Bookstore Fantasy


I drove by the bookstore three times, trying to get the courage to go in and take the first step in fulfilling my secret fantasy. I always wanted to be a cumslut. I imagined it, talked about it online, and jacked off to it; the only thing that was missing was doing it.

It’s not as hard to drive around with a butt plug in your ass as you might think. My cock grew hard every time I drove near the book store. I knew what goes on in there. The private booths in the back were known for the sexual escapades that take place there. I imagine being taken by one, two, even three guys. I imagine being forced to suck their big veined cocks down my throat. Stretching my virgin ass and making me cum.

On my third drive by, I pull in to the lot. It’s late, but it’s prime time at the store. I walk in and make my way to the back of the store. There are eight booths, and only the last one is not taken. I hear moans and groans from the first booth….it bahis siteleri sounded like they were having fun.

I slip a twenty into the slot, and a gay porno pops on the screen. Two black guys are violating a white guy. I sit on the bench, with my plug in my ass, just staring, wishing that the lucky bastard on the screen was me.

That’s when he walked in. I barely noticed he was there until he was standing next to me, my face next to his zipper. He was a large man, at least 6-6, and he said nothing. He dropped his pants, had no underwear on, and began to stroke his large soft cock that hung down his thigh. I had never seen a black cock in person before, let alone a cock so large.

My breath started to quicken as his cock grew. I was grinding on my imaginary cock in my ass, staring at this 9 inch cock only inches from my face. I hesitated to do anything but stare, and that’s when he took over, pushing his thick cock to my lips. My canlı bahis siteleri tongue reached out for the tip, and flicked it. It was moist with pre-cum, and it tasted good.

He grabbed the sides of my head and pushed his head into my mouth. I sucked on the massive helmet, trying to make my massive stranger happy. He groaned and pushed deeper, hitting the back of my mouth, then sliding almost all the way out of my mouth, then sliding to the beginning of my throat. Letting out a low groan, I expanded my jaw to take more in than I ever imagined I could.

Then he spoke to me for the first time. “Suck it bitch, suck it good!” I obeyed to the best of my ability, licking the head and his shaft down to his massive balls. His cock had control of me, and I loved it. Licking my way back to the head, I took more of his hard cock into my throat. He was using my mouth now, fucking it like I hoped he would fuck my ass.

My mouth traveled up canlı bahis and down his shaft, his hand firmly on the back of my head forcing more in on every stroke. My cock was rock hard, dripping in pre-cum as I rotated my ass on the plug in my ass. Then he stopped, and I knew what was coming next.

“Take em’ off bitch,” he said, only the second phrase he said to me all night. I did and he turned me over the bench, ass in the air. He laughed when he saw the large black plug in my ass “Mother fucker…I’m gonna tear this ass up!” The plug popped out and he replaced it with the tip of his cock. Pulling my ass cheeks apart, and using only his pre-cum as lube, his cock entered my ass in one hard push. Oh my god it felt good…so fucking good. Deeper on every stroke, my ass was his for the taking. I felt my cock twitch as he fucked me deep, and I came into his hand.

With his balls bouncing off of my balls, his breath quickened and I felt his hot cum bursting into my ass. Just then, he fed me my cum that was in his hand. I lapped it up like a grateful kitten and collapsed on the bench. When I finally got up, all I could see was the door slamming shut and he was gone.

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