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Take care and stay safe Sparky Boy From The Shed – Chapter 25 By Sparky Mike saw Tina and Jason crying on his door step and panicked, “Come in… what’s wrong?” he gabbled, “Bob has gone missing” Tina said pushing past Mike dragging Jason with her. Mike looked around outside the door to look for anything suspicious, he couldn’t see anything so he closed the door and joined Tina, Jason and Leo in the lounge. Leo was holding Tina who was shaking and crying. Mike picked up Jason and sat him on his lap and hugged him. “Tina… what’s going on?” Leo asked softly, “Bob’s gone missing… he was put in a bail hostel… and they couldn’t find him tonight… they called me to warn me” Tina managed to explain while calming down. “Ok.. I understand… your safe now… he won’t find you here” Leo told her gently, “And you will be staying here till he is found” Mike added, Jacob suddenly appeared at the lounge door way, he looked and saw Jason crying and ran over to him and hugged him. Tina smiled for the first time when she saw Jacob hugging her son, naked. Mike pulled away from Jason so he could look at the boys face, “You know you are safe now?” he asked, “Yeah” Jason replied much calmer, “Ok… why don’t you go up to bed with Jacob” Mike suggested, “Ok” he replied, Jacob pulled Jason off Mike’s lap and held his hand as he led his boyfriend upstairs to bed. Tina again smiled as her son was led away, Leo continued to hold Tina’s hand which had stopped shaking. She was still in shock but being safe with Leo and Mike was helping her get over it. “So you can have Tanner’s room as the boys are all in Jacob’s room” Leo told her, “Thank you… I didn’t know where else to go” Tina said, “You did the right thing coming here… you are always welcome here and we will keep you safe” Mike assured her. Tina went on to explain how she had gotten a call from the police to say Bob was missing and to be careful or stay with family. She had panicked and dragged Jason out of bed and got him in the car. That’s why he only had t-shirt and boxers on. “That’s more than he normally wears here!” Leo joked making Tina laugh, “Well I think that’s an all male house hold thing” Tina giggled, “Not sure if that will stop while your here” Mike chuckled, “I don’t mind… as long as we’re safe I can live with that” Tina said smiling, “Good..” Mike said, “That doesn’t mean you two can be all naked and stuff” Tina joked, They bantered back and forth for a bit till they were all getting sleepy. Tina was finally calm and knew she and Jason were safe, she thanked god that he had put Mike and Leo into her and Jason’s lives. Leo led Tina up to Tanner’s room and Mike got her some sweatpants and t-shirt for the morning. Mike said he would go with her and Martin to get more clothes in the morning. After giving Tina a hug Mike and Leo checked on the boys, who were sleeping and returned to bed. They were happy that Tina and Jason were safe but worried about Bob finding them still. Leo suggested that Mike be careful going to work and coming home, in case Bob was watching for him. They soon fell asleep nervous and a little worried. Friday morning arrived and Mike before getting out of bed called the hospital and told them he would be in late, he left a message for Tom too, telling him that Bob was missing. The call woke Leo up, he listened in for a moment then got up and put some sweatpants on. He went to pee before poking his head in Jacob and Timmy’s door to check on the boys. When he got back to the bedroom Mike was on the phone to Martin and asking him to come over. When Mike finished he explained to Leo, “Martin’s going to meet me and Tina at her house and we’ll grab what she needs, then he will bring her back here and I will go off to work” “Ok… sounds good, I’ll go wake Tina up and tell her… I’ll leave the boys to sleep” Leo replied, “Alright… gonna grab a quick shower and get ready” Mike said before giving Leo a kiss. Leo woke Tina and went downstairs to make coffee for her and Mike, she came down before Mike in the sweatpants and t-shirt Mike had given her, “Wow…looking good there!” Leo joked, “Yeah yeah.. laugh it up bum boy” Tina said joking, before she froze, “Sorry… was that too far?” she asked quickly, “No… it was perfect!” Leo grinned erzincan escort and hugged Tina, Leo gave her a mug of coffee and Mike showed up and drank his. Mike got a text from Martin to say he was outside Tina’s and there was no sign of Bob. Tina and Mike got into Mike’s car and drove to her house, they met Martin outside and they all went in and grabbed clothes and toiletries then packed them in Martin’s car. Mike hugged Tina and drove off in his car to work, Martin drove Tina back to Mike and Leo’s house. He helped carry in the stuff they had collected and had a coffee with Leo, after a hug. “You two are really close then?” Tina asked, “Yeah… Martin was my protector in college and has looked out for me ever since” Leo explained smiling, “Someone had too little man” Martin joked, Leo and Martin went on to talk about their lives as friends and Tina listened happily. She got to learn more about Mike and Leo and grew to love them even more. Martin had to head off to work, it was his last day at his current job and he had to wrap some things up. Shortly after Martin left while Leo and Tina were chatting in the lounge, the boys all came downstairs, of course they were all naked and Tina chuckled when she saw them. Jason ran to his mom and hugged her, Timmy ran to Leo and jumped into his lap and hugged him, Jacob and Tanner came over and hugged Leo too. “You boys want some breakfast?” Leo asked, “Yes please!” Timmy replied and the others nodded yes, Leo and Tina got the boys some cereal and they ate while watching cartoons on tv. Tina was happy to see the boys, including her own, looking so relaxed and comfortable. After a while the nudity just faded into the background and became normal. While Tina went to the toilet Leo mentioned to the boys about not playing with willys in front of Tina, “Yeah dad… we know!” Jacob stated rolling his eyes, Leo laughed and tickled his cheeky son. Jacob squealed and tried to get away. They was a knock on the front door and Leo got up to see who it was. John and Ben had arrived so Leo let them in and they walked into the lounge. They saw the boys and hugged them all, Timmy jumped into John arms and kissed his cheek. John set Timmy back down and he and Ben were just about to remove their clothes when Tina walked in. They stopped and stared at her while holding the bottoms of their t-shirts up, about to remove them. “John… Ben… this is Tina, Jason’s mum” Leo told them. They let go of their t-shirts and looked at the other boys who were naked and Tina. The surprise of there being a female in the house left them wondering what to do next. Leo saw this and laughed at them. Tina smiled at the boys too, realising they were about to undress before she walked in. “If you want to get nakey it’s fine with me” she assured them, The boys stood there nervously not knowing what to do, they wanted to get naked, but there was a women in the house…. “John and Ben.. why don’t you take Timmy up and bath him, then cream him up” Leo suggested to help the boys out. “Ok.. we can do that” John said and finally smiled, “Can we….” Ben started to ask, “Yes you can get in too” Leo interrupted, Timmy dragged John and Ben upstairs to have a bath while Leo explained to Tina that John and Ben like looking after Timmy. He explained about John’s past so she could better understand why the boy wanted to care for others. Tina smiled and said it was very sweet the way they cared for little Timmy. She was now understanding how the loving and open environment Mike and Leo had created was helping the boys grow and become good people. The freedom the boys enjoyed allowed them to flourish and become more confident in body and mind. After living in a controlling abusive home for so long with Bob, the relaxed freedom here made Tina feel good too. She wasn’t about to get naked like the boys, but she could enjoy the warmth and love this home had to offer. Tina watched Jason during the morning, the way he smiled, the way he spoke, the way he and his best friend cuddled up after lunch and watched a movie with the other boys. John and Ben had gotten used to Tina and after coming down with towels around their waists, when they had finished creaming Timmy up, they too now were comfortable to be naked in front of her. While Timmy snuggled with John, Tanner snuggled with Ben. Leo left the boys to go and work in his office, he was shortly joined by Tina who sat in a chair next to Leo. “You ok Tina?” Leo asked, “Yeah I’m good…..” replied unconvincingly, “But….?” Leo asked, “I don’t really know how to ask this” she replied, “Just say the words and I’ll do the rest!” Leo joked, “Jason and Jacob…are they… closer than friends?… it’s ok if they are… I’m just curious is all” Tina said blushing, Leo turned in his chair to face Tina, he knew one day this conversation would happen, he just didn’t expect it so soon. “Yes Tina… they are more than friends, they have found there is love between them and they are exploring it….maybe it’s a phase or puppy love… we don’t know… what we do know is that they are both very happy” Leo explained, “I’m good with it honestly!… it’s 2019 nothing erzurum escort wrong with boys being in love… and I can see how happy they are” Tina assured Leo, “It’s their story to tell, which is why we haven’t said anything to you… it’s important that they trust us so if they ever have any real problems, they will feel confident to come and ask us about stuff… now you have worked it out we can talk about it” Leo said smiling. “So my boy is in love?” she asked grinning, “Yep, and mine too!” Leo joked, “That’s so cute” “Yes it is… you wanna go tell them you know?… it will stop them worrying about it” Leo suggested, “Yes I’d like that… and Leo… thank you for helping us, for helping Jason… I know he loves you and Mike… I do too” Tina said with tears in her eyes, Leo got up and pulled Tina up into a hug, “We love him too… and you” They held each other till Tina composed herself and then with smiles they went in to the house to talk to the boys. They stood in the lounge and Leo paused the film, the boys all looked at Leo while still snuggled up. “Boys we have good news!” he prefaced what Tina was about to say, Tina knelt in front of Jason and Jacob and took hold of their little hands, “I’m very happy you two are boyfriends…” she said smiling at them. “Really?” Jason said shocked, “Yes… I love you Jason and if you love Jacob and he makes you happy, then I totally support you two…ok?” Tina assured them. Jason lifted his naked body up off Jacob from under the blanket and hugged his mom, Leo noticed Jason was a little bigger than normal but not fully erect, he wondered if Tina noticed it. Tina hugged her boy and opened her arms for Jacob to hug her as well. Jacob too a little plumper than normal hugged Tina and she held them tight. She gave each of them a kiss on the cheek and let them go. They sat back down and smiled at each other, Tina pulled the blanket over them and tucked them in. Leo smiled at them and went to the kitchen to get a coffee, Tina followed him and he made her one too, “They both seem very happy snuggled up” Tina said emphasising “very” and grinning, “Yeah that happens with boys” Leo laughed, “Yeah.. it’s not the first time I’ve seen him chubbed up” Tina laughed, “Probably not the last time either with you staying here” Leo joked, “I imagine not… first time I have seen another boy though!” Tina added smiling, “Yeah well in a house full of boys it’s kind of an occupational hazard” Leo laughed, “Does that go for you and Mike too?” Tina grinned, “Only if you are lucky” Leo bantered, “Ohh if only I was that lucky!” she bantered back laughing, “Well your luck seems to be improving lately” Leo smirked, “Yes it does… and thank you for that” Tina said seriously, “Your welcome honey” Leo kindly spoke, Leo gave Tina a hug and returned to his office. Tina joined the boys and watched the movie with them. Jacob sat with his back against Tina’s side and Jason sat in-between Jacob’s legs with his back laying on Jacob tummy. Tina draped her arm over the boys and rested her hand on Jason’s belly. It was soft and warm, she felt so happy to be sat there with her loving son and his boyfriend. When Jason started to bone up, she simply pulled the blanket over the boys and smiled at them. They all spent the afternoon relaxing while Leo worked in the office. Late afternoon Leo came back inside and started to make dinner, Tina came and helped him and the two worked together. John and Ben reluctantly got dressed and headed home after hugs with everyone including Tina. Mike arrived home safe after making sure he wasn’t followed and joined them in the kitchen. He hugged and kissed Leo and hugged Tina. “Tina knows about Jacob and Jason being boyfriends” Leo told him after a minute, “Really…and I assume your ok with it?” Mike asked her, “Yeah… totally!” Tina said smiling, “That’s good… they really love each other!” Mike said smiling too, “Yes they do.. I’ve seen it during the day… it’s really sweet…” she grinned, “They are cute together” Mike agreed, “Just like you two” Tina joked making the dads smile, “You won’t believe what she called me this morning….” Leo said and told Mike everything that had happened during the day. Mike laughed at Leo being called bum boy and laughed harder at Leo describing boy boners as an occupational hazard. It was nice to see Tina so relaxed and accepting of their somewhat unusual family and their antics. For her the love was what was important, love radiated around the house and she was happy to share that love, even if it was only till Bob was caught. The table was laid and dinner was served, the boys and adults ate while happily chatting about the upcoming Christmas. The boys were trying to guess what presents they would get or like and Leo and Mike kept refusing to tell them, knowing the bikes were in the garage just ten metres away from where they were sat. After dinner they all sat in the lounge and played Pictionary a charades inspired word guessing game where one team member draws a picture while the others have to guess what word the picture represents. The boys loved it as did the adults, they were esat escort shouting random words trying to guess the answer and celebrating wildly when they got it right. After an hour of playing Tina’s phone rang and she left the room to answer it, when she came back a few minutes later she sat down and Jason looked at her questioningly, “That was the authorities saying that your dad is still missing” Tina told her son, Jason jumped up from his seat and screamed, “HE’S NOT MY DAD!” his fists were balled and his face red with anger, Jason threw the pictionary drawing board across the room and it smashed against the wall. “DON’T EVER CALL HIM THAT AGAIN!” Jason ranted as he looked for more things to throw, Mike quickly got up and grabbed Jason into a hug whilst kneeling on the floor in front of the distressed boy. “It’s ok Jason… he’s not your dad any more… calm down now ok?” “He’s not my dad….” Jason protested as he started to cry, “I know Jason… we all know..” Mike comforted, Jason’s body was shaking as Mike held him tight, Tina came over and joined the hug. Leo was holding Timmy and telling him it was ok, that Jason was just upset and would be fine again soon. Timmy was a little scared but felt safe in Leo’s arms. Jacob didn’t know what to do so let Mike deal with Jason for the minute. As Jason sobbed he kept repeating that Bob wasn’t his dad. “I’m sorry son… I’ll never call him that again.. promise..ok?” Tina assured her son, Jason’s crying slowed down and the shaking stopped. Mike pulled away a little so he could wipe the boys eyes. He gave Jason a kiss on the head and told him gently to relax. Jason starred at Mike and said with tears in his eyes, “He’s not my dad, coz you are, your my daddy not him” he spoke softly, Mike hugged Jason tight again and looked to see Tina’s reaction, he thought she might have been surprised or something, but no, she was smiling and reached out her hand to stroke Jason’s head. He pulled back and looked at his mum when she called his name, “Jason honey… your right… Mike is your daddy now… and Leo too. You have two wonderful daddies” Tina said smiling reassuringly at Jason. Jason hugged Mike tight again and then his mum. “Sorry” he said quietly now that he had calmed down. “It’s ok honey… you needed to get that out of your system…” Tina beckoned Jacob over with her hand and he came over and joined the hug, Jason realising Jacob was there wrapped his arms around his boyfriend and held on tight. Tina looked at Mike who had tears in his eyes, she took hold of his hand and squeezed it. He looked at her and tried to smile. The love between Jason and Mike was very clear, Tina wanted Mike to be Jason’s dad and was happy for them to be father and son. They already seemed like that anyway. Timmy was doing fine in Leo’s arms, Leo was explaining what was going on simply and gently to him, Tanner had snuggled up to Leo as well and listened to what Leo said to his little brother. “Come on let’s sit down…” Tina said softly Mike got up and sat on the sofa and Jason rushed into his lap sitting sideways so Mike would cradle him. Jacob sat next to Mike and put Jason’s legs on his little lap, he gently stroked his boyfriends legs to try and comfort the boy he loved. Tina sat on the other side of Mike and gently rubbed Jason’s back. As Jason relaxed his thumb went into his mouth and he started to suck it. His free hand started to twizzle his hair as his body sought to comfort it’s self. Leo found a movie on Netflix and put it on, as they all relaxed and snuggled up. Mike was still absorbing all that had happened, Jason often called him dad but never with such force and emotion. Now with Tina’s blessing Jason was truly his son and he couldn’t be happier about that, but it hurt to see Jason so upset and reminded him that this normally happy little boy has a lifetime of issues buried deep inside him. Jason felt better about things now, he wanted nothing to do with Bob and wanted to hear nothing more about the man who had abused him his whole life. He was done with his past and wanted only to think about his future with the dad he should have had all along, Mike. It was starting to get late by the time the movie had ended, Jason had been asleep for a while now and so was Timmy. Leo took Tanner and Timmy up to bed, Mike followed carrying Jason while Jacob and Tina walked behind him. Leo placed Timmy on his bed and Tanner snuggled in behind his little brother. Tina thought that was cute. Mike went to place Jason in Jacob’s bed but the little boy woke and realised what Mike was doing, “No!” he whined sleepily, “What’s wrong?” Mike asked softly, “Sleep with you” Jason muttered, “Ok son…” Mike said looking at Tina, She smiled and nodded. She gave Jason a kiss and a hug while Mike held him still and after giving Mike a quick kiss on the cheek, she went off to bed in Tanner’s room. Mike carried Jason to his bed and laid him down and Jason crawled under the duvet, Jacob followed behind and snuggled up to Jason. Mike stripped off and slid into the bed and Jason cuddled up and wrapped an arm over his dad, Jacob spooned behind Jason and wrapped his arm over his boyfriend. Jason felt warm and safe between his boyfriend and his dad and soon fell back to sleep. Leo turned all the lights off and joined them in bed. With all four snuggled up they were all soon asleep. Chapter 26 soon! Thanks for reading and I hope you liked it. Sparky

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