Subject: Boy From The Shed – Chapter 17 Thank you for taking time to look at my story “Boy From The Shed” This is my first story with sexual content, it is all loving and gentle. If intergenerational themes are not for you, then you may not like this story. This is a work of fiction. �. If you do like it I would love to hear from you, you can email me at: sparky.story@protonmail Please help support , they provide us with a wonderful resource and they rely on donations to keep the site running fty/donate.html I have created a small WordPress site to accompany the story. It contains location information of places we visit in the story, there is also a character list and random pictures of stuff I refer to in the story. It will be an ongoing project!! ess/ Thank you to everyone who has emailed, it has been great talking to the readers and some authors. If you like let me!! take care and stay safe Sparky Boy From The Shed – Chapter 17 By Sparky Wednesday morning Mike woke to find a tiny bundle of love laying next to him, he smiled as his eyes focused on Timmy’s little cherub face. He reached out with his hand and stroked the face of the boy he had become so taken with, he’d risked getting into trouble at work to help. Timmy stirred from the warm hand on his little face and turned to see Mike, he shuffled over and climbed on top of Mike laying down chest to chest with his favourite nurse and the man who was thinking of now as his father. “Hey Timmy” Mike said quietly “Hi daddy” Timmy said instinctively Mike’s heart swelled and emotions flooded his body as he heard this wonderful little boy call him daddy “Hi son” he croaked out trying not to cry Timmy hugged Mike harder at being called son, it was what he wanted more than anything in the world, a loving daddy, but not just any loving daddy he wanted Mike. They lay there for a few more minutes before the need to pee was too much for Mike and he picked up Timmy and they went to the bathroom together, father and son pee’d side by side just enjoying being close to each other. Mike sent Timmy to wake the other boys while he showered quickly, he would have loved to take Timmy into the shower with him and bond some more, but Timmy would have to be creamed up again and that would take too much time. Timmy ran off to wake Tanner and Jacob. He woke the boys as gently as an excited seven year old can and then ran back to bed to snuggle with Leo. A few minutes later Jacob came in to snuggle with Leo too. “Is Tanner awake?” Leo asked surprised not to see Tanner come in with Jacob “Yeah… but he’s just laying there” Jacob said Leo thought about yesterday when Tanner was alone with Timmy thinking. He felt it was now time to intervene and see what’s going on. Mike had now returned and was dressing as he asked him to take Timmy and Jacob down and give them breakfast while he talked to Tanner. “Is he OK?” Mike asked concerned “Don’t know… he seemed to have a lot on his mind yesterday” “Regrets?” Mike asked worried “No… it’s not that… you saw he was OK with us last night… it’s something else” Leo assured Mike Mike relaxed and asked Leo to let him know as soon as he could, then took the boys down for breakfast. Leo got up and on some sweat pants on and went into the boys room. He climbed into the bed with Tanner, propping himself up against the head board. He pulled Tanner up into his lap and wrapped his arms around him and finally spoke. “Time to tell me what’s up son, if you haven’t worked it out by now then let me help you” Leo said with love Tanner burst into tears and Leo comforted his boy, he gently rocked him and told him it would be alright. “Come on Tanner… tell me what’s going on in that beautiful little head of yours” “I…i…can’t stop thinking about him” Tanner said holding back the tears “Who Tanner…” Leo said wondering if there was a trauma in Tanner’s life they didn’t know about. When Tanner didn’t answer Leo started to worry more “Tanner… you can tell me anything… I’ll love you no matter what… so who can’t you stop thinking about?” he urged the shaking boy “Max…” Tanner cried as the tears started to fall again. Suddenly it all made sense to Leo, it wasn’t trauma that Tanner was experiencing it was love, he’d seen the clues and missed them. Tanner always wanting to do stuff with Max, sitting, cuddling, chatting together and yesterday afternoon the time he spent exploring and loving Max’s little body. The way Tanner and Max snuggled before Martin took his son home and the look Tanner gave Martin as he pulled the boy away from the bed and him. Leo felt bad for not spotting it sooner but then it’s hard to spot something your not looking for or even expect. “Ohh Tanner… it’s OK… can you tell me how you feel about him?” Leo said stroking the boys hair “I don’t know…. I just want him here… with me” sniffled Tanner “I see… he makes you happy? “Yeah….” “And he makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside?” Tanner pulled back quickly and looked into Leo face “How… how you…” Tanner started to say before Leo continued “Because that’s how I feel about Mike” “Really?” “Yes Tanner… it’s called love… I love Mike… he makes me all gooey inside… and sometimes he makes me so happy I can’t breath… I can’t stop thinking about him… it’s love Tanner” “So… I love Max then… like you love Mike?” “Sounds like it… when I saw you yesterday with Max and you were taking your time exploring his body, I should have realised then, it wasn’t the same as when you play with the other boys?” “No… I wanted… more… I couldn’t stop touching him and when we snuggled I felt so… happy and good and warm” “You want him to be here now?” “Yes… I always want him with me” “Aww… Tanner you are one loved up little boy” Leo said kissing his head “Do you think Max loves me too?” Tanner asked nervously “Well he likes to spend all his time with you too… but the best thing to do is ask him, why don’t Max, you and me sit down alone later and find out… OK… it will all be fine” “OK… I just want him” Tanner said sniffling again “I know… we’ll talk to him later and sort it all out” erzincan escort Leo was trying not to make any promises, although having thought about Max he was thinking Max may well feel the same about Tanner. He smiled to himself when he thought about them being little boyfriends, like how he and Mike had been. After reassuring Tanner some more and the boy calming down having got it off his chest, Leo got him dressed for school and took him down for breakfast. Mike had already gone so he quickly text him. Tanner’s in love with Max, he’s OK now, will talk with him and Max later XXX He went back to the lounge to send Jacob and Timmy up to get dressed and found the two of them hugging Tanner, he was calm now and just enjoying his brother’s concern for him. With all of them dressed and Tanner finally back to normal the boys headed off to school, Leo gave Martin a call to discuss Max and Tanner and Martin was happy that Tanner had fallen in love with his son, as he was thinking that maybe his son was in love with Tanner. Max at his house talked about Tanner all the time, so much so that Martin had noticed. Leo asked what he thought about the two boys being boyfriends, Martin was happy for them but had concerns about Janice knowing. It was agreed to let the boys explore a relationship with each other. After school the boys came home and while the others did their homework Leo took little Timmy up for his bath. When the boy was clean and dry Leo carried him back down stairs to wait for others to finish their homework. Once they were done Leo had Jacob and Jason take Timmy upstairs and cream him up. Surprised Jacob agreed and went upstairs with Jason and Timmy. Leo sat Tanner and Max down on a sofa together and he sat himself down on the coffee table in front of them. “Max… Tanner and me had a talk this morning because he was upset…” Max looked at Tanner with concern “Why were you upset?” he asked “I…i… was thinking about you” Tanner said quietly “I made you sad?” Max asked hurt, Tanner froze not knowing how to answer “No Max… you don’t make Tanner sad… you make him happy… very happy” “Ohh…OK…” Max said confused “He loves you” Leo said “I know that!” Max replied putting his hand on tanners knee “I know you do Max… but he loves you more than just a brother… he loves you like i love Mike… like a boyfriend…” Leo looked to gauge Max’s response “Ohhh… that’s cool… I think I love him like that too” Max said after some thought. “Really…” Tanner gasped “Yeah… I think so… like I miss you more than the others when I’m not here… and like I think about you like a lot” Max giggled “I can’t stop thinking about you too!” Tanner added excited “And I like it best when you do stuff to me…” Max added going red and a little shy “I like doing it with you best as well!” “So does this mean were like… boyfriends now?” asked Max nervously “If you want to be… I do” Tanner said with hope “Yeah… coz I definitely love you the most” “I love you the most too… boyfriend…” Tanner grinned “Ummm.. I like that… boyfriend” Leo listened and let them figure it out, he could not stop smiling though, his heart was filled with joy. Once the boys had reached a happy conclusion he asked them some questions just to confirm what they had decided. “So you two are now boyfriends?” “Yes” they replied “And you love each other?” “Yes” “Do you both want to still play with the other boys… with willys and stuff?” “I do… I still love my brothers” Tanner said looking at Max “Me too” Max smiled back at Tanner “OK then… are you ready to tell your brothers?” “Yes…”tanner said “Leo… should I tell my dad?” Max asked, Leo leaned forward and ruffled Max’s hair “He already knows… so yes tell him when he comes to pick you up” “What!… how does he know?” Max gasped “I talked to him earlier and told him about Tanner being in love with you and he said he thought you were probably in love with Tanner and he’s very happy about it” Leo said smiling reassuringly. “Cool… I’ll tell him later then” “So lets go and see what your brothers are up to and you can tell them your good news” “OK.. lets go” Max said jumping up of the sofa Tanner got up too as Max pulled him up from sitting down, then they paused looking at each other, moments passed as they starred into each others eyes, then Tanner leaned forward and kissed Max on the lips. Max reached around Tanner and pulled him close as the two boys kissed for the first time as boyfriends. Leo watched quietly as the two held each other, lips locked together. When they stopped kissing they grinned at each other and giggled. “Come on… lets go talk to your brothers” Leo said pushing the towards the stairs. Laughing at how cute they were. Once they got to the bedroom they found Timmy all shiny and well creamed up laying on his back his dick red and semi hard, clearly he’d had a happy ending to his creaming. However what really caught Leo, Tanner and Max’s attention was what Jacob and Jason were doing. Jason was laying face down legs together while Jacob was over the top of him his legs either side of Jason’s, he was sliding his well creamed up boner up and down Jason’s creamed up but crack. Jacob was really humping away on Jason as he made moans of pleasure, Jason too seemed to be enjoying it as he let out moans as well. This was however what Leo had told Jacob and Tanner not to do without talking to them first. He was for the first time a little disappointed in Jacob, he knew the boy probably just got carried away, but he would have had to get Jason on board and creamed up the boys crack, so he did at least have time to think about what he wanted to do. However now was not the time to chastise Jacob as this was Tanner and Max’s moment, to declare their love. Leo walked around the bed and lifted Jacob off Jason and sat him down on the bed. “Tanner and Max have something they want to tell you guy’s” Leo said smiling, trying to cover up his annoyance with Jacob. Jason turned over and sat up and soon all eyes were on the little boyfriends. “Me and Max are boyfriend now… we love each erzurum escort other” Tanner said smiling happily “Wow…really?” asked Jacob, forgetting his disappointment at being removed from Jason’s lovely warm butt crack. “Yep… but we still want to play around with you guys” Max said “Cool” Jacob simply said and climbed off the bed to hug Tanner and Max. “You still love us though?” Jason asked “They love you and Jacob and Timmy like brothers, and they love each other like boyfriends, like me and Mike do. But me and Mike still love you though don’t we?” “Yes..” Jason replied as Leo picked him up and hugged him “And so they still have lots of love for you too” Leo said putting Jason down in front of Tanner and Max. Jason was wrapped in the loving arms of Tanner and Max who reassured him they loved him. Timmy didn’t really understand, he knew all the boys and the dads loved him and that was all that mattered. Time was moving on and Martin would be here soon, the boys had all talked about how cool it was that Tanner and Max were boyfriends, and Leo had told them all it was a private thing and not to be talked about outside the house. The boys understood as they did all the other private stuff. Leo got Timmy dressed giving him lots of tickles as he was doing it. Jason and Max got themselves dressed and they all went back downstairs. As soon as Martin arrived Max ran up and hugged him and told his dad that Tanner was his boyfriend. Martin kissed his boy and told him he was happy for him and then hugged Tanner as well. After a quick chat Martin left with the boys leaving Leo alone with Tanner and Jacob. After a few minutes Jacob could sense that Leo was not happy with him and he knew why. He had gotten carried away with Jason, he didn’t mean too but he had. As they sat watching TV together, Tanner on Leo’s lap snuggled in feeling very happy, Jacob broke down and started crying. Leo was going to talk to Mike and get Mike to talk to Jacob, but now it couldn’t wait. He was annoyed with himself for not hiding his annoyance with Jacob better and now his son was distressed. “Come here” Leo said calmly as he lifted Tanner off his lap and sat him next to him. Jacob got up and slowly walked over and stood in front of Leo. He was full on crying now and shaking. Leo reached out and pulled Jacob on to his lap wrapping his arm around him and hugging him tight. “Sorry” Jacob squeezed out between sobs “I know you are buddy… so calm down… just promise me you’ll try to do better” “I….i…promise” Jacob stuttered “OK… lets forget about it now I still love you and we all make mistakes” “What did he do?” Tanner asked confused “Bum stuff with Jason” Leo said “Ohhh….OK” “But he’s sorry and I’ve forgiven him, so its over now” “Sorry” Jacob said again “It’s OK now Jacob don’t worry about it any more” Jacob started to relax realising that Leo wasn’t going to reject him and had stopped crying. Tanner had come closer and was sat in Leo’s lap as well hugging Jacob. They started to get too heavy for Leo so he had them help him with the dinner. It distracted them enough for Jacob to properly calm down and forget he’d been naughty. Leo felt guilty, he had never wanted Jacob to be upset, he just wanted him to stick to the boundaries that he and Mike had set to protect the boys. It broke his heart to see Jacob that distressed and knew he would have to do better when it came reprimanding the boys. When Mike got home Leo told him what had happened in the kitchen while the boys were in the lounge, Mike assured Leo there was no way he could have known Jacob would get so upset as they had never had that situation before. After dinner Mike took Jacob upstairs not to tell him off but to assure him that he was loved and always will be and not to worry so much when he was in trouble. Tanner was sat with Leo and was thinking about Jacob. “He can still do the bum stuff with me though?” he asked out of the blue “Err… yeah with you is fine” Leo said “Cool coz I like it when he put his willy in my bum” Tanner said happily Leo knew Tanner meant between his bum cheeks, not actual penetration, but it still made him smile. “I know you do son, I’ve seen your face when he does it” Leo said giggling “What…?” Tanner asked amused “It’s the same face Mike makes when I do it to him” “Sooo… can we do it tonight… like with you guys there?” Tanner asked sheepishly “Yes if you want to” Leo told him “And will you guys do it at the same time?” “Ohh god yes” Leo said lustfully deliberately making Tanner laugh, “Your so funny!” Tanner laughed “You too little man… come on lets go see if Mike and Jacob are done talking and if they are and they want to we can play around and have fun” Leo said picking Tanner up and holding him close. Tanner buried his head into Leo’s neck and said, “Love you dad” “Love you too son” Leo carried Tanner upstairs and found Mike with Jacob snuggled up on the bed. Leo sat Tanner down on the bed and then sat himself next to Mike. He reached out and gently stroked Jacobs back causing the boy to look at him, “Love you” Leo simply said “Love you too daddy” Jacob replied smiling. Leo could see that Jacob was now fine so pulled Tanner onto his lap, “Jacob…. Tanner has something to ask you” Leo said smiling and Jacob looked at Tanner, “Jacob… could you rub your willy in my butt please” Tanner asked sweetly, “Really?” asked Jacob “Yeah… coz I really like it when you do that… and daddy says he’ll do it with dad too” Tanner grinned, Mike looked to Leo and smirked, then nodded to Jacob. “OK… can we use the cream coz that felt really good earlier” then Jacobs face dropped as he remembered he’d been naughty when he had done it before. Mike caught Jacobs reaction and told him, “It’s OK Jacob… all is forgiven and yes you can use the cream… come lets get you started” Mike placed Jacob on the bed and got up to get the cream, Leo laid Tanner down so there was enough room for the daddies to make love at the same time. “Jacob, would you let Tanner do it to you after your done?” Leo asked Jacob instantly said “yes” and grinned “Tanner would you esat escort like to have ago with Jacob after?” Leo continued “If Jacob doesn’t mind… yes” “Of course I don’t mind silly… I love you you know” Tanner knelt up quickly and hugged Jacob, after a quick kiss he laid down again and waited for Jacob wiggling his pert little butt making his brother laugh. Leo stood up and removed his clothes letting his straining boner free while Mike now naked too lubed up Tanner’s now still bum crack with Timmy’s skin cream. Tanner squirmed a bit and moaned with pleasure as Mike pushed deep into his cute little bum making sure he was well coated. Leo sat down and pulled the naked Jacob onto his equally naked lap, his daddy cock resting against Jacobs thigh as the boy sat sideways to Leo. His daddy gently rubbed cream into Jacobs rock hard boy boner and offered words of advice. “It’s not a race son, so take your time… try not to bounce too hard on Tanner you don’t want to hurt him… slide it around slowly and enjoy the feelings and Tanner will enjoy it too… lastly talk to Tanner while your doing it, ask if he likes it or tell him you love him…OK?” “OK daddy… I will” Jacob said grinning as he idly played with Leo’s dick. Mike was now done with Tanner and was lubing his own bum up ready to have Leo make love to him while their sons made love to each other. “Go on then… ask him if he’s ready” Leo suggested to Jacob “Are you ready Tanner?” the boys asked resting his head down next to his brothers “Yes… go for it!” Tanner replied getting another kiss from Jacob. Leo watched the boys intently as he himself worked his fingers into Mike man hole to prepare him for Leo’s cock. Jacob straddled Tanner’s legs and lined his little boy boner up with his brothers butt crack and gently lowered down gyrating his hips as his small but beautiful willy pushed in between his brothers cheeks. He slowly found his pace and Leo concentrated on Mike’s welcoming love tunnel. Mike was ready, on all fours doggy style and Leo told him he loved him and slowly pushed his throbbing cock deep into his love. Mike moaned with pleasure as Leo made love to his sensitive rear, Leo held onto Mike’s hips as he thrust passionately sending waves of pleasure through them both. After a short time Tanner found his dick was getting squished under him and he slowly lifted his hips a bit to raise his trapped boner off the bed. He saw that Mike looked much more comfortable so raised up more to match his dad, Jacob allowed him to move and kept going at the same time. He loved the feeling of his warm and wet willy gripped by his brother bum cheeks and thrust happily behind Tanner. Tanner was also excited and enjoying the intimate moment with his brother, he felt like they were connected in a special way. He could hear Jacobs moans and knew his brother was really happy, as was he. All of a sudden Tanner gasped loudly and Jacob stopped moving, “Jacob!…” Tanner gasped again “I know…!…..DAD!” Jacob shouted finally getting Leo’s attention, Leo looked over and saw that the boys had stopped and Tanner was not laying down any more and was almost on all fours like Mike. He could see Jacob looked a little scared and started to realise what had happened, “Sorry dad I didn’t mean to… it just slipped in” Jacob said worried, Leo stopped making love to Mike and moved closer to Jacob and Tanner , “It’s OK Jacob…. just hold still for a minute…OK?” Leo said stroking the boys bare back to reassure him, Leo bent down to Tanner and asked him if he was OK, “Yeah… it’s OK now…” Tanner said looking flushed but grinning, “OK… well he’s in now so you want him to carry on like me and Mike?” “Yeah… it was like a shock at first but now it feels nice” Mike hearing all this had gotten up and was next to Jacob giving him new advice. “Hold his hips and push slowly in and out, try not to let your willy slip out though” Mike guided Jacobs movements with his hands pushing in and out of Tanner, Leo watched Tanner’s reactions and was happy his son was enjoying it now. Mike added a bit extra cream to Tanner’s bum hole with Jacobs cock still inside. The sight of his sons dick in his other sons hole not only excited Mike but also Leo. Mike resumed his position now that the boys were happy again and Leo resumed making love to him, however now both dads were really horned up and Leo went to town on Mike’s arse. Mike was moaning loudly as was Tanner, while Leo grunted and told Mike he loved him and how wonderful his arse was. Jacob was too lost in his own pleasure to say much and rode Tanner with care getting used to the new feeling and sensations. The warm tight grip around his boner was like nothing he had felt before and he liked it. Finally it all became too much for Jacob’s inexperienced body and his orgasm hit hard, with a loud “ahh!!” he he froze in place connected to his brother and then slumped down on Tanner’s back. That was it for Leo to as he came at the sight of Jacob climaxing. Mike lost it seconds later as Leo flooded his hole with cum and shot his load on the towel under him. Leo quick to recover lifted Jacob from Tanner’s back, his dick having already slipped out, and laid his son down next to Tanner. Before Tanner could moved he checked his bum to make sure there was no damage from his first anal experience. He was fine, so Leo let him lie down next to Jacob. They all took a few minutes to catch their breaths and gather their thoughts, Leo finally asked the boys, “How was it?” “It was totally awesome!!” Jacob said excited, he then looked at Tanner with concern and asked “Was it OK for you Tanner?” Tanner smiled at Jacob and rolled over to hug him, “It was the best brother” Tanner enthused all loved up. “Your the best… brother” Jacob said emotionally “you want to do me now?” “Not today OK… too tired now… is tomorrow alright?” “Of course, when ever you want… brother” Jacob replied and hugged and kissed Tanner. Mike and Leo watched the boys talking and kissed each other, the love they all felt, heightened by the sharing of each others bodies. They let the boys cuddle for a bit and then cleaned them up. It had been a long and emotional day, but it had ended unexpectedly well. Finally Jacob snuggled with Mike and Tanner cuddled up to Leo and they fell asleep, happy and contented. Chapter 18 soon! Thanks for reading and I hope you liked it. Sparky

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