Boots for C, Finale!


Boots for C, Finale!Upon returning to her apt she offered me a bottle of water while I waited for her to change for our playtime. As she handed it to me she gave my crotch a squeeze and said, “my, if you’re this hard just thinking about the boots, I can’t imagine what you’ll be when you see me in them.” Off she went to her bedroom while I waited, idly playing with myself through my slacks. I could the rustling of clothing, zippers, and finally she emerged. A black bra, the black leather mini skirt, black thigh highs, and boots. She came in the room and stood in the middle, turning around with her hands on her hips and posing her legs. I think she really liked the boots, too. She motioned for me to join her, and as I reached her she opened my zipper and removed my aching hard-on from my pants. She then led me, tool in hand, to her spare room where she did the massages, occasionally brushing me against the soft leather of her skirt.Once inside her room (very nice, tastefully decorated with candles, music, and a queen-sized bed) she began to undress me and hang up my clothes. She instructed me to stand still and let her do it. gaziemir escort As she removed my pants (leaving my boxers on) she stopped to give me a few teasing caresses and admire how aroused I was. Once undressed she sat on the foot of her bed, hands on her sides, and extended her legs out a bit and crossed her ankles. She now pointed down at her feet and taking my cue I went to my knees where I was finally able to touch, rub, smell and kiss her boots. They were magnificent. The leather, soft, supple, and rich with aroma, felt and tasted great. She placed her feet between my legs and said, “come closer” and she began to explore me with her booted feet. Being a newbie, she was careful with the heels and actually rather adept at manipulating me with them. She extended her leg and placed her toe beneath my balls and covered the shaft with the back of the ankle of the other boot, and I remained there slowly humping the leather pussy she’d created for me. After this she had me join her on the bed where she removed her bra and let her massive DDs free for me to explore. Laying next to each other gaziemir escort bayan I rubbed and licked them as she fondled me and ran her boots up and down between my legs, making me shiver in delight. Then she moved up to the head board and leaned against some pillows. She opened her legs wide and I could see that I was not the only one quite excited; her shaven pussy lips were clearly wet and protruding in a lustful display. She began playing with herself as I moved down and started licking from the toe of one of her boots. This is where the memory of the bottom view came in, as she lifted her leg and told me to suck the heel. From there I kissed and sucked that beautiful instep and sucked the toe as well, eliciting a gasp or two from her when I get the pressure on her foot beneath. I began moving upwards, caressing her calf as I licked higher. Her other leg was now resting between me and I was able to drag the length of it as I worshiped her other boot. The pace of her self stimulation increased a bit as I reached her stocking and continued up. I paused briefly at the inside of her thigh, escort gaziemir sucking lightly until she put her fingers in my hair and directed my mouth to her open, soaking slit. She was fresh and extremely juicy and I took delight in pleasing her as she closed her legs a bit and placed her boots on my back, the heels prodding ever so gently on my ass. The smell of pussy and leather from her skirt was intoxicating and I continued licking until she had quite a powerful orgasm, unless she was able to fake squirting.She relaxed for a moment, a huge smile on her face, and said, “ok, your turn”. She grabbed her massage oil and flipped around on her side, her head near my waist and one boot on either side of my head. She slicked me up and began stroking me, her experienced hands creating exquisite sensations as I was engulfed in the sent, sight, taste and feel of those beautiful boots. She was talking quite dirty, about how hard and big I was, about how sexy my mouth felt on her boots. She continued stroking and teasing, then switched to fully on her side so could lay across me and massage me with her massive tits. As moved my cock between those shiny orbs of flesh I resumed licking her boots and squeezing her legs and feet through them. Soon she quickened her pace and said she wanted me to cum all over her DDs, and it was only a few strokes more until she completely drained me, rubbing the hot cum on her nipples.

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