laughed. “Now, get to work!” Book lifted Alex’s foot up and bit his big toe. “Ouch! That hurt, dad!” He protested. “Good, it was supposed to hurt,” Book giggled. Alex reached down and pulled the front of his briefs down flashing Book his cock. “When you’re done with my feet, dad, you can start on this,” he laughed. “Oh, now you’ve gone too far, stud!” Book jumped out of the chair and started to tickle Alex, who was now trapped in the chair, there was no escape. Alex was laughing almost hysterically as Book continued his tickle attack. He didn’t relent until Alex’s laughter and pleading became so loud; he was concerned about waking his neighbors. Book stepped back and gave Alex about fifteen seconds to recover. Alex was still laughing softly when he looked up at Book. “Ready for some more smarty-pants?” Book asked as he reached for Alex. “No, dad. I give, I give. I take it back!” he pleaded as he continued to laugh, pulling his legs up to his chest trying to protect himself. Book took a quick look around the courtyard to see if anyone had turned on their lights. He was grateful that the courtyard was still quite dark and they hadn’t woken up the neighborhood. He dropped to his knees in front of Alex and gently pulled his knees down. Alex relaxed back in the chair, his arms resting on the chair arms. Book reached over and started to lower Alex’s briefs. Alex lifted his butt off the chairs as Book pulled his brief’s down to his thighs. Alex’s dick was already half hard and popped right up. Book bent down and took the boy’s balls in his mouth. He grabbed Alex by the hips and held on as he buried his face in his crotch. Alex moaned softly and grabbed Book’s head in both hands. “That feels so good, dad,” he cooed. He closed his eyes and threw his head back as Book worked his teen sack. Alex spread his legs as far as the fabric of his briefs would allow. “Eat me, dad,” he whispered. Book released his balls and started to lick his taint. He slowly lowered Alex’s briefs to the patio floor and slipped one of Alex’s feet out of the briefs completely. Once the boy was free of his briefs, Book spread his legs the full width of the patio chair. He stuck his nose under the boy’s sack, and began licking his taint from the top down to his asshole as far as he could go. Alex grabbed his throbbing cock and slowly started to jerk his dick. He lifted up off the chair, his thigh muscles flexing as he stroked. Book seized the opportunity and ran the tip of his tongue over Alex’s pucker. Alex let out a gasp, grabbed Book’s head and pulled him in hard. Book cupped Alex’s ass in his hands and supported his weight so he could tongue his rosebud. Book heard a low-groan start deep down within Alex as he continued to stroke himself. Immediately, he knew that Alex was quickly reaching the precipice. He took Alex’s cock in his mouth and began to suck; in just a few seconds, Alex’s moan got louder and his body stiffened. Book could feel Alex’s dick start to pulsate in his mouth. He came up and worked the glands with his tongue and almost immediately, Alex shot his sweet, young boy-milk in Books mouth. Book let out a soft unconscious moan as he felt the hot, creamy fluid hit his tongue. He swirled it around a little in his mouth, savoring Alex’s essence before swallowing. When his cock stopped shooting, Alex closed his eyes and let his head fall backwards once again. Book very slowly continued to work Alex’s cock knob until he was convinced not a drop was left. He released Alex’s cock in just a few seconds, sat back on his haunches, and gently caressed Alex’s legs from hip to ankle. As Alex’s breathing started to return to normal, Book stood up, bent over and kissed Alex gingerly on the lips. Alex opened his eyes and smiled; “That was freakin’ awesome, dad,” he whispered. “My pleasure,” Book whispered back. He sat back down in his chair and took a sip of coffee. “Oh man,” it’s cold. I’m going to grab a fresh cup, sexy. Be right back.” While Book was getting a fresh coffee, Alex picked up his briefs from the patio floor and slipped them back on. He stood up, grabbed his coffee cup, and headed back in the house. On his way in, he met Book at the door. “I’m just going to warm this up dad, be right back,” Alex said. Book patted him on the butt as they passed in the doorway. Alex returned in just a minute. He sat in his chair across from Book, leaned back and spread his legs. Book could not help but notice the damp spot in his briefs, but also, the natural muscular in his legs. Book took a deep breath as his cock twitched in his briefs. “Alex, tomorrow is your father’s hearing. I think it’s called a hearing; I’m not sure. Do you want to go?” Book asked him. “Hell no!” he immediately responded. “I hope he stays there!” “OK, I just thought I would ask. I’m planning on being there. I would take you with me if you wanted to go. If you change your mind, just let me know.” “Do you think I should go, dad?” istanbul travesti “Only if you want to, Alex. If you don’t want to go, that is perfectly OK. You don’t have to go; it’s entirely your choice,” Book answered him calmly. “I just hope he stays in jail until I’m eighteen. I don’t want things to go back to the way they were. I want to stay with you and the guys.” “Do you still want to visit him?” Book asked. “I only wanted to see him to ask him to withdrawal his letter. I know he won’t; but I that I at least have to try. Why does he have to be such a shit-head all of the time,” Alex asked rhetorically. “Try not to worry about the letter, Alex. Both Sam and Pam don’t think it’s going to be a problem,” Book reminded him trying to relieve his anxiety. “Look Alex, the sun is rising; I love this time of day.” * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Book woke the next morning and noticed that Alex was not in bed. He rolled out of bed and walked into the bathroom. After peeing, he walked out of the bedroom and noticed Alex sitting on the couch in the living room. He walked over and sat down next to him. “You OK, stud? You’re up early,” Book said softly. “I want to go, dad. I want to go to court with you today. He’s my father, I should be there with you,” Alex announced. “Alright, I respect your decision. We need to leave by 7:30; 7:15 would be better, just in case we encounter traffic on the freeway. Book wrapped his arm around Alex’s shoulders and pulled him in for a hug. “I’m going to put the coffee on,” he said and walked into the kitchen. As Book was making coffee, Bray walked up behind him and wrapped his arms around him. “Since Alex is up already, I take it he is going with you this morning?” Bray asked kissing Book on the shoulder. “Yes, he changed his mind,” Book responded turning to face Bray. “Text me as soon as you know anything,” Bray asked. “I will, I promise,” Book said as Alex walked up and wrapped his arms around them. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Book pulled into the huge parking lot behind the court house. As he navigated the parking lot in search of a parking space, he immediately realized that there weren’t many available. Most of the empty spaces were entitled juror parking or reserved. “Screw this!” he said out loud, and headed for the parking structure across the street. As Book and Alex walked around the corner of the court house, they saw a queue of people waiting to enter the building. Book noticed the security just through the double sliding glass doors. It was like going through airport security. “Alex, do you have anything metal on you?” Book asked. “No dad, the only think I have on me is my phone,” he answered. “Good, when we go through the doors, place your phone in one of those plastic trays. Remove your shoes and put them in the tray too. Once you do that, wait for the security guard to invite you through the metal detector. Once you pass through the metal detector, the plastic tray will be at the end of the conveyor belt. Grab your things out of the tray and step to the side. I’ll be right behind you,” Book coached him. It took about twelve minutes for them to reach the security station. Alex followed Book’s instructions to the letter. They stepped to the side after going through security and put their shoes on. Book pulled a small piece of paper out of his pocket with the court room number written on it. He looked around for signs to guide him. There were people all over the place, some of whom looked a bit worse for wear, others dressed to the 9’s looking very professional. Having gotten his bearings, Book pointed to the stairs that led to the second floor. “OK, Alex, all of the courtrooms are upstairs. Let’s go up,” he said as he placed his hand on Alex’s shoulder and guided him to the stairs. “We are looking for court room eighteen,” he said to Alex as they climbed the stairs side-by-side. There were several people in front of them as well as behind. It was like Grand Central Station; people mulling about all over the place. When they reached the second floor, Book guided Alex to the side out of the stampede of people. He looked around and noticed that all of the court rooms were numbered. Down the center of the huge hallway were pods of chairs, back-to-back, as well as along the wall, in front of each courtroom. “Let’s go gorgeous,” he whispered to Alex. We need room eighteen. Book placed his hand on Alex’s shoulder and lead the way. They reached room eighteen and sat down in two available chairs the lined the far wall in front of the courtroom. Book checked his watch, “we have about ten minutes,” he said softly. “If you have to pee, you should do it now,” Book suggested. “Good idea,” Alex said. “I’m nervous, dad,” he whispered. Book patted him on the knee, “you’re doing great, gorgeous,” he said leaning in and whispering in his ear. “Come on, I’ll go with you.” They walked into the bathroom stepping around the privacy wall. The bathroom was huge. Along the right wall was a line of about 20 urinals, all separated by a small privacy partition. They selected urinals side-by-side, Book looked over at Alex and smiled, flicking his eyebrows up and down quickly. Alex quickly looked to his right, satisfied it was safe, he raised up on tip-toe and quickly looked over and down the privacy partition. Book shook off and flushed, Alex following right behind him. They washed their hands and returned to the same two chairs and sat down. They sat there about two minutes before they saw courtroom door seventeen open and a bailiff step out. Parties for Craft -vs- Taylor please step forward, the bailiff announced loudly. The bailiff stepped in front of the doorway and extended his arms to block their entry. As the people queued up, he took a hand-held metal detector and scanned them before permitting them to enter the courtroom. There was another bailiff just inside the door directing people to the defendant side or the plaintiff side. Book whispered to Alex, “Now we know how this is going to work. It shouldn’t be long now.” As soon as Book finished the sentence, courtroom door eighteen opened and the bailiff stepped out. “People -vs- Estrada” the bailiff announced. “Here we go, gorgeous; we’re up,” Book announced. They stepped up to the bailiff. “Good morning,” Book said. The bailiff simply nodded his head, he didn’t say a word. He took a quick look around to see if anyone else approached. “I guess you two are it,” he said. “Step forward, arms up,” the bailiff ordered. Book stepped up and raised his arms as directed. The bailiff scanned him and motioned for Book to step into the courtroom. “You’re next, son,” the bailiff said to Alex. “Step forward and raise your arms.” Book was waiting for Alex just inside the courtroom doors. As Alex stepped through, he placed his hand on Alex’s shoulder and guided him down the last row of pews at the back of the courtroom. They sat down on the wooded benches and Book grabbed Alex’s hand to comfort him. Book couldn’t help but notice how sweaty Alex’s hand was. Book looked over to his right and saw two police officers sitting behind the attorney table on the plaintiff side. “Who do you think they are?” Alex whispered to Book. “I suspect they are the arresting officers, Alex. That would be my guess. I think the guy on the other side is your father’s lawyer, Joe something his name is if memory serves correct.” Book answered. “Where do you think Umberto is?” Alex asked. “I suspect he is back there somewhere; probably some kind of guarded holding cell,” Book answered as he checked his watch. “Alex, put your phone in airplane mode. We don’t need to take any chances and piss off the judge.” Alex complied immediately. “It’s after eight o’clock,” Book said thinking out loud. Not a minute later, Book heard the bailiff closing the courtroom doors. One of the two bailiffs took a stand in front of the courtroom doors and the other to the right of the bench. Once the bailiffs were in position, a door opened on the left-hand side of the court and an officer stepped through. Behind him, Book saw Umberto step through, another officer right behind him. Umberto’s hands were cuffed and he was attired in a bright orange kind of jump suit. The guards led him to a chair on the defendant side of the court. As he waited for the guard to pull out the chair, he noticed Book and Alex sitting in the back of the courtroom. He glared at Book. If looks could kill, Book would be dead. He stood there glaring at Book until the guard grabbed his arm and made him sit down. The bailiff at the front of the court stepped forward and announced, “All rise; Honorable Jessica Murphy presiding.” As everyone stood in the courtroom a door opened and a woman dressed in a black robe stepped out and up behind the bench. She pulled the chair out, adjusted her robe and sat down. “Thank you, please be seated,” she calmly announced. As the session started, Umberto looked over his shoulder at Book and Alex. “It appears that your father is having a lot of feelings,” Book whispered softly. “Asshole!” Alex whispered back. * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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