Boy Scout Mothers Ch. 12


The day of the governor’s visit finally arrived.

The Mayor and local politicians had arranged a full program .A line of limos waited whilst we met the Governors entourage.

I was allocated to ride with the governor’s wife and her private secretary. We were to go directly to the resort hotel.

The governor and official party were to go direct to his first function. The Governor’s group were assigned to a number of individual bungalows in the hotels resorts style grounds.

On entering her bungalow the governor’s wife threw off her jacket calling as she entered the washroom “get me a drink”

Maureen her prim and proper secretary was busy so I opened a bottle of red wine and poured a glass. On her return she asked,

“What do we call you?”

“Richard” I replied, “but most people call me Dick”

“You can call me Jan,” “when we are away from the public”.

She slumped down in a chair completely relaxed. .I now had time to study her. She was six feet tall with a swimmers broad shoulder. Her hair was blonde, piercing blue eyes, large full lips, her tits were small but perky, her hips broad, legs graceful and long.

Her body displayed the strength and muscles of a very fit athlete. There was not an ounce of fat to be seen .She was not a playboy model but a middle aged hard bodied former champion swimmer who took great care of her body.

She was quite a woman, a vibrant healthy athlete that obviously loved a drink. She consumed glass after glass of what she murmured was “a good red”.

I went to leave, so she could have a rest before preparing for the ball. “Stay” she commanded. “Talk to me tells me about you, tell me about these women who have created this den”. So I stayed.

I told her about college, football, and the cookie drive, the booming building economy. She kept asking questions about Jackie, Darlene and company. She knew that most of the men whose wives made up the group were very rich and getting richer, due to the property boom.

“What do the women do to fill in their time” she asked

I replied “I don’t know.”

“Oh I thought the way you stuck together at the airport that you were close to them,” she said with a sly look. I steered the conversation to her swimming career.

Later I asked what it was like to be the governor’s wife. She took a mouthful of wine and said “boring”.

She was a very interesting woman but I wanted to getaway. Friday afternoons were my regular time to see Jennifer alone.

Later as I left Jennifer’s, Jackie called to angrily report that the governor had paid close attention to the cheer leaders and ignored anything over 20.

The wives were far from impressed. He may be governor, but as far as they were concerned he was just a dirty old man.

It was ball time. As I knocked on the door of Jan’s bungalow I struggled to straighten my clothes. My soft prick could be easily seen as a firm ridge in my skin tight, black silk tuxedo trousers. Jackie’s pouch was a mistake. I looked and felt as though I had an erection.

Maureen opened the door looked me up and down and gave a quiet whistle. I returned the compliment as I studied her deep blue evening gown cut low to draw your eyes to two lovely tits. I ran my tongue over my lips. Maureen flushed pulled back and said “the governor’s wife is waiting.”

Jan rose to her feet as we entered. She wore a sleek black gown with two long side slits to show off her legs. At six foot two inches she towered over Maureen.

The governor joined us.

Let’s go he said nodding at me.

We walked through the grounds to the ante room situated between the two venues for the night’s gala event.

One thousand five hundred tickets had been sold, forcing the wives to hire both available venues and erect a large marquee in the grounds for supper.

At the entrance we were greeted by a fanfare from the band and escorted along a red carpet into the main hall. The welcoming speeches were quiet brief. The governor’s reply was shorter still and was met with warm applause.

The governor and his wife were asked to lead off the first dance. As they passed I realised that he was three or four inches shorter than Jan and danced awkwardly. Maureen and I joined in as the floor became crowded with dancers. We circled the room.

I marvelled at the beauty of the wives they were fantastic .They were the belles of the ball.

I danced with each in turn .By the time I finished my prick was trying to burst my zip.

The only thing that stopped me from being charged with indecent exposure was my jacket and the fact that whilst dancing, I held my body tight against my partner. None of the wives objected.

Maureen suggested that I ask the Governor’s wife for a dance, as she had been left alone with some older ladies.

“Thanks for rescuing me” she said as we joined the crowd on the floor. She was a very good dancer. We soon lost our selves in the music and the crowd. As we danced I forgot she was the governor’s wife and following Angelique’s teaching held her closer casino siteleri and closer. When the music stopped we moved apart.

I asked.

“Do you want to keep on dancing?”

She whispered “yes”.

The next bracket of numbers was slow and the lights dimmed. I took her in my arms. We were dancing cheek to cheek I sang the words of the songs as we danced. My prick had not subsided. I completely forgot I was dancing with the Governor’s wife. I danced as taught by Angelique, my hands moved over her back sinking lower and lower until I was rubbing her butt.

The music stopped .she took my hand and led me back to where the official party was sitting, “Thank you, you are a fine dancer,” with those words I was dismissed, as she joined the conversation.

I stood there flatfooted when I spied Maureen sitting away from the group. I slipped her a wink, and mouthed silently “let’s dance.”

Angelique’s teaching was used to the full as I squired Maureen through one and then a second and third item. Prim and proper Maureen was proving not to be so prim and proper away from the governor’s wife.

I had practised with Angelique the dancing foreplay technique and had mastered it until I could always feel the woman stiffen as she first felt my erection massage her pussy.

Maureen didn’t stiffen she didn’t miss a beat, her hips and pussy massaged me back, her tits moved slowly against my chest. She danced with her leg massaging my prick. Half way through the second dance I was over the moon, panting and pawing, ready to rape, I was so horny.

I crooned in her ear telling her she was the horniest girl in the room, while my prick massaged her pussy through her clothes.

I danced her into the less lighted part of the floor, and dropped my hands down to her near perfect rear pulling her into me. Her body was a delight.

Maureen led me as we danced towards the darkest corner near a door. “Where’s that bloody prick?” she demanded.

Still on the dance floor, she lowered my zipper freeing up my rock hard prick and took it in her hand.

The hour of sexual excitement and frustration boiled to a head. Cum poured out into her hand onto her dress and my pants. She tried frantically to stop it, to no avail, as the mess spread.

“For fuck’s sake let’s get out of here,” she cried.

We slipped from the dance hall through a side door.

Spying the resorts swimming pool rest rooms, she pulled me into the women’s toilets, found the mothers room, pushed me in and locked the door.

“Take off your pants!” she ordered.

Maureen slipped her dress down, and then used paper towels and water to remove the excess cum.

I sat and stared.

To say I was stunned would be a massive understatement.

In my randiest moments, I would never dreamed of sitting watching prim and proper Maureen, with her dress draped over the bench wearing only panties stockings and high heels, cleaning up my spunk.

I reached for her. “Come here” “I’m going to fuck you.”

She came willingly.

I slowly started to lick and kiss her neck, her shoulders, down her back, along her spine, down to the split in the perfectly rounded cheeks of her arse.

She was purring like a contented cat. Her body pliable to my ministrations,

“Don’t fuck about, do it now, I’m as horny as hell,” she cried.

She turned away as she pushed her panties down; grabbing the opportunity I licked and tongued her arse, inserting my tongue slowly, gripping her hips as she moaned a series of “ohs” oh, oh, oh, oh.

I turned her around and fastened my lips on hers.

Then to slow things down and try to regain the initiative, I slipped my lips along her chin, nipped and tongued back to her lips and up to kiss her eyes. Her mouth was open, her tongue moved restlessly.

“Tell me what you want” I asked

“Just fuck me!” …she thought for a minute, “make me cum, lick my slit,” she stopped and said, “Oh fuck it; just fuck me hard.”

I was determined to make her beg. I moved to kiss her ears, then down to her neck, slowly progressing down to her firm hard tits.

“If I was married to you, I wouldn’t let you wear clothes around the house; I would suck these beauties morning and night.”

She moaned “oh come on, hurry up, please, just fuck me”

I licked around and under her tits, rolling her nipples with my tongue. Sucking like a baby trying to draw liquid from them,

Using my teeth I nibbled on her nipples, slipped lower to her belly button and down to her thighs.

“For fuck`s sake hurry up. Fuck me you bastard, come on fuck me.” She moaned angrily as her body bucked.

She tried to pull my head and tongue to her fiery wet hole.

I resisted and licked and kissed on as she hissed,

“Suck me… suck my cunt you fucking tease… milk me… fuck me”… begging as her voice rose.

Just then a group of women entered the ladies toilets talking and laughing about men, sex and booze.

One said quite loud and clear well I won’t get a fuck tonight but those cheerleaders better look out slot oyna if Ron and his gang get their chance.

Maureen stiffened in my arms at the mention of Jackie’s husband.

I quickly inserted my tongue in her cunt using my thumb beside it to rub her clit. Running the fingers of my other hand around the rim of her arse, I made her spread her legs and stand up straight, as I dropped to my knees.

She was flowing copiously, my face was wet. Rolling my fingers in her juices, I moved one hand back to her rear and slowly inserted my finger. I started frigging her arse, whilst my tongue was frigging her cunt.

She was moaning softly whispering my name.

Her moans grew louder “oh fuck Richard! You have a fantastic prick” she cried out loud

“My god, your kisses are more dangerous than your prick, your lips are making me cum.”

I was forcing my tongue deeper and deeper into her cunt.

We were so busy and noisy we did not hear the ladies leave the next room or others come and go.

I threw our clothes off the bench lifted her up and laid her back. I stood beside her head and shoved my prick in her face.

“I want to watch you suck this and swallow my cum,” I ordered.

I stood there as she took me in her mouth and proceeded to milk my balls with her hands. I did not last a minute before I came.

I held her head as she swallowed.

“That’s right drink it down” I said as the public address system announced supper.

“Christ we’ve got to get out of here” she cried. “We are part of the official party we have to be with them at supper”.

“Fuck supper” I growled.

Champagne and wine were being consumed in copious quantities and only Jan seemed to notice as we rejoined the official tables. Maureen steered me to a seat beside Jan. Jan nodded towards the governors group “they’re talking politics” and went on “Where have you been”. “We missed you.”

“Sorry” I mumbled, “I was with friends.”

“Friends eh”! Jan smiled, arching an eyebrow.

Luckily Maureen intervened pouring more wine.

The conversation thankfully turned to tomorrow mornings jogging session.

I moved over to join the Boy Scout Mum’s group. They made a place so I could sit amongst them .One after the other they gave me a hug and a cuddle complaining I had been neglecting them. We were making a lot of noise laughing, flirting, touching and patting . I could not keep my hands to myself. I noticed Jan studying me as I flirted with Darlene.

Darlene looking deep into my eyes said with an obvious wink, “I have bought a Polaroid and a digital camera so you can take my photo.”

Everyone was listening, so I responded by promising to take photos of their best features for my album.

“What best features” they chorused

“I won’t know till I see you all in the nude,” I said to roars of laughter.

“I will tell you all individually what are your best features but I will have to see all of you, and I mean all.”

Time flew as I danced with each of the wives.

The governor was dancing with one of the young cheerleaders, as I led Jan on to the floor. I pulled her close slipping my hand down to her ass. I was hot horny and breathing hard. She was smelling of liquor and did not object.

“Why don’t you dance with the young girls” she asked.

“They don’t interest me,” “I like a real woman with experience not a kid.” I replied.

I pulled her close kissed her on the cheek and said “you are a beautiful dancer.” She smiled, “You must be discreet,” but did not pull away.

With my hand down low in the middle of her back I pulled her body closer to mine .I knew she must feel my prick pressed against her, but she danced on unconcerned.

I kissed her ear; she pulled back whispering, “stop that”

We danced many times. Each time we ventured into the less illuminated section of the dance floor, I got more adventurous. As the evening wore on she allowed more and more little liberties, but always stopped short; if I persisted she would lead me off the floor back to the tables.

I was frustrated. I was in great demand by the Mums, dancing every dance getting hornier every minute. Some of my partners were women I had never really taken much notice of before; one of my surprise partners was Jill the supermarket manager. Her petite Asian figure enchanted me; I vowed to have more than coffee with her soon.

The cheerleader’s trainer commandeered me for a dance, as we danced she pulled me close and told me. “I’m called Marion, Richard that’s your name isn’t it?” When I answered “yes” she went on “I thought it was you, but I couldn’t pick your partner in the mother’s room. What were you doing with those lips to make her scream so loud?”

Attack seemed the best form of defence so I said “just give me a chance and I’ll show you.” I pulled her butt hard so her crotch was flattened against my rock hard prick and swirled her around the floor. She didn’t pull away leaning her head on my shoulder.

I escorted her back to the table where the cheerleader squad was entertaining the canlı casino siteleri governor. As we walked my hand rubbed the ridge of her arse, she squeezed my hand, looked back and winked, as I thanked her for the dance and left.

Alcohol was still flowing freely. Ron was drunk, wanting to talk but not making much sense. “We are going to take the governor to the club for a drink, you look after her,” he said pointing at Jan, who I noticed for the first time was slightly flushed showing the effects of many different alcoholic drinks.

It was announced the official party was leaving .They were escorted to the entrance where the men broke off and left .All of the wives joined our group. We strolled through the grounds until we reached the pavilion, where Jackie rang for coffee.

“The fresh air is wonderful,” said Jan, taking my arm, “Lets walk.”

We continued along a gravelled garden path. The gravel under her high heels made Jan stumble and I grabbed her to stop her falling .One hand cupped her small breast, I didn’t do it on purpose but I didn’t pull away. She looked me straight in the eye.

“That was convenient” she giggled.

Keeping that eye contact I tweaked her hardening nipple.

“Oh” she whispered

I leant forward and kissed her. She looked around, making sure that no one was near. She then grabbed me by the ears and kissed me. She held my head tight; I was being kissed by a woman who knew what she wanted.

Her kiss set me on fire; I had become more and more sexually frustrated as the ball wore on so I needed no encouragement.

I wanted to fuck her till she cried stop. My hands were all over her. The fact that she was the governor’s wife didn’t make any difference.

Her lips left mine; she grabbed me by the shoulders

“Steady!! Control yourself we must be careful there are too many people around”

“Let’s walk,”

As we walked straightening our clothes, she spoke calmly, telling me that she knew I was a discreet young man.

“Your dancing has been marvellous tonight”

“When I was a swimmer, I always liked to make out after dancing and drinking”

“I am a walking advert for the saying candy’s dandy but liquor’s quicker.”

I was amazed. Here was the governor’s wife talking like this to me. I made to embrace her but she pushed me away.

She asked where I was sleeping. I told her in the bungalow next to hers.

We rejoined the ladies. Jan poured herself a glass of wine.

She gave as well as she got when they teased her about slipping away with me. We sat drinking coffee, laughing and teasing, until finally Jan said she was going to retire.

The den mothers good night kisses pats and pinches sent me to bed with my prick fully extended.

In my room I left the door ajar and the sliding window open.

I was like a bride on her wedding night. I showered quickly, decided to shave, finally throwing my self down on the bed naked with my prick in my hand.

I waited and waited. I dozed off waking as a clock in the hall struck 4 am.

“She’s not coming the prick teasing bitch,” I said aloud as I stood naked looking out the sliding window.

“I’m a bitch, am I?” she said from behind me .She had come in through the back door.

A hand grabbed my prick; she had not come to talk.

Her grip tightened until I could hardly stand it, then she relaxed and started to slowly move her hand up and down. Her lips fastened on to my mouth, locking my tongue in an indescribable painful, yet highly erotic kiss. My prick doubled in size, it was a raging monster.

I dragged her towards the bed. My hands tried desperately to remove what ever clothing she wore. In the dark I did not know what it was nor did I care I just wanted it out of the way.

I ripped it away as we fell on to the bed locked together.

Her small tits stood out white in the moonlight. I dropped my head to kiss them.

She had not loosened her hold on my prick. She rubbed it up and down outside and inside the lips of her cunt. so that it lightly touched her clit.

She moaned out loud “Fuck that’s good.” “You have a lovely hard prick.”

She positioned my prick ready, I held back as she struggled to pull me down and force me to enter.

She grabbed my head, pulling it down and fastened her mouth over mine biting down hard on my lips, we struggled breaking apart

“Give it to me, fuck me! Come on do it now! Fuck you. Do it now!”

“Beg you bitch beg,” I urged.

“I want to hear the governor’s wife begging to be fucked.”

“She smacked me hard across the face.”

“I‘ll scream she yelled”

All of a sudden she quickly changed

“Please fuck me, oh come on, please, please,” she growled.

I couldn’t hold out any longer.

She moaned with delight, as I plunged into her thrusting deeper and deeper.

I was brutal. She was groaning and crying out loud.

Her head was flat on the bed, tossing and turning as she groaned under the strength of my attack. Attack it was, as I tried to drive deeper, pushing harder than I had ever done before.

She became extremely agitated, she bucked pushing her cunt up to meet my thrusts. Her hand gripped my shoulders, then my arse, then my ears, she was working desperately.

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