Boss’sMy life was rocking. I had a new hot girlfriend, a new job, and a nice place to live. My girlfriend was a sexy little number that loved to fuck. At times I thought she was a nymphomaniac, all she wanted was to fuck. As soon as I walked in the door, she would be all over me to get at my cock. Even if she had dinner ready, she wanted to fuck before I would get to eat dinner. It was great most of the time, but there were times when I did not want to stick my cock in her before doing something else.Every single evening, she wanted to suck my cock hard then have me fuck her. She loved when I licked her wet pussy and could have multiple orgasms. Often when I licked her pussy, she would cum all over my face, then hold me in place between her legs to telling me to bring her another orgasm. After that she always wanted to feel my cock in her. Even after a year together, she would wake me up by sucking my cock in the middle of the night, or I would wake up when she straddled me and rode my hard cock. She was on the pill, so we ran little risk of getting pregnant. Lucy was well trained and had a hard body, not much fat anywhere. Her breast were pretty small, but with nice big nipples. I love big nipples!My job was with a successful company, I reported straight into the CEO and had weekly meetings with him. We got pretty close, because it was a fair amount of travel in my work. I worked in the finance department doing a lot of research for the CEO and CFO. I had been invited to the CEO’s house for dinner a couple of times and Lucy would often come with me. CEO was Frank, a 50 year old out of shape man. His wife was Pat, a large woman with an appetite for life. She drove nice cars, hold fancy dinners, went to the theater, and traveled a lot.The rumor had it, that Frank had worked at the company and that Pat who owned it had taken a liking to Frank, so she married him and made him CEO. He had done a very good job, because the company had tripled in size since he took over as CEO. Frank called me into the office one day to discuss a trip we had planned, he told me that it had been extended and that we would be on the road for at least two full weeks. There was a couple of visits to some of our offices and then we had to attend some financial conference. He ask if I was ok with this and I told him I would be fine with it. He asked if Lucy would be fine or if he should get her a ticket to come with us. Lucy had plans with some work and some parties, so she would not like to go. She had gone an a trip before and said it was boring to sit in the hotel to wait for me to come home and fuck her. She said that she much rather stayed home with her big dildo so she could fuck herself with that and then live her normal life. We did not live together, so that might be one reason why she thought it would be nicer to be at her place when I was gone.I knew that I would miss Lucy and all the awesome sex we had several times daily. It had been a long time since I did not had sex for at least 12 hours. So it would be interesting to see how I would handle this sexless period on the road.Frank always demanded a lot of work when we were on the road, he was kind of a workaholic and expected everyone around him to work just as much. We met at the airport and to my surprise Pat was there with her bags packed. She told Frank to upgrade our seats to First Class. Nice since we always road Economy Class for company trips. We were going overseas so I really like the fact that we could get some rest on the way out there.We got our seats on the upper deck of the 747, as it turned out it was a pretty empty flight so there were only a couple of other passengers on the upper deck. They were young business execs and started to talk business before the flight even took off.Pat ordered us drinks and we sat away from the other people. I carefully asked why Pat had decided to join us on this trip, she smiled and say it was to keep an eye on me so that I would behave when we would be on the road for so long. She did not want Lucy to worry about me finding some slut to have sex with during this long trip. We all laughed at her joke and Frank said that she like to come along to this conference once in awhile. Pat was the Chairman of the Board, so she was clearly still very involved with the company. Pat told me that she would make sure that Frank did not overwork me, since she knew how much he worked and wanted everyone else around him to work as much. With a warm smile she told me that she would ataşehir escort take me out for dinner when he worked some of the evenings. Pat told us that she had reservations at one of the most fancy hotels in town and that she had gotten a suite with three bedrooms. She told me that she most often had her own bedroom when they traveled so that Frank could work as late as he wanted without disturbing her. She said that she needed a lot of beauty sleep….We drank a lot of alcohol during the trip, so when we landed we all felt less rested than I had hoped for. The hotel was really nice and I had never stayed in such a nice place. My room was huge, with a sitting area, huge king size bed, and even a full 50 inch TV. Between each of the bedrooms were a very large living room with all amenities for entertaining large groups.Frank went straight into his bedroom and set up his “office”. Pat called me to her room, she wanted to show me the Master Suite bedroom. I thought my room was huge, it was small compared to this. This suite was almost as big as my house back home. In the bathroom was a huge Jacuzzi with room for 8 people. It also had a shower with 8 shower heads. I could not help myself, so I laughed and asked what else anyone could ask for. Pat smiled at me and told me that the only thing missing in here was a hard cock for her to ride on…. I blushed at her comment and did not know what to say. She laughed and said it was a joke. She asked if she had offended me with her joke? I told her it was fine, I was a bit surprised by her language and how she had said it. She told me to relax, don’t be so uptight. Just because she was my boss’s wife it did not mean that she couldn’t act like normal people. I did not correct her to tell her that normal people did not talk about hard cocks to ride on…..Pat told me that she had reservations at a restaurant in the hotel and that I should get ready for dinner, then she turned around and started to get undressed. I hurried out of the room and went into my room so shower and get ready. When I stood in the shower and washing myself with a slippery washcloth, I thought about Pat’s way to undress right in front of me and how big her tits had been when she lowered her dress. My girlfriend was a skinny little thing compared to this woman. Pat had huge breast, wide hips, and a big ass. I wondered how often Frank and Pat had sex. I had never been attracted to big women, but I felt a tingle in my cock when I was thinking about Pat. I quickly washed off and got ready for the dinner. Frank and Pat was having drinks when I got out of my room. Pat asked what took so long? I told her I needed a shower after the flight. She came up to me with a drink and asked me quietly if I had needed a cold shower after I left her room.Dinner was very good. Pat ordered a couple of bottles of expensive wines and we finished every single drop. Frank looked very tired and worn out. We had a long hard schedule ahead of us the next week, so we had to get some rest. When we got up to the suite, Frank went into his bedroom, while Pat asked me to join her for a drink before bed. I felt pretty tipsy already and did not want to drink, but I did not feel that I could turn her down either.She poured us a couple of drinks as walked into her bedroom. I followed her and sat down next to her on the couch. I could see that she was a bit drunk as well. We chatted about the company and then got more personal. It was getting late and I really wanted to go to sleep. Pat told me to sit while she went to the toilet. I leaned back and relaxed. I could hear Pat behind me and when it took some time for her to join me at the couch, I turned and to see what she was doing. She had taken off her dress, her bra, and was putting on her night gown. Her back was turned to me, but I could still see her big tits from her side. I was wondering how it would feel to suck those babies and put my cock between them too.I turned away and played with my drink. Pat came and sat down next to me. She said it was so nice to have company and not just sit here alone with Frank working away in the other room. Except she told me that he was most likely was asleep by now.She told me that it was time for her to go to bed and leaned over and kissed me on my cheek. I told her that I had an awesome evening and that this could be the best trip ever. I fell quickly asleep when I got in bed. The next day was busy from early morning. We had a breakfast meeting to set the expectations for the day. pendik escort Frank was going to attend some different meetings than me, it looked like he might not be around for dinner. Pat told me to not worry, she would take care of dinner plans so I could concentrate on work.My day went by very quickly, lots of meetings and most of them went well.I got back to the hotel room after 6 PM. I could hear Pat humming in her bedroom. When she heard that I was there, she called out and asked me to come into her room. When I walked in she was half dressed, she was wearing some very nice and sexy bra with matching underwear. Nothing else on. She was not a bit concerned that she was more naked than dressed. I never thought a big woman could look so sexy. I could feel my cock reacting to the view. I realized that it was the first time in a very long time that I had not had sex for almost two days….Pat had a couple of dresses on the bed, she asked which one I liked the best. There was one that looked like it would not fit her, it was tiny and most likely it would show off her cleavage more than cover it. I told her that the red dress looked good. She smiled and then laughed, you are a naughty young man she said. This dress is a slut dress, it tells the world – Cum and fuck me dress… I was stunned by her comment.She picked up the dress and started to put it on. I was right, it was very tight on her, but she looked so good in it. She asked me to zip up the back. I walked up behind her and could see how tight the front was when she put the dress together so that I could zip it up. Her big tits were pushing their way out of the bra. The dress was so tight that I could see the outline of both her bra and her underwear. She looked at me and asked what I was thinking. I told her she looked stunning and that she looked good enough to eat. She looked in the mirror. She reached under her dress and started to pull of her panties, she said they were not looking good when showing under the dress. She pulled them off and did not make any attempt to put anything else on under her dress. She was going to walk out of there without any panties.She came up to me and hugged me. She said it felt so good with a little breeze on your pussy. While hugging me, she said that I looked so good that her panties might be wet soon if she had them on so it was better to leave them off. She reached around my back and grabbed my ass, then she pulled herself closer to me. I felt her hug breast into my body. My cock did react and started to harden. Pat let go a little bit and then put her hand over the front of my pants. No doubt that she could feel my cock. She smiled and asked if her dress caused this, then gave my cock a little squeeze.She pulled away and told me that she had made reservations at one of the restaurants in the hotel and that we should get down there.I was afraid to walk out of the room with a hard on and a sexy lady that did not have panties on. We got in the empty elevator, Pat turned to me and asked if I ever had fucked in an elevator. I laughed and said no. She took my hand and put it under her dress, I felt her pussy lips and then she pushed my hand deeper. I could feel that she was wet. She said, – If you behave nicely at dinner, maybe you get lucky in the elevator back to the room….Dinner was great, we got a private booth and sat on the same side. Pat was behaving like nothing happened a couple of minutes before. We had a dinner with several courses and a couple of different bottles of wine. I could really feel the alcohol taking effect on my body. I started to relax and started to ask intimate questions to Pat. She laughed like a teenage girl and told me that I was so easy to seduce. She said that she could not wait to get up to the room and let me lick her wet pussy. She reached out and placed my hand between her fat thighs. She opened up so that I could reach in and feel her wet lips. Pat reached over and kissed me. I was so horny that I did not care that this woman was at least 20 years my senior and not a young slim hot chick that I normally would get horny for. Pat called over the waiter, without removing my hand from her pussy, and told him to bring the check. Then she got back to kissing me. We got into the elevator and there was another man joining us. Pat did not care that he was standing in front of us. She rubbed my cock and started to unzip my pants. Then she turned her back to me and lifted her dress so that I could feel her ass. She grabbed my cock kadıköy escort and put it between her ass cheeks. The elevator stopped at the next floor and the man walked out, he stopped outside and turned. He looked at us and told us to have fun! Then the doors closed. Pat leaned forward and pushed her ass towards me. I grabbed my cock and found her wet opening. It was like cutting butter with a hot knife, my cock started to slide in very easily. She was tight, so there was good resistance. My cock is a good size cock, so it took a couple of thrusts before I was fully inserted in her. I grabbed her hips and started to thrust. She moaned and told me she really enjoyed “having” me on this trip.When the elevator stopped she stood up straight and I popped out. She started to walk towards our suite. I did not even put my cock back in my pants, I followed her like a little puppy. A very horny puppy!As soon as she got in, she walked up to the couch and laid back, spread her legs and told me to put my cock back where it belonged! When I got close the couch, she said that I first needed to finish my dessert. She spread her pussy lips and told me to enjoy my dessert. She did not have to ask me twice for the chance to lick her wet pussy. She grabbed the back of my head and pushed my mouth to her slit, I ran my tongue up and down, tasting her wetness before finally settling on her clitoris. I played it like a little pebble in my mouth. I flicked with my tongue and then sucked it hard. She must have been very turned on, because it did not take her long to reach climax. I did not want to stop sucking this pussy, she tasted wonderful, so she had to force me to cum up to her face. The unzipped my pants and let them fall to the floor. Then she gave my cock a few strokes and told me to enter her. I put my head at her opening and pushed in. She was wet and still very tight. Her thick thighs lay wide open and I grabbed a hold of her and thrust hard. She grunted each time I hit bottom. She was all smiles and said it was the best decision she had taken in a long time when she decided to come along on this trip. I told her I was too turned on and that I could not hold back much longer. She calmly looked in my eyes and asked when I ejaculated last time. I told her not since the morning before when I left the house. She asked to fill her up with my cum. I did not hesitate to let go in her, how could I even dream of pulling out when I fit so good in this tight pussy. I can cum a lot and today was no different. I told her I was cuming, felt my first hot stream of my cum hit her cervix as I plunged as deep as I could in her. She arched back when she felt it hit her insides. She cried out in pain when my cock hit her cervix hard and at the same time pumped a jet stream of hot cum right into her cervix. She grunted that I sure knew how to fuck. She told me to forget leaving this room until the flight home! She was going to fuck me until I could not walk any longer. I told her I thought it would be the other way, she would not walk after I was done with her.I found out the next morning when I woke up in her bed that she was serious about me not leaving the hotel room. She called Frank and told him that she needed me for the day and that he had to attend all meeting by himself. There was not even a question from him to why I could not come. I guess he knew what his wife was doing.She called room service and ordered breakfast. When she hung up, she said she got breakfast for us so that I would get enough energy to fuck her all day. She pulled back the sheet and told me to give her oral pleasure before the breakfast arrived. This woman was horny!I licked and sucked her until she got her first climax of the day. She told me to lay back and then straddled my cock and started to ride it. There was a knock on the door, without stopping she called out and told the person to bring in the breakfast into the bedroom. She pulled up the sheet around her, but still kept riding my cock. When the maid arrived she stopped moving and sat still on top of me with my hard cock buried in her pussy. The maid looked at us and smiled. Pat asked if she was offended by our little play here? The maid smiled and said she loved that kind of play. Pat threw off the sheet and started to ride me again. Pat waved the maid over as she finished setting up the breakfast. Pat told her that I had the best cock and that we would stay here and play all day. She lifted up enough for the maid to get a good look at my big cock. Pat told her that she would be welcome to come and play after her shift if she wanted to. The maid smiled and said she never slept with guests, but she had never seen such a huge cock and might just come to try it….

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