Subject: Boy From The Shed – Chapter 30 Thank you for taking time to look at my story “Boy From The Shed” This is my first story with sexual content, it is all loving and gentle. If intergenerational themes are not for you, then you may not like this story. This is a work of fiction. �. If you do like it I would love to hear from you, you can email me at: sparky.story@protonmail Please help support , they provide us with a wonderful resource and they rely on donations to keep the site running fty/donate.html I have created a small WordPress site to accompany the story. It contains location information of places we visit in the story, there is also a character list and random pictures of stuff I refer to in the story. It will be an ongoing project!! ess/ The site has been updated with a little information about Camp Bastion and the house. Thank you to everyone who has emailed, it has been great talking to the readers and some authors. If you like it let me know!! Take care and stay safe Sparky Boy From The Shed – Chapter 30 By Sparky Mike woke up early as usual as he still had to go to work today, even though it was Christmas eve. The children’s ward never closed for holidays as there was always kids that needed to be in hospital and so for the nurses it was business as usual. Mike slipped out of bed and had a quick shower, he was as quiet as possible but still managed to wake Leo up. They had a quick coffee together downstairs and Mike left for work, Leo went back up to bed and snuggled into Tanner. His boy slowly woke up as he felt Leo slip back into bed behind him. Tanner felt Leo snuggle up and started to rub his butt into Leo’s dick, “Your awake then?” Leo whispered, “Ah ha” Tanner giggled quietly, Leo wrapped his arm over Tanner and his son guided it down to his little boy boner, Leo gently stroked the little dick with his fingers and Tanner moaned quietly. Soon Tanner turned to face Leo and reached down to hold his daddies willy, he ran his hand up and down Leo’s shaft gripping it gently. Now Leo moaned a little and took hold of Tanner’s boy boner and stroked it some more. Tanner slowly worked his way down Leo’s chest kissing it and rubbing his face on it, like Leo had done to him before. He held Leo’s erect dick in his hand as he brought his mouth to the tip of his daddies willy. He licked the tip a few times and then took Leo into his mouth. Leo moaned louder forgetting that Ben was in the bed next to them. Ben was still facing Leo and Tanner when he woke up to the sound of Leo moaning, at first he was confused and worried, he thought maybe Leo was in pain till he saw the the huge lump under the duvet at Leo’s groin. He knew having seen Timmy suck John what was happening and kept his eyes partly closed so he could watch. Tanner continued to suck on his dads dick and used his hand to feel Leo’s balls, Leo moaned again at the extra stimulus and his hands gripped the duvet as they balled up into fists. Leo’s mind floated away with pleasure as his son worked on his dick. Ben could no longer hide his curiosity, with his eyes wide open he scooted over to Leo kneeled beside Leo’s head, he tentatively reached out and tapped Leo on the shoulder. Leo’s eyes opened wide at Ben’s touch and stared at the boy, a little panic came over the dad as he remembered Ben had not seen this side of the family before, he worried that Ben might not like what was happening. But Ben’s smile helped ease those fears, “Sorry Ben didn’t mean to wake you” Leo said hoping to alert Tanner to Ben presence. Tanner stopped moving and waited, “Can I watch?” Ben asked surprising Leo, “You know what’s happening right?” Leo asked, “Yeah.. I guess that’s Tanner down there” Ben giggle pointing at the lump in the duvet. “Yes… are you sure your ok with this?” Leo asked concerned still, Ben smiled and leaned in to kiss Leo’s cheek, Leo was even more surprised. “I told you before… I am ok with my brothers doing sex stuff!” Ben said, “But this is with me” Leo said, “I know that silly… but I’m ok with that too… after Mike washed my willy in the bath, real good, I figured you lot probably do stuff together” Ben explained, “You are a clever boy Ben” Leo said smiling, Tanner came out from under the duvet and knelt next to Ben, his willy hard as rock, “Ben our dads love us and we do this coz we want to” Tanner told Ben, “I know that too silly… I know that they would never hurt us… so can I watch?” Ben said grinning, “Yes as long as your sure your ok with this” Leo said, “I am fine with this… I don’t want a boyfriend or anything like that… but I might still want to play” Ben said blushing, “Really?… I’d like to play with you… as my brother!” Tanner said excited, “Yeah… that’s what I’d like too… as brothers” Ben replied excited too. Leo just smiled and shook his head, it was too early in the morning for complex pre-teen logic and decided just to let the boys do what they wanted. Tanner smiled and stood up on his knees to hug Ben, Ben stood up on his knees and the two boys hugged, Leo saw that both boys were sporting erections which touched as they hugged. After a quick hug Tanner let his brother go and pulled the duvet off Leo and exposed his dads big boner. Ben had seen Leo’s dick before but not when it was hard, the boy scooted down to look closer as Tanner moved back down too. Tanner then gave Ben a tour of Leo’s cock and balls while Leo looked on amused. Tanner then took Leo’s dick back into his mouth and showed Ben how he liked to suck his dads willy. Leo saw Ben watching, “Ben… remember you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to… and if you want something then just ask…ok?” Leo said with his hand on Ben’s knee. “I know!” Ben said happily, As Tanner continued to suck on his dads dick, Ben started to touch Leo’s body, he felt Leo’s chest and tummy and stroked the short hair he found there, he then ran his fingers through Leo’s trimmed pubes. Tanner saw Ben getting closer and lifted off Leo’s willy, “You wanna touch it?” Tanner asked holding Leo’s dick. Ben reached lower and took hold of his first adult penis, he gently squeezed it, learning what it felt like and comparing it to his own. Tanner reached out again and rolled Leo’s foreskin back to show Ben what that looked like, Ben touched the sensitive head of Leo’s penis causing Leo to flinch and moan. Tanner moved between Leo’s legs and nudged Leo to open them. He showed Ben more of Leo’s body and Ben soaked it all up. Ben felt so special to be doing this with Leo and Tanner, he knew it was naughty but that made it even better, it was a secret for just their family, no one else. Ben held his dads erection as Tanner lowered his head and sucked on Leo’s dick. Ben held it still while Tanner moved his mouth around his dads penis licking it and sucking it from all sides, “You wanna have a go… we could do it together” Tanner suggested. Ben looked down at the big dick in his hand, after watching Tanner with it in his mouth and enjoying it he decided to give it a go. Tanner licked on one side of Leo’s willy while Ben licked on the other. The two boys tongues bathed Leo’s dick in licks and kisses, Ben felt more and more comfortable as he continued, till he finally took the tip of his dads penis in his mouth, he felt the warm wet head poke in through his lips and his tongue felt erzincan escort Leo’s foreskin touch it, he suckled on the end of Leo’s willy while Leo moaned quietly. He felt Tanner’s hand stroking his hair reassuringly and felt happy to share this exciting and loving moment with his dad and brother. Tanner leaned over to Ben’s head, “You want me to suck yours?” Tanner said softly, “Yeah…” Ben gasped as he took Leo’s dick from his mouth, Tanner wanted this to be special for Ben, it was his brothers first time doing this and he really wanted Ben to enjoy it. He rolled Ben on to his side with his right arm over Leo’s tummy and his butt on the bed, “You can still suck on dads dick if you want” Tanner said as he moved down to Ben’s boy boner, Ben gasped as Tanner took his brothers willy in his mouth, Ben held still and felt his dick being sucked and licked while in his brothers warm wet mouth, the sensations were new and it took a few moments for him to adapt to how his body felt. With Leo’s penis still in front of him he took his dads dick back into his mouth. Tanner sucked Ben as Ben sucked Leo, Leo moaned as Ben’s moans vibrated through his erect daddy dick. Leo reached down and lovingly stroked Ben’s hair as his boy brought him to the edge. “Tanner!… I’m gonna cum soon..” Leo gasped, Tanner got up and moved to Leo’s dick, he gently pulled Ben’s mouth off his dads willy, “He’s gonna cum soon” Tanner told his brother. Ben understood, having heard about cumming before, he lifted his head and grinned at Tanner, “You want him to shoot on you?” Tanner asked seeing Ben still in the firing line, “What’s it like?” Ben asked, “Funny… I like it!” Tanner said grinning too, “Ok… can he shoot on both of us?” Ben asked, Tanner quickly got on the other side of Leo and put his head next to Ben’s over Leo’s tummy, while continuing to wank Leo’s dick, he felt it spasming in his little hand and knew Leo was close, “Ready?…” Tanner asked smiling wildly, “Yeah…” Ben said lustily, Tanner wanked Leo faster and Ben took hold of Leo’s balls, that was the last straw for Leo and his balls let go, he shot load after load and moaned wildly. Tanner made sure to aim the spunk all over Ben and himself, he kept it away from their eyes but got it on their mouths, cheeks and chin. He aimed it lower and shot the cum on their chests as well. Ben giggled as the warm sperm covered his lower face and chest. He had never seen someone cum before and it was exciting. Tanner let go of his dads spent dick and looked at Ben and giggled too. Ben’s face looked funny with cum hanging off it. Both boys then looked at Leo and saw his eyes were closed and he was breathing heavy. They both moved up to Leo’s body and knelt either side of Leo’s chest and grinned at him, when he opened his eyes he smiled at them and pulled them down to hug them. He kissed them both, “That was amazing… thank you…” Leo panted, The boys hugged their dad tight as they cuddled up to him. After a minute Leo was recovered enough to move. He got up to his knees and moved the boys to lay side by side beneath him. He lowered his head and started to lick the cum off their bodies, he cleaned Tanner first then moved to Ben, while he licked Ben’s chest, Tanner leant over and licked Ben face clean. Ben loved the feeling of the tongues working on his body. “You ready for your tingles?” Leo asked Ben. “Yeah…” Ben replied huskily, Leo pulled Ben to lay flat and got between his legs, he leaned over Ben and started to kiss Ben’s cheeks and head. Ben grabbed Leo’s face and pulled him to his mouth, understanding Leo kissed Ben on the lips, it wasn’t a long kiss, but it was filled with love. Ben let go and Leo slowly worked his way down Ben’s body licking and kissing, he sucked Ben’s nipples causing the boy to moan and thrash around. As he went lower Tanner moved in and started to suck on Ben nipples, as he saw how much Ben liked it. Leo went lower still and dug his tongue into Ben’s belly button, after a few swirls there he went lower and licked Ben’s dick. Ben squealed when his dads rough tongue licked the length of his boy boner, but Leo didn’t stay there, it was obvious how much Ben was enjoying this so he went lower and licked Ben’s taint, Ben squealed again making so much noise that Tanner moved up and put his lips to Ben’s. Ben opened his eyes and saw Tanner’s face planted to his and wrapped his arms around Tanner’s head and held him tight. The two boys passionately kissed with Tanner showing Ben how to use his tongue. Tanner pushed his tongue into Ben’s mouth and the two duelled it out from one mouth to the other. Every now and then Ben would moan with lust into Tanner’s mouth as they kissed. Leo left Ben’s slick taint and licked his way back up the silky smooth skin to Ben’s throbbing boy boner, the foreskin pulled partly back revealing the head beneath it, he sucked it in and teased it with his tongue, it was all too much and with a loud moan Ben’s body tensed and spasmed. He felt a rush of energy wash through his body and his dick felt like it needed to pee. His brain went fuzzy and his breathing laboured as his first boygasm rocked his young body. His willy pulsed as it tried to release the sperm Ben could not yet make, Leo suckled gently as Ben’s dick bounced and danced in his warm safe mouth. Leo released Ben knowing his son would need to rest, he sat up and stared at his boy and smiled, Ben looked so happy and content. Tanner sat up too and smiled at his dad, “Tanner you are an amazing and wonderful boy… I love you so much” Leo said becoming very emotional. Tanner shuffled closer to his dad and the two of them hugged and held each other, Tanner’s head rested against Leo’s chest and he could hear his dads heart beat thumping away inside his warm body. After a minute Leo had calmed down and released Tanner, “Your turn now” he grinned at his son. Tanner grinned back and looked down at Ben who was still out of it, he beckoned his dad forward and whispered in his ear, “Can you lick my bum?” he asked, “Sure” Leo whispered back. Tanner lay on his back and pulled his legs up exposing his hole, “Not yet son…” Leo said as he lowered Tanner’s legs. Leo moved between his sons legs and started at his face with kisses and licks, he moved slowly and methodically down Tanner’s body edging his son and driving the boy wild. As he got to Tanner’s groin ten minutes later, he slowly lifted his boys legs and revealed Tanner’s tight butt hole, Leo moved in and rimmed Tanner with passion, the boy wailed and screamed as his dad worked his hole, the noise was enough to bring Ben back to reality and the boy sat up to watch. He couldn’t believe how wild what Leo was doing was making Tanner, it may be a bit weird, but it must feel really good surmised Ben. Leo pushed his tongue as far as it would go into Tanner’s warm hole, as his boy thrashed around on his back. Ben was quite amused at Tanner’s reactions and watched with interest. He wanted to kiss Tanner again but his brother was moving around too much. Leo started to get tired so he lifted his head and lowered Tanner’s legs, Ben took the opportunity to resume kissing Tanner and moved in. As soon as he was in reach Tanner locked on to him and drove his tongue into his brothers open mouth. Leo saw the boys kissing and smiled before taking erzurum escort Tanner’s boner into his mouth, Tanner lasted ten seconds before his boygasm hit. His back and butt lifted clear off the bed and he wailed into Ben’s mouth, Leo moved with Tanner so his sons dick stayed deep in between his lips. Tanner rode his orgasm out thrusting into his dads mouth and groaning into his brothers. Once the spasms stopped Tanner lay back and his face glazed over. Leo sat up to look at Tanner and Ben smiled at him, “Is that what I looked like” giggled Ben, “Pretty much” Leo laughed, Leo moved up to Ben and laid down next to Tanner, Ben climbed on top of Leo and rested his head on Leo’s chest, Leo leaned his head down and kissed the top of Ben’s head. His son looked up and smile at his dad, “Love you son” Leo said softly, “Love you too daddy” Ben replied. Leo pulled the duvet back over them and they all drifted off to sleep. A short while later Leo woke as he heard the toilet flush, he heard footsteps walk back to Tanner’s room and deduced that Tina was up. He then wondered if she had heard Tanner, Ben and himself playing around, they were not quiet and he hoped she had slept through it. As he rolled Ben off of him the happy boy woke up too, he smiled up at Leo and his dad leaned down and gave him a loving kiss, “How you feeling?” Leo asked smiling, “Really happy” Ben replied, “Good… no regrets?” Leo asked, “No… but what about John… he might be mad I did this with Tanner and you” Ben said frowning, “Well… the best thing to do is talk to him… he wanted you as a boyfriend and you didn’t want that… and that’s ok… what we did was not about boyfriends it was about us having fun and loving each other… there is a difference” Leo explained, “Will you come with me to talk to him?” Ben asked, “Yes of course I will… also remember he is in love with Timmy, that also changes things… come on lets go pee and talk to John” Leo said smiling. Tanner was also awake and listening, he rolled over and said, “I’ll come too” “You already did!” joked Leo laughing, “Daaddd…!” Tanner groaned smiling, Ben chuckled as he got up and they all went to the bathroom to pee, after they had finished crossing streams and giggling they went to the boys bedroom and found Timmy and John awake and cuddling. Ben and Tanner climbed into Timmy’s bed and got under the duvet with John and Timmy. Ben lay next to a surprised John and cuddled him. Tanner lay next to Timmy and cuddled him too. Leo sat on the edge of the bed, “John… can you listen to me for a moment” Leo asked, John sat up and looked at Leo, Ben sat up too next to his friend, “John… you know Ben doesn’t want a boyfriend it’s just not his thing right?” Leo asked, “Yeah… I know… but I still love him as my brother!” John said hugging Ben. “Well he would still like to play around with his brothers, with willys and stuff but as brothers not boyfriends… like Timmy and Tanner do or Timmy and Jacob… you understand the difference?” John thought for a moment, he did see that what the boyfriends did felt different than just having fun. He knew he still wanted to play with his brothers sexually but Timmy was the one he was in love with, Timmy was the one he wanted to grow old with and sleep with every night, Timmy was the one who made his heart quicken when he saw him. He still loved Ben but now he knew his love for him was as a brother. “Yes… does this mean you want to play around?” John said looking at Ben. “Yeah… I’ve seen how much fun the others have and I… well I want to have fun as well… I played with Tanner this morning and I enjoyed it” Ben said, “You played with Tanner?” John asked surprised, “Yeah…. are you mad?” “Well no… but why didn’t ask me to play?” “Because you said you were in love with me and I didn’t want to make things weird” “Ohh.. ok… well it’s fine now… I love you as a brother… and I have Timmy….ok?” John said, “Yeah… you really love him huh?” Ben said smiling, “Yep!… like crazy…” John grinned, “So you want to play sexy?” Ben asked, “Yeah if you want too!” “I do… just don’t go falling in love with me again!” Ben joked, “I won’t… Timmy’s way cuter than you” John giggled back. “Brothers?” Ben asked holding open his arms, “Brothers!” John said hugging his best friend. After hugging it out John smiled as he felt Ben’s hand take hold of his willy. John reached out too under the duvet and held Ben’s hard dick, Tanner was now playing with Timmy’s willy making the little boy giggle, Tanner got up on his knees and pulled the duvet back off all the boys, revealing the four naked and erect pre-teens, Leo smiled as he saw Tanner move down to Timmy’s boy boner and take it in his mouth, Timmy moaned as his brother sucked on his little tool. Ben seeing this pushed John back down on the bed and moved between his friend legs, John’s eyes went wide as he realised that Ben was finally going to suck his dick. Leo seeing that the boys were fine decided to leave them to it and get some breakfast, being an adult he was not going to be able to keep up with the horny youngsters. As he stood up he saw Jacob and Jason peering over the side of the top bunk, “Morning my beautiful sons” Leo said as he stroked their cheeks, “Morning daddy” Jacob said with his baby voice, “I’m going down for breakfast and I think mummy Tina is up too, so you staying to play or coming with me?” Leo asked, “Me and Jacob already played so we’ll come with you” Jason replied for both of them. So Leo, Jacob and Jason left the other boys to their fun and shut the bedroom door on the way out. They headed down to the lounge were Tina was sat watching the TV, she smiled when she saw Leo and the boys. Both naked boys ran to her and gave her a big hug and climbed up into her lap. She hugged them tight as the boys snuggled up. “Morning Tina” Leo said as he sat down. “Morning honey” Tina replied still being mobbed, “Sleep well?” Leo asked, “Yeah… are the others up” Tina asked making Leo grin, “You could say that… they are playing upstairs” Leo laughed, “There must be something in the water this morning then” Tina joked understanding what Leo meant. “It’s not always like this… they are just happy this morning” Leo said, “Sounded like they were not the only ones happy this morning…” Tina spoke quietly, Leo looked at her concerned, did she hear him with Tanner and Ben, was she about to tear into him, he was starting to get that sinking feeling in his gut when she smiled, “It’s cool Leo… if they were unhappy they wouldn’t want to be here… would you?” Tina said pulling back from Jacob and Jason to look at their faces. “We love our dads… their the best!” Jacob enthused, “And that’s all I need to know… what you cute gay boys get up to is your business… just be careful…ok?” Tina said smiling at Jacob, Jason and Leo. “We are… it’s always their choice… they decide if they want to play…” offered Leo, “I’m sure it is their choice… I’ve seen how horny they are… haven’t I?” Tina said looking at Jason, “Maybe” Jason replied coyly as he reached out and grabbed Jacob’s dick, “Not on my lap!” Tina said laughing and tickled her son. Jason squealed as his mum tickled his ribs, forcing the boy to run away and seek refuge on Leo’s lap, Leo wrapped esat escort his arms round the boy and kissed his head. Tina smiled as she watched Jason and Leo hug, “That’s why I trust you Leo… he wouldn’t do that unless he was happy and felt safe” Tina said, “They are safe… we would never hurt them…ever” Leo promised, “I know you wouldn’t and so do they… anyway I had a good talk with Jacob’s mum…” Tina said getting Jason’s attention. “Later honey you, me and Jason are going over to see your mum, we’re just going to sit and chat for a bit… ok?” Tina told Jacob, “Ok… is she going to get better?” Jacob asked, “I think so honey” Tina said ruffling Jacob’s hair. The boys settled down to watch cartoons while Tina and Leo went to the kitchen to get coffee, “You sure your ok with the boys playing with me and Mike?” Leo asked staring at Tina. Tina smiled as she cupped Leo cheek, “I can’t think of a better way for our gay sons to learn how to love, than with you and Mike… that may be unconventional but with you they are safe and learning how to love properly… not what they would learn from the internet or school friends… as long as they are happy I’m good with it… promise” Tina said and kissed Leo cheek, “Thank you… I’m so glad we have you in our lives… you know your staying till new year right?” Leo said grinning, “And when was that decided?” Tina asked, “Two seconds ago” Leo smiled, Tina went on to tell Leo about her talk with Susan last night, Tina said how they both broke down and talked about their sons. Susan told Tina how guilty she felt for the way she treated Jacob and how till he was gone she just couldn’t see what she was doing was wrong. She was blinded by her own self loathing and insecurities. Tina talked about failing to protect Jason from Bob and how she too had regrets. The mums found common ground and bonded over it. Tina told Susan she needed to stop working in the sex industry and get a proper job, Tina said she would help her with this. Tina also explained that Susan was worried about money and they had talked about maybe Tina moving in with Susan in the new year if they all got on and Susan stopped doing her current work. Leo thought it all sounded hopeful and having Tina next door would be great. He wondered if Jason would ever stay next door or would he live with Jacob full time. He also wondered if they would be having Susan over for Christmas day. Tina suggested they see how the visit to Susan’s went today and take it from there. Leo and Tina rejoined the boys and watched cartoons with them. Soon Timmy came down to the lounge followed closely by John. Timmy jumped into Leo’s lap and cuddled, John sat next to Leo and snuggled into his side. Tanner and Ben came down too and Tanner crawled under the blanket with Jacob and Jason, he was feeling very loving after a morning of intimacy with Leo and his brothers. He turned Jacob’s head to face his and kissed his brother lovingly on the lips. Jacob returned the kiss as Jason leaned across him to join in. Tanner kissed Jason too as Tina watched and smiled at the love being shared. She then spotted Ben looking a bit lost, “Ben honey… you want to sit with me?” she asked kindly Ben smiled as he approached Tina and got up into her lap. She wrapped her arms around his naked body as his head rested on her chest and he nuzzled in. she held him tight and lowered her head to kiss the top of Ben’s. Leo watched and smiled, “Mummy!… try this…” Leo said smiling as he gently stroked Timmy’s back making the boy purr like a kitten. Tina watched and copied Leo’s actions with Ben, soon Ben was purring too. She was learning what the boys liked by watching Leo and Mike, the closeness and gentle touches that made the boys happy. Things she had never been able to do with Jason. As she stroked Ben’s back she saw his little willy rise up to full hardness but decided to ignore it, they were having a loving moment and she didn’t want Ben to feel bad about getting a boner, she was starting to get used to the boys and their stiffies. Jason seeing his mum with Ben wanted her attention too, so he crawled across the sofa to them and lay down next to her putting his head in Ben’s lap. Tina with her free hand stroked her sons chest as he lay face up using Ben as a pillow, soon he wanted his back rubbed and rolled over, Tina lovingly stroked her sons back enjoying the love that surrounded her. Ben gave a little squeak and Tina looked to see why, it was all too obvious that Jason, her beautiful little son had taken Ben’s boner into his mouth and was gently sucking on it. Tina looked to Leo unsure what to do, Leo looked at her and could see she was unsure, “Their just happy” Leo simply offered. A little conflicted about having this happen on her lap, Tina decided to let them be. She knew in her mind that this was very naughty and she should stop them, but it was also very loving and beautiful seeing two boys she loved sharing such an intimate moment with her. Her love won the argument and as Jason suckled Ben’s willy she continued to rub their backs. Leo watched and was happy that Tina understood now that the boys sexuality wasn’t something to be frighted of or rejected, but something to be celebrated and cherished. This was them expressing love in a physical way and they were allowing others to see it and share it. Ten minutes later Ben’s body stiffened and he had his boygasm, Jason stopped suckling and looked at Ben and his mum, Tina smiled at her son, she was amazed at seeing her first boygasm and was surprised at how powerful it was. She had never considered that such young boys could experience such strong sexual feelings. Ben after a moment pulled Jason up and hugged him falling back against the arm of the sofa, the two just cuddled for a bit as Tina held them and stroked them. Tanner and Jacob just cuddled and watched, switching between the cartoons and Jason with Ben. Timmy paid little attention as his willy was being sucked by a horny John. Leo was holding Timmy in his lap and stroking John’s back as the boy sucked on his little boyfriend. After a little squeak from Timmy the boys got back to watching cartoons and relaxed. Leo told them he would take them out this afternoon for a walk while Jacob, Jason and Tina went to visit Susan. Leo had arranged for Trisha to come over to pick up John and Ben late afternoon, he hoped John would tell his mum about his new boyfriend. Leo got up to start lunch and Tina followed him to help. She was still thinking about Jason sucking Ben on her lap as she prepared snacks for the boys, “You ok?…” Leo asked, “Yeah… it’s just I thought that would feel wrong… you know Jason and Ben… but to be honest it doesn’t… it felt… I don’t know…. like warm and loving” Tina tried to explain. “I understand what you mean… it shows how much they trust you and love you that they feel comfortable to share their love for each other in front of you like that…” Leo said smiling, “It was lovely to see them like that and be accepted by them…” Tina said, “We all accept you Tina… your part of the family and we all love you” Leo told her giving her a hug. “Thanks Leo… this doesn’t mean that you and Mike can get in on in my lap though!” Tina joked, “Aww shucks… I was looking forward to that” Leo giggled, “Your such a goof!” Tina laughed. They got the food ready and fed the boys and themselves, after they had eaten Leo got the boys to get dressed so they could go out for a walk, while Tina took Jacob and Jason next door. Chapter 31 soon! Thanks for reading and I hope you liked it. Sparky

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